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General Hospital Recap for Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

At the hospital, Molly meekly told T.J. that Kristina would be fine, but she admitted that she only felt "dread." Curtis entered and asked T.J. for a minute. He asked T.J. about what two different drugs did. T.J. responded that one was a strong antibiotic, and the other aided in clotting. He jokingly wondered if someone had lost a limb, but Curtis replied that he would let T.J. know when the case he was working on was closed. T.J. asked if Jordan's dialysis was going all right, and Curtis assured him that it was.

A few minutes later, T.J. and Molly were gone, and Jordan emerged from her dialysis. She asked if Curtis was able to identify the stolen medications, and he informed her that T.J. had helped him. He continued that the police hadn't been able to catch the thief, but he assumed that it had been someone local, and Ryan was hiding near the pharmacy. Jordan begged him to go to Canada and find Ryan, as no one else was looking.

Chase entered Kelly's and found Willow, and Valerie left Chase so she could put in an order for them. He sat with Willow and wondered what she'd been up to the night before. She answered that a friend of hers was at a "crossroads," but she hadn't been ready to hear what Willow had wanted to say. He proposed that they get together that night, and she promised to get back to him after she checked in with her friend. Valerie returned, so he told Willow to call if she needed anything, and he left with Valerie.

Outside, Chase told Valerie that he wanted to "swing by" the Dawn of Day house. He explained that the leader, Shiloh, was a "dirtbag." Having heard him speak once, Valerie agreed. Molly and T.J. approached, and Valerie asked Molly how Kristina was. Molly informed them that Kristina "came to her senses two days ago" and had left Dawn of Day. Valerie was happy to hear it and wondered if it was all right for her to call Kristina. Molly answered that Kristina hadn't been picking up the phone, because she'd gone somewhere to think. Molly and T.J. went into Kelly's.

Valerie was happy that Kristina had left Dawn of Day, but Chase said, "As long as she left on her own." He told her about Michael visiting Chase's apartment the same day Kristina had apparently left Dawn of Day. Valerie wondered if Chase thought that Kristina had been kidnapped. She related how badly Kristina would take that, and Chase added that it would give Shiloh more leverage. Valerie proposed that they try to find Kristina themselves.

Inside Kelly's, Molly wondered what was wrong with T.J. He reluctantly gave Molly a piece of paper. She was shocked to see that it was an analysis of Jordan's kidney dialysis. "Did you steal your mom's file?" she cried. T.J. assured her that the file was still safe at the hospital, as he'd only made a copy of the paper. He thought that Jordan was hiding something.

Sam told Shiloh that she was ready to take the step in commitment to Dawn of Day. He thought that it was "almost time," but not quite yet. Harmony entered, and Sam revealed that they'd been talking about the Trust. Harmony said that it was by "invitation only," and Sam had a "long path" in proving her worth.

Harmony turned to Shiloh and told him how nervous she was. He put a hand on her chest and a hand on her back, and she closed her eyes. He advised her to bundle her nerves into her palms and give them to him to bear. She pushed her palms into his chest and thanked him for the strength. When she was gone, Sam wanted to know about what he'd done with Harmony, but he talked about time being a "remedy" for her inquisitiveness. She explained that she was curious by nature.

Sam wondered when she could join the Trust, and Shiloh replied that she still had more to learn. He inquired if she was ready for the next step, and when she insisted that she was, he proposed that they "do it now." He took his shirt off and explained that he was revealing himself to her, as most saw bodies as things to conceal. He urged her to reveal herself to him, and he led her to the attic. He told her that she would first remove the physical barriers between them and then the spiritual. She began to unbutton her shirt as they maintained eye contact.

Harmony entered Kelly's and sat with Willow, who was clearly not happy to see her. Harmony informed Willow that Dawn of Day would take her back, no matter what her name was. Willow informed Harmony that she was happy, as she had friends, a job, and a purpose. Harmony countered that Dawn of Day needed a teacher and that Shiloh missed her, forgave her, and wanted her back. Willow shot back that she didn't forgive Shiloh. She added that she didn't forgive Harmony for basically giving her to Shiloh when it had been her job as Willow's mother to protect Willow.

At Metro Court, Kevin advised Ava to put Ryan behind her. "Like hell, I can," she spat. Kevin assumed that Ryan was dead, but Ava believed he was "out there somewhere, waiting for his moment to strike. But I'll strike first." She thought it was up to her, since no authorities were looking for Ryan. She proposed that they hold a funeral for Ryan, which would lure Ryan back to town. She wanted Kevin to pose as her boyfriend, but Kevin believed it would just end in Ava's murder.

