Franco is dragged away from Kim
General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Elizabeth hesitated before knocking on Kim's front door. As she stood there, Kim opened the door from inside as she spoke to Franco. Franco urged Kim to go away with him. Elizabeth listened and looked inside as Franco and Kim shared a kiss. Franco saw Elizabeth as he opened his eyes. Elizabeth stammered that Chase had informed her that Franco was there and had had his ankle monitor removed.

Franco replied that he was sorry that Elizabeth was in pain and had lost her husband but that man wasn't him. He told Kim to meet him at Pier 55 at ten o'clock that evening and promised to wait for her. He left. "We need to talk," Elizabeth said to Kim. She was insistent after Kim declined and strode inside. Elizabeth looked at the disarray on the floor and realized that Kim and Franco had slept together. Kim admitted it was true.

Kim declared that Franco didn't remember being Franco, and the man who'd just left was Drew in a different body. She added that he didn't recall Elizabeth but remembered being with Kim. They didn't want to hurt her. Elizabeth slapped Kim and noted that Kim should have thought of that before sleeping with her husband.

Elizabeth maintained that she was aware that Kim had been an "emotional wreck" after Oscar's death but she'd "snapped." She added that Franco being Drew was only an illusion, and she accused Kim of taking advantage of him, and there was no excuse for it. Kim replied that Franco wasn't married in his heart, and he knew what he was choosing. Elizabeth retorted that Franco wasn't in his right mind and what Kim had done was unforgivable.

Kim refused to listen to Elizabeth and told her that Franco was gone. Elizabeth promised that the memory transfer would be reversed but Kim disagreed. She stated that there was no baseline for Franco's memories, and it would be an unrealistic and untried experiment. Elizabeth commented that she and her boys needed Franco but Kim snapped that Oscar had told her what Cameron had thought of Franco. She maintained that it was Elizabeth who needed Franco but he didn't exist.

Kim continued that Franco didn't want the procedure but Elizabeth accused her of encouraging Franco. The woman argued, and Elizabeth asked about Julian. She wondered how Kim could treat Julian so poorly after all he'd done and had been willing to do for Kim. She concluded that Franco was not and never would be Drew. Kim ordered Elizabeth to leave and then left a voicemail for Julian. She thanked him and told him how grateful she was. She began to write him a note.

Out in the hallway, Elizabeth made a desperate phone call to Scott and told him that Franco was leaving town.

Josslyn and Cameron sat outside of Kelly's. Josslyn agreed that she was missing volleyball practice but she wanted to use the time to think about Oscar. She revealed that she'd spoken to Michael who had told her that Oscar would want her to move on although she'd already heard it from Oscar himself. She would do that soon but wasn't ready. She felt like she was leaving Oscar behind by getting involved in everyday activities, and she wanted to grieve a little longer.

Cameron admitted he wasn't doing well and had realized that it was true to be careful what one wished for. He had hated Franco and had wanted him gone, and now he was gone. His family was sad and his mother desperate. He was grateful to Franco, and he had only just noticed how Franco had completed his family. Josslyn assured him it wasn't his fault. Cameron stated that he had finally gotten what he wanted but it wasn't really what he wanted after all.

Josslyn asked what she could do to help, and Cameron confessed that just talking about it was a big help. Josslyn wondered where the waitress was, and she offered to go inside to place their order.

Dustin sat at a table inside and made a phone call to Lulu. They joked about her mother finding them in bed, and he asked her out for another date. She promised to let him know. Dustin began grading papers and began to read Josslyn's essay. Josslyn walked inside, placed her order at the bar, and turned when Dustin called out to her.

Dustin revealed that he had enjoyed reading Josslyn's paper and thought she deserved an A on it though he had been tempted to give her a B. He added that it was one of the best papers in the class but he thought she was capable of going deeper. He hoped she proved him right in the future. He left Kelly's.

Back outside, Cameron spotted Franco and said hello. Franco told the teen that he was still Drew and stated that he wanted to talk. He sat at the table and explained that he hadn't asked for any of what had happened to him. He wished he could help but he wasn't going to give up his life as Drew or the woman he loved. He was aware that it would be hard for everyone if he remained in town.

Cameron wanted to talk about Franco. He stated that he'd finally realized that Franco was a great guy. He'd been brave and Cameron owed him a lot. Franco had treated the family well. Franco was glad to hear it. He stood up and said goodbye. He and Cameron shook hands and wished each other good luck.

