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General Hospital Recap for Monday, February 22, 2021
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Monday, February 22, 2021

In his room at the hospital, Brad left a message for Lucas. He informed Lucas that he was in the hospital for a follow-up procedure after his stabbing. He added that he'd seen Lucas with Felix, but he was there on the tenth floor. He said that he and Lucas didn't even have to talk, but he pleaded with Lucas to swing by and maybe show him pictures of Wiley.

Britt invited Jason along with her to deliver Valentine's goodies to the kids in the hospital, but he replied, "I'm not big on holidays." She accused him of being chicken, and he visibly tried to figure her out. She insisted that he couldn't read her, but he thought that she knew how the lonely kids felt. Jason joined her in the elevator with her cart of goodies, and she exclaimed, "Let's get to work!"

Later, Britt and Jason returned with an almost empty cart. A little girl tugged on Jason's jacket and informed him that she had been in the bathroom when the two had visited her room. Britt apologized to the little girl, Berkeley, and Jason handed her a bag. "Yay! Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Cupid!" Berkeley exclaimed, and she ran off with her bag. Britt knew that helping her out wouldn't have been Jason's first choice in Valentine's Day activities, but he admitted that he'd had worse nights. He wished her a happy holiday and left.

As Brad looked out the window in his room toward the hall, Britt arrived with one last Valentine's bag. She advised him to take it back to Pentonville so that the other inmates would think that he'd gotten lucky. She gave him the bag and hugged him.

At the Port Charles Grill, Willow knew that both she and Chase wanted to act like the previous few months had never happened. She thought that they needed to learn from the time and use what they'd learned to find their way back to each other. Chase was more than happy to do that. He remarked that he'd really enjoyed the wine she'd chosen, and she related that Michael was having a wine cabinet put in at the gatehouse. She loved living at the gatehouse, since it was so close to Wiley. He wondered if she was ready to go, and she answered that she was. He asked where she wanted to go next.

Still at the hospital, Michael got a text message that the nanny couldn't get Wiley to stop crying. Sasha offered to accompany him, but he didn't want to ruin her night. She figured she could go visit more with Brando, and Michael thought the choice between Brando and a screaming child was easy. "I'm coming with you," she said, and they left.

When Michael and Sasha arrived at the Quartermaine mansion, Michael headed toward the stairs to go check on Wiley. Sasha asked to tag along, as she understood meltdowns. When the two returned downstairs, Michael commented on how Wiley had stopped crying as soon as he'd seen Sasha. He added that Wiley had missed Sasha, and he admitted that he had, too. Sasha thought that she would make the same choices all over again, but she was happy that the previous few months were behind them. Michael suggested that they focus on the "here and now." "What do you have in mind?" she wondered.

A short while later, Michael was beating Sasha at a game of chess. He thought the game could be a good distraction. He related that he'd been talking to Kristina, whose mother was having a hard time staying sober. Sasha recognized that he was wondering if she had any urge to use anymore. She told him that she got a lot of good tips in her sober classes, so she hadn't thought about it at all that night. When their game was over, Sasha decided to leave, as she was having trouble leaving behind what they'd had together. Michael disclosed that there was "emotional scar tissue" to deal with, and he needed to learn to trust her again, which was why he'd wanted to start over. As the two got closer, the door burst open, and Chase and Willow entered.

Willow apologized for interrupting and explained that she'd just wanted to check on Wiley. Michael updated her on what had happened that night. He promised Sasha that he would make up for the night soon, and she kissed his cheek and left. Michael wished Willow and Chase a happy holiday and went into the living room. Willow thanked Chase for a lovely evening and promised to do it again soon. He kissed her cheek and left, and she joined Michael in the living room. He invited her to watch a movie, Love Actually, with him, and she recognized it as a movie where everyone was in love with the wrong people.

At the Port Charles Grill, the server returned to Nikolas and Ava's table with another gift for Ava. Nikolas asked the server who had sent Ava the first gift, the cockroach in the glass case, but the server answered that it had been at the restaurant when he'd gotten there. Nikolas asked the server to "ask around," so the server walked away. "I hope this one is from you," Ava muttered, and Nikolas agreed. He didn't want the first gift to ruin the night, and she refused to let it. She opened the second gift to find a beautiful bracelet, and he pointed out the engraving on the inside reading, "June 13th, 2016." He reminded her that it was the day they'd first run into each other on the flight to England. They reminisced about the day as he put the bracelet on her wrist.

The server returned and informed Nikolas and Ava that the gift had even been there when the manager had arrived for the day. He handed Ava an envelope that had accompanied the gift and walked away. On the front of the envelope was typed, "Mrs. Cassadine." She tore open the envelope and read, "Secrets and cockroaches, the only two things that always survive, except for us." They both assumed that it was from Ryan, but they wondered how he could have done it.

