One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 9, 1996 on OLTL
Cord, Kelly, and Joey planned to trap Cameron/Olivia. Drew refused to leave with Becky Lee. Blair's pregnancy with Patrick was revealed. A hungover Maggie spent time with Max at the Mountain Sunset Inn. Alex showed Carlo's fake will to Hank.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 9, 1996 on OLTL
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Monday, December 9, 1996

Courtesy: Tayo Fountain
At the Palace Hotel, Cord and Cameron/Olivia are having dinner. Cord is still being nice to Cameron and asking her personal information about her family - brothers, sisters etc. Cameron dances around the questions. In walks Joey and Kelley who are shocked to find Cord having dinner with Cameron after what's being discovered about her.

They both walk over to the couple's table and Cord invites them to sit with them. Cameron tries to go the powder room to avoid Kelley, but Kelley decides she will keep her company. At the powder room, Kelley lets Olivia have it regarding the "coincidences" on her name change etc. This makes Olivia uncomfortable, but, Kelley did not let up. After they return to the table, Cameron decides to leave and thanks Cord for the evening. After she leaves, Cord explains to Kelley and Joey that he had everything under control and he is merely playing up to Cameron to get her to talk and make a slip. Cord has gotten a whole dorsier on the real Cameron Wallace. The real deal who happens to be a whiz on WallStreet had tried to commit suicide and is now at a retreat in Tibet and cannot be reached. Cord's idea is to let the real Cameron face Olivia and force her to admit to her lies. Since this would not be possible, Cord and Joey decide on a second line of attack. What are they planning now? Stay tuned.

In another part of the Palace Hotel are Max and Maggie. Maggie makes for the bar and mixes her own martini. They are seated at a table where Maggie starts drinking heavily and eventually gets drunk against Max's advice. She says she's taking Max's advice on listening to her heart and having a good time. Max eventually convinces her to leave and they both end up in her hotel room. They begin to kiss deeply, but, Max stops ad tells Maggie that he wants her, but, not in the state she's in.

Meanwhile, at the Sun, Nora bursts into Todd's office and reads him the riot act regarding Patrick's set up for Hesser's murder and also informs him she is his attorney and will see that he is free because he's innocent unlike Todd who wasn't. They combat further with words and she leaves after letting Todd know that Bo is recovering and will come after Todd for false information.

After she leaves, Zeus walks in and wants to know about Nora. Todd edxplains that Nora is Patrick's attorney and will probably be coming after him to pick his "witness story" apart so he needs to be on his guard and not play any tricks with her. Zeus then hands him the gun he lifted from Patrick's apartment. Todd tells him to throw it away - as far as possible from Llanview.

Back at the Palace Hotel restaurant, Nora meets with Zeus and asks him about what he supposedly saw the night of the shooting resulting in Carlo's death. He repeated the same information he gave to Hank implicating Patrick. Nora thanks him and he leaves. As he leaves, Nora smiles and comments "You are not the only magician with tricks up your sleeve."

In the meantime, Blair is sprawled on the stable floor in pain and calls to Patrick for help. Patrick returns and gets her to the hospital. At the hospital, Marty who had just finished appealing to Viki regarding Todd's vendetta against Patrick and begs her to talk to Todd and get through to him, attends to Blair and gets the necessary information from her regarding her injury. Asks her if she is pregnant - she says No! She then asks the nurse to wheel her into the x-ray room to take xrays as well as a blood test to ensure she is not pregnant prior to the xray. All this while Blair all but bit Marty's head off.

Viki who witnessed the whole incident accompanies Blair to the examination room. While Blair is being examined, Viki makes a quick call to Todd to alert him about his wife being injured. Todd snaps at her that it's not his business and hangs up on Viki who sticks out her tongue at the phone. Well, what a surprise, Todd later walks into the emergency room to see Blair and after talking to her to make sure she's o.k. prepares to leave. Marty stops him in the hallway and says she has the results of Blair's HCG blood test - "It seems you're going to be a father again."

Tuesday, December 10, 1996

Courtesy: Janice Beydler

Nora / Patrick

Bo is getting better and has been moved to a private room. Bo is awake but tired. Nora tells him that he's getting better. Bo asks if they have found Carlo's shooter yet. Nora tells him no, but Hank is working on it.

