One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 24, 1997 on OLTL
Antonio and Andy were in trouble in New York City. Kevin and Téa almost made love in the newspaper office. Ian met Maggie's father. Drew offered to help Kelly plan a fashion show. Ian was dismayed that his mother's locket was empty.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 24, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, March 24, 1997

Maggie insists that her father give Eleanor's locket to Ian, but the Bishop refuses, Ian comes back to Maggie's hotel room, pretending to return Maggie's glove that he found (it's not hers). Maggie introduces him to the Bishop. Ian would like to sit down and get to know him, but the Bishop explains he has to go to a meeting. Later, Maggie goes to the rectory to search her father's bag. So does Ian, and Maggie catches him with the bag.

Kevin and Téa are alone in the city room doing some research on Antonio's murder conviction. Kevin has the only remaining staff member go out for a long dinner so they can be alone. Téa looks through his desk and finds a picture of Duke and they talk about his son. In return, Kevin claims the right to look through her purse and finds, among other things, some condoms. Things get passionate and Kevin sweeps everything off his desk and they kiss.

Andy and Antonio try to slip out of the comedy club, but are stopped by Casey, who insists they stay to see his act. The bartender makes them special spiked drinks, but they don't drink them and leave right after Casey is done. The bartender tells Casey that he will have to kill Antonio and hands him a gun. Casey lures Antonio onto the roof of the apartment building and prepares to shoot him. Meanwhile, downstairs, Andy becomes worried when Abuelita calls and tells her the name of the superintendant is "Sanchez", not Casey Keegan.

Tuesday, March 25, 1997

Kevin and Téa start to make love on his desk at the Banner, but are interrupted once again by Cassie. Cassie is extremely upset and is appalled Kevin would do such a thing. Kevin accuses that Cassie wishes she was the one on the desk with him. Cassie slaps him hard, but then admits that she was jealous of Téa. Cassie goes home and agrees to help Andrew with his new project. Téa assures Kevin she doesn't feel he's using her

Maggie finally admits to Ian the whole truth about what happened in St. Maarten. Ian can't understand how Maggie could go along with this. Maggie explains her father begged for her help, he needed her for the first time in her life. Ian can understand that, his relationship with his father is similar. Andrew catches Ian and Maggie in his study, but Maggie gives him the impression she's looking through her father's bag with his permission.

Andy rushes to the roof and draws her gun. Antonio tackles Casey and gets the gun away from him. They question him and learn that R.J. is the one who put thie hit out on Antonio. They let Casey go.

R.J. visits Alex, who is still in jail after being denied bail. R.J. is angry at Alex for trying to pin Carlo's murder on him. Alex tries to explain she was desperate, she never meant any harm to R.J.

Wednesday, March 26, 1997

Kelly,Drew, Viki and Rene`

Viki visits Kelly at the Gatehouse and presents her with a thick stack of faxes she received from Dorian. The epic set of instructions outline how to organize a fashion show. Panic overwhelms Kelly. She did not realize this would be so complicated. Considering all the hard work involved, Viki is certain that Dorian is thrilled that Kelly has the job. She excuses herself for a prior appointment with Blair and Todd.

Drew enters the living room to find Kelly muttering to herself. She is dead meat! This is an impossible task. Drew offers to help. He puts everything in perspective. He tells her she must proceed logically. Before there is a guest list or invitations she must hunt down a location. Later, she can plan the presentation. Kelly is impressed with his organizational skills and the infusionof confidence he has given her. He suggests that she get dressed and he will take her out. Who says business and pleasure can't mix.

As Kelly goes off to dress, the phone rings and Drew answers. It is Dorian. Drew berates her for going out of town and leaving Kelly to iron out all the details. Dorian can't hide her delight. She knew what she was doing. This is a golden opportunity for Drew to get the golden girl of his dreams. Drew is not so sure. Kelly is in love with Joey. Dorian tells him that her niece will forget all about his cousin soon enough.

At the Palace for breakfast, Drew looks at the menu and asks Rene` if he and Kelly can take a peek at the lunch and dinner menus also. They will need refreshments for the Fashion Show. Rene` replies forget about menus. She is holding a major function at the hotel and she will send an array of to die for samples over. She hopes they are hungry.

