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General Hospital Recap for Monday, July 15, 2019
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Monday, July 15, 2019

At the WSB office in Ithaca, Peter tried to stop Maxie from going through a closed door, but she refused to listen. "Dante! No!" Maxie shouted as a gunshot rang out. Peter fell to the floor with a gunshot wound in his shoulder. He screamed in pain as Maxie bent over him and tried to stop the flow of blood. Medical personnel arrived, and the doctor checked Peter over. He wanted Peter taken to a hospital, and Maxie demanded that it be General Hospital.

Lulu stopped at Pozzulo's to speak to Sonny. She told him she hadn't heard from Dante, and she wanted Sonny to find him and get him home like he'd done when Dante had been in Turkey. She named some of the life events that Dante had missed, and she admitted that she hadn't been herself. Lulu began to get upset and stressed that she had no stability in her life, and it was wrong.

Lulu explained that the first time that Dante had been away, she'd been worried, and she'd subsequently been relieved when he'd returned home. She added that Turkey had taken both a physical and emotional toll on Dante. She'd seen awful scars on his back and realized he'd probably been tortured. Sonny admitted he hadn't known about that. Lulu declared that Dante was broken, but she was broken without him.

Finn ran into Alexis as she emerged from a meeting at General Hospital. She stated that she had enjoyed the meeting, and Finn admitted that he was trying to find one for himself. Alexis asked if he wanted to talk, and she assumed that Hayden was the cause behind Finn's desire. Finn went on about his former relationship with Hayden, how she'd left and returned, and he had been confronted with an "epic failure."

Alexis mentioned how she had been through the same with all the men in her life. She began to name them. Finn thought that he and Hayden had been good with intense events, but the day-to-day events had bogged them down. He added that Hayden had moved on, and he had, too, although his current partner had up and disappeared. Alexis suggested that Finn should think about being in the present and not make things up about Hayden.

Alexis added that he should treat the relationship with Hayden as something professional. She proceeded to babble about what had happened between her and her therapist but returned to the conversation as Finn looked at her in a confused fashion. They decided they would need lots of meetings.

At Charlie's Pub, Ava sat at the bar, and Julian told her how proud he was of her for doing the Crimson interview. Ava admitted that she still had trouble getting out of bed in the mornings. She received a phone call from Sibley, and Kristina, who was bussing a table nearby, stopped to listen. After the call was finished, Kristina apologized for listening, but she'd realized that Ava had been talking to the famous psychic.

Kristina noted that Sibley had helped to solve a murder. Julian had stepped away but returned during the conversation. He couldn't believe that Ava had consulted a psychic, and Ava suggested he not be close-minded. Kristina continued to interject herself into the conversation until Julian sent her back to work. He was surprised that Ava believed in something like a psychic, but Ava stated that she had been trying to get in touch with her spiritual side.

Julian was aware that Ava had tried to contact Kiki, and he was worried about his sister. Ava snapped that what she did had no effect on Julian, and his children were alive, so he couldn't understand her position. She was desperate to reach Kiki to resolve things because Kiki had thought that Ava had hated her. Julian was certain that Sibley preyed on grieving parents and only wanted Ava's money.

Ava insisted that she'd felt Kiki's spirit on the Haunted Star, and Julian was puzzled. He asked if Ava had spoken to Kiki, and she replied that she'd tried, but Sibley had explained that Kiki hadn't stuck around long enough. Julian thought that Ava was being played and that Sibley had perfected her scam. "Grief makes people do desperate things," he said.

Ava told Julian that she wasn't angry at him, but she wanted him to stay out of her business. She headed to the door and ran into Alexis, who was on her way in. Alexis congratulated Ava on the Crimson cover, and Ava admitted that she hoped her story would be handled with care.

Alexis sneaked up behind Kristina and gave her a hug before heading over to the bar for a cup of coffee. She and Julian began to bicker, and they agreed they'd both been annoyed with each other. They declared a truce, and Julian confessed that he appreciated the way Alexis could see Ava's grief. Alexis was grateful that she had her daughters, and she knew Julian felt the same about his kids.

Alexis stated that she'd seen awful grief with Kim and Drew at the reading of Oscar's will. Julian informed her that Kim had sought help, but he thought that Ava was heading for trouble. Alexis announced that she had something to tell Kristina and Julian. She revealed that Shiloh had been arrested thanks to testimony from Harmony. Kristina said it was over, and Alexis hugged her.

At Metro Court, Laura jumped up from her table to take a call and left her purse on the table. Dev spotted it as he stepped off the elevator, and he slowly walked over to the table. He knocked the purse onto the floor, but as he bent down to pick it up, Jason beat him to the punch. Carly walked over to them just then and announced that she'd had Dev set up in the kitchen with a job. She wondered if the guys were "getting along."

