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Dorian was put on life support. Téa advised Todd that the mystery man was her brother Del. Todd proposed to Téa. Georgie continued to cause trouble. Sam planned to return to Chicago. Georgie beat Rachel. Someone killed Georgie.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 20, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, April 20, 1998

Todd and Téa

Todd's still in jail and Téa's talking to him through the bars. She asks him if he really believes that she would go with some guy to a motel for a quickie. Todd says she was in his bed! Téa says that he has to trust her. He wants to know who the guy is. Téa says that's irrelevant. Todd trying to trust her but he doesn't know how. Téa says maybe he can't.

Later, they continue to go around and around about who the cop is and whether Todd trusts Téa. Téa tells Todd that she walked away from Andrew to be with him, but that now she doesn't know why. Todd doesn't know what to say. Téa continues about how without trust they have no future. Todd admits that he has never trusted anyone before. She says that she is the one who he supposedly loves and that he has to decide he can't live without her. They make a deal that there are no questions to be asked. Todd says he trusts her, but she's making a fool out of him. Téa calls the guard to bring in the cop. Téa tells him that the cop is her brother.

At the Hospital:

Larry says Dorian needs to go on life support. Blair and Kelly bump heads on the subject, but in the end Larry says that without it she'll die so he has to put her on it. Cassie gives it the go ahead. Cassie cries on Andrew's shoulder. Joey arrives and is told what is going on. Kelly says that she loves Dorian. Blair says that Kelly thinks she's the only one who does. Kelly says that Blair doesn't love anyone but herself. Blair says she'd rather Dorian die with dignity than hooked up to those machines. Cassie stops the fight by saying Dorian isn't going to die. Kelly and Blair continue to argue and Cassie says they should take shifts. Blair says she's not going anywhere. Joey manages to take Kelly and Blair to the Palace for something to eat.

Later, Andrew continues to comfort Cassie. She says it's been one crisis after another for her. They remember when Andrew's father was dying. Cassie asks him if he has plans with Téa. He tells her Téa's no longer in his life because she's in love with Todd. Andrew tells Cassie that Téa wants to have a real marriage with Todd. Cassie says that Téa's the loser because she's giving up a great guy. He's kind, passionate, honorable, and sensitive. She doesn't know how Téa could walk away from that. Mel comes in mad because they're only allowed 10 minutes per hour with Dorian. Cassie comforts him.

Bo and Nora:

They go up to their bedroom and Nora notices that she forgot to make the bed that morning. Bo wants to fool around before his birthday party at the palace, but Nora says that there is no time. Nora checks her messages and hears that a client is mad about something and so she has to go to the office before the party. Bo suggests that she find a backup for Georgie. She says that she'd cut her wrists if Georgie left. Then she finds her black nightgown on the floor and wonders why it's there. Bo talks Nora into making love in their bedroom before the party. Afterwards Nora leaves to go to the office.


She calls and confirms an editing room for later that afternoon under "Ann Jones" of "Heart and Soul Productions". Rachel comes home and asks her what happened at Nora's. If Nora found out about Bo. Georgie just said she didn't feel very comfortable there. Rachel called Georgie a bottom feeder and Georgie says her affair with Bo was a lie. Then she runs to the washroom to be sick. When Georgie comes out of the bathroom she says she has to go out. Rachel starts yelling at her for accusing Bo and then taking it back. She says she's all out of sympathy for Georgie. Georgie says thank you to Rachel for everything and that if everything works out her whole life is going to change.

Later, Nora comes charging in demanding to know where Georgie is. She says she went behind her back. Nora found a job offer in the copier at the office. Rachel says that Georgie had said something about changing her life. Nora says that her whole office will be in chaos if Georgie leaves. Nora says that she's hurt that she didn't come to her. Nora asks if there is some reason why she didn't come to her. Rachel said to ask Bo.

The Palace:

Mel is at the bar and says that his day calls for a double vodka martini. The bartender asks if he wants one and he says yes. Mel is just looking at his drink when Kelly, Blair and Joey arrive. They are still bickering. Joey goes to get some food. Kelly all of a sudden freaks out about Dorian and runs into the ladies room. Joey makes Blair follow her. Blair goes into the bathroom and tells Kelly that Joey is worried about her. Kelly tells her to go. Blair says that Kelly always gets what she wants. Kelly says that Dorian is the only thing she's ever had and that if she dies she'd take her own life. Blair slaps her and Kelly collapses sobbing. Blair comforts her and says that Kelly will never be alone.

