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Lorraine "Harmony" Miller
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Actor History
Inga Cadranel
Other Names

Birth name is Lorraine

Harmony (name used during her days as a Dawn of Day member)


Inmate at Pentonville

Formerly head of Dawn of Day house in Beechers Corners


Pentonville Prison, Port Charles, New York

Formerly the Dawn of Day house, Beechers Corners, New York

Marital Status

Divorced from Douglas Mller [revealed on Jun 19, 2019]

Past Marriages

Douglas Miller (deceased; murdered on Aug 4, 2014)


None known


Willow Tait (formerly known as Kali Miller)

Wiley Cooper-Jones [deceased; Jul 31, 2018]

Flings & Affairs

Shiloh Archer

Crimes Committed

Provided Shiloh with a false alibi during the investigation into Douglas Miller's death [Aug 4, 2014; revealed on Jul 5, 2019]

Drugged Willow Tait (then known as Kali Miller) with carfenadol [Aug 4, 2014; revealed on Jul 5, 2019]

Laced Kristina Corinthos-Davis' tea with narcotic [Apr 10, 2019; results of drug test revealed on Apr 22, 2019]

Arrested when she falsely confessed to drugging Sam Morgan [Jun 10, 2019]

Conspired with Shiloh to drug women that he sexually assault as part of the Trust initiation [revealed Jul 5, 2019]

Confessed to conspiracy to tax evasion, financial fraud, and making false statements to the police [Jul 11, 2019]

Health and Vitals

Has a Dawn of Day tattoo that identifies her as part of the "Trust"

Brief Character History

Harmony first appeared on February 11, 2019, when Jason Morgan went to Beechers Corners to find out information about an organization called Dawn of Day and their charismatic leader, Shiloh Archer. Jason sought out Harmony because his research had uncovered that she was a close ally of Shiloh's, and she had helped him build DOD, including the Beechers Corners branch. Before DOD, Harmony had been known as Lorraine Miller.

Harmony sang Shiloh's praises and talked about how she and Shiloh had built the local community center from the ground up. Jason was curious if Harmony and Shiloh were romantically involved, but she insisted that they were strictly business partners. She added that DOD was a family. When Jason expressed concern about Shiloh's relationship with new follower Kristina Corinthos-Davis, Harmony assured Jason that Shiloh's warmth and compassionate nature were often misunderstood. It was apparent that Harmony was rattled. Moments later, a local police officer warned Jason that he was not wanted in Beechers Corners.

After Jason left, it was clear that the police officer was sympathetic to DOD. Harmony called Shiloh to alert him that Jason Morgan had paid her a visit. A few days later, Harmony went to Port Charles to warn Shiloh that an "impish fellow" had shown up in Beechers Corners, asking questions. She was certain that Jason had hired the private detective. Shiloh was confident that he had everything well in hand, but Harmony cautioned Shiloh that his arrogance would be his downfall. Harmony worried that he would destroy everything that they had built, so she urged him to stay out of Jason Morgan's way and to leave Jason's ex-wife Sam McCall alone.

On March 13, Harmony returned to Port Charles to attend one of Shiloh's rallies. When they returned to the DOD house, Harmony broached the subject of moving to Port Charles to once again work with Shiloh. Shiloh insisted that she was needed in Beechers Corners then questioned why her chapter had not been taking in more money. Harmony was stunned by Shiloh's callousness, and she reminded him of everything that she had done for him. She showed him the large black symbol that she had tattooed on her lower back, prompting Shiloh to change his tune.

Shiloh assured Harmony that his love for her had only grown stronger. He insisted that it was "pure" and "spiritual," which immediately appeased Harmony. She conceded that she had always known that she would have to "share" Shiloh, but it had been difficult for her. Shiloh advised her to look into herself to find peace in her work. Shiloh shifted gears then asked if Harmony had heard from "her." Harmony appeared to tense, but she quietly shook her head and answered, "No."

A few weeks later, the woman Shiloh had referred to as "her" was revealed to be elementary school teacher Willow Tait. Willow had once been a member of DOD, known as Kali Miller, but she had fled the cult. On April 8, Harmony returned to Port Charles to help initiate Kristina into the elite DOD circle known as the Trust. Shiloh pulled Harmony aside to let her know that he had found Kali then explained that Kali had changed her name to Willow. Harmony seemed surprised, but it wasn't clear if it was because Willow had been found or if it was because Shiloh had found her. Later that evening, Harmony prepared Kristina for the initiation by readying the attic for the special ceremony that would include getting the tattoo that Harmony, Daisy, and Willow each sported on her lower back.

