Sam takes her case to court, but not everyone believes she made the right decision
General Hospital Recap for Monday, November 18, 2019
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Monday, November 18, 2019

Jason and Spinelli arrived at the courthouse, and Spinelli offered to do anything he could to help Sam. He also expressed trepidation about a bench trial, but Diane approached and asked the men to stay positive. They entered the courtroom as Sam was escorted in. A few minutes later, Judge Madrigal entered and sat, and Diane acknowledged the absence of the opposing counsel. In light of the absence, she asked that all charges against Sam be dropped. She recapped the "inflated" case for the judge and declared that it was a "clear-cut case of self-defense."

Just then, Gabriel Burke, the opposing counsel, entered, and he apologized. He explained that he'd just been interviewing friends of Shiloh, and he hailed Shiloh as a "healer, helper, and hero." The judge warned him against "grandstanding," and the trial began. The night was rehashed for Diane by both Sam and Jason. When Gabriel got up to question Sam, he read the nurse Sherri's statement about what she'd overheard Sam say, but Diane denounced it as hearsay. The judge advised him to "keep moving."

Later, Gabriel questioned Jason about the various fights between Jason and Shiloh, but Diane objected that there was no proof of any of the fights between the men. Diane introduced the gaffing stick used by Shiloh, with Shiloh's fingerprints all over it. Gabriel suggested that Sam and Jason could have put Shiloh's prints on it after they'd killed him. He also mentioned Bryce's statement that Sam had paid him to help Shiloh escape from custody, but Diane countered that, before Bryce's death, he'd had a deal in the works to amend his statement. Judge Madrigal decided that the two statements cancelled out.

Judge Madrigal decided that she'd heard all she'd needed to, and there would be a short recess before making her ruling. When she was gone, Spinelli revealed that he needed to return home, and he left. Diane thought that Sam and Jason's testimonies were "compelling and straightforward," but imagining Jason as defenseless would cast doubt on them. A short while later, the judge returned, ready to make her ruling.

Brad and Lucas got into the hospital elevator after enjoying lunch together. Lucas promised that Julian would no longer interfere in their marriage, as he'd cut all ties with his father. He insisted that Julian meant nothing to him, and he was sorry about the situation because it had seemed like Brad and Julian had been getting closer. Just then, Lucas's pager went off, and he kissed Brad and left.

At Charlie's, Julian looked at his "I love Grandpa" t-shirt and put it away in a drawer. He looked at Kim's contact information in his phone, and he deleted it. As he thought back to his last angry interaction with Kim, a woman interrupted his thoughts and impatiently ordered a Black Russian. A few minutes later, he told Lucy on the phone that it was his right to cancel the sale and keep the deposit. He advised her to control her client or he would sue them both, and he hung up.

Brad entered the bar, and Julian ordered him to leave. Brad first had a proposition for Julian. He said that Julian would never mention how Wiley had ended up with Brad and Lucas, and in exchange, Brad would convince Lucas to give Julian another chance. Julian suggested that he tell Sonny that his grandson was still alive so that Sonny would go after Brad. Brad insisted that he was only there in good faith for a peace offering, and he held out his hand to shake Julian's. Julian muttered that Brad "better not screw up," and Brad left without a handshake from Julian.

Julian made a sudden announcement that there was a problem in the kitchen, so Charlie's would be closing early and covering everyone's tabs. Everyone left except for the woman who'd ordered the Black Russian, as she was yelling on the phone to someone about how they owed her, and they could no longer push her around. When she hung up, she ordered two more Black Russians, but Julian informed her that the bar was closed. She argued that it would be simpler for him to just get her the drink, and she asked him what was really going on. She continued that a stranger was the best kind of listener, so he should take advantage.

Liesl approached Lucas at the hospital and asked about Wiley. Lucas knew that she wasn't really interested, and he informed her that Brad was done with her after her blackmail and coercion. She laughed about his naivety about Brad's level of honesty, but Lucas didn't trust her. He threatened that Brad would go to the authorities the next time she tried anything. She replied that she would have "no choice" but to reveal the facts about Brad and Wiley's father. Lucas shot back that there was nothing she could tell Lucas about Brad that Lucas didn't know, but she replied knowingly, "Is that so?"

Brad returned to the hospital and made a beeline for Liesl and Lucas as soon as he spotted them together. Liesl warned Brad that that, if Lucas's manners didn't improve, the couple would "live to regret it." "Is that a threat?" Lucas demanded as she walked away, but Brad stopped him, and Liesl was gone. Brad wanted to get back to normal, but Lucas was sick of Brad's secrecy. He referenced Liesl's comment about Brad and "Wiley's father" and demanded to know what else Brad had been hiding from him.

Kim told Franco that she'd already done her "goodbye tour of Port Charles," and she asked if he was ready to start their new life together in San Diego. Franco admitted that he couldn't leave town with her, and it was about Franco, and what he'd done when he and Drew had been kids. He talked about the irreparable damage Franco had been left with, but he'd managed to rebuild a good life "until I showed up." He continued that Franco had sacrificed himself for Drew and for Cameron, and Franco had said that he would be back. He revealed that the life he had wasn't his, and he would be no better than Shiloh if he tried to hold on to it.

Kim refused to stay and hope that the procedure didn't work. She had to leave, as without Drew and Oscar, there was nothing left for her in Port Charles. Franco thought that she was amazing, and he wished that he could love her the way she deserved. "I guess this is goodbye. Goodbye, Chief Andrew Cain," she said in tears. The two embraced and expressed their love for each other, and he left. She packed a couple last minute things and looked around her empty apartment.

Elizabeth greeted Finn when he entered the hospital, and they happily talked about Violet. Finn related that he and Anna had a lot to work through, and Elizabeth had faith that they would.

In Alexis's hospital room, T.J. and Alexis discussed how she could have been in contact with rat poison. Finn and Elizabeth entered, and T.J. updated them on his theory. Even though the substance was banned, Finn wanted to test Alexis for it just in case, so Elizabeth left to prepare a kit. A few minutes later, Elizabeth took some blood from Alexis and left to take it to the lab. T.J. and Finn speculated on how Alexis could have gotten in contact with the substance, and T.J. left the room to call other local hospital for any other cases of the poisoning.

Later, Elizabeth returned with the test results for Finn, and he confirmed that Alexis had thallium poisoning. He gave a prescription to Elizabeth, and she left to fill it for Alexis. He explained that the prescription paint would bind to the heavy metals in her body and flush them out with few side effects. He promised that she would be all right. T.J. returned and reported that no other hospital in the area had any cases similar to Alexis's.

Alexis told Finn that, aside from the supplement that Kendra had given her, she'd been very careful about her diet. She insisted that her doctor had okayed the supplement, but Finn still wanted to test it just in case. Alexis said that she would ask Kendra to drop it off for testing. Elizabeth returned with the medication, and Alexis took it. Finn wondered if anyone would intentionally poison Alexis, but she couldn't think of anyone. Finn and Elizabeth left, promising to check back in later. T.J. offered to call Molly, and Alexis urged him to inform Molly that he'd been the one to figure out the diagnosis. When he was gone, Alexis got a text from Kendra checking in, and Alexis replied that she was going to recover.

Franco entered the hospital and spotted Elizabeth standing at a computer. She looked up and wondered what he was doing there. He revealed that he needed to talk to her.

On the next General Hospital...

• Lucas wonders why everyone seems to be after Brad.

• The woman at Charlie's gives Julian some advice.

• "This life belongs to Franco," Franco tells Elizabeth.

• Judge Madrigal makes her ruling.

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