Dev went into the kitchen, and Jason asked Carly what she thought of Dev. Carly maintained that Dev had saved Sonny's life, and Sonny liked to pay his debts. She thought Dev was a good kid but cocky. Jason expounded on Dev knowing how to survive on his own in Turkey with no respect for the law and how he wasn't familiar with the "game" in Port Charles. He was afraid that Dev would get busted and arrested.

Carly realized that Sonny would then be in trouble, so her first thought was for Dev not to "make waves." Jason added that Dev could be caught doing something stupid and make trouble for everyone. Carly decided that she had better talk to Sonny.

Laura returned to her table, where Hayden joined her. They talked about Hayden's unfortunate trip to the police station. Laura received a text message and photo from Spencer, and the women made small talk about the young man who had gotten so big. Hayden thought he looked more and more like Nikolas. Laura confessed that Valentin was a dark cloud hanging over Spencer's head because he'd stolen Spencer's home.

Laura asked about Hayden's plans while she was in town, and Hayden revealed that she was the new CFO at Aurora. She admitted it had been "generous" of Jax to hire her. The discussion turned to the money that Hayden had embezzled, and Laura admitted that people made mistakes and rebuilt. She added that Nikolas had done some awful things, but he had been a good person and could have found his way back.

"If only he'd lived long enough to have that chance," Ava declared as she ended up standing next to the table after stepping off the elevator. Laura was surprised to hear that Ava had thought about Nikolas, and Ava responded that she thought of him often. She added that he had made a "lasting impression" on her. Laura was choked up and got up to leave. Hayden announced that she would accompany Laura.

Ava stopped Laura to ask if she ever spoke to Nikolas, and Laura responded that she did often because he was in her heart.

Dev wondered why Jason hadn't said anything to Carly about the purse. He claimed that he had only stooped to pick up the purse. Jason told him that was a lie, and he'd had to think about his next move. He stated that Dev hadn't thought about the consequences of stealing the wallet that had belonged to the mayor, who happened to be a close friend of Sonny's -- and Dante's mother-in-law.

Jason pointed out that Dev was a stranger in town, and he needed to think things through. He asked if Dev needed money because Sonny had taken care of Dev. Jason added that the teen could not take risks any longer. Jason maintained that Sonny was giving Dev a large opportunity, and he wondered if the boy wanted to throw it all away. Dev stated that he wanted it all to work out. Jason did, also, and he thought he'd have to save Dev from himself.

Peter was wheeled into General Hospital and taken to be examined. He assured Maxie he was fine. Maxie was frantic because she didn't see anyone else around. Suddenly, Finn stepped off the elevator and spotted Maxie with blood on her hands. He asked what had happened, and Maxie filled him in. Maxie blamed herself for Peter's wound. She'd insisted on trying to track down Dante after everyone had told her not to do it.

Maxie revealed that she had gone into a room, and Dante had fired a gun and was hit Peter, who could have died. Dante could have been a murderer, Maxie cried. She wondered why she couldn't learn. Finn tried to comfort her, and he noted that he'd gotten involved in the WSB world, also. He'd been told to stay away. He reminded Maxie that her intentions had been good, and it had been Peter's choice to go with her.

Finn emerged from the examination room and announced that Peter was doing well, and the bullet had passed right through him. He had received sutures but would be fine. Maxie ventured into the room to see Peter, and she asked Finn to go with her. Once inside, Maxie apologized profusely to Peter and told him it had all been her fault. She recalled that Peter had tried to tell her it was a bad idea.

Peter promised he was fine, and he stated that he had told Maxie that about one million times. They held hands, and Finn told Peter to relax and that he was in good hands. He left the room. Peter assured Maxie that he had wanted to go to Ithaca with her, and he was glad it had been him that had been shot and not her. She was glad they were both alive. They kissed.

Lulu ran into the hospital to see Maxie, who assured her that Peter wouldn't need surgery and would be okay. Lulu asked what had happened. Maxie began to cry. "Dante shot Peter," she said.

Carly showed up at Pozzulo's to talk to Sonny, who mentioned that Lulu had just left. Sonny felt bad for her. Carly revealed that she had Dev set up at Metro Court. She thought that the boy was "in over his head," and so were they. She thought there was a "tipping point" where someone could get scared and try to cover it up.

Sonny asked if Carly thought that would happen with Dev. "Don't you?" she asked. Sonny agreed he did and stated that Dev tended to leap before he looked. However, Sonny still had to help him. Carly thought that Dev reminded Sonny of himself, and he admitted that was true. She thought so, too.

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