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Lucille "Lucy" Coe
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Actor History
April 11, 1986 to March 27, 1992; November 6, 1992 to May 30, 1997 [contract]; 1998; 1999; 2000; 2001 [recurring]; July 16, 2004; December 17, 2012 to Present
June 1, 1997 to October 3, 2003 [contract; on Port Charles]


Celebrated her birthday on-screen on May 22, 1987


Co-CEO of Deception Spa

Former Steven Clay Crime Scene Tour Guide

Former Co-CEO of ELQ

Founder and CEO of Coe Coe Cosmetics

ELQ Shareholder (1%)

Former CEO of Jax Cosmetics

Former Vampire Slayer

Former CEO of Deception Cosmetics

Former librarian

Former head of child care center at General Hospital

Former housewife


Formerly Ferncliff psychiatric care facility

Formerly 66 Harbor View Road, Port Charles, New York (Quartermaine Mansion)

Formerly New York, New York

Formerly the Lighthouse

Marital Status

Married/ Separated from Kevin Collins [Separated May 13, 2014; announced plans to divorce May 23, 2014]

* Kevin referred to as Lucy's husband on-air on January 16, 2013; Kevin stated that he and Lucy were still married on February 4, 2013

Past Marriages

Tony Jones

Alan Quartermaine

Scott Baldwin

Rex Stanton

Kevin Collins (divorced)


Charlene Simpson (aunt)

Colton Shore (cousin)

Decker Moss (cousin)

Rafe Kovich (cousin; deceased)


Serena Baldwin (surrogate mother)

Three Miscarriages

Christina Baldwin (daughter; via adoption)

Flings & Affairs

Scott Baldwin

Kevin O'Connor

Jake Meyer

Victor Jerome

Alan Quartermaine

Tom Hardy

Tony Jones

Damian Smith

Greg Bennett

Richard Halifax

Kevin Collins

Ian Thornhart

Scott Baldwin (affair)

Duke Lavery (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Posed as librarian to drive Terry Brock insane.


Let BJ drink cleaning solution.

Indirectly killed Victor Jerome when he choked on the locket he was going to give her.

Posed as prostitute to obtain information on Eve Lambert's past.

Siphoned Eve's gas tank, indirectly causing a car accident which blinded Serena.

Bribed Courtney Kanelos into convincing Frank to sign away his paternal rights.

Under investigation for running a pyramid scheme within her cosmetics company [revealed Dec 2012]

Stabbed John McBain in the chest with a wooden stake after she claimed he was a vampire named Caleb Morley [Jan 15, 2013; charges dropped Mar 4, 2013]

Threatened John McBain during her arraignment and taken to Ferncliff for a psychiatric evaluation [Jan 17, 2013; charges dropped Mar 4, 2013]

Escaped from Ferncliff psychiatric care facility [Feb 5, 2013]

Assaulted a police officer, took his gun, and held the gun on police commissioner Anna Devane [Feb 8, 2013; charges dropped Mar 4, 2013]

Started a fire in the Port Charles Police Department [Feb 21, 2013; charges dropped Mar 4, 2013]

Helped Rafe Kovich and John McBain escape from police custody [Feb 21, 2013; charges dropped Mar 4, 2013]

Fugitive; fled police custody with Rafe Kovich and John McBain [Feb 21, 2013; charges dropped Mar 4, 2013]

Tampered with an election - allowed an officer to falsely believe she was a member of the Board of Elections and walked out of City Hall with a ballot box [revealed Jan 13, 2015]

Brief Character History

Originating on General Hospital, Lucy arrived in Port Charles in 1986 as mousy librarian. She was involved with Kevin O'Connor and she was an alibi in his murder case. After she was duped by him, she wrote a tell all book to make some money. The mousy Lucy was now gone forever. She had an affair with Bobbie Spencer's then-husband Jake Meyer and miscarried his child. After that, her Aunt Charlene managed to set her up with Tony Jones, whom she eventually married. After Tony, she married Alan Quartermaine wearing a red dress, thus angering the Quartermaines. While married to Alan, she had an affair with Scott Baldwin and became pregnant. She also miscarried that child. After her marriage to Alan, she ended up with Scott, but she ended up leaving for New York with Greg Bennett.

