Jason rescues Sam
General Hospital Recap for Friday, May 24, 2019
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Friday, May 24, 2019

At the Dawn of Day house, Sonny hoped that Shiloh's guards had taken themselves out of town. Margaux wondered if he'd threatened them, but Sonny replied that they'd been gone when he'd returned downstairs. He demanded to know where Shiloh was hiding, and she answered that, even if she knew, she wouldn't tell him. He advised her that she was protecting a con man, and he'd thought that she was smarter than that. Margaux informed him that Dawn of Day had given her the peace she'd needed, but Sonny spat that Shiloh just wanted the district attorney in his back pocket.

Sonny told Margaux about what happened when Shiloh invited someone to join his inner circle, from the pledge to the sexual assault. Margaux argued that Shiloh would never do that. Sonny informed her that he was trying to look out for her. He advised her to face the truth and save herself, and he left.

At the tower, Shiloh told a semi-conscious Sam that they would see the dawn together, and he kissed her. "No, no, no," she repeated, but as he undressed, he said that they were destined to be together. Suddenly, Jason grabbed Shiloh and slammed him against the wall, punching him in the face. After slamming him in the wall a couple more times, Jason threw Shiloh down the spiral staircase, and Shiloh landed unconscious at the bottom. Jason picked up a sobbing Sam and assured her that she was safe.

Later, Sam awoke in the hospital with Jason at her side, and she asked him what had happened. Jason updated her on his night, from getting past the guards at the Dawn of Day house to getting her to the hospital. She vaguely remembered all that Shiloh had done to her and related that she could see him when she closed her eyes. She wondered if Shiloh was dead. "With any luck," Jason replied.

A few minutes later, Jason sat with Sonny outside Sam's room and updated him on Sam's condition. Sonny assured Jason that he'd pulled all of the surveillance equipment out of the Dawn of Day house. He related that they had leverage on Shiloh, but Jason wasn't sure if it had been worth it.

Asleep in her room, Sam dreamed about what Shiloh had done to her in the tower. When she snapped awake, Jason was there, and she made sure that things with Shiloh were "really over." He hugged her and promised that he wasn't going anywhere.

On his way out of the hospital, Sonny looked into a sleeping Shiloh's room and decided to enter. He flicked Shiloh on the cheek, and Shiloh awoke. He reminded Shiloh of his philosophy of "family first, always, at any cost." He told Shiloh that he would pay the price after messing with Sonny's family. "Your trip down the stairs was just the start," he said. He warned that "terrible things" would start happening to Shiloh unless he handed over Kristina's pledge. "Think it over," Sonny said, leaning in close. He informed Shiloh that someone would be there in the morning to discuss the details. He scowled at Shiloh and left.

On the phone with Lulu at the hospital, Laura warned Lulu that Ryan was back in town, and she urged her daughter to be careful. Curtis entered and asked Laura where Chase was. She answered that he was heading up the manhunt for Ryan, who the cops had been instructed to "shoot on sight." Curtis explained to Laura about Jordan's health crisis and begged her to call off the shoot to kill order, as Ryan was a match for Jordan. Laura agreed and gave Curtis a comforting hug.

Lucy entered, and Laura wondered how things were at Metro Court. Lucy replied that things were still crazy, and everyone was still looking for Ava, who'd probably fled. "I hope not, for Jordan's sake," Curtis commented, and he updated Lucy. She wished there was something she could do and suddenly remembered Ava's recent purchase of a cabin in the mountains. She told Laura and Curtis where it was, and Laura wanted to let the cops know. Curtis begged Laura for a twenty-minute head start, and he left.

Lulu entered the police station as Chase put in a call to Julian to ask where Ava was. Julian had no idea, and Chase asked Julian to call if he heard from her. When Chase was off the phone, Lulu questioned if there were any leads, and Chase named all the ways that the police were looking for Ava and Ryan. Lulu thought that they should let the public know about Ryan's reappearance, but Chase thought there were more cons than pros to doing that. Just then, Chase got a call from Laura informing him of Ava's location, and she added that she needed Ryan alive.