Patrick comes in and asks Nora about Bo. Nora tells him that he's doing better and tells him to go say hello. Patrick hands Bo a gift and tells him that they'll talk later.

Patrick asks Nora about the witness. Nora tells Patrick that Zeus is sticking to his story. They are interrupted by a nurse who is to talk to Nora about Bo and Patrick tells her that he'll go back to ER to check on Blair.

Becky Lee / Drew

Rachel brought Drew some notes from his classes and reminds him of finals. Becky Lee shows up and tells Drew that Nora came through with the money that Bo had promised her. Becky Lee expects Drew to go along with her to Nashville.

Rachel leaves the two together getting Drew's promise to call later and wishing Becky Lee good luck with her record. Drew tells Becky Lee that he won't go. Bo and Nora need him.

Drew tells Becky Lee that he's not abandoning her, but he has a life here. Drew tells her that he'll come and see her after the first of the year or a semester break. Becky Lee tells him that he'll probably just call her and tell her he's too busy to see her.

Becky Lee tells him that he likes to be around Bo, Bo's money and all the rich friends that he's made. Drew asks Becky Lee not to go away mad. They say their goodbyes and tell each other they love each other. Becky Lee tells him that she can't protect him once she leaves and especially after the truth comes out. Drew realizes that.

R.J. / Antonio / Andy

R.J.'s at the diner talking to Mickey and about work. Antonio tells R.J. to leave. Andy comes into the diner and asks what's going on between Antonio and R.J. R.J. leaves. Andy goes over to the counter.

The guys don't understand why Antonio cares, after all, he worked for Carlo Hesser. R.J.'s offering good money to work at Club Indigo. They leave.

Andy pulls Antonio aside and asks him again, what's going on. Antonio tells Andy that R.J. offered the guys work. Andy tells Antonio that once the truth comes out it'll be different. Antonio tells Andy it's more involved than what she thinks it is.

Todd / Blair

Todd asks Marty to repeat what she blurted out. Again, breaking Medical Ethics involving patient confidentiality she tells Todd that Blair's pregnant. Todd is stunned. Marty tells Todd that this is his second chance and she can't understand his attitude. Marty leaves Todd. Todd goes back in the examining room where Blair is.

Blair asks Todd why did he returned. Todd goes on about the 'new twist'. Todd tells Blair that he thought that she loved him, she wanted their family back together, she planned the party, the song and all the time it was to get him back in bed so she could pass off another man's baby as his. She wasn't pregnant before and tricked him, so why not try this in reverse. Blair's confused and demands to know if this is some trick of Todd's lawyer to drag her into court over Starr.

Patrick enters the room during Todd's tirade and asks Todd why is he tormenting Blair. Todd breaks the news to Patrick and Blair that they're parents. Both are stunned. Todd leaves the two together.

A nurse comes in and tells Blair that since she's pregnant there won't be any x-rays. Blair tells Patrick that he's the only one she's been with this past year. Patrick tells Blair that he'll stand by her, it's his responsibility.

Alex / R.J.

Alex is at Club Indigo waiting for R.J. R.J. takes a bottle of champagne and Alex to a table for more 'privacy' to discuss her predictament. Alex tells R.J. that her lawyer tells her that she might be able to get a deal from Hank if she hands him Carlo's murderer. Alex asks for R.J.'s help.

Alex and R.J. go over what they need to prove that Antonio is the murderer. They need opportunity, means and motive. People knew that Carlo was expecting Antonio so they have to find a witness that can place Antonio on the ship - for opportunity.

Alex tells R.J. that the means, the weapon isn't all that important which leaves them motive. R.J. points out that Carlo had wanted Antonio to be his heir. Carlo was wealthy and if they could find a will leaving everything to Antonio - motive. Alex asks R.J. if he knew where Carlo kept his will. R.J. tells her no and he doesn't even know if Carlo had a will.

