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Hank "Shiloh" Archer
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Actor History

Killed when he was shot in the back with a flare gun and fell overboard [Sep 26, 2019]

Other Names

David Henry Archer (birth name)

Hank Archer (2012)

"Shiloh" [name used as cult leader]


Life coach

Founder of Dawn of Day house and charitable organization

Author, Every Day Is a New Dawn

Private Security Contractor (Afghanistan)

Resides At

Pentonville prison, Port Charles, New York

Midwood Motor Lodge, Room #205 (Route 8, Port Charles, New York)

Formerly Dawn of Day house, Port Charles, NY

Formerly Dawn of Day house, Beechers Corners, NY

Formerly lighthouse, Burke Lake, near Lake Ontario



Bolton Arms Preparatory School [until the age of 18]

Marital Status


Past Marriages

None known


Henry Archer (father; deceased)


Wiley Cooper-Jones (son with Willow Tait; deceased)

Flings & Affairs

"Harmony," formerly known as Lorraine Miller (prior to Dec 2018)

Carol Lockhart (during her time as part of the Trust)

Willow Tait, formerly known as Kali Miller (during her time as part of the Trust)

Daisy Kwan (during her time as part of the Trust)

Kim Nero (flirted; 2019)

Sam McCall (kissed; 2019)

Crimes Committed

Murder; cut his father's brake line, which caused fatal car accident [prior to 2012; revealed Sep 25, 2019]

Treason; sold stolen fuel to insurgents 2012 [revealed on Jul 22, 2019]

Obtained carfenadol to kill Douglas Miller [pre-2017; revealed Jul 11, 2019]

Murder; injected Douglas Miller with a lethal dose of carfenadol [pre-2017; revealed Apr 3, 2019]

Arrested for murder; released when Trust member Carol Lockhart confessed [pre-2017; revealed Jun 25, 2019]

Skimmed money from Dawn of Day to payoff officials and politicians [revealed Jul 11, 2019]

Set up offshore accounts to hide money and avoid taxes [revealed Jul 11, 2019]

Stalked Sam McCall for several years [revealed Jul 11, 2019]

Serial rapist; drugged women with carfenadol who were inducted into the Trust, tattooed them with his mark, and had sex with them [2014 thru summer of 2019]

Had "Harmony" drug Kristina Corinthos-Davis [Apr 10, 2019]

Assault: grabbed Willow Tait by the arms, shook her, and threatened her [May 22, 2019]

Drugged Sam [May 23, 2019]

Kidnapped and attempted to rape Sam McCall [May 24, 2019]

Arrested for sexual assault; released when "Harmony" confessed to drugging the women without Shiloh's knowledge [Jun 5, 2019]

Illegally accessed Willow Tait's medical records [Jun 11, 2019]

Stole money left by a customer at the Floating Rib to pay tab [Jul 22, 2019]

Had someone break into Drew ]Cain's office and steal the flash drive with Drew's memories [Jul 31, 2019]

Held Sam McCall prisoner to blackmail Jason Morgan [Aug 2, 2019]

Knocked out Sam, bound and gagged her with duct tape then hid her in a deep freezer [Aug 5 and 6, 2019]

Kidnapped Cameron Webber [Aug 6, 2019]

Ordered Dr. Arthur Cabot to inject Cameron with unknown drug [Aug 7, 2019]

Held Franco Baldwin hostage at gunpoint [Aug 8, 2019]

Assaulted Cameron [Aug 8-9, 2019]

Ordered Dr. Arthur Cabot to inject Franco Baldwin with unknown substance then had the doctor perform a memory transfer from flash drive containing Drew Cain's memory mapping in 2012 [Aug 8-9, 2019]

Extortion; threatened to expose Peter August's crimes unless Peter helped Shiloh escape from jail [Aug 21, 2019]

Knocked out Bryce Henderson (hit man sent by Peter August to kill Shiloh) [Sep 20, 2019]

Fugitive; escaped police custody [Sep 20, 2019]

Grand theft auto; stole Bobbie Spencer's car [Sep 23, 2019]

Kidnapping; abducted Wiley Cooper-Jones [Sep 23, 2019]

Assault; knocked out Dev Cerci [Sep 23, 2019]

Held Sam and Dev hostage at gunpoint [Sep 23, 2019]

Extortion; ordered Peter to give Shiloh enough money to flee to Canada and disappear [Sep 23, 2019]

Assault/attempted rape; attacked Sam [Sep 23, 2019]