Kelly is amazed that Drew would ditch school to help Starr, whom he barely knows. He replies that he wants to help because he cares for Kelly. She guesses that is a good enough reason. Their table is an embarassment of riches provided by Rene`'s catering staff. Kelly tells Drew she is not overly fond of the glitzy approach for their fashion show. She doesn't think it will bring in the necessary donors. Drew replies he would take a blood test any day to see her walk down the runway. Kelly says he is just being sweet. Look at Rene, she is beautiful, but more so because they know her. A lightbulb goes on in Kelly's normally ditzy head. She's got it!. Instead of importing beautiful Manhattan models, how about people everyone in Llanview knows. They would pay to see Jessica in funky swimwear, Maggie in a sundress, Marty in sexy evening wear and best of all, Dorian and Viki both in something stunning sharing the runway together. Drew declares Kelly a genius. The visual picture of Llanview's most famous matriarchs and rivals working with each other prompts Rene` to laugh aloud. The ideas start spilling out. Kelly does not want this to be like a PTA event. They need something edgier. Rene`tells them she can cater anywhere they would like. Drew says he knows just where they should hold the Fashion show.

Drew takes Kelly to the edge, literally. At a warehouse on the river's edge, he shows her the possibilities. At first, she is thown off by the dingy dank room. But slowly she warms up to what they can create of it. With her imagination running wild, she see tons of people, strobe lights, music blaring and the fashion show in progress. On a platform doubling as a runway, Kelly strikes a pose. They laugh and Drew helps her down. With his arms around her and mere inches between their faces, it would take only a slight move by either and their lips would meet. Will they give in to the magnetic attraction of the moment?

Maggie, Ian, Andrew and the Bishop

At the rectory, Bishop John Carpenter is in the foyer as Andrew comes down the stairs. Andrew senses that something is wrong. His uncle looks preoccupied and he still has two hours before the next train to Baltimore. The Bishop asks Andrew if he has seen a red book of his and mentions that it is very important he finds it. He knows he did not leave it home and he has noticed his luggage has been gone through and rearranged. Andrew informs him the he interrupted Ian and Maggie in the midst of an argument. they were looking for something in Uncle John's luggage. The Bishop is surprised that Andrew would allow them to do that. Andrew says he assumed they had his permission. After all, Maggie is the Bishop's daughter. The argument was heated between Maggie and Ian and it prompted Andrew to ask Maggie if she was alright. He wonders what Ian Armitage was doing there with Maggie and why he affected her so strongly. The Bishop replies he has no clue to Ian's behavior, other than he thinks he is taking advantage of his daughter. The more Maggie is around Ian, the more she pulls away from her father. Andrew tells him he noticed when he and his family were snowbound with Maggie and Ian at Max's ski lodge, his cousin seemed less than relaxed when the subject of father's came up in conversation. This surprised Andrew because he was certain his uncle and Maggie were repairing their relationship. He urges the Bishop to patch things up before it is too late. He is haunted by the memory of his own father and the regret that they did not mend their fences until close to the end of the General's life. The Bishop says it is not that simple. Andrew says he is there for him, if he wants to talk.

At the Palace, Maggie sits down with Ian and tells him she has had only one hour of sleep. Nightmares of her father marred her slumber. She is going to ask him about the locket. Ian, on the other hand, slept soundly without having to wrestle with the unanswered questions about his mother's death. Maggie apologizes and says there will be no more lies. She just has to get the Bishop on the program and that might be a tough task. Ian volunteers to accompany her, saying with him along, her father won't find it as easy to dodge their questions. Maggie thinks the Bishop will feel they are ganging up on him. Ian says he is willing to take that chance.

With Andrew out of the picture, the Bishop takes the locket out of his luggage. When Maggie calls and informs him she is coming over, he stares intently at the piece of jewelry.

When Maggie and Ian arrive at the rectory, she tries to talk him out of meeting with her father. The door opens and the Bishop speaks his daughters name in the sternest of voices. She accuses her father of planning to take off before they can talk. The Bishop says since when did this talk include Ian. She replies that Ian is involved too. The Bishop supposes he has no choice in the matter and leads them into the rectory. His daughter informs him that she has told Ian everything about Eleanor's death. A betrayal of a confidence, the Bishop says. Maggie counters that the lies had to end. Ian adds that the mystery around his mother's death was painful and now all he wants is the locket. The Bishop says he know that they went through his luggage. Ian takes full responsibility for their actions. Maggie begs him to return the locket. Ian tells the Bishop he has no right to with hold something his mother intended for him.