Mel leaves without drinking anything. Bo and Asa arrive early. Asa says Nora can't know anything about him giving Georgie the job. Nora rushes in and asks Bo what he knows about the company that offered Georgie the job. Asa takes the blame for Georgie getting the job. Nora makes it known that she isn't happy, but that she will deal with it later. Nora lets Bo open one of his presents. It's a leather jacket.


Georgie edits the video of herself into the video of Nora and Bo. She prints out the photo.

Tuesday, April 21, 1998

(Note: Due to nature of today's show and the strong interest of "Todd and Téa" fans, I have summarized those scenes in one narrative at the end of this recap instead of the usual scene-by-scene basis in order to preserve continuity of the story. Enjoy! - Marcia)


Joey tries to talk Kevin into going to Bo's party, but Kevin says that Cassie needs him. Joey tells Kevin that Cassie is with Andrew and fine without Kevin. Kevin is angry, but decides not to go to the hospital. Instead, he practices walking on his own while Barbara helps. After Kevin takes a few successful steps he asks Barbara if she wants to go to a party.

Georgie's apartment:

Georgie arrives home and starts slipping the fake photos of her and Bo into envelopes addressed to various members of Bo's family and friends. When the phone rings, Georgie answers and the mystery man is on the line. He tells her he's at the lodge. Georgie tells him to leave the lodge right now, but the mystery man wants to see her. Georgie tells him that she's working on a big case and can't see him now.

Later, Georgie goes to the lodge and sets up another hidden camera. After she leaves, a figure comes out of the back and removes the videotape. Then goes to Bo's birthday party.

Bo's birthday party:

Everyone is gathered at the Palace to celebrate Bo's birthday and Bo and Nora are obviously very happy to be surrounded with friends and family. Hank and Rachel arrive. Hank wishes Bo "Happy Birthday" while Rachel walks right past Bo in icy silence.

On the terrace, Sam and Nora discuss Todd. Nora continues to cling to the hope that Téa will leave Todd. But Sam says that he knows if Téa leaves, Todd will be alone for a very long time. Nora doubts that one woman can make that much of a difference, but Sam assures her that "one woman can make all the difference in the world."

Back inside, Bo tells Hank how lucky he is his to have it all and wonders if he should be worried. Carlotta arrives and she and Hank go to get a drink. Bo brings Rachel out on the terrace and asks her why she's been giving him the cold shoulder recently. Rachel says it's because of Georgie, Bo asks what did Georgie tell her. "Enough." says Rachel. Bo looks Rachel in the eye and tells her of his immense love for her mother. He tells how he was suicidal when he met Nora and she stopped him. Rachel still doesn't believe him. "Look at me," says Bo "Do I look like the kind of guy that would hit on another woman? Would HIT another woman? Who would lust after some kid who's only half his age and then beat her up? Just give me a long hard look and then tell I that man?" Rachel eyes fill with tears as she says "I'" and hugs her stepfather. Rachel is disgusted with herself for believing Georgie and says that she wishes that Georgie would "just go away" "She's going away very soon. I guarantee it" says Bo with a smile. And they both agree not to tell Nora.

The guests at the party serenade Bo with a song written by Jessica. Kevin even stands up to do it. While at the door, Georgie stands with her arms loaded with envelopes for the party guests

Todd and Téa

Todd and Sam discuss the Manning's situation. Todd doesn't know how to get Téa to "stick around." Sam tells Todd the only way to hold onto Téa is to set her free. She must want to stay voluntarily. Todd looks at his friend and lawyer like Sam has lost his mind. The only problem with this "zen crap" is "what if I let her go and she stays gone?"