Kevin didn't want to participate, as he had too much to lose. Ava commented that he was a "pariah" all over town, but she realized that Laura had taken him back. He confirmed it and apologized for not being able to help her. He suggested that she find another way, and he would do whatever he could for her. She believed that he owed her because of what had happened to Kiki, but he revealed that he would owe Ava and the rest of the victims' families for the rest of his life. He left.

Laura arrived at the Floating Rib, and Felicia wanted to clear the air with Laura. Felicia explained her and Ava's plan to Laura again and believed that it would be "justice." Felicia talked about how she'd been living in fear, and she gave Laura a journal so she could understand. A few minutes later, Laura finished reading through what she called a dream journal. Felicia confided that she hadn't had a night without a nightmare since learning that Ryan was alive. Laura related that he was probably dead, but Felicia needed to be sure, and she thought that Ava's plan was their best shot.

Felicia needed Laura to be in on the plan to help get peace for the families of the victims. Laura promised to think about it, but Felicia advised her to think fast, as they couldn't afford to wait. Kevin entered the bar a few minutes later, and they caught up on each other's conversations about Ava and Felicia's plan. Laura's phone went off, and she answered it to Jordan. She informed Laura that there was a possible lead on Ryan's whereabouts, and she was getting someone to Canada to search for him. When she was off the phone, Kevin called the plan dangerous, but Laura countered that the best ones usually were. She thought that the plan wasn't so crazy.

At the hospital, Curtis figured that he was going to Canada. He didn't want to be away from Jordan, but she assured him that it wouldn't be for long. They shared a kiss, and Curtis left. T.J. approached his mother and asked for an honest conversation. He divulged that he'd seen her records, and he knew that she was in danger of losing the kidney she had left.

Felicia sat with Ava at Metro Court, and they caught each other up on their attempts to recruit Laura and Kevin to help with their plan.

Michael told Kristina that he missed her, and she repeated the sentiment to him. He proposed that she go home with him, but she revealed that she couldn't. Sonny demanded to know what Shiloh had on Kristina, but she replied that Dawn of Day was her family. Alexis leaped up from the couch in disbelief, dropping her phone under the couch, which Kristina saw. She accused her family of judging her and expecting her to screw up, but she said that Dawn of Day had given her purpose, and "I'll be damned if I let go."

Sonny told Kristina that she'd been taken advantage of, and Neil wondered if she was happy at Dawn of Day. Kristina confirmed that she was, and thanks to the organization, her future was "wide open." She figured that she would help spread Shiloh's teachings in the future, but Sonny, Alexis, and Michael reminded her of all the things she'd loved, like dancing, learning the coffee business, and wanting to intern at ELQ. Neil asked if she would be able to pursue a hobby, career, or relationship outside of Dawn of Day, but she replied that she was fulfilled, so she didn't need anything else.

Kristina decided that she was "done" with the meeting, but Sonny refused to leave until he was finished. Kristina accused her family of trying to brainwash her, but Michael shot back that they were trying to undo Shiloh's brainwashing and wake her up. She yelled that her family was full of hypocrites. Neil announced that "that's enough for now," and Michael muttered, "Damn right it is," and stormed out of the house, followed by Sonny.

Kristina reminded her mother that they'd committed a crime, and she promised that she would forget about everything if they would just let her go. She threatened to have everyone arrested if she got out later. Alexis countered that Kristina would go to Dawn of Day if they let her go, and Kristina shot back that it was her choice. Alexis told Kristina that she could do what she had to, and Alexis would, too. "You're staying," Alexis concluded, and she picked up her bag and left. Kristina sat on the couch and stealthily picked up the phone from underneath.

Michael hated seeing Kristina like that, but Sonny reminded him that Neil had said it would take awhile to get through to her. Michael's phone went off, and he saw a text from Chase asking to meet at the Floating Rib. When Alexis emerged from the house, Michael was gone, and Alexis commented that the meeting had gone "as bad as humanly possible." Neil followed Alexis out and observed that they had a lot of work to do.

Chase was on the phone with Valerie at the Floating Rib, and he informed her that he was waiting for Michael. Michael arrived, and Chase and Valerie promised to keep each other in the loop. When Chase was off the phone, Michael remarked that Chase had texted him at a good time, as Michael had been thinking a lot about Dawn of Day. Chase replied that he'd been thinking about Kristina, and he asked what Michael's family had done with her.

Valerie was standing in front of the Dawn of Day house when her phone began to ring. She saw that it was an unknown number. On the other end of the line, Kristina begged Valerie to pick up the phone.

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