The double wedding is interrupted
General Hospital Recap for Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Peter lay bound, gagged, and unconscious on the floor at an unknown location.

As the invited guests waited around for the wedding to begin at Metro Court, Lucy spotted Valentin. She commented on his appearance, and he admitted to being stressed out due to his best man responsibilities. Willow arrived and apologized to Chase for being late. "The whole damn wedding is late!" Finn exclaimed. Sam asked Britt if she'd seen Peter, but Britt replied that she wasn't her brother's keeper.

Willow straightened Chase's tie, and she drilled him on his best man duties. Chase looked over at Finn who was pacing, and he admitted that he didn't know how to help his brother.

Robert joined Jackie at a small table with another of many drinks from the open bar. Jackie wondered if he would object at the wedding, but Robert confessed that he'd already expressed his views several times, and it hadn't worked. She teased him for being too happy that the groom was missing.

Robert spotted Mac, and Mac thought that Robert appeared to be in a good mood. Mac declared that Maxie would be devastated if Peter didn't show, although Robert thought it would be for the best because she'd be better off without him.

Gregory approached Finn and told him that Anna was there and ready. He looked over at Jackie and Robert and noted that at least Anna wasn't mingling with her ex. Finn noted that Anna had been married to Robert, but Gregory reminded him that Anna was marrying Finn. Finn eyed the photos around the room that included Anna and told his father that they'd been through a lot.

Maxie and Anna showed up in the hallway, all dressed and ready for their wedding. Jordan pulled Anna aside and told her that the groom was missing. Maxie assumed it was Finn who had been called to the hospital, but Sam revealed that it was Peter who couldn't be located. Maxie was sure that Peter would have an explanation.

Jordan noted that she had attempted to reach Peter several times, and Maxie asked if he could have gone off to a big news story. Anna didn't think that Peter would just take off, and she thought the wedding should be postponed. Finn overheard and wanted clarification. He told Anna she looked beautiful, and Maxie was in a tizzy because Finn had seen Anna prior to the wedding. Maxie was certain that things would fall apart.

Anna told Finn that he looked "lovely," too, and she told him that Peter couldn't be found. Finn told her that everyone already knew about it. Maxie wondered who could be gloating besides Robert, and Finn agreed that it was Robert. Maxie insisted that Anna and Finn should still get married, even if she couldn't. She would wait for Peter.

Finn was ready to be married, but Anna declared that she couldn't leave Maxie. Maxie quickly rushed over to Sam and said that she would hang with her. Anna was sure there had to be a reasonable explanation. Finn wanted to do their wedding their own way; he didn't need all that had been put in place for the double wedding. He only needed Anna, and they could get married even in the elevator.

Anna replied that she would love to have a wedding ceremony with just Finn and Violet, but she couldn't. Finn understood it was because Peter was her son, and Maxie was her goddaughter, and she was unable to leave in case there was trouble. Anna was sorry, and Finn stated that he tried. They flirted. "Every moment in our lives leads us to this one," Anna said. She regretted nothing. Finn agreed that the time and place of their marriage ceremony was still to be determined. Anna maintained that they had to get past the incident with Peter, but they shared a hug.

Lucy said hello to Dante and expressed her sorrow over Lulu's condition. She was there to officiate. Dante admitted that he'd been thinking about his own wedding day to Lulu and how beautiful she'd looked. Lucy thought it was nice to think about those who couldn't be there.

Britt stopped to chat with Robert and told him that Maxie had told her that Robert had agreed to accept Maxie's choice. She reminded him that he had also promised to help Liesl. Robert insisted that it had been taking a long time to work things out. He agreed that both he and Liesl hated Peter but loved Maxie. He thought it was a good thing that Liesl wasn't there.

Jordan asked Valentin if there was any news on Peter, and he offered to check around. He made his way to Peter's hotel room and looked around at the overturned furniture and overall mess. He flashed back to his conversation with Anna during which time they had made their plan. He donned gloves and began to clean up the room. He and Anna had wanted to make it look as though Peter had left Maxie at the altar.

Valentin had told Anna that his people would grab Peter, and Valentin would leave a letter behind that would seemingly be from Peter. Valentin knew of a place where Peter could be stowed, and he told Anna that they couldn't change their minds once the plan had been put into motion.

As Anna stood with Maxie and their bridesmaids, she flashed back to the same conversation as Valentin. She had proclaimed that Peter needed to be brought to justice because they couldn't allow him to hurt anyone else. He was dangerous, and they had to protect Maxie.

