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About A Dad

Jagger and Stone checked into a room in the MetroCourt hotel. Not long after they settled into their room, Stone collapsed onto the floor. When Jagger rushed over, he noticed his son was bleeding from his head. As Stone was being rushed into the hospital, Jagger called Robin and told her what was going on. Robin was at home getting her father all settled in. She had arranged for an in-home nurse to stay with Robert while she was gone. Robin rushed to the hospital just in time to see Jagger as he broke down in tears when Stone was wheeled away.

After tests were done, Dr. Batra and Patrick explained to Jagger that Stone had suffered from a seizure. They were unsure of the exact cause, but some studies suggested autism was linked to the seizures some patients suffered from.

Robin later talked to Jagger about the treatment, and Jagger revealed his insurance would not pay the entire bill for Stone's treatment. Later, as Patrick and Robin were getting in bed, she explained Jagger's situation to Patrick. She wanted to help pay some of Stone's medical bills. Patrick told her she needed to conserve her money because her dad was sick and they had a baby on the way. Robin became upset and said it was her money and she would spend it however she saw fit. Later, when Robin took the money to Jagger, there was an awkward moment between Jagger and Robin when she gave him the money.

Claire and Leo agreed to keep their one-night stand a secret. Later, Claire witnessed Saira and Leo kissing and had second thoughts about keeping their secret. She didn't like being the "other woman". Leo apologized to Saira for his outburst the other night. They both said they liked each other, and Leo said he wanted to try to make the relationship work.

Saira asked Kyle to help out with a new project of hers, a breast milk bank. At first, Kyle was hesitant. He helped his first patient start extracting milk and asked why she decided to donate her milk. The woman explained she had lost her baby in the third trimester and wanted to do something to give life to others. It was the right thing to do for her baby's sake. Kyle was touched by the woman's story and was inspired to make the breast milk bank work. Soon, women were flocking to him for his "milk and cookies" parties. The women brought the milk and Kyle brought the cookies.

After Claire and Kyle witnessed a flirtatious exchange between Toussaint and Epiphany, they asked the head nurse what was going on. Epiphany admitted she and Toussaint were dating. She also later admitted the news to Saira. Epiphany was ecstatic, and everyone seemed very happy when they learned the news. Saira also told Epiphany that she and Leo Julian were dating. Claire overheard the conversation and was very uncomfortable. Saira told Claire to watch out. There was something in the air and she could very well find her a man at the hospital, too.

Robert's nurse couldn't keep tabs on him as he told her there was a bomb in the apartment. Robin was exasperated with her father's behavior and soon rushed home to make sure he was ok. At his birthday party, Robert got along great with Stone. When Stone and Robin went to get ice cream, Jagger and Robin talked about how frustrating it was to have loved ones with illnesses that had no cure.

During a break, Toussaint asked Epiphany to sing for him. She hesitated at first, but then started singing "Amazing Grace". During the song, Claire was seen looking at a paper with the story about her friend's death after donating a kidney.

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