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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Playing With Fire

Leo and Patrick helped Jagger stumble into General Hospital to get his ankle checked out after a game of basketball. Jagger's nurse flirted with him and he commented to Leo about the friendly staff. Leo offered to let Jagger stay the night at the hospital, but Jagger said he had to get home to his son. Leo mentioned how kids were great help in getting women. Later, Leo and Jagger ran into Saira. She quickly ran back to her office to get some paperwork on autism for Jagger. While she was gone, Jagger asked Leo for help in getting set up with Saira. Leo admitted he wasn't the right guy to ask because he and Saira didn't always get along. Jagger received a message from his babysitter so he asked Leo to tell Saira he would stop by tomorrow for the information. When Saira returned, Leo told her that Jagger left to meet someone.

When Jagger came back later, Leo checked the man's ankle. They talked about Stone and Saira's offer to help. Leo convinced Jagger to see a friend of his who specialized in autism for a second opinion.

Robin and Patrick escape to an elevator and hit the emergency stop button for some privacy. After some RNR, Robin was ready to meet her patient, Moira Anderson. Moira had recently been having difficulty with her cystic fibrosis. Soon, Epiphany rushed in and said there was another patient with Cystic Fibrosis in the waiting room. The staff rushed to separate the two so they wouldn't breathe the same air. Moira explained that the other patient was her boyfriend, Cyrus. They had been vacationing together for the past three days. While they ran tests on Moira, Patrick and Kyle attempted to check up on Cyrus. The young man was only interested in Moira, though. They met in an online support forum for Cystic Fibrosis patients. He didn't mind risking his life to be with her and planned on marrying her. He showed Patrick and Kyle the ring he bought. Robin came back to Moira's room and said her while blood cell count was high so he couldn't be released yet. Claire offered to tell Cyrus the news but Moira wanted to tell him. Robin didn't think that was a good idea and told Moira she would be risking both her and Cyrus' lives. Moira said they deserved to be happy while they were alive; especially considering neither one of them should have lived as long as they had.

Robin went to find Patrick and they argued over Cyrus and Moira's situation. Robin thought Cyrus and Moira were being irresponsible, but Patrick said they didn't have any room to talk when it came to being irresponsible. They agreed Cyrus and Moira could see each other through a window.

Patrick went to Cyrus' room and told him he could leave since his blood work came back clean. Cyrus wanted to stop in and see Moira, but Patrick asked him if he was sure he knew what he was doing. Cyrus said he had only known Moira for eight months, but he was sure he wanted to spend every available moment with her. Patrick said he understood, but Cyrus said there was no way Patrick could possibly understand.

Later, Robin and Patrick kissed in one of the storage closets until things started to progress and Patrick realized he didn't have a condom. Robin became upset and told Patrick to just forget it. She left the closet and went to get Moira's test results. When Robin arrived back at Moira's room, Cyrus was playing charades with Moira and Claire who were inside the room. Robin told Cyrus he would need to leave so she could treat Moira. Once he was gone, Robin went inside and told Moira she had a disease that was killing her and could kill Cyrus if he came into contact with her. They would try to buy her more time with antibiotics, though.

When Robin left the room, Jagger approached her and they talked briefly about Moira and Cyrus. Jagger said it would have been his brother, Stone's, birthday had he lived. Patrick listened from afar as Robin said she still felt connected to Stone.

Patrick and Kyle told Cyrus the news about Moira's condition. She had been put on a lung transplant list, but they didn't think she would make it any longer than a week. Cyrus was more determined than ever to spend whatever time he had with Moira. He went to Moira's room and through charades, asked her to marry him. Moira wouldn't let him into her room, though. She told him she loved him too much to let him risk his life.

Patrick and Robin talked about Cyrus and Moira and the similarities between their lives. Robin told Patrick he didn't know what it was like to live with a life threatening disease. Patrick said they could very well be Cyrus and Moira in the future. He assured Robin they would have a healthy daughter with two healthy parents.

Claire looked at online dating websites, while Kyle watched and said negative things about each potential suitor. Later, when Kyle mentioned the strange text messages he had been receiving, Claire admitted she had put Kyle's profile on the dating website in the hopes they could go on a double date. Kyle was mad and told her to take him off the site. During a break, Claire found Kyle's website in the lounge and noticed he had a date set up through the dating website. It was for the very next night! She confronted Kyle about it, and he thanked her for pushing him out into the dating scene.

Toussaint followed Robert as he walked into the supply closet. He asked if he could help, and Robert admitted he was looking for something sharp. Toussaint found an electric razor and offered to give Robert a trim. Epiphany walked into Robert's room later and found the newly shaven Robert with Toussaint. She was still clearly upset with Toussaint and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Epiphany caught up with Toussaint as he got on an elevator and wanted to talk to him. Another nurse got on the elevator, also, though, and Epiphany had a hard time talking to Toussaint with a witness. Toussaint shocked Epiphany, though, when he asked the other nurse to have coffee with him.

Patrick walked into Robert's room to check on him, and Robert asked if he wanted to play poker with him. Patrick declined, but later changed his mind and sat down to play. After Robert beat him, Patrick decided to leave, especially after Robin entered the room and made a rude comment. Robin told her father that Anna was in town, and Robert made her promise not to tell Anna about his condition. Robert was soon sorry when he asked about Robin and Patrick's relationship, because Robin told him they had gotten in a fight about sex.

Saira watched as Robin took her daily medication and commented to her friend that she didn't think she could do it. Robin said no one could judge themselves until they're actually forced to face the obstacle.

Saira ran into Jagger and flirted with him for a bit. They talked about Jagger taking Stone to another doctor as a referral. Jagger asked if Saira was involved with Leo, but Saira denied any romantic involvement. Jagger didn't believe her and said he didn't want to get in the middle of anything between them. Later, Saira confronted Leo about the referral he gave Jagger for Stone. Saira thought the referral had nothing to do with Leo wanting Jagger to get a second opinion. She thought it had to do with Leo wanting Jagger to stay away from her.

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