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General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

"That was quite the number," Scott commented to Ava. She replied that the audience seemed to like it, but Lucy chimed in that the Nurses Ball audiences were the "kindest in the world" and would clap for anything. Ava reminded Lucy that everyone there was trying to serve the greater good, and Ava walked away. Backstage, Ryan gushed that it had seemed like his "darling Ava" had been singing just for him. He stepped around Kevin, who was sprawled on the floor.

Cameron explained to Sonny, Carly, and Jax about the message he'd given Josslyn from Oscar. Minutes later, Jax found Josslyn to get her back to the table. A few tables over, Michael talked about how he could coexist with Ava, but he wouldn't clap for her performance. Nina returned to the table and downed a drink. She told Michael that "your friend has a mouth on her."

Michael remarked that Willow wasn't teaching at Port Charles Elementary the next year because of Nina, but Nina placed all the blame on Willow. She continued that Willow didn't think that Nina and Valentin were good parents, which she thought was "rich when she gave up her own chance at motherhood." Nina clarified that Willow had apparently given up her baby, and Michael excused himself from the table.

Chase gathered Mac, Felicia, and Ava and updated them on what had happened to Laura and Curtis. He added that Ryan had had a "big head start," and he could be anywhere. "We all know where he's going," Ava commented. Across the room, Lucas asked Sam what was wrong, and she replied that she was looking for her "plus-one." He wondered how Shiloh's teachings were working for her, and she answered that she was learning a lot.

Brad returned as Lucas told Sam that Dawn of Day had seemingly made Brad a much less anxious parent. Sam assured the two that anxiety was a normal part of being a parent and that they were doing fine. She didn't think that they needed anyone to tell them how to parent, especially if the "teacher" hadn't had a child.

Out in the hall, Willow blew past Shiloh as he referenced what he'd overheard Nina say. He grabbed her arm and demanded to know what Nina had been talking about. He accused her of running away and hiding their baby, and he screamed in her face, asking if she'd been pregnant when she'd left. She finally hysterically confirmed his accusations. She spat that their child was beyond his reach, and he hit the wall in anger, leaving a dent. He seized her face and demanded to know where their child was, but Michael grabbed Shiloh and threw him to the floor. "You want Willow? Come through me," Michael shouted as he took his jacket off.

Michael made sure that Willow was all right, and he turned on Shiloh to say that Shiloh had "pushed my family too far." He suggested that Shiloh leave Port Charles and never look back, but Shiloh refused to go anywhere. "It turns out I'm a father," Shiloh stated. He promised to see Willow "soon" and walked away. Michael pulled her into his arms as she began to sob. He wondered if Shiloh had hurt her, and he offered to find Chase. He proposed that they return to the ballroom for some water and a breather, and she could tell him everything. She agreed, and they walked away.

Lucy appeared onstage and announced the next act, Ned and Olivia. The duo sang "Get Closer" by Seals & Crofts and shared a kiss at the end of the song to thunderous applause. When the song was over, Valentin urged Nina not to let Willow ruin the night. Sasha excitedly suggested that she and Nina perform together at the next ball. Nina loved the idea and apologized for her sour mood. Valentin had an idea to salvage the evening and walked away.

Lucy was glad to see Josslyn, but Josslyn reminded Lucy that she'd already backed out of singing. Lucy assured her not to worry and walked off. Josslyn excused herself from the table. Cameron and Carly got up to follow her, but Jax figured that Josslyn needed some alone time. Carly clarified that she wanted to "have a word" with Lucy, but Jax knew that would embarrass Josslyn, so Carly sat down. Cameron regretted showing Oscar's video to Josslyn, as it had put pressure on her. Sonny assured Cameron that he'd done the right thing, as it was what Oscar had wanted.

Ava approached Chase and Valerie and wondered what happened next. Chase assured her that the police were doing all they could, and Valerie added that they wanted to get Ava some police protection. Chase asked if Ava had somewhere safe to go after the ball, and she replied that she did. A few minutes later, Scott observed that Kevin had disappeared, and he thought that she deserved better. She walked away from him and made a call. She identified herself as the owner of "the Cedar mountain property," and she asked that the caretaker open the house up. She offered to "pay generously," as she be would there soon.

Josslyn sat alone, holding the lyrics of her and Oscar's song, and she thought about Oscar's video. "I'm sorry, Oscar. I can't," she said. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Sonny. She wondered if he was disappointed in her for not singing. He replied that he could never be disappointed in her, and he thought that Oscar wouldn't be, either, as Oscar would only want her to be happy. He promised her that Oscar would always be there when she needed him, just as Stone was always there for Sonny, and the two embraced.

