Steve urton to once again return to GH
Posted Monday, April 08, 2002 10:21:58 PM
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Burton to once again return to GH

Soap Central has confirmed that Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) will be returning to General Hospital later this spring.

Burton, who joined GH in 1991, has had a recently habit of coming and going. Burton first left the show in January 2000 to pursue primetime television and movie opportunities. Burton then returned for what was to have been a long-term gig in January 2001, but Burton was again forced to leave early when he landed a feature film deal.

This time around, though, Burton's return is said to be a confirmed long-term stint. Officially, however, the terms of the deal were not released.

Burton has been ready to sign on to return for at least a few weeks. An insider reports that the deal could not be finalized because several of ABC's lawyers were out-of-town and could not be reached to cross the T's and dot the I's.

According to a GH source, Burton's decision to return to GH has put on hold -- or even scrapped -- the decision to bring aboard a new character by the name of Aidan. Aidan was to have been a new love interest for Elizabeth, however, it is now widely assumed that Liz and Jason will become an item.

Burton will make his first return appearance in -- you guess it -- the May Sweeps period.

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