When she returned to town, Scott had fallen in love with Dominique Taub. Dominique was diagnosed with a fatal brain cancer and she saw a kinder, gentler Lucy and convinced Scott to let Lucy be the surrogate mother for their child. Lucy gave birth to the child, Serena, in a cabin during a blizzard. Soon after, Scott was forced to flee town after being pressured by the mob. Lucy took this very hard. She ended up meeting Damian Smith and she reverted to her scheming ways temporarily. She made a bet with Damian that he could not bed Bobbie, which eventually led to the beginning of the end of Tony and Bobbie's marriage. She met psychiatrist Kevin Collins during this time, and he helped her return to the considerate Lucy she had become under Dominique's influence.

On Port Charles, Lucy found love with Kevin but they faced many challenges in their relationship. Lucy used her fledgling psychic powers to meddle in the lives of others and often placed herself in danger. She remained in love with Kevin when she was briefly married to Rex Stanton in order to keep an eye on Serena. Lucy also stood by Kevin during his mental breakdown and afterwards the couple planned to marry. Despite the engagement ring she wore, Lucy was insecure about Kevin's friendship with Eve Lambert and she tampered with Eve's car. This caused Eve to have an accident while Serena was in the car with her. Serena lost her eye sight but regained it afterwards. Kevin was disgusted by Lucy's actions and called off the wedding when they were about to say their vows.

Around this time Lucy was trapped in a cabin with brisk Dr. Ellen Burgess, and a strong friendship began, lasting with ups and downs until Ellen vanished in 1999.

Eventually Lucy reconnected with Scott and they fell in love again after they were involved in a plane crash together. The couple married and the found a baby girl named Christina at the Nurses Ball. Unbeknownst to them, Julie Devlin and Frank Scalon were the child's parents and a bitter custody fight ensued. Lucy reacted angrily to the visitation rights Julie and Frank had secured and the news that Scott had adopted Christina under his name although the child could not be adopted under hers. When Julie kidnapped Christina and fled town, Lucy irrationally blamed Scott, and ended their relationship. They divorced amicably and her place in Serena's life remained intact.

In time, Lucy and Kevin found their way back to one another when they worked together sort out the machinations of Dr. Rachel Locke. They also uncovered the identity of Kevin's daughter Livvie and Lucy moved back in to the Lighthouse with Kevin.

The duo depended on each other more than ever at this time, with Livvie constantly in danger and enthralled by unknown forces, and the town under a dark cloud. As the months passed, Lucy pieced together the clues and discovered that Port Charles had a vampire. Kevin put aside his doubts and believed Lucy. Her theory was correct and a trip to Transylvania revealed that she was one of the last in a line of vampire slayers that dated back centuries. She also gained a cousin, Rafe Kovich. Rafe was actually an angel and he helped Lucy and Kevin determine that Caleb and Michael Morley were one in the same and a vampire.

Lucy, Kevin, and several others managed to vanquish Caleb, but only temporarily. He returned in weak state but slowly gained power by tapping into the fear and weakness in the town. Caleb planted thoughts in Lucy's head to make her think Kevin wanted to resume his relationship with Eve. With help from Rafe, Lucy escaped Caleb's duping but he used another tactic. He tried to convince Lucy that Christina was making contact with her. The misunderstandings between Kevin and Lucy continued, along with manipulations by Caleb and Lucy sought comfort in the arms of Eve's estranged husband Ian Thornhart and they had a one-night stand.

Kevin and Lucy patched up their differences once they believed Caleb was out of their lives but Lucy became suspicious of Kevin's meetings with a mysterious veiled woman. The issue resolved itself when Kevin threw a surprise wedding for Lucy, with Christina as a surprise guest. After nearly a decade, Lucy became Mrs. Kevin Collins. After the wedding, Lucy learned that Kevin's mystery friend was actually Christina's birth mother Julie. She had returned to town to give Christina to Lucy because Julie had a terminal illness. Lucy was overjoyed to be reunited with her adopted daughter and she promised that Christina would learn how much Julie loved her.