At the same time, Téa and Del arrive. Del comments on Téa's cushy surroundings saying that now he understands her attraction to Todd. "You never could stand being the janitor's daughter," he says. But he knows that she's not happy and Del tries to talk Téa into leaving with him right then. Téa refuses to leave because she and Todd have made progress. Del asks Téa to take a good hard look at herself and ask herself if it's enough. Téa defends Todd to Del, saying that the proof of Todd's goodness is in his daughter. "Hit their children too," he says. Téa and Del reminisce about their childhood and the aftermath of her mother's desertion. Del reminds Téa how hard she tried to hold everything together after her mother left. "It wasn't your job to keep Poppie happy and it's not your job to keep Todd happy!" Just then, Todd walks in and with his usual charm and says to Del, "Get the hell out. I want to talk to my wife alone." Del reminds Todd to keep what he knows to himself and reminds Téa to meet him at the Palace bar later, then leaves. Téa starts to speak, but Todd stops her by quietly saying "You can have your divorce...You're free."

Téa looks at him in heartbroken shock and asks "Why are you doing this? What's the catch?" "No catch," says Todd "If you don't want to be here then get the hell out." Téa goes to pack when Todd says "Delgado...wait....Argh...I...hate...words". "Try a few anyway", she says. "Talk is cheap. It doesn't change anything", he says, "Especially sappy talk that's the worst. People say 'I love you' or 'I'll never leave" but then they always...leave. My mother left.." "So did mine..." "So let's just skip the talk!" "No," says Téa "What do you want to say to me Todd?" "Look..I want to say that I'll never split on you the way your mother did because..." "...what?" says Téa. She asks Todd to say what's on his mind. She knows he has the words because she's heard him with Starr. "You're the one who's good with the words" says Todd. "...I want to hear your words Todd. If you want me to stay we have to talk. Otherwise there'll never be anything between us but dead silence." "I'm mixed up. I'm messed up. You know that. But I feel like, you and me we see different things.." "What do you mean?", Téa asks. "When I look at me I see garbage, when you look at me you see something else, something okay. I'm all twisted up and you help me to...untwist. That's what real people do, right? They help each other to untwist. You...I was having a nightmare and you just talked to me and I could sleep. That's how you help me." "And what about me.?" says Téa, "...I want to be a real woman with a real husband and a family... I want warmth, passion, compassion. I want a man who will hold me close in his arms and even closer in his heart." "You've got a long list," says Todd. "Can you give me everything on it? Can you promise me all that and more without one second's hesitation?" Téa and Todd look at each other in silence for a long while. "There's my answer," says Téa in tears as she gets her coat and walks out. Leaving Todd home with a heartbroken look on his face.

Téa arrives at the Palace hotel bar to meet Del and bumps into Sam. She tells Sam that Todd has given her the divorce and it is all for the best. Del overhears her announcement and asks if this is what she really wants.

Meanwhile, at Bo's party, Todd shows up looking for Sam. When Viki asks why he says that he wants to fire him for the bad advice Sam gave him. When Viki asks what happened, Todd reveals that Téa is gone because Sam told him to let her go. Téa wants a happy family and Todd can't do that. Viki is furious and reminds Todd that of course he can do that. He has already changed because of Starr and now Téa is giving him another chance at love and happiness. Todd says that he should just give up. Viki gives Todd a ring. She tells him it belonged to their great-great-great-great grandmother Ruth. Ruth made her way West on the Oregon trail, burying her husband along the way. She managed to start her own business and raised five kids alone. When Ruth died she was a rich and contented woman. So Todd should never talk about giving up. Todd looks at the ring and begin to get an unusual look on his face. He grabs Viki and Sam and goes to the Palace bar. When Viki asks him what he's doing all Todd says is: " I'm gonna go West."

He then turns to Téa and says:
"Alright I got my gang here, everybody who thinks they can pretty much stand me and this guy (pointing at Del) obviously means something to you for whatever reason so they're all witnesses." "To what," asks Téa. "Words. I got the words now and I'm gonna say them right now in front of everybody or I'll never say them. I have been thinking about all that junk that you wanted. The devotion...the friendliness...all that garbage. Well I'm up for it. I'm not good at this. I'm not good at...happiness but I'll try. I promise you, I will, Téa. I'll try."

