THE BRITCH IS BACK: Kelly Thiebaud is back at General Hospital
Posted Friday, September 28, 2018 12:11:09 PM
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If you're Kelly Thiebaud, life's a Britch and then you... head back to General Hospital as Britt Westbourne.

For nearly a week now fans have wondered if the "Britch" would be heading back to Port Charles. The buzz started when portrayer Kelly Thiebaud took to social media to tease a possible return. Now, Thiebaud has confirmed the news: she is back to work on the ABC soap.

Here's how everything unfolded.

A fan tweeted the actress to let her know that she is sorely missed on the ABC soap opera, and much to viewers' surprise, the actress responded with: "Well, no need to miss me 'cause I'm coming back!"

Thiebaud joined the cast of GH in September of 2012 and was written out two years later. Her alter ego has made a couple of return appearances since then, including a brief visit to watch the Nurses Ball with her close friend Brad in 2015 and a short stint in December of 2017 as part of the Two Jasons mystery that unfolded on the soap.

There's no word yet on what might be bringing Britt -- a.k.a. the Britch -- back to Port Charles this time around. In fact, there's been no confirmation from the ABC series that her return is indeed happening. So, viewers will just have to wait and see what the powers that be have in store for the gone-but-not-forgotten character.

As for what Thiebaud has been up to since her daytime stint, she's amassed quite a résumé with plenty of film credits. They include Every 21 Seconds, Love at First Glance, and The Abduction of Angie. She's also spent some time doing modeling work, with her latest shoot available to view below. Check it out and don't forget to let us know how you feel about Britt's imminent return to Port Charles in the comments section below.

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Always a Model, never a Bride. ***Sneak peek from my shoot with @yeaggybridal 😘*** @jeremyjfraser @laexposures #damnifeellikeawoman

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On October 3, Theibaud shared an Instagram story to confirm the news of her return.

"Alright guys, here we go," she said with a wide smile. "I am officially back in L.A. for a week [and] headed to work. Exciting stuff on General Hospital. Comedy relief right here, baby! That's all I'm gonna say."

But, Kelly! Say more! So far the actress has been mum about additional details. She has, however, hinted that she might share some behind-the-scenes photos and video on her Instagram account. If you are not already following her on Instagram, you can track her GH return here.

UPDATE (October 24, 2018): Thiebaud has announced that her first airdate will be Monday, October 29.

What do you think of Thiebaud's Britt heading back to Port Charles? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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