Alex and R.J. finish off one bottle of champagne and start on another. R.J. passes on any more. Alex makes a comment about R.J. keeping a clear head so he can run his empire. R.J. reminds her that he's a 'legitimate' business man. R.J. asks Alex if she has any qualms about setting up Antonio as Carlo's murderer. Alex tells R.J. no qualms.

Andy / Antonio / Nora

Andy leaves Antonio to find Nora and ask Nora if he can get in to see Bo. Andy heads for ER and finds Marty. Andy tells Marty that Hank is looking at others but Patrick is the prime suspect. Marty tells Andy that she doesn't believe that Patrick did it. Marty then warns Andy to stay away from Antonio, he did work for Carlo and he's probably involved.

Antonio talks to Nora about Bo. Nora tells Antonio that he's doing better, but he can't see him tonight. Antonio tells Nora that he's still undercovered. Antonio asks Nora if she's representing Patrick. She confirms it but that's all she'll say about his case. Nora does tell Antonio that if it's important he should talk to Hank.

Nora returns to Bo's room. Nora tells a sleeping Bo that it's pretty crazy outside his room. Carlo's murderer is running loose and there are all these fingers pointing everywhere to the murderer. Nora tells Bo that for now she's there for him, she loves him and she's not leaving him.

Andy catches up with Antonio asking him if he was able to see Nora and Bo. Antonio tells her that he saw Nora but only family can see Bo. Andy tells him that she talked to Marty about Patrick. Andy tells Antonio that Marty doesn't believe that Patrick did it. Antonio tells Andy cryptically not to rule Patrick out.

Todd / Blair / Marty / Patrick

Todd's still at the hospital yelling at Briggs on the cell phone. Todd's telling Briggs to take Blair's name off as Editor in Chief as well as to get his lawyer to show up at the hospital immediately. Todd runs into Marty and tells her that he's not the father of the Blair's baby and leaves her to muddle over his comment.

Todd's lawyer shows up and Todd gives him a what if for their case. What if Blair is pregnant with another man's baby. The lawyer tells Todd that that would definitely help their case.

Marty goes into the examination room to find Patrick with Blair. Blair apologizes to Marty telling her they used protection, she can't explain what went wrong. Patrick apologizes too. Marty runs out of the room and Patrick follows, leaving an anguished Blair by herself.

Wednesday, December 11, 1996

Courtesy: Wendy

Max is on the phone yelling at someone about the ski-season starting and not having the Mt.Side Inn ready in time. KNOCK ON THE DOOR- a very hung over Maggie in dark glasses walks gently into Max's house. She tells him how horrible she is feeling not only physically but guilty about ruining their first date. Max forgives her and serves her a big glass of hang-over remedy. She turns up her nose at the concoction but feels better after a couple of sips. Max gives her sometime to get herself together and then he asks what made flip-out. He doesn't believe that her father with his same old criticism of her would make her so crazy. Maggie agrees that her dad did have the same old line but the part that was different was her father said she would never be happy and could never commit to anything. This is what pushed Maggie over the edge, she tells Max how scared she is that her father might be right and she would end up a lonely old woman. Max disregards what her father had to say and changes the subject. He tells her that his cleaning crew for the lodge didn't show and he needs to get the lodge cleaned up. He also wants to go pick up his kids in North Carolina. Maggie volunteers to help clean the lodge. Later they arrive at the lodge. Maggie tells Max he needs an archeologists not a cleaning crew. Max talks about how special the lodge is and that many of his life events happened there, the twins etc...Maggie is worried that she is intruding in a personal place that meant so much to him and has so many memories of Luna. Max tells her it's because of Luna that he wants her to be there with him. Max decides to build a fire and asks Maggie to open the flue while he picks up some wood. She looks up into the chimmney pulls the flue and gets a face full of soot. Max sends her off to take a shower and clean clothes. She comes back in and looks great. Max asks her if there is anything he can do for her. She gives him a sheepish smile.


Todd has called Asa to his office. Asa arrives and Todd is totally friendly and gracious. Asa tells Todd he must need something pretty bad to be acting like a human. Todd wants to get together with Asa to gang up on Blair.

Blair is at Dorian's briefing a security guard on what Todd looks like and that he isn't allowed anywhere near Starr. Viki comes by to check on Blair's cracked rib.