Lucy returned to the stage and announced the next performer as Valentin. Valentin took a seat at the piano and accompanied himself to "Nothing Without You" by Vienna Teng, garnering a nice ovation when it was over. Backstage, Scott needed to talk to Kevin, but "Kevin" replied that he was in a hurry. Scott grabbed his hand to stop him, but the hand came off completely. "Ryan!" Scott realized. Ryan picked up a wrench and hit Scott over the head, knocking him unconscious. As he was about to hit Scott again, he heard Lucy and Epiphany talking about being one number short for the show.

A clearly agitated Shiloh returned to his table and informed Sam that he'd just learned that "someone betrayed me in the worst way possible." He confided that he had a child that the mother had never told him about. He glared as Michael and Willow returned to the ballroom, and Sam, Lucas, and Brad all noticed. Shiloh vowed to find the child he knew was out there.

Jax found Josslyn, who felt like she was letting everyone down. Jax told her that the only opinion that should matter to her was hers. He urged her to follow her heart so that she would know what to do. "What if the right thing is really, really hard?" she asked. Jax promised to be in her corner, no matter what, and he thought that Oscar would be, too. Jax returned to his table, and Cameron asked where Josslyn was. Jax replied that she had something to take care of.

Mac asked Lulu when the last time was that she'd talked to Laura, and he suggested that she sit down. Ava walked by, looking around the room, as Ryan watched her from behind a curtain. In the lobby, Chase told Valerie that things would get "dicey" once people started leaving the ball. She didn't like that all of Ryan's "targets" were in one place. Sam chased after Shiloh through the lobby. Valerie wondered what it was about, but Chase didn't care as long as "that sleaze" was away from Willow.

Olivia told Chase that her guests were getting nervous, and she wondered why there was a police presence at the hotel. He divulged that Ryan was alive and "presumably" on his way back to town. Sam sat Shiloh down and calmed him with his own breathing techniques. She was worried about him and didn't want him to go through things alone. He appreciated her and told her that he needed her and her strength with him. He begged to complete her initiation that night, and she replied, "Let's do it."

Nina and Sasha watched Michael and Willow interacting, as did Lucas and Brad. Lucas revealed that he had a "terrible thought" about Willow and Shiloh. He was interrupted by Lucy taking the stage and announcing the next performer: Josslyn. As Josslyn sang "A List of Things to Do," her and Oscar's song, she saw Oscar smiling at the back of the ballroom. As she sang the line "It's never goodbye" at the end of the song, he disappeared, and she looked all around for him. After the ovation, Jax, Michael, Cameron, Carly, and Sonny congratulated her. "You were right. He was there when I needed him," she told Sonny.

Lucy returned to the stage and talked about how honored she was to be a part of the Nurses Ball every year. She thanked the performers, the crew, "Donna and Dale," and the audience for their attendance and donations. She knew that they would soon beat HIV and AIDS. Over the applause, Mac yelled out a thank-you to Lucy.

Continuing the conversation as they left, Lucas talked through Willow and Shiloh's situation with Brad. Brad kept trying to distract Lucas, but Lucas believed that Willow and Shiloh were Wiley's birth parents.

Backstage, Epiphany stumbled upon Scott and helped him up, believing him to be drunk. She offered to call him a car and walked him out past the wrench sitting on the table. As Epiphany entered the lobby with Scott, Chase told Valerie that he was putting out an APB on Ava, who had disappeared. Epiphany explained that Scott had had too many drinks, but Scott denied that that had happened. He revealed that he'd been "clubbed by Ryan."

In the nearly empty ballroom, Mac told Felicia that he wanted to talk to Chase about getting some police protection for Felicia until Ryan was caught. Lucy called out for her crew guys to begin breaking down the ballroom. The curtain opened, and Lucy, Mac, Felicia, Michael, and Willow were horrified to see Kevin hanging from the ceiling by a straightjacket.

Ava entered her "Cedar Mountain" house and looked around outside. She locked the doors and opened a metal case on the coffee table. "Come and get me, Ryan," she muttered. Her phone went off, but she rejected the call. She hid the metal case and made a drink. As she took a sip, she unlocked the door and walked away. Outside, Ryan looked into the house.

On the next General Hospital...

• Lucy, Mac, and Felicia get Kevin down from the ceiling.

• "You have no idea how much I've missed you," Ryan tells Ava.

• "It's time for me to show you a new dawn," Shiloh whispers to Sam.

• "A woman is dead because of you," Laura sternly informs Margaux.

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