With her new family together in the lighthouse, Lucy had to contend with an old friend of Kevin's, Paige Smith. She showed up on their doorstep and moved in. Lucy was suspicious of Paige because she was supposed to be Kevin's age but she looked considerably younger. As Paige grew closer to Kevin, she asked him to paint her portrait and she claimed that her husband had been killed in a car accident. What Lucy and Kevin did not realize was that Paige was also killed in that accident and was back on Earth only to resolve her relationship with Kevin. Paige got other ideas and plotted to replace Lucy in the lives of Kevin and Christina. Paige appeared in her angelic form when Kevin was electrocuted and nearly pulled him into death.

Lucy was already suspicious of Paige when she found Christina left alone when she had been left in Paige's care. Unbeknownst to Lucy, Paige had been beamed up to Heaven for a reprimand. Lucy was outraged and threw Paige out of the house when she returned. Kevin was similarly disenchanted and cut Paige out of his life, although he did agree to paint her portrait. Kevin finally managed to piece together Paige's true identity as an angel. Lucy walked in on him and Paige in a private moment and he told Lucy about Paige's real persona.

Paige explained that her few months on Earth were supposed to be spent exploring why she was returned to Earth. Lucy bought 3 plane tickets to London and took Kevin and Paige along. They visited Paige's family's mansion and placed her portrait on the wall. Only a portrait of ancestor Rebecca Barrington was missing. Paige realized she must be related to the Barringtons and after sharing a tearful goodbye with Kevin, she saved Alison Barrington's life and then vanished.

Lucy's peace of mind was shattered shortly after Paige disappeared. Kevin's former wife and Lucy's former rival, Eve Lambert, was killed in a car accident. Lucy had grown to become friendly with Eve and was devastated by the loss. She managed to help both Kevin and Eve's husband Ian come to terms with their grief.

The accidental discovery that Victor and Mary Collins were turned on by a scented candle that Alison had created prompted Lucy to help Alison develop a candle business. Her good idea hit a rough patch when her stepdaughter, Livvie, vehemently opposed this "witchcraft". Kevin took Livvie's side, opposing Lucy. Soon after, Kevin vanished after making contact with the spirit of Rebecca Barrington in the candle shop. Lucy lashed out when many assumed that Kevin was dead and she tried to help Alison after she was arrested for Kevin's murder. With the support of Ian, Victor, and others, she kept a rein on her emotions and tried to bring Kevin back. She got clues from the other side which she could tell were from Kevin. They led her to Rebecca's portrait, which had been slashed by Livvie. Lucy and Ian began repairing the portrait in hopes of bringing back her beloved "Doc". Kevin showed up in the "nowhere world" of Barnadoon with Rebecca. He tried to call out to Lucy and she vaguely heard him. Lucy and Ian channeled Kevin several times over the next few weeks. It worked, but each time left Ian more debilitated afterward. Lucy refused to continue to put Ian at risk because she cared for him too much to lose him as well.

Lucy eventually realized that if she and Alison could clear Rebecca's name, Rebecca would be able to rest in peace and Kevin would be able to return. Lucy, Alison, Ian, Kate, Jack and Jamal all worked on it they convinced a judge to overturn Rebecca's conviction. In Barnadoon, Rebecca faded away to heaven right before Kevin's eyes. Before vanishing completely, she told him that someone on Earth had to light a special candle for him to return. Back in Port Charles, Victor informed Lucy that "Kevin's" remains, which were really ashes from the urn of Kevin's twin brother Ryan, were found and Lucy lost all hope of finding her husband. Just then, a sketchpad appeared in front of Kevin and he drew a sketch of Lucy which included the date, and it floated down to her and restored her faith in him. Days later at the hospital chapel, Rafe pulled the magic candle out of his backpack and lit it. Kevin returned to Lucy and they shared a heartfelt reunion.