Todd is looking for dirt on Blair to get custody of Starr. Asa is glad to help get "blood sucking" Blair. Todd wants him to testify about their terrible marriage and how Blair left him for dead.

Viki is talking to Blair wishing there was another way. Blair tells Viki about being pregnant. Viki is happy for her. Then Blair gives Viki the news about who's the father. Viki says "Oh Boy things will be more complicated." Viki understands that Blair is angry but she knows how much Blair loves Todd. Viki goes on to tell Blair that stranger relationships have happened.

Asa tells Todd he isn't interested in sinking knee deep in the mud with Todd's problems. Asa leaves to go see Bo. Freeman (the lawyer) flies in the door and Todd gives him the good news about having the dirt to blow Blair out of the water. Todd is ready to nail Blair to the wall and put Patrick in jail. Freeman wants Todd to dictate all his information on Blair so they can have proof at the hearing. Todd begins his soliloquy twisting every word and gesture Blair has made towards him since his return from the dead. He ends it by accusing Blair of being a liar and a slut.


Patrick arrives early in the morning at Marty's house. They both agreed they were unable to sleep and they are both miserable over the prospect of Blair's baby. Patrick is hopeful that they can work through this problem together. Marty tells him that she tried to deny Patrick was sleeping with Blair and she knew she was still married to Dylan but a baby is more than she can handle. She wonders how much of an accident the baby really is and is skeptical that Blair is innocent. Patrick begs Marty to look at him. He goes on to tell her that they've been through hard times before and they can get through this. Marty feels the baby changes everything for them. Patrick asks her if they are over. Marty needs time to adjust. DOORBELL-Nora arrives and sees that Marty has been crying but she wanted to come by and fill them in on the latest development regarding Zeus. Nora tells them about her meeting with Zeus and how his story about being an amateur magician didn't fly. When she mentions Zeus pulling a sea shell out of her ear Marty perks up remembering the magician at the Wild Swan who pulled a sea shell from her ear. Together they start to put the pieces together of who Zeus might be. Nora and Patrick decide to go see Blair as she may have more information on who Zeus is. Marty refuses to go, she just can't face Blair at this time. She give Patrick a tight hug and sends him with Nora. Viki stops by Marty's house to make sure she's OK after the news about the baby. Marty tells her how stressed she is and Viki worries about Marty's health. Marty hates it that a woman she hates (Blair) is pregnant by the man she loves more that life itself (Patrick). She doesn't know if she can share him with Blair and the baby. She had been dreaming about the two of them together sharing their life. Later alone in the house Marty sits at her piano and plays the music that brought her and Patrick together, "Song Without End." After a few chords she slams the piano shut bangs her fists on the top of the piano and breaks down in tears.

Nora and Patrick retell the story of Zeus the magician to Blair. Blair also wakes up and realizes that he must be the same magician she met in the park one day. She goes on to tell them how Todd arrived at the park and flipped-out seeing her talk to Zeus. Todd forced her to leave the park and go home. Blair links Todd to Zeus and realizes that he is using him as a fake witness to Carlo's murder. Blair goes on to inform Patrick and Nora that Todd masterminded all her trouble. He set her up and he kidnapped Starr. Patrick knows Todd is insanely jealous and a lunatic. Nora feels she has enough information to go see Hank. Patrick stays behind to talk to Blair. He thanks her for all her help and then he asks her what are they going to do about the baby. Blair tells him it's not his problem, she will deal with the baby. Patrick promises not to leave her alone he will honor his responsibility. Blair knows Patrick is honorable but at this time she has no plans for herself or the baby, all she can concentrate on is Starr and Todd. They put off discussing the baby till the business with Todd is settled.

