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General Hospital Recap for Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

On Sonny's private plane bound for Mexico City, Jordan and Curtis discussed their plan once they landed. Jordan wanted Cyrus' hold on her to be over, and Curtis was determined to get the information they needed to beat the ex-con. Curtis wondered why Cyrus would have purchased medical equipment in Mexico City as they had learned from the vacant house in Oregon.

Jordan maintained that she would have to return to Port Charles before Cyrus grew suspicious of her absence. Curtis received a phone update from Portia, regarding Lulu. Once he was done, he asked Jordan how well she spoke Spanish. "Bueno. Muy bueno," she replied.

During a major thunderstorm, Jason and Sonny conversed about Julian. Sonny noted that he had stayed out of it when Julian had been in on Duke's murder and when Julian had held a knife to Alexis' throat. He had been pushed too far with Julian's bombing of the Floating Rib and the death of Dev. Jason noted that retaliation against Julian would not stop Cyrus, but Sonny disagreed.

Sonny believed that Julian had to pay. Jason thought that Julian could name Cyrus and have information that they could use. Sonny replied that they could get the information and then kill Julian. They decided to go to Wyndemere in pursuit of Julian.

At Wyndemere, Julian continued to pack his things as Ava returned home from the hospital. He asked if Lulu was dead. "Might as well be," Ava replied. Julian asked about the gun that Ava held behind her back. She admitted she wasn't sure what she planned to do, and they argued again about the bombing at the Floating Rib.

Ava began to scream at Julian. She felt that he should have known that Cyrus always lied, and the results of the bombing had been no exception. Julian insisted he'd had no choice, but Ava continued to yell at her brother. She couldn't imagine that Julian thought he would have owed Cyrus nothing more than a month's drinks on the house for going after Ryan.

Julian claimed he'd been desperate, and Ava shouted that he was always desperate. She had asked him to run away. Julian was sorry, but Ava retorted that that had never stopped him from making bad decisions. She thought he should have told Lucas the truth in the beginning, and they would have gotten through everything. Julian only wanted Ava's support, not her judgment.

Ava snapped that innocent people were dead because of Julian, and he announced that he would be leaving. "No, you won't," Ava stated. She ordered him to step outside as she pointed the gun at him. She vowed to tell Jason the truth. Julian begged Ava to let him go, but Ava insisted that Cyrus would use the family as leverage as long as Julian was still alive. They argued over Nikolas, and Ava made it clear that she loved him and was choosing him over Julian.

Ava insisted her choice wasn't easy, as she loved Julian, too, but he had wasted his choices. She added that Cyrus and Sonny both wanted Julian dead, and she would be merciful and responsible. They headed to the parapet and stood in the pouring rain. Ava admitted that things would be easier to clean up.

Ava ordered Julian to kneel, and he refused. He wanted her to tell his children he loved them and not to go with fear. He was sorry for the pain he'd caused and for being a failure. Ava called it a sacrifice. "Goodbye, Julian," she said. Julian was certain they'd see each other again soon enough because they would be headed to the same place, and it wasn't heaven.

Maxie stepped off of the elevator at General Hospital and spotted Brando, who had just been looking at Dev's driver's license. She asked him if he needed any help. "I'm good," he replied. She was sorry about Dev, and she thought Brando looked lost. She suggested that he go home. He told her he was working and was unable to leave.

Nearby, Cyrus asked Portia about Lulu's condition, and she reminded him that she was unable to share any confidential information. Cyrus declared that as the mayor's daughter, Lulu deserved the best care. Portia noted that all of the patients in the hospital received the best care. She also suggested that Cyrus not offer any condolences to Laura because his concern would not be welcome. Cyrus shook his head in disbelief.

Maxie saw Cyrus and went over to him. He recognized her from Deception publicity, and he asked about Sasha's trouble. "What trouble?" Maxie asked. She was dismayed to hear about Sasha's heart attack, and she couldn't understand how it could have happened to someone of Sasha's age. Brando informed her that it had been due to a drug overdose.

Laura looked into Lulu's room as Dante and Nikolas visited and talked to the patient. Laura flashed back to when Lulu had been an infant. Kevin arrived to tell her that Tracy was there, and Laura turned around. Tracy handed her a cup of coffee from Kelly's, and Laura thanked her for being there. Tracy disclosed that she had still been unable to reach Luke to tell him about Lulu, and she insisted that Lulu's injuries would have been recognized sooner if Monica had still been in charge.

Kevin stressed that that was impossible to know. Tracy couldn't believe that the "she-wolf" Britt was in charge, and Kevin admitted that everyone found it a "little difficult" to accept. Tracy wondered what had happened to Port Charles and who would put things right.

Charlotte and Valentin arrived to visit Lulu. Charlotte was worried that her mother would be able to know that Charlotte was scared. Suddenly, she spotted Nina and ran to hug her. Nina announced that she was there for "backup," and Charlotte was excited that Nina had accepted her request. Valentin thanked Nina, who noted that friends showed up for each other.

Charlotte asked Nina to accompany her to Lulu's room, and Valentin smiled. When Nina and Charlotte headed off, Martin walked up to Valentin. "Lovely picture," he said. He suggested that things had ended up for Lulu just the way that Valentin had wanted them to. Valentin glared at him and replied that Martin was being too cynical. He acknowledged that he was hurting because Charlotte was hurting.

Martin wondered if it would be a good time to pursue the custody battle before Laura intervened. Valentin fired Martin on the spot and went to join Charlotte and Nina at the elevator.

Kevin motioned Nikolas and Dante out of Lulu's room, and they joined Laura, Portia, and Tracy. Portia announced that the team from the long-term care facility had arrived to transfer Lulu. Laura thought it was time for everyone to say goodbye. Portia directed Laura to the conference room to speak to the team.