Once Kevin and Rafe were both back, Lucy turned her energy to helping Rafe recover from amnesia to realize that Alison, not Livvie, is his true love. This drove a wedge between Lucy and Kevin, since Kevin took his daughter Livvie's side and Lucy refused to back off. In time, she realized that Rafe sold his soul and would only gain it back by falling in love again with Alison, even though Livvie claimed she was pregnant with his child. Kevin eventually agreed with Lucy when he admitted that Livvie was acting very odd and he decided to check her medical records. He noticed some of her files were missing. A lab assistant confessed that Livvie had blackmailed her into changing the paternity test results of her unborn child. Kevin shared the news with Lucy and prepared to confront Livvie over her child's paternity. When he entered Livvie's apartment however, she mistook him for Frank, her unborn child's father, and injected him with a psychotropic drug.

Kevin assumed the personality of his dead twin Ryan and seduced Lucy. Afterward he tried to kill her. He also tried to hurt Alison which prompted Lucy to have him committed to a psychiatric care center. It was also revealed that a young prostitute on Jasmine Island, the place where Kevin retreated to after being injected, was murdered.

In dealing with her pain, Lucy grew closer to Ian. He was still dealing with the pain of losing Eve, while Kevin seemed to get worse instead of better. He was particularly agitated by the growing connection between his wife and Ian. It became increasingly clear that Kevin would not be returning to his normal self and Lucy and Ian admitted they were falling in love.

About the same time, the band The Stephen Clay Experience visited the town. They released a song that everybody except for Lucy and Rafe seemed mesmerized by. When Stephen Clay was revealed, he looked exactly like Caleb. This caused Rafe and Lucy to go into slayer mode to protect the town from the vampire. Elizabeth Barrington was also turned into a vampire and she turned Ian. Lucy comforted him, and the two realized that her slayer powers lessened his need to feed when they made love.

Lucy, Rafe, Alison and Ian devised a plan to rid the town of vampires. They planned submerge vampires that have fed in a healing spring that would return them to their human selves. The group planned to toss all the vampires in. Unfortunately, the plan did not go off as well as hoped because Joshua tried to blow the spring up and people were injured. Lucy also fell into the water.

Since Ian had not fed, he was unable to be healed. After the explosion, Lucy did not feel well. She was anemic, tired and her hair started falling out. Ian discovered that she had a disorder in which her own blood was poisoning her. Lucy also realized that she had lost her slayer powers. Lucy was not deterred and she remained determined to save Port Charles from Joshua and his vampire clan and to convince Ian to believe in the goodness inside of him. Lucy helped Ian accept his status as a vampire after Christina went missing after she wandered off and was lost in the woods. Ian sensed the danger and located Christina just as she lost her footing and went over a ravine. Ian used his powers to dive over the edge and rescued her. Lucy pointed out to Ian that he had only been able to save her because of the powers he possessed as a vampire. She encouraged him to view who he was, a vampire with a heart, as a gift.

In 2004, Lucy made an appearance on General Hospital when she returned to the Quartermaine home with Kevin to attend the memorial service for Lila Quartermaine. She honored her connection to the Quartermaine family by wearing a red dress similar to the one she wore when she married Alan Quartermaine. She spoke fondly of Lila and referred to her one last time as "Mother Quartermaine."

Lucy returned to Port Charles again several years later after two members of the General Hospital staff paid her a visit and asked her to underwrite the Nurses Ball. Lucy admitted that her current financial situation did not allow her to provide the funding for the ball but she offered to assist with the planning. While Lucy was in town, she paid a visit to the Quartermaine family and was pleased to learn that her ELQ voting share was extremely valuable in a battle for power between Tracy and A.J. Quartermaine.

Both A.J. and Tracy wooed Lucy for her vote to determine which Quartermaine would hold the title of CEO of ELQ. Lucy gave her support to Tracy after Tracy agreed to fund the Nurses Ball and named Lucy co-CEO of ELQ. Tracy also allowed Lucy to move into the Quartermaine mansion. However, Lucy became a court-ordered resident of Ferncliff psychiatric care facility shortly after she was named co-CEO. She stabbed a police officer named John McBain in the chest with a wooden stake and accused him of being a vampire named Caleb Morley. Alexis Davis agreed to represent Lucy and claimed that Lucy was not guilty by reason of insanity. The judge agreed with the plea after Lucy spoke about vampires at the arraignment.