Thursday, December 12, 1996

Courtesy: Susan Richmond

Kelly is doubting that she can pull off the plan to pretend to be Cameron Wallace. Joey assures her that with the right clothes and hair, she'll be fine. In a few weeks she'll be bragging about the whole thing. Cord comes in with 'Cameron's' clothes and wig. Cord has to warn Kelly before they get started that there's a good possibility that Dorian is mixed up in this whole thing with Cameron/Olivia. Kelly denies that Dorian has anything to do with Cameron/Olivia. Cord tells her that the land that Cam/Olivia lives on used to be owned by Dorian until last spring, Dorian is also the person that introduced Cord to Cameron Wallace. Kelly isn't convinced. Cord explains that all he wants her to do is let Cam/Olivia see Kelly as Cameron Wallace. Cam/Olivia will panic and ruin the fake deal with the Japanese, which only she and Cord know about. Kelly's not happy about it, but finally agrees, only to prove to them that Dorian has nothing to do with it.

Joey leaves early to go to the Palace Hotel. He's to let Renee in on what's going on and to keep Cam/Olivia from leaving until Cord gets there. Kelly doesn't believe the disguise is going to work, but Cord puts some dark framed glasses on her. He also has Kelly practice speaking in a lower-pitched, authoratative voice. He also suggests she talk on a cellular phone a lot. Cord is pleased with the results, Kelly is ready to go.


Olivia is just leaving when Dorian finds her on the patio. Dorian came all the way out there to talk to her in private. Olivia assures Dorian that everything is back on track, she has gained backed Cord's trust after the confusion about her real name. Dorian is very unhappy, the plan is taking far to long, she wants Buchanan Enterprises to be history. Olivia explains that Buchanan Enterprises is already "on the ropes", but no one thing is going to ruin the company, these things take time. Dorian wants the company destroyed by Christmas time. Olivia tells Dorian that Cord is planning another really big deal with the Japanese and Olivia will make sure that it fails, causing Buchanan Enterprises stock to drop even lower. That seems to satisfy Dorian, for now, anyway, and she leaves.


Cam/Olivia is sitting at a table waiting for Cord. After telling Renee her part in the plan, Joey goes over to tell Cam/Olivia that Cord has been delayed. He's working on some Japanese business deal and will tell her all about it when he gets there. Joey apologizes for the way he and Kelly have been treating her. Cord arrives and starts telling them about the deal with the Japanese oil company. Kelly, dressed as the real Cameron Wallace arrives and Cord asks Cam/Olivia to ask Renee for a phone they can use. She goes to get the phone and hears Kelly asking for a reservation for Cameron Wallace.

Kelly sits down at a table and Renee brings Cam/Olivia the phone, which she brings back to their table. She takes a big gulp of her drink and nearly chokes when she hears Kelly behind her say, "this is Wallace, get me the number" on her phone. Cam/Olivia tells them she is not feeling well and she thinks she should go. Kelly, as Cameron, is talking loudly on the phone behind her and Cam/Olivia is getting more nervous and jumpy by the second. She claims she has a migrane and rushes out. Renee, Cord, Joey and Kelly celebrate and Kelly wonders what is next. "Next, we go in for the kill", Cord tells her.


Max and Maggie are standing in front of the fireplace. Max touches Maggie's face and tells her she's beautiful. Max pulls a bench over and they sit down on it in front of the fire. He puts his arms around her and kisses her neck, her forehead, her cheek. They finally kiss, but then there's a knock on the door. It's Luna's relatives from N. Carolina who have brought back the twins. Dylan and Al also came with them. Al's thrilled to see Maggie and runs to give her a hug. The furnace starts making noises and Max goes to check it out. Maggie and Dylan sit down to have a talk. Dylan heard that Maggie has quit the order. It's kind of scary, being out there in the big, wide world again, Maggie admits. Dylan tells her that if she ever needs to talk, she can find him at Rodi's almost every night. Max isn't able to fix the furnace, so he just turns it off, which means everyone will have to head back to Llanview. Max grabs Maggie and asks her to remember where they left off, because he wants to pick up there on date #3.


Andy is in the living room in Max's house working on some papers when she thinks she sees someone pass by the window. She opens the front door, hand on her gun, but doesn't see anyone. She calls out "Who's there?." Antonio walks up just then and they go inside. It was Antonio that Andy saw outside the window, he cut through the woods so no one would see him coming there. Andy tells him that Max isn't even home, he's up at the inn in the mountains. Antonio's been worried because R.J. has been taking over a lot of Carlo's business and he's almost sure R.J. knew he was working undercover. He's worried R.J. might settle the score by hurting someone Antonio cares about. Antonio wants to leave before anyone finds him there, but Andy asks him to stay and they kiss.