The Bishop informs Ian that Eleanor and he knew each other long ago. Ian wonders how that justifies him keeping the locket. Maggie's father says they were friends. Ian has the distince impression they were more than friends. Whatever happened was in the past, the Bishop says and it had been a long time since he had heard from Ian's mother. Then Eleanor called desperate and in pain. They agreed to meet on St. Martin's. She did not tell him and he did not want to force her to explain what was the matter. Instead they remininced about old times until she was ready to talk. They went up to his room. She looked out the window and with the saddest smile, said the Bishop had a beautiful view and suddenly collapsed. There was nothing he could do. Except moving his mother to her room and praying no one saw him, Ian says, then immediately retracts his statement with an apology. Maggie's father sighs and hands over the locket. He says, looking at Ian now, he knows he was wrong to ever keep the locket for himself and he hopes Ian can forgive him. The Bishop leaves the room and Maggie asks Ian if he is going to open it.

Ian is afraid if he opens his fingers, the locket might vanish. He opens it and grimaces. It is empty of any picture. He is sure that her father removed what was in it. Mggie defends her father's principles. Ian cannot be swayed. Her father is a liar. He bolts through the door and Maggie follows at his heels. He tells her he is headed for the nearest bar for a stiff drink. She says he can not leave yet. Ian replies that he knows the Bishop is lying because his mother told him that what was in the locket would protect him. How could an empty locket protect him. Maggie suggest she might have taken it out years ago. Maybe the secret went with her. Or went with her father to Baltimore, Ian says sarcastically. Maggie tells him to take comfort in what he has gotten back andlet the rest go.

Inside the rectory, Andrew asks the Bishop if things are better between Maggie and him. He says he will never figure out what is going on with Maggie. His cab is waiting. He asks Andrew to hold an evelop for him which is for Maggie in case of his death. He just thought Andrew would be the best person to take care of it. Andrew wonders what this is about.

Blair, Todd, and Viki- Llanfair

Todd and Blair arrive at Llanfair to find that Viki is not home. Blair accuses Todd of tricking her. He responds that her pregnancy is making her paranoid. The begin to bicker about the lies Todd told Blair to get her to the newspaper when the maid arrives and confirms that Viki will be along in a little while and they are to meet her in the library. Todd grabs some food off a tray and gives Blair an I told you so look as he munches it. Blair agrees to give Viki 10 minutes to show up and then she is out of there. They settle in by the fire and Todd reads the Sun while he sips some coffee. He tells Blair she was right to rewrite the headline. Blair replies she did more than make the headline, she made the story. Todd thinks the article is pretty good. Blair believes he was all headline, no depth. Todd says that Alex's line about being guilty only of loving too much is a good twist for the story. Blair poo hoos Alex's obvious excuse making. He suggests she write an editorial on Alex. She realizes he is doing it again. Todd says he tricked her into coming to the Sun,but he did not trick her into staying so many hours. Now he wants an in depth answer to an in depth question. If Aunt Dorian wasn't constantly bad mouthing him, wouldn't Blair be happy to spend time at the Sun with him? He demands she tell him the truth. Instead, she accuses him of changing the subject. He says so what. He lured her out of the house so she wouldn't have a nervous breakdown. Blair thinks it is just because he doesn't want her to take care of Starr. So, Todd figures, she must be worried about a custody suit. Her aunt must have fed her that line. Blair says he mustn't blame Auntie Dearest for a situation he created himself. He lies and manipulates her and she cannot trust him. As they raise their voices, Viki arrives to referee, reminding them if this is the way they are going to behave, who will lift a hand to help their daughter get well.

Viki tells them that these squabbles stand in the way of Starr's recovery. To Todd, it is just another day at the Manning's. "Precisely", Viki replies, " and it cannot go on another day." Blair says this is about Starr and not Todd and her. Viki says they must act like they are capable of raising her. Blair thinks that people will not withhold treatment from an innocent baby, no matter what they think of the Mannings. Viki says Blair isn't getting the connection. Who would want to attend an exclusive fashion show, good deed aside, for the privilege of watching the Battling Mannings attack one another. Todd asks his sister if she thinks they have a PR problem. Blair doesn't see how putting up a pretense will encourage donors. Viki tells them to both grow up . She knows they see eye to eye on Starr's recovery and they are capable of putting their priorities in order for their daughter's sake, aren't they?