Attempted murder; attacked Jason Morgan with a gaffing stick [Sep 23, 2019]

Murder; unknown victims. Confessed that he had killed people who had stood in his way [Sep 25, 2019]

Health and Vitals

Minor injuries when his jeep hit an IED in Afghanistan [2012]

Choked by Drew Cain [2012; revealed Jul 22, 2019

Thrown against a wall and choked by Jason Morgan; received several stitches in the head [Mar 25 and 26, 2019]

Knocked unconscious by Jason Morgan [May 9, 2019]

Thrown to the ground by Michael Corinthos; hyperventilated [May 22, 2019]

Beat up, thrown down a flight of stairs, and knocked unconscious by Jason Morgan [May 24, 2019]

Punched by Lucas Jones [Jun 7, 2019]

Knocked off of a chair by Michael Corinthos; minor bruises [Jul 10, 2019]

Choked by Lucas Jones [Jul 12, 2019]

Punched by Drew Cain [Jul 22, 2019]

Assaulted; beat up by Jason Morgan and knocked unconscious [Aug 5 and 6, 2019]

Kicked in the stomach by Cameron Webber [Aug 7, 2019]

Punched by Franco Baldwin [Aug 8, 2019]

Punched by Drew Cain [Aug 9, 2019]

Shot in chest by Jason Morgan; Shiloh wore a bulletproof vest and was temporarily knocked out [Sep 25, 2019]

Shot in the back by Sam McCall with a flare gun; fell into the water and drowned [Sep 26, 2019]

Brief Character History

On December 27, 2018, Jason Morgan was shooting pool in the Floating Rib when a stranger mistook Jason for Jason's identical twin brother, Drew Cain. The stranger introduced himself as Hank Archer, Drew's friend from their days in Afghanistan.

A few days later, Drew reached out to Hank, and the two men met at the hospital. Drew had suffered extensive memory loss, and he didn't have any recollection of Hank. According to Hank, he had been working as a private security contractor in Afghanistan when his jeep had hit an IED. Navy SEAL Drew Cain had pulled Hank from the jeep and through gunfire to safety. Drew's heroic act and guidance had inspired Hank to clean up his act. Hank was disappointed that Drew didn't recall their friendship, but he looked forward to reconnecting with Drew.

Both Jason and Drew had sensed that something was off with Hank, and their suspicions were confirmed when Kristina Corinthos announced that she had decided to move into the Dawn of Day house to live with a group of new friends who had welcomed Kristina with open arms. The DOD group had taken the town by storm through community outreach programs and their open-door policy to anyone in need. Sam worried that Kristina might be sleeping with the charismatic leader, so she and Jason decided to visit the DOD house. They were shocked when Shiloh was revealed to be Drew's friend Hank.

On January 7, 2019, Jason uncovered that Dawn of Day had initially been incorporated by a man named David Henry Archer. Sam recognized the name. Her first "big mark," Henry Archer, had had a son named David living overseas. Sam, then using the alias "Cheryl Richards," recalled that David had -- rightfully -- objected to his father's marriage to a gold digger. Jason and Sam decided to confront Shiloh.

Shiloh acknowledged that he was David Henry Archer. He explained that he'd been a troublemaker in his youth who had burned through his inheritance until he'd hit rock bottom and had been left with nothing. Shiloh had resorted to "unsavory" means to make money, which had eventually led him to Afghanistan, working as a personal security contractor. By then, he'd gone by the name Hank Archer. However, everything had changed when Drew had saved him from certain death. Shiloh had turned his life around, and he had changed his name to Shiloh.

Sam remained skeptical because someone named Linda Black, an alias that Sam had once used, had sent her an obituary of one of the men that Sam had conned. Shiloh had no idea what Sam was talking about, but he assured her that he did not hold any ill will toward her or bitterness over her past with his father. Jason and Sam didn't believe Shiloh, and they continued to dig into Shiloh's past until Damien Spinelli traced the emails that Sam had received to a computer in the DOD household. The culprit was revealed to be one of Shiloh's followers, Daisy Kwan. Daisy claimed that she'd done it in a misguided attempt to avenge Shiloh, but she insisted that Shiloh hadn't known.

Jason and Sam were certain that DOD was a cult, so they staged a breakup then Sam took steps to get closer to Shiloh by pretending to believe in his mission. She attended seminars and parties that the DOD group hosted and responded to Shiloh's overtures to get closer. Meanwhile, Jason took a trip to Beechers Corners to visit a woman named Harmony, who had been described by Spinelli as Shiloh's "closest ally." Spinelli had discovered that Harmony had helped Shiloh establish several DOD homes, including the one in Beechers Corners.

