Shiloh asks Sam to track down Kristina
General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, April 17, 2019
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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Shiloh entered the Dawn of Day house, and Sam wondered if he'd found Kristina. He revealed that he believed Jason had kidnapped Kristina, but Sam countered that Kristina had probably gotten "cold feet" and was too embarrassed to return. Shiloh added that his proof was the cup, which Jason would have grabbed while Shiloh had been at the Floating Rib with Sam. Sam blamed it on herself for being a "mess," and she suggested that he take his proof to the cops. Shiloh didn't think the cup would hold up in court, but it was enough for him. He felt lucky that he had Sam on his side.

Shiloh believed that Jason had taken Kristina on Sonny's orders, and he thought that Sam would know where she was. Sam answered that, with their suspicions about Dawn of Day, Jason and Sonny would never tell her where Kristina was. Shiloh reminded her that she had "unique skills" to help her find out. He begged her to help get Kristina back to her "real family."

Brad was looking at Dawn of Day's parenting classes on his computer when Jason approached. Brad informed him that the only traces left on the cup were tea and valerian root, which could be used for anxiety and gotten at any vitamin shop. Jason caught sight of the computer screen and asked if Brad was a member of Dawn of Day. Brad admitted that he'd taken a couple parenting classes that had helped him.

Lucas entered and informed Brad that he might have to cover for someone that night, so he wasn't sure if he could attend the Dawn of Day class with Brad. Brad gave Jason the cup and walked away. Jason asked if Lucas was into Dawn of Day. Lucas replied that it was "too New Age" for him, but it had helped Brad, who quoted the book all the time.

Elizabeth got a text from Cameron assuring her that he was at his community service. She called Franco and left a voicemail saying that they needed to work through their issues as a family. When she hung up, she bumped into Lucas, who could see that something was wrong. He asked about Aiden, and she told him all about the recent events, up to and including Cameron's fight. Lucas thought that it sounded like Elizabeth and Franco were doing everything right. Elizabeth just wanted to make sure that Aiden knew that he wasn't alone and that it was all right to be different.

Lucas suggested that Elizabeth instruct Cameron not to beat up every bigot he happened across. He thought that the best way to change minds was to teach with compassion and to make being different look cool. Elizabeth sincerely thanked him for his help, and Lucas lightheartedly suggested that she make it up to him by having him and Brad over for dinner. "You're on!" she promised.

Later, Lucas found Brad and informed him that Lucas didn't have to cover for anyone that night. However, he wondered if Brad would consider skipping the course at Dawn of Day that night so they could spend the evening together with Wiley. Brad agreed, and the two left the hospital, holding hands.

Franco arrived at Crimson and entered Nina's office, wanting to talk about "our stepkids." Franco explained to Nina how Aiden's bullying had gotten worse. She all but brushed it off until Franco informed her that Aiden was being called "fairy boy." Nina was stunned and offered to do anything she could to help. Franco suggested that she convince Charlotte to be friends with Aiden, since Charlotte had been described as a "trendsetter." Nina was skeptical, but she promised to try, and Franco left.

Nina left a voicemail for Charlotte. She knew that Charlotte was very busy, but she asked Charlotte to clear her schedule. Nina explained that she wanted to set up a play date for Charlotte with a friend.

Franco arrived at the hospital and found Elizabeth. Both felt bad about how they'd handled Cameron's situation. Franco informed Elizabeth that he'd "reached out to a friend" who he thought could help, and Elizabeth divulged that she'd done the same. They hoped to make things better for their boys, and they walked to the elevators, holding hands.

At Charlie's, Willow confessed that she'd been lying to Michael. She admitted that her baby hadn't died, but she'd given him up for adoption. Michael still thought she belonged in the grief counseling group, and he was glad she'd joined the group, because he was glad that he'd met her. He couldn't imagine knowing that his child was out there but not knowing how or where the child was. Willow confided that her baby was in Port Charles, and she was happy with the baby's parents. She wished she hadn't had to give up the baby and her parental rights, but she couldn't risk Shiloh finding out about him.