Blair and Todd are not sure they can get along. Todd cites their behavior on the Orion. They bicker again over everything they have done wrong to each other. Viki calls a halt. She is going to the Banner. She would appreciate it if when the dust clears, they call her and tell her they are ready to save their daughter's life. They look long and hard at each other.

After a long pause, Blair wants to know if they can get along. Todd says that Blair was not listening to his sister. Viki did not want them to pretend. They have to make it real. They will have to be together. He wants her to get Starr and move into the Penthouse with him.

Thursday, March 27, 1997

THE PALACE HOTEL- Todd, Blair, Patrick, Drew, Kelly, Asa, Rene

Todd asks Blair if she will move in with him or not. He thinks it will really help Starr. Blair thinks it is a big decision, but thinks they should do it for Starr's sake. The scheme would be great publicity for Starr's cause. If people think they are together, and happy, they will want to help more. He says that everyone needs to believe they are really back together, even Dorian must believe it. Blair agrees. Todd says there will be some conditions. They will split the penthouse-Blair and Starr get the top floor, Todd will take the bottom. He says that while they are in public they will play the happy family, but while they are at home they don't even have to talk to each other. They go to the palace, to set their plan in motion . They run into Patrick, who was talking to Drew and Kelly about the fashion show for Starr.. Blair and Patrick sit down to chat while Todd talks to Drew and Kelly about finances for the benefit for Starr. Patrick asks Blair why she would trust Todd again, when every time Todd reaches out to her he ends up betraying her again. Blair tells Patrick that he sounds like her aunt Dorian. She says that what she and Todd have is good for them. She says that they have a new relationship, and they understand each other's pain. She says that Starr's illness has brought them back together. Patrick says he doesn't want his baby near Todd. Blair says not to worry about it , because she will take care of that issue when it comes up. He says it's a bad idea for her to live with Todd. Blair says she'll do what she can to help their baby when the time comes. She goes to sit with Todd again. He pulls out the chair for her and she says "thank you sweetheart", she smiles. They are doing a great job of looking like they're back together. Blair and Todd have a talk about their plan. Blair tells Todd he almost blew it, telling Patrick to stay away from Starr. It's sort of a fight, but they do it while smiling and gazing at each other, so it looks like they're happy. They hold hands across the table.

Drew and Kelly are at the warehouse looking at the fashion show location. He has his arms around her. Kelly backs off, and says that working on the fashion show is fun, but there's one problem- she misses Joey. Kelly says maybe they should be going . Drew says they still have a lot of work to do. Kelly says he's right, and they need to make sure everyone in Llanview is at the benefit , because if even one person doesn't go, it could be the one person who is a donor match for Starr. Drew is on stage-Kelly thinks he looks good, and gives him a little modeling advice. She thinks he's doing a great job, and wants him in the show. He says he'll do it. Kelly thinks it would be a great idea if they not only have the women of Llanview model, but the men as well. Drew agrees ."They go to the Palace hotel restaurant, where they see Patrick . They ask him to be in the fashion show. He says he won't model, but he'll do what else he can to help Starr. As Todd and Blair are walking into the hotel,Todd overhears him say that, and says Patrick should stay away from their daughter. Blair says "let's not cause a scene, come on sweetheart." He says" Sorry honey." Todd says he's that glad they're back together, and he won't let Patrick spoil their happiness. Kelly congratulates them. Blair says it's what she has wanted for a long time. Drew and Kelly and Todd discuss the benefit. Blair and Patrick sit down to talk.

Asa goes to the palace. Rene sarcastically tells him she knows how hard he worked for the money, and understands why he wants it back. She confronts him about withholding the evidence. Patrick comes in and tells Asa he thinks he has a lead on his money. He asks if he found it. Patrick has found the bank it was transferred to. But nothing is in it anymore, it was transferred before the police found it. But he has found the moey trail. That's not good enough for Asa, he wants the money back yesterday. Asa says it is the police dept.'s fault that his money is still missing, and goes to the PD to get some answers about it.

Rene asks Patrick if he knows what's up with Todd and Blair. He says it looks like they're back together.