Harmony was glad to talk to Jason and spoke of Shiloh in glowing terms as she filled Jason in about DOD's vision and the work that they did to improve communities. Jason asked about her relationship with Shiloh, but she stressed that they were business partners only. However, when Jason mentioned that he was concerned about a young woman who had been getting too close to Shiloh, it was clear that Harmony's feelings for Shiloh weren't platonic. Moments later, a police officer named Billy approached Jason to make it clear that Jason was not welcome in Beechers Corners, but Harmony assured Billy that she was fine.

After Jason left, Harmony called Shiloh to warn him that Jason had been asking questions. Shiloh was furious and paid Jason a visit, but he was forced to leave Jason a voicemail message when it appeared that no one was home. Later, Jason went to the DOD house as members readied for a community Valentine's Day celebration. Shiloh assured Jason that he had nothing to hide then goaded Jason about Sam taking the first steps toward "enlightenment." The following day, Harmony followed up her call with a visit to warn Shiloh that Jason was trouble, but Shiloh assured her that he had everything well in hand then urged her to return to Beechers Corners to continue their work.

On February 22, 2019, Shiloh persuaded Sam to take an overnight trip with him. He wanted to show her a special place that he was certain would make all of her doubts vanish. Unbeknownst to Shiloh, Jason had followed Sam and Shiloh to a town called Burke Lake, near Lake Ontario, where Shiloh showed Sam an old abandoned lighthouse. Shiloh had lived in the lighthouse when he had first returned from Afghanistan.

Shiloh took Sam's hand then led her up the winding staircase to a large room. He opened the windows as he talked about the first night that he had slept in the lighthouse then waking up to the "brilliant light of dawn." Shiloh asked Sam to spend the night with him so they could watch the breaking dawn together. Before she could reply, Shiloh and Sam heard Jason cry out in pain. Sam rushed down the stairs and saw Jason unconscious on the ground. Jason had been struck blind from a virus.

Shiloh and Sam rushed Jason to the hospital. Shiloh assumed that Jason had followed them because he was obsessed with Sam, which Sam used to her advantage when Shiloh walked in on Jason kissing her. Sam slapped Jason then reiterated that they were over. Shiloh also nurtured his relationship with Kristina, who admired Shiloh and always seemed eager to please. Shiloh pushed Kristina to invest in "higher" levels of enlightenment, prompting Kristina to borrow money from Michael.

Additionally, Shiloh had reached out to Drew's son, Oscar, who had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. Shiloh's devoted follower Daisy often performed a form of touch therapy to help manage Oscar's painful headaches. After Daisy confessed to sending threatening emails to Sam, Shiloh made his displeasure known by choosing Kristina for special projects. Desperate to get back into Shiloh's good graces, Daisy paid Sam a visit to apologize. During the visit, Sam noticed a bold tattoo on Daisy's lower back. Daisy nervously brushed it off as something that she had done prior to joining DOD then she left.

On March 13, 2019, Harmony visited Port Charles and spent the day with Shiloh. She admitted that she preferred to be with Shiloh rather than in Beechers Corners, but he insisted that she was needed in Beechers Corners. Harmony worried that he had become obsessed with Sam, but Shiloh turned things around by reminding Harmony that her numbers were down. Shocked, Harmony asked what had happened to the man who had told her that he loved her and for whom she'd gotten a special tattoo -- it was the same tattoo of a bold symbol that Sam had seen on Daisy.

Shiloh promised that his love for Harmony had grown stronger; it was pure and spiritual. Harmony acknowledged that she knew that she would have to share him, but it hadn't been easy. Shiloh shifted gears and asked if Harmony had heard from "her" because he'd thought that Harmony would be able to locate "her." Shiloh added that he would consider allowing Harmony to join him in Port Charles if Harmony proved successful in the search.

In time, "her" was revealed to be an elementary school teacher named Willow Tait. Willow had once been known as Kali Miller, "Harmony's" daughter. Willow had fled DOD when she learned that she was pregnant with Shiloh's baby, so she changed her name, gave the child up for adoption to Lucas Jones and his husband, Brad Cooper, then built a new life in Port Charles.

