SNEAK PEEK: General Hospital star Wes Ramsey brings chills in Perception

Posted Monday, August 05, 2019 12:04:24 PM
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General Hospital heartthrob Wes Ramsey (Peter August) stars in the upcoming film Perception, an intense thriller set for release this week. And we've got a never-before-seen sneak peek clip.

Wes Ramsey has had his fair share of romantic drama as General Hospital's Peter August and in his former role as Guiding Light's Sam Spencer, but his latest movie amps all of that soapy drama up a few notches.

Titled Perception, the thriller follows Ramsey as a successful developer named Daniel whose chance encounter with a mysterious, small-time psychic becomes a dangerous obsession when she offers him a chance to reconnect with his dead wife. Haunted by memories, Daniel is determined to reunite with his love -- who may have designs of her own...

In an interview with Behind the Lens, Ramsey revealed that Perception is a film that pushed him way beyond his limits as an actor -- which was an absolute blessing and something he's been waiting on for a long time.

"I think that any artist who passionately loves what they do is capable of seeing how far they can test themselves, or take themselves, or push themselves, with their own craft," he says. "Obviously, a visual artist simply needs to be left alone with some isolation, maybe some canvas and some paint to try and see what they can really find in, say, a dark night of their soul, if you will. But I think that for me, I've always felt dramatically that I had more to offer than what had tested me thus far in my life and in my career. So I knew in my late thirties when I was sort of closing out the decade, if you will, I got the opportunity to read the script and suddenly have it fall into my lap. I felt it was, not to be cliché, but I felt it was the one I had been waiting for. I really did. I thought, 'I want this to be a part of how I bid farewell to this young adult decade of my life. Let me believe that the fact that this material scares me is everything I've been waiting in all of my thirties for. I want to be able to make peace with it, if you will, by taking myself to that place I always believed I had in me, and I always knew I could go to,' ...The character Daniel in that script, I believed was that opportunity for me. So I dove all the way in."

Also starring Meera Rohit Kumbhani, Caitlin Mehner, and Max Jenkins, Perception is set for release on digital platforms beginning Tuesday, August 6. But Soap Central fans can watch the full-length trailer as well as a sneak peek clip of the thriller film starting right now. Catch the film's trailer below and keep reading to the end of the article for a never-before-seen clip.

Perception will be available on Tuesday, August 6, on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft Store, FandangoNow, Redbox on Demand, Vimeo, Comcast, Spectrum, Cox, Dish Network, Verizon Fios, Frontier, Suddenlink, Mediacom, Armstrong, WOW!, and Shaw.

In addition to playing Peter August on GH, Ramsey has been keeping busy filming independent features like Last Seen in Idaho (which costars Days of our Lives' alum Shawn Christian [ex-Daniel Jonas]) and Two Pictures. Perception, which was filmed in the actor's hometown of Louisville, KY, originally made its premiere back in October of 2018 at the DTLA Film Festival.

What do you think about the premise of Perception? What are your thoughts on Wes Ramsey's film work in comparison to his work on GH? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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