While Lucy was in Ferncliff, Kevin paid her a visit. She begged him to join her in her quest to protect everyone from Caleb. When Kevin turned her down and walked away, Lucy teamed up with two other Ferncliff patients - Todd Manning and Heather Webber. Together the three of them escaped from Ferncliff and went into hiding at Wyndemere. However, Lucy made her way to the police station after she learned that Alison Barrington, her cousin's wife, had been murdered. Lucy believed that Caleb had killed Alison and feared for the safety of Alison's son Rafe.

Lucy knew that Rafe was being held in police custody and she made a trip to the police department. Lucy planned to take Rafe away and protect him from Caleb, the man that was Rafe's biological father. During her mission to get to Rafe, she assaulted a police officer and held police commissioner Anna Devane at gunpoint. Lucy forced Anna to take her to Rafe's cell but when they arrived, Rafe's cell was empty. Lucy remained concerned for Rafe even after he was returned to police custody. John McBain had also been arrested and was accused of several crimes, including Alison's murder. Lucy maintained that John was Caleb even after crimes were committed while John was securely in police custody.

Lucy made a plan to free herself and Rafe from jail and she enlisted the help of Molly Lansing in her plan. While Lucy started a fire at the police station, Molly freed both Rafe and John McBain from their jail cells. John insisted that he be freed with Rafe in order to save Sam Morgan and her infant from Caleb. Together Lucy, John, and Rafe located Caleb at Wyndemere. Along the way, John found information about Caleb's identity and claimed that Caleb was a man named Stephen Clay. Lucy refused to believe John's claim that Stephen has suffered a psychotic break after the death of his wife Livvie, a woman that looked like Sam Morgan.

John and Lucy were able to save Sam and her son from Caleb. Lucy watched in disbelief as Caleb died from a stab wound to the chest and John handed Lucy the prosthetic fangs that he removed from Caleb's mouth. Lucy declared her vampire slaying days to be over and she and Kevin remained in Port Charles. While Kevin established his medical practice, Lucy filled her time with the organization of the Nurses Ball.

After the success of the Nurses Ball, Lucy set her sights on a joint business venture with Scott Baldwin's wife Laura Webber. Both women had previously ran Deception Cosmetics and Lucy suggested that the women open a Deception Spa. Laura signed onto the project but was often out of town. While Laura was gone, Lucy encouraged Scott to remain positive about his marriage and he helped Lucy out in Laura's place. Lucy returned the favor by assisting Scott in his campaign for District Attorney.

Eventually Scott chose to end his marriage while Lucy worried about the future of her own marriage. Kevin repeatedly put his work ahead of his relationship with Lucy and she questioned his commitment to her. Scott reminded Lucy that he would always be there for her and they slept together. After their night together, Scott asked Lucy for a chance at a future with her while Kevin reached out to his wife and promised to make her a priority. She was thrilled by Kevin's declaration and regretted her night with Scott. Lucy was plagued with guilt but Scott reminded her that Kevin would no longer allow them to be friends if he knew about her infidelity. She decided to keep her night with Scott a secret.

Although Lucy tried to focus on Kevin and her marriage, her thoughts and fantasies remained concentrated on Scott and she returned to his bed. Scott continually pressed Lucy to end her marriage while Kevin sensed that Lucy was hiding something from him. She feigned stress of planning the Nurses Ball and let Scott know that she would not leave her husband. Scott made another attempt to woo Lucy backstage during the Nurses Ball and she admitted that she still pined for him and they shared a passionate kiss, unaware that the curtain had opened and everyone, including Kevin, had seen and heard the exchange.

Immediately after Kevin learned the truth, Lucy apologized and swore that she wanted to make things work between them. He refused to listen and declared that their marriage was over. Scott reached out to Lucy but she pushed him away. In the weeks that followed, Lucy mourned her marriage and realized that she truly loved Scott. When she arrived at Scott's hotel room ready to profess her love, she found Bobbie Spencer instead and learned that Scott and Bobbie were involved.

Lucy was devastated by Scott's actions and she leaned on her friend Duke Lavery for support. Duke's own relationship with Anna Devane was on the rocks due to his involvement with organized crime. Lucy stood by Duke after his relationship with Anna crumbled and he returned the favor after she took a ballot box in hopes that Felicia would be elected mayor.

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Who's Who in Port Charles

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