Guiding Light alum Beth Ehlers returns to acting in Forever and a Day

Posted Thursday, August 20, 2020 7:42:39 AM
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Listen to fan-favorite actress Beth Ehlers (ex-Harley Cooper, Guiding Light; ex-Taylor Thompson, All My Children) in the new podcast drama Forever and a Day, which aims to bring the 90-year-old soap genre back to its "radio" roots.

Veteran soap opera star Beth Ehlers (ex-Harley Cooper, Guiding Light; ex-Taylor Thompson, All My Children) has returned to acting via the new podcast drama Forever and a Day, now available for listening.

The audio soap opera, which aims to bring the 90-year-old daytime drama genre back to its "radio" roots, revolves around the Harper, Bennett, and Marshall families as they overcome life's complexities in the fictional town of Augustus, Illinois.

Ehlers, who plays the role of Melanie Walters in the new project, reports that she is thrilled to be performing again. After all, she last played GL's Harley in 2008 and AMC's Taylor in 2009, and her last acting credit was 2012's River Ridge!

"It's fun to be acting again. But I'm definitely rusty!" Ehlers enthuses of getting back in the saddle via Forever and a Day. "I knew who Harley was inside and out. Melanie is still unfolding. It will take a little time for everyone to define the relationships, so I hope the audience is patient with us."

She continues, "Doing scenes remotely and acting in a listening-only mode is so different from face-to-face, eye-to-eye performance. There are so many really good people whom I've already worked with and their enthusiasm is infectious. We have the very passionate Casey Hutchison (creator/co-head writer/co-executive producer) and Candice Mack (co-head writer/co-executive producer) at the helm, and I just feel really fortunate to be a part of such a great group of people. Everyone couldn't be nicer!"

Other actors who have joined Ehlers in Forever and a Day include Quinn VanAntwerp, Matthew Preston, Dorell Anthony, Tony Moore, Jeanne Young, Brandon Larkins, Elizabeth von Isser, Brett Lawrence, Lacretia Lyon, Renee Suran, Tyler David, Khalia Davis, Kristina Sullivan, Michael Carr, Benjamin Bryant, Veronica Dang, and Teri Limmer. Co-head writers and co-executive producers Hutchison and Mack will also star in the series, as will script editor and script writer Karolina Sivas.

In addition to Hutchison and Mack, Forever and a Day writers include John F. Smith (The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless), Thom Racina (General Hospital, Another World, Days of Our Lives, Santa Barbara, Search for Tomorrow, Y&R, and One Life to Live), and web soap opera pioneer Karolina Sivas (Broken at Love). James Lott, Jr., and Sally Sussman Morina (Y&R, DAYS, AW) serve as consultants.

For more information and to listen to the episodes, which began airing in early August, check out the official Forever and a Day website.

What do you think about the casting and premise of Forever and a Day? How do you feel about the project bringing Beth Ehlers out of retirement? Are you excited to have her back in the soap opera genre -- even if only via audio rather than on-screen? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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