Curtis and Jordan entered the medical care supply company in Mexico City. Curtis did all of the talking in Spanish, and he told the woman behind the desk that he was the chief logistics officer for a start-up medical supply business. He indicated that his "assistant," Jordan, had forgotten to schedule a visit at the business. He wanted to partner with the company, and he wanted to take a tour.

The woman, Abril, noted that the business was closed for the day. Curtis went on to shout and criticize his "assistant." He vehemently expressed that he shouldn't have hired her, and he should fire her. Abril quickly called security. While Curtis told her it wasn't necessary, a man from security showed up. Abril explained the situation, and she asked if they could make an exception for the tour if they accompanied Curtis. The man agreed.

Curtis rudely told Jordan to wait behind. Before they left, Abril whispered in Jordan's ear that she had had a similar boss and understood the situation. As soon as the others left, Jordan rushed behind the desk and inserted a flash drive into the computer to obtain the files. She managed to complete the upload just before the group returned.

Jordan was waiting on the correct side of the desk when the door opened. Curtis thanked Abril and the security man for the tour. He was sure their companies would be successful working together. Abril suggested that his assistant call her.

Back at the hospital, Maxie spotted Laura and Kevin as she stood with Brando and Cyrus. Laura cried as she told Maxie the latest and suggested that Maxie say goodbye to Lulu. The women shared a hug. Cyrus told Laura that he was sorry to hear about Lulu, and she was in his prayers. He wanted Laura to reach out if there was anything he could do. Laura slapped him instead.

Brando and Kevin stepped in. Cyrus guessed that Laura didn't want his help. Laura gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. "Oh, my God!" she said. She snapped that the Floating Rib bomb would be traced to him. "Nothing will stop me from taking you off this earth," she shouted. "Do what you must, Mayor Collins. No one's ever stopped you before," he replied. Laura stormed off, and Cyrus looked close to tears. Nearby, Martin viewed the scene.

Cyrus was in a bad mood and yelled at Brando that he was dismissed for the day. "You certainly know how to clear a room," Martin said. He didn't think that Laura had been convinced of Cyrus' sympathy. Cyrus replied that he hadn't asked for Martin's opinion, and Martin chuckled. "Tell me, Cyrus, all these years, you ever known me to wait to be called upon?" Martin asked.

Close friends and family began to stream into Lulu's room to say their goodbyes. Tracy sat and tearfully told her that Luke would give Lulu hell, and she could do the same back at him. They both loved Lulu. Nikolas was next, and he was sorry that he had promised to protect her but had failed. He'd broken promises and her heart many times. He was trying to be the man and big brother she wanted, and he wouldn't break that particular promise.

Charlotte grabbed Lulu's hand and promised to take care of Rocco. Nina stood silently. Valentin declared that Martin Grey hadn't been all wrong. Valentin admitted that he'd tried to take Charlotte from Lulu, but his mind had been changed. They all needed Lulu, and he would keep Charlotte safe. Valentin told Charlotte that she'd been brave, and he knew that Lulu could hear her. He agreed that Rocco would need Charlotte.

Nikolas saw Nina and asked if she'd seen Ava. His wife had told him she'd had something to take care of, and he'd expected her to be finished earlier. He was concerned.

Maxie declared that she would be sending Deception products to the facility along with a beauty expert in order for Lulu to be pampered. She sobbed that everyone would be waiting for Lulu. Dante walked in and comforted Maxie.

Laura admitted that things had gone well with the facility team, and she told Kevin that they would take good care of Lulu. Laura wanted her love to get Lulu back. Kevin was certain that Lulu sensed it.

Dante spoke to Lulu about how he had thought that leaving was the worst thing. He had realized that the ones left behind had suffered the most. He cried that he didn't know how to fix Lulu's broken heart, but he would wait for her. He wanted her forgiveness. He would let her go only if she wanted him to.

Laura was last to say goodbye. She knew that Lulu could hear her, and she knew that Lulu's body needed rest. She didn't want her to stay away too long. She spoke of Lulu's ability to fight to overcome, and she wanted Lulu to fight to return. Lulu had her heart, she added.

Jason and Sonny rushed into Wyndemere with guns drawn. As they reached the parapet, Julian jumped into the surf below. Ava revealed that she'd told Julian that Sonny and Cyrus were after him. She'd heard about Lulu and had decided to kill Julian herself.

Downstairs shortly after, a soaked Ava was wrapped in a blanket. She told Sonny that she had wanted Julian's killing to be quick in order to save him. She had wanted to protect him. His children would be safer. Sonny didn't think it was over, but Ava declared that it was over for her. Jason announced that he'd looked everywhere, but there was no sign of Julian.

Back on the plane, Jordan worked on her laptop with the flash drive's files. She revealed that Cyrus had an account with the medical supply company and with a patient with the last name of Grey.

Jason and Sonny returned to Sonny's house, and Jason asked how Sonny wanted to handle Cyrus. Sonny reminded Jason that Cyrus didn't know what had happened to Julian, and Jason suggested they leave a trail for Cyrus to follow. Sonny thought a bullet would be the end. Jason wondered if Julian could have survived. Sonny replied that if he had, Sonny would make sure that Julian wished he were dead.

Julian lay unconscious somewhere on shore amidst a pile of rocks.

Everyone stood by solemnly at the hospital as Lulu was wheeled out of her room. Ava returned and grabbed Nikolas' hand. Charlotte waved at Lulu and hugged Nina. Kevin and Laura accompanied the stretcher as far as the elevator. Laura told her daughter that she had always rejoiced in her. As the elevator doors closed, Laura broke down, and Kevin wrapped his arms around her.

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