Kristina was unaware that another part of the ceremony would include having sex with Shiloh, but she willingly accepted the drink that Harmony promised would help Kristina relax during the final "reflection" period. Kristina drifted off to sleep, allowing Jason an opportunity to slip in and abduct her. Later, Harmony was forced to reveal that Kristina had vanished -- as had the cup that Kristina had drunk from. Shiloh was not pleased.

On April 23, 2019, Harmony tracked Willow down at Kelly's, but Willow was not happy to see her. Harmony admitted that Willow's new name was difficult to get used to, but she assured Willow that Willow would be welcomed back to DOD with open arms. Harmony added that Willow could teach the children, but Willow refused to teach Shiloh's dogma to young children. Willow was furious that her mother had not protected her from Shiloh and the cult.

Harmony continued to try to reach out to Willow, but she also remained loyal to Shiloh. When Shiloh was arrested for drugging, abducting, and sexually assaulting Sam Morgan, Harmony claimed that she had drugged Sam's tea without Shiloh's knowledge. Harmony was arrested and sent to Pentonville to await trail. Her new roommate, Nelle Benson, had ties to Port Charles, and Harmony found herself confiding to Nelle about Shiloh's quest to track down her grandson.

On June 20, Willow opened up to Michael about her parents. She shared that the three of them had been happy, but her father -- Douglas Miller -- hadn't been a spiritual seeker the way that her mother had been. However, he had followed his wife from commune to ashram, and eventually to DOD, because he had loved her. Douglas had been the first to sense that something was wrong with Shiloh, and he had confronted Shiloh with his concerns. According to Willow, that had been the beginning of the end. Shiloh had turned Harmony against her husband, and Harmony had undermined her husband at every opportunity. In time, Harmony had driven her husband out of DOD, while Willow had remained behind.

Willow confessed that every few months her father would reach out to her in an attempt to see her. Douglas had even sent her a key to his apartment. Willow had ignored her father until he had called the DOD house to let her know that he had been staying at a hotel in town. Douglas had begged Willow to see him, but Shiloh had been there when she had taken the call. Later that evening, as Willow had been about to leave to meet her father, her mother had stopped her to let Willow know that Shiloh had decided that it was time for Willow's initiation into the Trust. Willow had called to let her father know that she would meet him for breakfast instead, but that would never happen.

The following morning, Willow had found her father in his hotel bathroom dead from a drug overdose. Based on the carfenadol in Douglas' system, it had been ruled a suicide. Initially, Shiloh had been arrested, but one of his followers named Carol Thornhart had confessed to supplying Douglas with the drugs.

As Harmony lingered in jail, she realized that Shiloh had only been interested in helping himself. Her anger mounted, and when Jason Morgan paid her a visit to tell her that he suspected that Shiloh had been responsible for Douglas' death, Harmony realized that she'd been used. Harmony also knew about Shiloh's attempt to take Willow to court to get his hands on his son, so she agreed to testify against Shiloh.

Disgusted with Shiloh, Lorraine resumed using her legal name rather than her DOD name. She was filled with regret that she had given her daughter -- and others -- drugged tea and a tattoo of Shiloh's mark, knowing that he would sexually assault the women as part of the initiation.

On July 11, Lorraine was temporarily transferred to the Port Charles police station. Accompanied by her attorney, Lorraine gave D.A. Robert Scorpio a sworn statement listing Shiloh's financial crimes and offering to provide proof with copies of the records that she had kept. She also revealed that she had a copy of a prescription written to "David Henry Archer" for carfenadol that had been picked up the day that Douglas had overdosed on August 4, 2014. She also revealed that several people could testify that Carol Thornhart, the woman who claimed to have supplied the drugs to Douglas, had been at the DOD house helping prepare for Willow's ceremony in the hours leading up to Douglas' death. Finally, Lorraine confirmed that Shiloh had had ample opportunity after leaving the DOD house -- as was the custom for the ceremony -- to kill Douglas before returning hours later to complete the ceremony with Willow.

Lorraine assured Robert that no one had promised her any lenience in exchange for her testimony, and that it had been her idea to testify against Shiloh. She hoped that it would be the start to atoning for her sin.

Several days later, Lorraine confided to Nelle about Shiloh's determination to get his hands on his son. Lorraine revealed that the baby had been adopted by two men. Nelle realized that Lorraine's grandson had been the infant that Lucas Jones and Brad Cooper had adopted. The same baby that had died then secretly switched with Nelle's own son, Jonah. Nelle was careful not to tell Lorraine that Willow's child had died. Fortunately for Nelle, her secret remained buried because Shiloh's legal troubles had forced the judge to dismiss Shiloh's efforts to unseal the adoption records.

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Who's Who in Port Charles

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