Shiloh's house of cards began to crumble when it was time for Kristina's initiation into the Trust. Kristina was eager to join, and she had offered the secret that Shiloh had required as a token of her trust. However, Jason had found Kristina drugged and passed out in the attic just as the ceremony was to begin. He quickly picked her up then whisked her to the safehouse where Sonny had arranged for Max and Milo Giambetti to stand guard, and for psychiatrist Neil Byrne to begin exit therapy. When Kristina learned that she had been drugged, she realized that she had narrowly escaped a sexual assault.

Shiloh was furious that Kristina had slipped through his fingers, so he focused all of his energy on seducing Sam into the Trust. Sam was eager to comply because she was desperate to get her hands on Kristina's pledge. On the night of the Nurses Ball, Sam told Shiloh that she was ready to join the Trust. Shiloh was elated, but his mood soured when he spotted Willow with her date. Shiloh's anger mounted when he overheard Nina Reeves trade heated words with Willow about Willow's child. Shiloh realized that Willow had had his baby.

Shiloh angrily confronted Willow demanding to know where his child was, but Willow refused to tell him. Shiloh returned to the table to fetch Sam, eager to proceed with their evening. Sam sensed that Shiloh was troubled, but she was confident that everything was in place, and Jason was on standby.

As was the custom, Shiloh offered Sam a cup of tea to start the initiation. Sam knew that it had been drugged, so she declined, but Shiloh insisted that it was a necessary component of the ceremony, and that they could not proceed if she didn't partake in the tea. Reluctantly, Sam drank it. Within minutes she felt the effects of the powerful drug. Pleased, Shiloh began to tattoo her lower back with his mark, but a disturbance in the foyer alerted him to danger. When Jason made it to the attic, Shiloh and Sam were gone.

Jason tracked Shiloh to the lighthouse. Jason arrived just as Shiloh was about to rape Sam. Within seconds, Jason had pulled Shiloh off of Sam, punched him, then threw him down the winding flight of stairs. Shiloh landed in a crumpled heap at the bottom. Later, Shiloh was transferred to General Hospital. Jason and Sam confronted Shiloh with the evidence of his crimes against Sam then demanded the pledges in exchange for their silence. Shiloh agreed to their terms, but Jason and Sam had lied. Once they had the pledges, they went to the police with the recordings of Shiloh's attempt to sexually assault Sam.

Shiloh was formerly arrested, while he recovered in the hospital. A few days later, as Shiloh was being led away, Harmony stepped forward to confess to drugging the tea without Shiloh's knowledge. The charges against Shiloh were dropped.

Shiloh desperately tried to maintain his powerful presence, but he was also on a mission to find his child. He went to Mercy Hospital and charmed a fan into sharing Willow's medical records that proved that Willow had given birth to a baby boy. Next, Shiloh secured the services of Zahra Amir to represent him in court to have his son's adoption records unsealed. The judge ruled in Shiloh's favor, but Willow refused to cooperate, which landed her in jail for failing to comply with a court order.

Shiloh was able to figure out that his son was Wiley Cooper-Jones, so he set out to prove it by securing a discarded rag that Wiley had used then having his attorney order a paternity test. Meanwhile, Jason and Sam were on a mission to take down Shiloh, and they turned to Harmony for help. Harmony had had time to think about her actions, especially how she had treated her daughter. When Jason pointed out that it was likely that Shiloh had killed Douglas Miller, Harmony decided that she needed to make things right. She started by using her legal name, Lorraine Miller.

On July 22, Lorraine told District Attorney Robert Scorpio that she had a copy of a prescription for carfenadol that had been written for Hank Archer, and it had been filled on the day of her husband's overdose. Additionally, Lorraine had kept copies of everything, including all the offshore accounts and illegal transactions. Ex-cult member, Carol Thornhart also agreed to testify that Shiloh had persuaded her to falsely confess to giving Douglas the overdose when Shiloh was arrested for the deed. Lorraine confirmed that several could confirm that Carol had been at Willow's initiation ceremony during the hours leading up to Douglas' death.

Satisfied, Robert issued an arrest warrant for Shiloh. To everyone's surprise, Shiloh was able to secure bail. He had turned to follower Daisy Kwan. Daisy had cleaned out her trust fund to secure the money for Shiloh. Shiloh was forced to move to a motel on the outskirts of town because his finances had been frozen. Desperate for money, Shiloh recalled that Drew's memories had been downloaded on a flash drive, so he enlisted the help of a follower to steal the flash drive.

On July 31, Shiloh met with Dr. Arthur Cabot. He needed the doctor's help to access Drew's memories because Drew had information that would help Shiloh replenish his finances.