Josslyn returned and noticed the change in Cameron's behavior. He was upset and told her that Franco had gone. He wasn't sure if it was the best thing or the worst. Josslyn gave him a hug.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Maxie saw Lulu and sat down at her table. She had noticed that Lulu was on the phone, and she asked about "hot" Dustin. She wanted details. Lulu claimed to have nothing to tell but Maxie was full of questions and comments. She urged Lulu to go slowly. Lulu admitted she'd already kissed Dustin and had done "whatever else." She clarified they'd had sex.

Maxie was shocked and admitted she hadn't expected to hear that. Lulu admitted she'd enjoyed it, and she explained how she'd been giving Dustin a tour on the ship. She also revealed that Laura and Curtis had found them in bed in a stateroom. Maxie laughed but Lulu made it clear that she'd been horrified. She called it her payback for being involved so soon after her divorce.

Maxie continued to pepper her with questions but Lulu was uncomfortable because she spied Sonny and Jason across the room. She felt odd with her ex-father-in-law being so close. Maxie reminded her that Sonny was aware of the divorce, and she continued to joke about Laura and Curtis. She was happy for Lulu and told her she was in "rebound city." "Go for it," Maxie urged. Maxie told Lulu not to fall in love but she would cheer her on.

Across the room, Sonny and Jason sat at the bar. They agreed that the same person had tried to take down Andre and had succeeded with Drew. Jason showed Sonny the police sketch of Andre's attacker and neither man recognized him. Just then, Jason received a call from Shiloh who told him he had information for him.

Jason and Sonny grabbed a table, and Jason disclosed that Shiloh had mentioned an upcoming article in the Invader about him that had been "green-lit" by Peter. Shiloh had also mentioned that he was looking forward to seeing Sam at his trial. The men tried to figure out what Shiloh had meant with the comment about Peter. Jason believed that Shiloh had been trying to tell him something. They commented that everyone thought that Peter was a "good guy" but Sonny wondered about Peter's connection to Shiloh. He spotted Maxie and Lulu and wondered if they could help answer some questions.

Jason asked about Carly, and Sonny replied that she was worried about Josslyn and the "thing" with Dev. Jason thought that Sonny should be able to help Dev without adopting him, and Sonny admitted that Carly had said the same thing. Jason thought it too much energy expended with a new baby on the way.

Jason and Sonny made their way over to Maxie and Lulu. Jason noted that he had attempted to reach Peter without success, and he was curious about the Shiloh article that would be in the paper. Maxie clarified that Peter was a good guy and would not let Shiloh "get off easy." Jason disclosed that he had received a phone call from Shiloh who had dropped Peter's name.

Jason and Sonny returned to their own table, and Maxie thought the encounter was strange. Lulu disagreed and thought they had only wanted to make sure that the article was real. Maxie wondered why they'd been talking about Peter and Shiloh

Jason decided it was time to involve Spinelli.

Peter met the man in the police sketch at the pier. He was annoyed that the man hadn't completed the job and handed him an envelope that didn't pay the full amount that the man had expected. The man complained about Andre knowing martial arts, and Peter thought the man should have been better prepared. Peter told the man to go away.

Shiloh was surprised when Peter paid him a visit at Pentonville. Peter picked up the red phone and shouted that he had been "putting out fires." He ignored a call from Jason. Shiloh confessed that he'd called Jason earlier and mentioned Peter's name. Peter was angry, and Shiloh admitted he'd put Peter on Jason's radar. He accused Peter of dragging his feet because he had expected to get out of prison.

The men argued, and Peter reminded Shiloh that he would implicate himself in crimes if he implicated Peter. Shiloh indicated that his defense lawyer had told him he wouldn't beat the charges so he didn't care. He was aware that Peter had been behind what had happened to Andre and Drew, and he believed that secrets had a way of revealing themselves.

Peter indicated that he would put a plan in place in order for Shiloh to escape but Shiloh laughed. He had believed there was already a plan. He threatened to call Jason again. Peter vowed to make things work. Shiloh wondered what would happen if Peter's mother and girlfriend learned the truth about him. Peter slammed the red phone down and ran out.

Peter met the unknown man at the pier again and promised he would get the rest of his money plus a bonus because he had new plans. He wanted the man to take care of David Henry Archer.

Franco waited for Kim to appear at the pier, and she finally showed up with her bags. He admitted he didn't know where they would go but thought the airport was a good start. Suddenly, a couple of large orderlies showed up and grabbed Franco and dragged him away. Frantically, Kim called the police and began to tell them what had happened until she spotted Elizabeth.

"You did this," Kim accused Elizabeth. "You gave me no choice," Elizabeth replied.

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