At the city hall office, Molly feared that something had happened to T.J., but Kristina knew that he would be there. "It's Valentine's Day; love wins," Kristina assured Molly. Just then, T.J. burst into the office and apologized for being late. He hoped that Molly wouldn't mind another guest, and Jordan entered. Molly was happy to have Jordan there. Molly and T.J. handed their paperwork and identifications to the clerk. Jordan muttered to Kristina that the clerk didn't seem friendly, and Kristina replied, "Don't get me started."

When it was time to sign the documents, Kristina and Jordan ceremoniously handed Molly and T.J. pens. Even though he'd wanted to get married, Molly told him that a domestic partnership seemed right, and he agreed. Molly signed, then T.J. signed, and they embraced. The clerk congratulated them and handed back the official documentation of their domestic partnership. Jordan took some pictures of the happy couple. Just then, her phone went off, and she walked away to answer it. She answered the phone to Nikolas, who updated her on Ava's gift, and he asked about Ryan's condition. Jordan assured him that she was kept in the loop about Ryan's condition, and there had been no change.

When Jordan returned to the group a few minutes later, T.J. was shaking the clerk's hand and thanking her. Jordan expressed how proud she was of T.J., who called it the best night of his life. Jordan found a song on her phone and thought it was perfect for a first dance. T.J. reminded her that it wasn't a wedding, but Molly chimed in that she would enjoy a dance. The clerk smiled in the background as Molly and T.J. danced, and Jordan took pictures.

Nikolas informed Ava that there had apparently been no change in Ryan's condition, and they needed to figure out who had helped Ryan. Nikolas added that, once Ryan was taken care of, they could plan their wedding. The two looked forward to spending the rest of their lives together.

At the club, Portia assured Curtis that they could leave if he wanted to. He answered that he didn't want to go yet, and she agreed. He grappled with when to tell his client that his wife was cheating on him, as the client had wanted to know as soon as possible. Portia urged Curtis to call the client the next day, as otherwise, the client would always associate Valentine's Day with cheating.

Curtis talked about Jordan, which started Portia talking about Taggert. However, she didn't want to talk about failed relationships on Valentine's Day. Curtis thanked Portia for her help, as he'd blended in better with her. She admitted that she'd had fun "playing detective," and he thought it was good to get outside one's comfort zone and "shake things up." He mentioned that the owner of the club was having financial issues, and the club was for sale. He thought that it could be time for him to shake things up, too.

Franco showed Cameron the hair that had fallen out of Franco's head and joked that they would save a lot of money on shampoo. Franco remarked that Jake had made a great banner for Franco and Elizabeth's "Valeversary," and Cameron shakily chimed in that Aiden had made a cake. Josslyn and Trina reminded Cameron that he'd also written a song for the two, but he ran upstairs instead. Elizabeth apologized to the girls for Cameron's rudeness, but they insisted that they knew Cameron had trouble expressing his feelings. They followed Cameron upstairs, and Franco wished that Cameron would worry about normal teenager things instead. He hoped that the girls would get Cameron to talk to them.

In the bathroom, Cameron looked in the mirror and told himself, "You can do it. You have to." He went on about showing Franco, Aiden, and Jake that sickness wasn't scary or weird, and he needed to step up as a big brother. There was a knock on the door, and Trina and Josslyn insisted that he let them in. He opened the door and said that he'd only let them in because he needed their help. He told them that he wanted no pushback, and he held up an electric razor.

Josslyn and Trina protested and refused to shave Cameron's "gorgeous hair" off. He wanted to support Franco, and he thought that Josslyn would do the same if Carly got sick. Josslyn urged him to sleep on it, but he refused. "This is your last chance. Are you sure?" a tearful Josslyn asked. "Absolutely," Cameron answered, and Josslyn began to shave a crying Cameron's head.

Elizabeth got some chicken broth for Franco, and he confessed that he'd seen their night going differently. She suggested that they finally go on their honeymoon when he was feeling better, but he was frustrated that it wasn't enough. She insisted that it was, and she wished a happy "Valerversary" to the love of her life. They were talking about possible honeymoon spots when she wondered if he felt well enough to kiss her. As the two got closer, Trina and Josslyn returned downstairs. Trina told the adults not to be alarmed, and Josslyn warned them that the intention had been good, but the outcome would be distressing. Cameron returned downstairs with a hat on. He took it off to reveal a buzz cut, shocking Elizabeth and Franco.

Josslyn insisted that she and Trina had tried to talk Cameron out of shaving his head. An emotional Franco wondered why Cameron had done it, and Cameron answered, "Two bald heads are better than one. I am with you, Franco. I'm in this with you all the way." Elizabeth expressed how proud she was of Cameron, and Franco requested to be there when Jake and Aiden saw Cameron for the first time. Elizabeth, Josslyn, and Trina had fun giving Cameron and Franco different hats to try on. Franco proclaimed that it was the best Valeversary he could have asked for.

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