Changing the subject, Willow assured Michael that she would be happy to talk to Kristina about her experiences with Dawn of Day. Michael was glad they'd gotten Kristina out before the ceremony, but Willow told him about the pledge that Kristina had certainly given to Shiloh. She explained that, before joining the Trust, a woman had to tell Shiloh a potentially life-destroying secret, and he made it into a sort of affidavit so that he had leverage if the woman decided to leave. Michael wondered why Shiloh hadn't used Willow's pledge against her, and she revealed that Shiloh thought he could still get her to return.

Using vague terms, Michael let Willow know that Kristina "may or may not have been kidnapped" for her own good, and he didn't want Willow to be involved in the crime. She warned him that Kristina's pledge could have also been about a family member, and he likened it to "a ticking time bomb." Willow insisted that she help.

Finn answered the front door at Anna's to find Chase. "Here's to the future Dr. and Mrs. Hamilton!" Chase exclaimed, holding up a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne. Finn slammed the door in Chase's face. He opened it moments later, and Chase entered. Finn explained that he hadn't yet asked Anna due to "bad timing." He explained that he probably wouldn't be able to ask her until her problems with her past were figured out. He wondered how he was supposed to convince someone that her past didn't matter to him and that it shouldn't define her, but Chase related to the problem. Chase explained that Willow's ex couldn't let go of her.

"To hell with waiting," Chase decided, and he cracked the bottle open. He figured that they could make a different toast as he poured the champagne. "Us," he said. "I was afraid of that," Finn cracked. Chase thought that the two going from strangers to brothers in the past year was something to celebrate, so he toasted, "To brotherhood." The two clinked their glasses together and drank. Chase was hopeful that the progress in their relationship could lead to Finn getting closer to their father. However, Finn hoped that his brother would respect that he had a different relationship with their father. Chase shrugged and said that Finn couldn't blame him for trying.

Chase had to go, but he instructed Finn to save some champagne for Anna. He advised Finn that Anna should keep the past in the past, as Finn was her present, and Anna was Finn's future. "Just give her the damn ring," Chase said as he left. When he got outside, he called Willow and asked her to dinner that night. She asked for a rain check, as she was helping a friend with a problem. He wished her luck and hoped the problem worked out.

Sonny was reading Shiloh's book at Metro Court when Margaux entered. She vowed to prosecute him one day, and he warned her not to hold her breath. He chided her for just accepting that Ryan was dead, and he urged her to reopen the case. He believed that the victims deserved justice, but she laughed at him wanting to talk to her about justice. She informed him that "revenge is sweet, but it's gone in a moment, and it leaves you hungry." Sonny was stunned to recognize the quote from Shiloh's book. He regained his bearings and informed her that he protected his own, even when the authorities "drop the ball."

As Margaux warned Sonny that taking action outside the law made him a criminal, Jason entered and wondered if there was a problem. Margaux hoped that Jason had learned from Shiloh's "act of kindness," but she doubted it. She warned him that, if he targeted Shiloh again, Jason's luck would run out. Sonny replied that they were too busy running a business to worry about "self-help gurus." "I hope so," she said, and she walked away.

Jason wondered if Margaux knew about Kristina, and Sonny thought it was possible that Shiloh had mentioned it to her. Jason asked if Sonny was really reading Shiloh's book, but Sonny explained that Neil had advised the family to understand what had drawn Kristina to Dawn of Day. Sonny informed Jason that Margaux had quoted the book to him, and he thought that her involvement in Dawn of Day made her even more dangerous.

A short while later, Jason watched Margaux leave, and he took the opportunity to tell Sonny about the cup and about Brad. Sonny wanted to get the cup tested by someone he could trust, and he made a mental note to call Brick about it. Michael entered and asked about Kristina. Sonny informed Michael the Neil wanted the family to do an intervention with Kristina. Michael updated Sonny and Jason on what Willow had told him about the pledge. Michael warned Sonny that the pledge could be about him.

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