Andi and Antonio look Casey Keegan up on the police computer and find out he has been working for a crime lord for years. Frank Ferraro. Nora walks in and tells them that she saw the very same man at club indigo with R.J. Andi asks her when, and she says it was when they were in NY. Antonio wants to rush off and get even. Andi and Nora convince him not to, because that is just the kind of thing to get him in trouble with the law again, which is what R.J. and his associates would like. Nora says he should just be cool and wait for her to try to work something out- she has a plan. She says that R.J. took the hit out on him while he was in NY so it wouldn't be possible to tie it to him, but with Antonio in Llanview, that is impossible. It's obvious who would be after him. She leaves to go see R.J. Antonio tells Andi that he's frustrated and is sick of having to look over his shoulder all the time. Andi says he shouldn't worry about it, because they still have each other. Antonio leaves to go see Nora. After Antonio leaves, Benny comes over with a paper to show Andi. He says, "look what just came in." She seems glad about whatever it is, and says "who has the honors?." Benny tells her that everyone wants her to handle it. Asa comes into the PD and starts a ruckus about how lousy the police are. He is demanding his money that Carlo swindled from him. Andi tells him that they are doing everything they can for him. He says they are just using up his tax mone , and wasting their time. He asks if they have anything for him yet. Andi says, "yes, we do." Asa replies "you found my money? you have my money?" Andi says" I have a warrant for the arrest of Asa Buchanan." Asa says" are you loco?"

CLUB INDIGO-Nora, R.J., Rachel

Nora goes to the club. R.J. tells her to leave. She says fine, call the police if he wants her to go. He doesn't. She tells him that she knows about the hit he took out on Antonio in NY, and by now he probably knows that Antonio is still alive. R.J. says he doesn't know anything about it. He says that if she had proof, the police would be talking to him instead of her. Nora tells him that she does, she saw Frank at the club with him. He says she can't prove it, because she only saw him through the door of the club. She says she can prove it. Nora says that things must not be going as well with his business as he says, if he is taking hits out on people. She says it is a sign of being weak. R.J. says Antonio betrayed everyone in the business, and someone probably wants him dead .He won't admit or deny anything about the hit. Nora tells him to leave Antonio alone, and if he doesn't she won't be able to help him later He says that she and Hank never help him anyway. R.J. tells Nora he wants her to leave him alone, and stay out of his life. He says if she keeps interfering, she'll find out how serious he is. She asks" what are you saying, R.J. ?." He says "I think you know what I mean, Nora." He looks very menacing, and it's obvious to Nora that he is threatening her. Rachel arrives to see R.J. She asks them if they are fighting. They deny it. Nora tells Rachel that she will give her a ride home. Rachel tells her that she has plans with R.J. R.J. says that they have a lot of catching up to do. Nora looks him in the eye and says "forget it." She takes Rachel's arm, and starts walking out the door.

NORA'S OFFICE-Rachel, Antonio, Téa

Rachel is at Nora's office, doing some paper work. Téa comes in, she is looking for information about Antonio's previous conviction. Rachel shows her the file. Téa only looks at it for a second. She realizes that there is something that has been overlooked that could help Antonio win an appeal. Rachel and Téa chit chat for a while. Rachel tells Téa that she was in law school for a couple of semesters with Kevin while they were a couple, but that neither one of them turned out to be a lawyer. Téa asks which of them broke off the relationship, and Rachel tells her that she did. Téa asks for advice about Kevin, and Rachel tells her that Kevin isn't as great as he thinks he is. Téa comments that all men are like that. She tells Rachel that she was the first one in her family to graduate from college. Rachel leaves, and wishes Téa good luck as she is leaving. Antonio goes to Nora's office, but she's not there. He finds tea, looking at his old file. He tells her it's old news. He says that Javier testified for him only to get a reduced sentence. He says that testimony from a scum like Javier is just about the same as someone saying he's guilty .She tells Antonio that Javier will be out of jail soon, and his word as a witness will be better. Téa says opening the case again would help them both. He could get it off his record, and she'd get experience. Téa wants to talk to Javier about testifying again, but Antonio thinks it's a bad idea. He thinks Javier won't help him, because he was Carlo's right hand man, and will be mad at Antonio for working against Carlo. Téa says that she can be very persuasive, and maybe Javier will help if she asks him to. Téa says that the conviction is the only thing standing in the way of Antonio and law school. He tells her not to mess with his past, and to stay out if his future. She says fine, she'll leave his life, and this pitiful excuse for a town.

Friday, March 28, 1997


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