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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We'll Always Have Paris

In the stairwell, Kyle talked about the rush he got from finally being an intern. It was almost like sex. Claire disagreed and said it was nothing like sex. Kyle asked when she realized she wanted to be a doctor. Kyle had wanted it since he was a small child. Claire had chosen pre-med in an effort to get away from her boyfriend after they had broken up. They were both art majors and the only classes open that she could switch to were chemistry and other pre-med requisites. Kyle was astounded.

Robin and Patrick went to give Robert the schedule of events after his surgery. Although they had removed the tumor in his brain, they needed to make sure there were not any other problems. Patrick soon took Robert for an MRI. Robert took the opportunity to try to intimidate Patrick. He said he knew the type of guy Patrick was. He figured Patrick didn't even want the baby. Patrick did his best to ignore Robin's father, but did tell him the medical issues with Robert's brain were serious.

After the MRI, Robin went to check on her father. Robert tried to give her his thoughts on Patrick, but Robin wanted none of it. Before she stormed out of the room, she told him girls fell in love with men just like their fathers.

Leo raced to get on the elevator with Saira before the doors closed. He embarrassed her when he handed her bra back in front of another doctor. Leo annoyed Saira even more when he told her that she would have a hard time getting over him after their night together.

An irritated woman came into the emergency room babbling in French. She saw Patrick and walked over and slapped him. Robin was standing there and was one of the few people who knew what the woman was saying. She said the woman claimed Patrick was her lover. Robin told him that he needed to deal with his own mess and she stormed off.

As they worked, Robin vented to Saira about how men never changed. Saira gave her opinion that some men did change and Robin immediately realized Saira had slept with Leo. Saira was saved when Jagger and Stone walked in for their appointment. When Saira tried talking to Stone, he dropped his ice cream and hid behind his father. Saira told Stone she had candy in her office and they walked towards it, so they could get started with the appointment there. As Jagger and Saira watched Stone play in her office, Saira asked questions about Stone's behavior. Jagger admitted Stone normally lined his toys up instead of playing with them and he rarely made eye contact.

When Saira was done evaluating Stone, Jagger asked if he could come back after he dropped Stone off with a sitter. Jagger didn't want to wait to hear what was wrong with his son. After they were gone, Saira commented to Robin what a good dad Jagger was and how good-looking he was. Jagger quickly returned and Saira gave him her diagnosis. Stone had Autism Spectrum Disorder. There wasn't a cure, but it was treatable. When Jagger was leaving, Robin caught him and asked what Saira had to say about Stone. Jagger lied and said Saira thought everything was fine and perfectly normal with Stone. Robin was confused, but told Jagger she would be there to talk if he needed anything.

Meanwhile, Leo asked Claire if she spoke any French. When he found out she had two years in high school, he grabbed her to help with Danielle, "Patrick's lover." Claire did her best to ask the woman what was ailing her and, surprisingly, the woman told Claire in perfect English that her French was terrible. Danielle explained she was originally from Maryland and she was just trying to find the bank to convert her dollars to Euros. She thought the bank was on that corner. Leo and Claire asked Danielle where she thought she was, and Danielle said Paris.

Robin and Kyle met with an elderly man from one of the area retirement centers, Pine Meadows. He explained "it" had become very angry. Robin decided to let Kyle handle the patient all on his own. After he examined the patient and ran tests, Kyle told Robin and Patrick that Mr. Davis had syphilis. Hilariously, Patrick first misunderstood and thought Kyle was telling Robin that Patrick had syphilis. Kyle soon had bigger things to worry about as more and more Pine Meadows residents came in. After further investigation, Kyle discovered none of the senior citizens at Pine Meadows were using condoms, because the women were past child-bearing age. Kyle had a talk with the residents about safe sex and handed out condoms before everyone left. Some of the elderly women offered Kyle a date with their granddaughters, but one man offered himself to Kyle as he walked out the door.

Danielle and Claire bonded as they talked about men and how terrible they were. Danielle's sister came to get her and explained to Patrick how he resembled Danielle's ex, J'ean. When Patrick and Danielle's sister came into the room, Danielle could see their mouths moving but couldn't hear anything. She panicked, thinking she was going deaf. Patrick and Leo got Danielle settled in bed while they waited for more tests to be run.

Claire walked down the stairs in the stairwell and was surprised to find Robin sitting on the steps crying. Robin explained how strong she always was with everything going on in her life, but when she was around her father, she felt like a little girl.

Patrick finally came back with information about Danielle's disease. She was suffering from Sussex Syndrome. It was a rare brain disorder that caused young women to live in the past. When Danielle awoke, Patrick was still in the room. Unaware of what was wrong with her, Danielle asked Patrick why he broke her heart. He played along and apologized. Patrick explained that men did things without thinking. Robin overheard as Patrick told Danielle he was in love with another woman. She meant the world to him and he intended to spend the rest of his life with her. Danielle said she was happy for him and Patrick walked out of the room and found Robin. She looked at Patrick and they kissed.

Robin went to see her father and told him he could not give his opinion on her personal life anymore. Patrick walked in and Robert said to give both him and Robin the news. Patrick said there was another tumor. Robert had colon cancer.

Toussaint and Epiphany went on a date where he tried to use a line on her from a movie. She called him on it and they had a good laugh. The waitress came to take their order and Toussaint ordered steak for both of them. Epiphany was mad. She hadn't eaten red meat since her heart attack and didn't appreciate Toussaint ordering for her. He apologized, but Epiphany didn't think things were working out for them. She couldn't understand why he was interested in her. Toussaint explained that Epiphany had spent her whole life caring for others, and that meant something to him. Epiphany reminded him she wasn't interested in dating Toussaint for his image. She wanted him for who he truly was.

At the end of the day, Claire and Kyle shared a soda and talked about their day. They both wished they were in love with someone.



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