Andy and Antonio are kissing on the couch. Andy says she's tired of hiding their relationship, but Antonio explains it's best for right now, with R.J. having meetings with Carlo's people. Antonio looks up and notices the papers on the desk, it's a file of suspects for the Carlo Hesser murder. Antonio points out his name on the list. Antonio asks if they are any closer to finding the killer. What about Patrick, he asks Andy, does she thing Patrick did it? Andy believes Patrick's not the killer. Andy thinks Antonio's asking a lot of questions, what does he know that he's not telling Andy? Antonio first says he has to talk to Bo first, but Andy finally convices him to tell her what's wrong. "If you're willing to stick with me, you've got the right to know. I just hope you'll understand", Antonio says.

"It's about that night(that Carlo was killed). Remember when I left the hospital? I was out of my head. I couldn't think about anything except what Carlo had done to you, how he hurt you, and there was no way I was going to let him get away with that", Antonio starts to tell her. Max suddenly comes in the front door, calling Andy's name. She rushes to the door so he won't come in and see Antonio. Maggie comes in too, but everyone else stopped to get some pizza. Max goes into the living room and is not happy to see Antonio there.

He's just there to give Andy some information about the Carlo Hesser case that may be important, Antonio explains. Max points out that Andy is not his personal police officer and he should take the information to the police station. Ever time Antonio's around Andy she gets hurt, and Max is tired of it. Andy tries to defend Antonio, but Max doesn't listen and Antonio leaves. Andy storms out after him. Maggie tells him he's been so hard on Antonio, she wants to know what's going on. Antonio saved their lives, she reminds him. Max admits he's holding something back, it may be something, or it may be nothing, but he's keeping it to himself right now. He refuses to tell Maggie, for now. This isn't what he had in mind for their second date. "You know what they say, third times the charm", he tells her optimistically.

Andy catches up to Antonio outside. He tells her maybe she shouldn't have followed him, Max always loses it when he sees them together. Andy replies that they are together whether Max likes it or not. Besides, Andy wants to find out what he was going to tell her about that night at the hospital. Antonio doesn't want her to get involved, she'll only get hurt. It's something he can only talk to Bo about. Andy says that Bo should be going home tomorrow and Antonio should go over and talk to him. Antonio agrees and they kiss.


R.J. enters and Alex shows him Carlo's will, at least the fake one that Alex had forged. It gives everything to Antonio Vega. Alex plans to use it to prove that Antonio killed Carlo and get herself a plea bargain. Alex tells R.J. he needs to leave because Hank will be coming over soon.

Hank arrives, not too thrilled to be there. Alex tells him she found Carlo's will. She claims to have found it in a secret safe that Carlo kept in Philadelphia. She bargains that she will turn it over if Hank drops the charges against her. Hank tells her that when she's through playing her games and intends to turn over the will, to give him a call. Hank walks out the door, but Alex calls him back. She hands over Carlo's will, Carlo left everything to Antonio Vega. Hank looks over the will and tells her he will have it examined. Alex prods him to agree to drop the charges against her. Just because Alex gave him this will, doesn't mean the case is sewed up. They have no way to prove that Antonio knew about the will and no one saw him on the ship that night. Hank will check everything out, then he and Alex will talk.

Friday, December 13, 1996

Courtesy: Susan Richmond


Antonio's sitting at the counter looking through the help wanted section. Carlotta assures him he's welcome to work at the diner anytime. It will keep him close to her and away from Carlo's men. Hank comes in for a meeting with Nora. He just spoke to the plainclothes police watching the diner and everything's been quiet. Hank asks Antonio if Carlo ever mentioned anything about a will, one just turned up and Antonio is prominently mentioned. Antonio denies ever hearing about a will. Carlo thought of him as a long lost son, and they used that to get Carlo to trust him, Antonio explains, starting to get angry that Hank doesn't trust him.

