Neil and Julian find Alexis
General Hospital Recap for Tuesday, December 3, 2019
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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Neil and Julian deduced that Kendra had been the one to poison Alexis after blaming her for Kiefer's death. Neil wanted to call the cops, but Julian wanted to make sure that Alexis was safe first. Kristina arrived and asked about Alexis, having heard from Molly that Alexis had disappeared. Neil and Julian explained about Kendra Bauer, who Kristina had never met while dating Kiefer. Julian wondered if Alexis still had the tracking app on her phone. Kristina retrieved her phone and managed to find Alexis' location. "Now we can call the cops," Julian told Neil, and Neil said that he would call from the car. Neil promised that Alexis would be back, and he and Julian ran out of the hospital.

In bed, Curtis and Jordan couldn't believe it was already Thanksgiving, and they were happy to be celebrating their first anniversary. Curtis handed her a card for their "paper anniversary," and she opened it to find their wedding vows. They shared a kiss, happy to have made it through the challenges of the last year. He promised to get her to an island beach for their honeymoon. Just then, Jordan's phone went off, and she answered it. She listened for a few moments and stated that she was on her way.

At the hospital, Willow read through a pamphlet about being a first-time mom, and she thought about her conversation with Sasha about being pregnant. Chase entered and handed her a container with a turkey sandwich. She hugged him, and he wondered if she was all right. She replied that she was feeling emotional after seeing how sick some of the kids at the hospital's Thanksgiving celebration were. Chase knew that she would be a terrific mother one day, and she echoed the sentiment about him as a father. He enjoyed being an uncle and worried that he would be a pushover as a father.

Just then, Chase's phone went off, and he answered it to the PCPD. He said that he would be on his way and hung up. Willow told him to be careful, and he left. Willow took her phone out and called Sasha about her situation. She told Sasha where she was and put the phone down after Sasha hung up the phone. A short while later, Willow was reading the pamphlet when Sasha arrived. Willow called herself a coward, which Sasha refuted, but Willow thought that having a baby at that point in her and Chase's relationship would be a disaster.

Sasha took Willow's hand and insisted that she had more support than she knew. Sasha handed a pregnancy test to Willow and instructed her to take it so she could know for sure. If Willow was pregnant, Sasha reasoned that the baby's father was a good man who would rearrange his life to make things work. Willow advised Sasha not to leave, and Willow walked off to take the test. Willow returned a short while later, and Sasha asked what the results of the test were.

Carly divulged to Sonny that the kids were asleep, and Dev and Josslyn had gone out with friends. Sonny was happy to be alone with Carly, but the doorbell interrupted them. Carly assumed it was Brad and Lucas, but she opened the door to Jax. She revealed that he'd just missed Josslyn, but she invited him in for pie and coffee. She left the room to get the dessert, and Sonny revealed that Carly had told him the "whole story." He continued that Jax's secret was safe with Sonny just like Dev's secret was safe with Jax. "What do you think you know?" Jax asked.

Sonny replied that he knew that Jax didn't want Josslyn to live with Jax because of a "houseguest." Carly returned and quickly told Sonny that Jax's personal life was none of their business. Sonny countered that it was their business because it impacted Josslyn. Sonny's phone rang, and he answered it to Kristina. She told him that she was fine, but she was at the hospital and needed to see him. He promised to be right there and hung up. He relayed the conversation to Carly and left.

Carly warned Jax against antagonizing Sonny, especially when Jax had a huge secret. She believed that Sonny would turn Nikolas in if Sonny found out about him, but Jax disagreed, since Nikolas was Spencer's father. Carly countered that Sonny would love to have Jax deported again and not get blamed for it. She stated that Josslyn needed Jax in Port Charles, and he would be ripping apart Josslyn's life and family. She urged him to wrap things up with Nikolas soon, whether he turned Nikolas in or kicked him out. "Get it over with," she concluded.

As Kendra drove toward Alexis, Lucas yelled that the brakes weren't working, and they crashed right into Kendra's car. Moments later, Alexis began to move and looked at the wreckage around her. She crawled to Kendra's car and was able to get to her feet, leaning against it. She went to the driver's side of the car and felt for Kendra's pulse. Kendra suddenly opened her eyes and grabbed Alexis' wrist. "It isn't over," Kendra muttered, and she passed out.

Alexis saw a car approaching and flagged it down, and it happened to be Neil and Julian. Julian checked on Kendra as Alexis told Neil the entire story. Julian realized that Kendra had no pulse, and Neil went to call an ambulance. Julian assured Alexis that everything was over, and he asked what had happened. When Alexis was done telling her story, he figured that he should check on the people in the other car. Neil returned to Alexis as the ambulance approached.

A short while later, Chase arrived when Neil was in the middle of explaining to the EMTs what had happened to Alexis. Neil told Chase that he could take statements at the hospital, as Alexis needed to get checked out. He informed Chase that Kendra appeared to be dead, but he wasn't sure about the people in the other car. Neil helped Alexis to the ambulance, and Chase and an EMT went to check on Kendra. They confirmed that she was dead. Jordan arrived; Chase updated her, and she asked about the people in the other car.

Julian checked out the car and noticed an unconscious Brad in the passenger seat. "Sorry, Brad, you forced my hand," Julian muttered. He was glad that Brad had been able to save Alexis. He shined a flashlight in the car and caught sight of an unconscious Lucas in the driver's seat. He yelled that Lucas wasn't supposed to have been in the car, and he tried to break the window open to wake Lucas up. He ran to Jordan and begged her to get Lucas out of the car.

Later, Jordan looked around the crime scene with an officer as another officer put up crime scene tape. Considering the angle of impact and the damage, she knew that Lucas had been going fast until he'd T-boned Kendra. She wondered why there were no skid marks on the road.

Sonny found Kristina at the hospital, and she told Sonny the entire story. She started with Alexis accidentally hitting and killing Kiefer, and concluded with Neil and Julian running off to find Alexis. Kristina confessed that she believed Kendra had decided to go after Alexis after so much time because of the lie in Kristina's Dawn of Day pledge. Sonny advised Kristina that she could regret a lie, but she couldn't control the actions of anyone else, so it wasn't her fault.

Alexis arrived in a wheelchair being pushed by Neil, and she assured Kristina that Kendra was dead. Kristina hugged her mother, and she expressed how sorry she was for Kendra going after Alexis. Alexis agreed with Sonny's sentiments and insisted that it hadn't been Kristina's fault. Neil wanted to get Alexis checked in, so he wheeled her away. Kristina thanked Sonny for keeping her company, embraced him, and followed Alexis and Neil.

Curtis arrived at the hospital and asked Sonny how Alexis was doing. Sonny revealed that she would be all right, and Curtis promised to let Jordan know. Curtis wanted advice from Sonny, and he asked how he and Carly made their relationship work so well. Sonny admitted that, after so many years, the relationship was still a work in progress. He added that they always had each other's backs and that communication and not keeping secrets were important. He believed that secrets, no matter what the motive was for keeping them, always created distance.

In an exam room with Kristina and Neil, Alexis joked that she'd thought she was done with the hospital. Kristina apologized again, but Alexis assured her that it was over. Kristina thought that they were due for a vacation, but just not a road trip. Alexis wanted to know who the people in the other car had been and if they were all right, as they'd saved her life.

Julian arrived at the hospital and demanded that Chase tell him what room Lucas was in. Chase revealed that Lucas was still in surgery, and Brad was in a trauma room. Julian was more concerned with his son, and Chase divulged that most of the damage had been on the driver's side of the car. Chase promised to get to the bottom of the accident, as it had been the only thing to save Alexis' life.

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