During Shiloh's days in Afghanistan, he had sold stolen fuel to insurgents on the black market. Drew had learned about Shiloh's treasonous activity the morning that Shiloh's jeep had been hit by an IED. Shiloh's partner, Charles "Tex" Owen, had been killed, but Tex had shared the details with Drew, and Drew had intended to share the information with his commanding officers. However, Drew had vanished before Shiloh's crimes had been exposed.

On August 2, Shiloh caught Sam searching his motel room. A short time later, he called Jason to offer a deal in exchange for Sam's life. When Jason showed up, Sam was nowhere to be seen. Jason and Shiloh had a physical altercation, but Shiloh managed to escape. Desperate to find Sam, Jason raced to the ex-Dawn of Day house hoping to discover a clue. He found Sam locked in a deep freezer just in the nick of time. Sam was taken to the hospital where she recuperated.

Shiloh was more determined than ever to get his hands on Tex's hidden money, so he abducted Cameron Webber then took the teen to a warehouse where Dr. Cabot waited to perform the procedure to transfer Drew's memory from the flash drive to Cameron. Dr. Cabot balked at doing the experiment on a teenager, but Shiloh made it clear that their options were limited.

Luckily for Cameron, Franco Baldwin tracked down his stepson when Cameron had failed to check in with Elizabeth Webber. Franco was horrified at what Shiloh had planned, so he demanded that Shiloh let Franco take Cameron's place. Dr. Cabot insisted that it would increase the chances of success if Franco received Drew's memories. Cameron watched helplessly as Franco was injected with a drug then underwent the procedure. Moments later, Drew and Curtis Ashford arrived on the scene. Shiloh and Cabot were arrested for their crimes, and Franco was taken to the hospital, but the damage had been done because Franco woke up believing that he was the Drew Cain.

Shiloh was taken back to Pentonville where he had several encounters with a woman named Nelle Hayes. Shiloh was focused on getting out rather than on making friends, prompting him to call Peter August. Shiloh revealed that he had been hiding in the shadows in 2012 when Helena Cassadine and Peter had collected Drew Cain. Shiloh threatened to reveal that Peter had been Helena's partner rather than her minion if Peter didn't help Shiloh escape.

On September 20, 2019, Peter arranged for a hit man to pose as a police officer during Shiloh's transfer from the courthouse to Pentonville. Shiloh quickly realized that the hit man had been sent to kill him, and he got the jump on the hit man. Shiloh changed into the man's uniform then made his way down the road. To his delight, Bobbie Spencer pulled over when he flagged her down, and she had Wiley with her.

Shiloh ordered Bobbie out of the car then took off with Wiley. He made his way to the Haunted Star where he encountered fellow stowaway, Dev Cerci. Shiloh knocked the teen out then Shiloh called Peter to inform Peter that he wanted as much cash as Peter could get his hands on. Moments later, Shiloh's Sam entered the ship's salon looking for Dev. Shiloh promptly took her hostage then revealed that he had Wiley. Sam was able to persuade Shiloh to hand Wiley to Dev and release the boys because Shiloh had too many hostages.

After Dev fled with Wiley in his arms, Shiloh set course for the open seas then put the ship on auto pilot. Next, Shiloh cornered Sam on a sofa, but she managed to distract him by revealing that his father had been a genuinely nice man, who had despised Shiloh to such a degree that he had gladly given Shiloh money to keep Shiloh from returning home. Shiloh's father had also known the truth about Sam, and Henry had been fine with Sam getting the fortune because it meant that Shiloh wouldn't. Shiloh wasn't surprised, and he confessed that he had cut his father's brake lines, which had caused the fatal car accident that had claimed Henry's life.

Once again, Shiloh turned his attention to Sam. He threw her to the ground then began to unzip his pants, but Jason arrived in time to stop the sexual assault. Jason shot Shiloh in the chest then raced to Sam's side. He quickly bandaged her arm, which had been cut in the scuffle, then he helped her to the deck. Sam set the ship's course for Port Charles, while Jason remained on deck. Moments later, Shiloh appeared clutching a gaffing stick. Shiloh attacked Jason, but Jason managed to escape the deadly blow. Shiloh quickly regained the upper hand, but Sam shot Shiloh in the back with a flare gun just as Shiloh prepared to deliver a deadly blow to Jason's head.

Shiloh screamed in pain then fell overboard. Later, Jason and Sam discovered that Shiloh had been wearing a bulletproof vest under the uniform. After Jason and Sam docked, the police searched the waters for Shiloh. A few hours later, Shiloh's body was recovered then taken to the morgue for an autopsy.

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