Nora comes in, happy that Bo's coming home tonight. The reason she's meeting Hank at the diner is that Carlotta's making a special Hanukkah dish to bring home. Nora and Hank go to sit down. Nora explains that Hank's star witness, Zeus, was spotted weeks ago at the Wild Swan by Patrick and Marty. He was also there the night Patrick was drugged and Starr was kidnapped. Blair also met him in the park and asked him to perform at the party, but Todd refused to allow it. Todd and Zeus both came to Llanview on the same day, both from Geneva. Hank reluctantly agrees that Nora might have something, he'll follow up on it. Carlotta brings Nora her potato pancakes and Hank leaves. Antonio stops Nora on her way out, she agrees that Antonio can stop by and briefly talk to Bo.


Patrick is coming home and is about to unlock the door when he notices it's already open. He bursts into the room, but it's only Marty, who's waiting for him. She's thought about everything and has made a decision. Marty does understand what happened with Blair. Dylan was in a wheelchair and Marty had told Patrick she could never be with him. In fact, she admires how Patrick is handling the situation, taking responsibility for the baby. Their love is too strong to give up now, Marty feels they can work through this. It's not going to be easy though, especially since Blair is involved. It's like this beautiful world they planned just came crashing down. They've survived, though, and they always will.

Patrick and Marty are standing on the balcony, enjoying the freezing night air. Patrick tells her that Bo is coming home tonight and that Nora has conviced Hank to look in to Zeus's connection with Todd. It's funny, with everything going on with Blair and the baby, he forgot for a while he's a murder suspect. With Bo back in charge soon, they'll find the real killer, Marty reassures him and they kiss. They go back inside and kiss some more. They take off their shirts and kiss some more.(You get the idea:-)


The security guy opens the door to let Dorian in. Blair comes down the stairs and tells Dorian she's been lying down resting. Dorian offers her brandy, which Blair just holds in her hand. Dorian's very excited, she's been shopping in NY and also sold the Melador youth line to 3 department stores. Dorian offers a toast to success and putting the past behind them, but Blair just puts her glass on the table. She informs Dorian she's going to be a great-aunt again. It takes her a few seconds, but Dorian figures out that Blair is carrying Patrick's child. Does Todd know, Dorain asks. Blair explains that Todd is already planning to use this against her in a custody fight. Blair's going to fight him, she's going to immediately file for legal separation and legal custody of Starr. Dorian subtly questions Blair whether she's thinking of having an abortion.

There was a time when Blair wouldn't have thought twice about having an abortion. But after the miscarriage she had, and Starr, who's brought her such joy, she's not sure what she wants to do. Dorian reminds her it's not going to be easy, raising two fatherless children. Blair tells her that Patrick is willing to take responsibility for the child. Won't that tie Blair to Marty forever, Dorian asks. Why did Dorian even have to bring up whats-her-name, Blair asks. Because if Blair gets Patrick as the daddy, she's going to get Marty, too. What if Patrick and Marty get married and decide they want custody of Patrick's child? The doorbell rings and Blair is served with legal papers. Todd has filed for legal separation, and for full custody of Starr.

Blair hands the paper to Dorian to look at. They prove who the true Todd Manning is, a man who will do anything to get custody of Starr, Dorian says. "Over my dead body", Blair replies. Todd's doing this now because he thinks he can use Blair's pregnancy against her, Dorian points out. Blair's going to fight it, she calls Todd, but he's meeting with Hank. Blair grabs her coat and storms out to go see Todd. "When I'm through with Todd Manning, there's not a court in this world that's going to let him near my daughter, or anyone else's!"


Todd's talking to his lawyer, he's anxious to go to trial. He gives the lawyer, Winslow, the tape he made, telling all of the bad things Blair has ever done to Todd, the lies she's told. The Winslow explains that although Blair is carrying Patrick's child, she thought Todd was dead at the time. Todd says Blair is a "two-bit whore" and he can prove it. It's all on the tape, how Blair lied about being pregnant to get Todd to marry her the first time, how she kept lying to Todd about her affair with Patrick, how she kept seeing Patrick after Todd was back home. Asa's willing to testify that Blair told him the same lie about being pregnant, and she tried to kill him. Winslow says if it were up to him, Todd would have Starr today, but the judge has to consider Todd's record as well. Todd replies, let them consider it, he's got a pardon from the govenor, his record's completely clean. As Winslow leaves, Viki comes in. "Let me guess, you're going to use Blair's pregnancy to try to get custody of Starr", she says. Todd doesn't want to talk, but Viki tells him if he wants to get rid of her, he's going to have to throw her out.