Dante asked Sam how Maxie was doing, and he noted that he didn't think Peter was a "runner." Maxie saw them, and she asked Dante if he was really relieved about Peter, even if he said he was sorry. Maxie revealed that she knew about Dante's statement that she had only been in love with Peter because he was Nathan's half-brother. Dante reminded her that he was there in a suit, and he had wished her happiness. Sam said they loved her.

Maxie left, and Sam admitted that she wished Peter was more like Nathan, but she had no room to talk. Dante offered to look for Peter because "grooms don't vanish into thin air." Mac informed Maxie that he'd heard from Laura, who had wanted to say thank you for the bouquet that Maxie had sent to Lulu.

Finn stopped to talk to Robert and Jackie. Robert swore he had nothing to do with Peter's disappearance. Finn knew that Robert hadn't wanted Maxie to marry Peter, and he wasn't sure about Robert's feelings about Finn and Anna's nuptials. Finn thought that Robert would have known that Anna's wedding would not have gone on with Peter missing. Robert wished he had thought of it, but he also didn't want Maxie to think that Peter was a martyr. Jackie asked Robert if he approved of Finn and Anna together, and Robert replied that he wanted the best for them.

Dante ventured to the parking garage to phone Lulu while Laura held the phone to Lulu's ear. Dante said that everyone missed Lulu. As he spoke, he began to hear a loud banging noise, and it seemed to be coming from a utility room. He tried the knob, and it was locked. He heard muffled yells. He managed to find a crowbar and pried the door open. "What the hell? Peter!" Dante said. Dante untied Peter and removed his gag. "I need to get to Maxie!" Peter exclaimed.

Back in the venue, Mac wanted to call the wedding off, but Maxie refused. She was insistent that Peter would not abandon her, and she was worried. Valentin saw Anna, and he remarked on how stunning she looked. He told her that things had gone well, and he told her about the letter left in Peter's room. He would check in on Peter and inform him that his loved ones would be taken care of. Willow told Chase that Violet was ready for the wedding, but he related that there probably wouldn't be a wedding.

Finn called the crowd to attention and announced that the wedding would be postponed out of respect for Maxie and Peter. Just then, Dante and Peter burst through the door, and Maxie ran to Peter. He revealed that someone had jumped him, and he had been in a utility closet. He hoped that Maxie hadn't thought that he'd left her. He would never leave her again. Jordan summoned Chase to help her to search for evidence.

After Chase and Jordan came up empty-handed, Jordan noted that she was having the hotel searched. Chase suspected that someone might have been trying to prevent Peter from getting married.

Mac told Peter that he knew that Peter loved Maxie, and he wanted to know if Peter would be able to keep Maxie safe. He assumed that Peter's kidnappers would not be happy that he had escaped. Peter vowed to always keep Maxie safe.

Maxie thanked Dante for the rescue, and he agreed to be the "good guy" in the situation. Peter wanted to go ahead with the wedding, even though Anna and Valentin attempted to talk him out of it. Peter proclaimed that Anna and Valentin had made him the man that he was, and he was ready to go forward. Maxie admitted that her doubts had vanished after she'd missed Peter, and she loved him and felt safe with him. She knew he loved her. She summoned Finn and Anna and shouted orders to those in attendance to get ready.

"Let's get on with the dream," Finn said. Lucy put everyone in place. Valentin was irritated. "Once a hero, always a hero," Britt teased Dante. He asked if she'd stolen any babies lately. Jackie wanted to know about the rivalry between Robert and Finn, and Robert admitted it had taken a long time to accept Finn, but he had.

The wedding began, and grooms and best men walked down the aisle -- Peter with Valentin, and Finn with Chase. Peter thanked Valentin profusely for all Valentin had done for him. They were followed by Sam, who stood by Valentin. Maxie walked down the aisle with Mac, who kissed his daughter. Maxie took Peter's hand. Violet was next, and she tossed flower petals along the way. She ran to Finn, who picked her up, and she fist-bumped Chase. Jordan followed and stood by Chase. Anna was last, and she waved to Violet before she began her walk. She exchanged a look with Valentin as she arrived at the altar and hugged Violet and Finn. The little girl went to her seat, and Finn and Anna kissed.

Lucy officiated, and she began the ceremony by saying, "A marriage is a journey of days." She talked about the anxiety of that day and how the couples had been determined to be together. As she proceeded to join the couples in marriage, Liesl made a grand entrance at the back of the ballroom. She reminded Lucy that she was supposed to have asked if anyone objected. "Uh-oh," Violet said softly.

On the next General Hospital...

• Violet asks Chase and Willow if Finn and Anna will be getting married.

• Anna arrives at the hospital to visit Maxie.

• Gregory questions Jackie about what happened the night before their wedding.

• Valentin has an offer for Jason.

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