There was a knock on Kim's door, and Julian answered it to a frantic Brad, who needed to talk to Julian. He told Julian about what had happened at the Nurses Ball regarding Willow, Shiloh, and Wiley. Brad suggested telling Shiloh, as he was reasonable, and hoping that he would back off. Julian angrily instructed Brad to keep his mouth shut, especially around Shiloh, who Julian considered "poison." Julian assured Brad that they would revisit the situation when they were both thinking clearly, but Brad thought they were running out of time. Julian advised Brad to go home, and Julian would take care of things "one way or another." He vowed to not let anyone take Wiley or Lucas away from Brad, especially Shiloh.

Ava aimed her gun at Ryan, who believed that she loved him too much to shoot him. She shot the gun into the wall and called it a warning shot. She wasn't ready for him to die yet, as she wanted him to feel some of the same terror his victims had felt, and she wanted his death to be slow and painful. She shot the wall again and again, informing him that she did have an "excellent shot." She wondered if he was scared and desperate for a way out. She wanted him to tell her about Kiki's last moments, but he didn't think she should hear it. She threatened to shoot off his remaining hand, so he obliged.

Ryan explained that he'd tried to make Kiki's death as quick, merciful, and painless as possible. He'd wanted to "take out" Griffin, as well, but he and Ava had been happy at that point, and he hadn't deemed it necessary. "That's not what I asked," Ava stated sternly. Ryan continued that Kiki had tried to get away, and she'd cried when he'd cornered her. She'd cried out for Ava, and her last words had been to "Tell my mother I'm sorry. Tell my mother I love her."

A distraught Ava revealed that she'd put a lot of thought into how to kill Ryan, and she figured that two shots to the stomach and one to the leg was the best option. Before shooting him, she wanted him to know that Kevin was so much smarter than Ryan and that he'd known exactly how to set Ryan up. She called Ryan predictable and aimed the gun at him. Curtis burst into the house and begged her not to shoot. He explained about Jordan, and he wondered if Kiki would rather have Ava avenge Kiki or save a life. He eventually got the gun away from her, and she collapsed sobbing in his arms.

Ryan reached for the knife, which was still on the coffee table, but Curtis quickly pointed the gun at him, and Ryan backed off. Chase entered, followed by some cops, and Curtis put the gun down. An officer cuffed Ryan as Chase read Ryan his rights. Curtis asked to borrow Chase's phone so that he could update T.J. Chase handed off his phone, and Curtis exited the cabin. Chase informed Ava that someone would contact her to get her statement.

Lucy reminded Laura that she'd promised Curtis a twenty-minute head start, but Laura revealed that she hadn't promised anything. Lulu entered, and Laura and Lucy updated Lulu on Ava's whereabouts. Laura assured Lucy that she would get a commendation for her help, but Lucy muttered that she could have helped even more had she been let in on the plan from the beginning. She related that it could have also saved her some grief, as she'd been "heartbroken" that Kevin had fallen for Ava. Laura reminded Lucy that Kevin was Laura's husband. "Hope springs eternal," Lucy said. She shrugged, and she walked away.

Laura told Lulu about Jordan's situation, and Lulu wondered why Ryan would cooperate, but she realized that he would use it as a bargaining chip. Lulu couldn't believe it, but she empathized with Ava, as she would want to shoot Ryan on sight. A few minutes later, Laura hung up the phone and ecstatically informed Lulu that Ryan was in police custody. Lulu couldn't help but think about all the times he'd escaped, but Laura believed that he would go to prison "this time" and stay there.

"You couldn't pull the trigger. You love me," Ryan gloated as the officers walked him toward the door. Ava spotted the knife on the table and picked it up, following after Ryan. She stabbed him in the back, and he crashed to the floor.

On the next General Hospital...

• Jordan wants to know what Curtis is keeping from her.

• Kristina admits that there is something about Dawn of Day that she hasn't told Alexis.

• Jason tells Monica that he needs proof that Shiloh drugged Sam.

• "Game over, Shiloh. You lose," Sam spits at Shiloh.

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