Viki knows how much Todd loves Blair, and the fact that she's carrying Patrick's child must hurt Todd terribly. Todd asks Viki for suggestions on how he's supposed to deal with it. Well, revenge certainly isn't the answer, Viki tells him, pointing out the paper that accuses Patrick of being Carlo's killer. This "surprise witness" is just Todd's way of getting back at Patrick for sleeping with Blair, Viki accuses. As long as Patrick and Marty are in misery Todd will be a happy guy, Todd claims. He'll be a sad guy, Viki says, she begs him to let it go.

The only thing Todd cares about is his child, and now he can't even see Starr. Viki suggests that instead of taking things to court, he should talk to Blair and work things out. All Todd wants is his daughter and he'll do whatever it takes to get her, he tells Viki. If this goes to court, pardon or no pardon, Todd will be held accountable for what happened in the past. It's not to late for Todd to drop the custody suit or maybe even reconcile with Blair. It's possible for one man to raise another man's child, Clint raised Kevin and Joey as if they were his own, Viki reminds him. If he won't stop the suit for Blair and Starr's sake, Viki warns him he may be risking his own freedom. Dorian is a very dangerous enemy.

Hank comes to visit Todd at his office. Todd wonders when he's going to hear about an arrest. He gave them an eye-witness, but he can't do everything for them. Hank's come to talk about Zeus, Todd never saw him before he came to the paper with his story? Todd denies ever meeting Zeus before. Then Hank brings up Todd's meeting Zeus in the park doing magic tricks for Blair and also the fact that they came over from Europe on the same day. "Now, are you sure the man was a total stranger?", Hank asks. Todd tells Hank if he's got something to say, to just say it. "Obstruction of justice, fraud, interference in a criminal investigation", and Hank could go on. Todd claims Hank has nothing on him. Hank believes that Todd brought Zeus back with him and Zeus has been following orders. He wants to know why Todd would want to frame Patrick. Blair comes in, she'll tell Hank why. Todd's making Patrick the fall guy to cover up who the real killer is, himself, and Blair can prove it.


Drew and Rachel are there and Rachel is putting candles in the menorah(sp?). Rachel explains that Hanukkah is about miracles. Like Bo's recovery, Drew says. Rachel tells him that Bo is very happy that Drew decided to stay in Llanview, other people are too. The doorbell rings, it's Asa, anxious to see Bo. Bo's still at the hospital for a few last minute tests.

Nora and Clint bring Bo home, he insisted on walking into the house, he wouldn't use a wheelchair. Bo looks good, but he's moving a bit slow, holding his side. He gives Rachel a quick kiss and shakes Drew's hand. He's very glad to be home, he'll never take it for granted again. He walks over to Asa and gives him a hug. Everyone except Drew leaves, supposedly to help Nora get groceries out of the car. Bo asks Drew what stopped him from going to Nashville with Becky Lee. Drew doesn't want to waste anymore time, he'd like to get to know Bo.

Nora is passing out the potato pancakes when the doorbell rings, it's Viki. She heard Bo was coming home and stopped by to see if she could do anything to help. Asa is commenting he's anxious for the police to catch Carlo's killer. No, he doesn't care about justice, he want to throw the guy a party. The doorbell rings again, it's Antonio, who's come to talk to Bo. Nora invites him in, but he doesn't want to interrupt the family celebration. Bo comes to the door and tells him they will definitely talk tomorrow. Asa wants to know why Antonio was there, he was Hesser's right hand man. Clint says Bo will tell them when he's ready. Nora lights the first candle, then Asa, then Drew as the scene ends.

All the candles are lit, and Nora places the middle one back in the menorah. Everyone except Bo and Nora go to sit down and eat. They kiss and Nora tells him that she's got nothing left to wish for this year, her miracle's already happened. She tells Bo welcome home and he replies it's good to be home. They kiss.

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