Todd bends down on one knee and brandishes Ruth's ring. "This ring was handed down by a women who went through a hell of a lot more roadblocks than you'll have to if you'll marry me." "Marry you!" says Téa, "...but we're already married" "Well we're gonna get divorced, so we can get married again and it will be different this time. Not like a business agreement, something that we want to do." "I don't know what to say!" "Say yes before I think about how crazy and stupid this all is. We can have it all. The gown, the thing in front of your face, music. I love you, Téa."

Wednesday, April 22, 1998

The Palace Hotel- Bo's Birthday Party and Todd's Proposal

Todd is on his knees. He explains to Téa that this time it will be different. It wouldn't be like a business deal. They would be married because they wanted to. Téa is taken aback and doesn't know what to say. Todd vows, "I'll give you the whole thing, the gown, the thing in your face, the music. I love you, Téa". Téa gives him a resounding, "YES!". He is not sure he heard her right, but she confirms that the answer is yes.

Meanwhile, in the dining room Asa rented for Bo's birthday party, Nora toasts him. She says all the room trusts him "with our lives and I trust him in my heart". Bo says that every day is a celebration and returns a toast to all his friends and relations. Georgie is outside the door. She grabs an employee and takes her aside. She asks the woman to have Viki meet her in the corridor. She is holding a manila envelope with the doctored pictures of her and Bo in bed.

Todd gets nervous when Téa removes her ring, but she explains she is just making room for the engagement ring to fit on the proper finger. It fits and Téa believes it is a "good sign". Viki agrees it is the first of many and wishes Téa the best and congratulates her brother on their engagement. Sam says he is proud of Todd for going on the record in front of a large audience. He knows Todd meant it and now all he has to do is show up. Del wishes Téa every happiness. Todd is overwhelmed by all the sentimentality and is ready to walk toward the exit, but Sam blocks him and tells him it is time to kiss the bride. Viki adds "current and future bride". Todd holds Téa's hands and kisses her lightly on the lips just as Andrew arrives. Sam suggest champagne for everyone. Viki toasts to "Family" and Sam to "new beginnings". Andrew looks devastated. Viki tells him he shouldn't be here. The timing is all wrong. Andrew replies that is timing is right on the money. Congratulations are in order. He looks at Téa and says that she decided to stay. Téa explains that she and Todd decided to reconcile. They will have a big wedding this time. He looks up at Todd and says, "I guess I wanted to say...". Todd cuts in and tells him not to say anything, but Andrew continues "I wish you both the best", then looking at Téa "I wish you all the happiness in the world". Andrew leaves. Viki says she wishes she had a camera because no one would believe this moment. Todd sneaks away as Viki tells Téa about the origin of the ring. Todd is in the corridor when Georgie way lays him and asks him to take the envelope. She says it is for his information when he needs it. Todd hurriedly accepts it, but questions briefly how he would know he needs it. Georgie says he will know.

Andrew joins the birthday party and Bo notices he looks like he came from a funeral. He tells Bo and Kevin about how Dorian is on life support. Kevin wants to go to the hospital but Andrew, says he told Cassie to go home and he hopes she might take him up on it. Nora asks how bad it is. Is Dorian going to die?. Andrew informs her of the late breaking news from the bar. Todd and Téa are officially reconciled. They have the ring and they will marry for real now.

At the bar, Téa notices that Todd is gone and Viki and Sam form a search party. Del wonders if the groom always cuts and runs when he does something nice. Téa explains that Del does not understand him. He needs to give Todd a chance. He wants to be different. "He's different alright", Del replies. His beeper goes off and he has to leave. Nora comes over and asks if Todd forced Téa to do this. Téa says he gave her what she wanted- a divorce with no strings attached. Nora hopes Téa jumped at it. Téa tells her, "I want to be with Todd. I really love him". Nora is certain that Todd is Todd and Téa can't change him. Téa's face brightens as she describes Todd's proposal: "Todd was so intense- so Todd- but also sweet and nervous going over a list in his head of what to do and not do. Todd is not a lost cause". Nora replies that besides being Téa's good friend, she is a good lawyer and she cautions he client that "even marriages made in heaven are challenging at the best of times"

In the corridor, Georgie gives Viki her envelope. Viki does not want to take it, but Georgie insists that she is someone who always does the right thing. She asks her to put it somewhere safe and not to open it unless "something happens to me". Viki question what could happen to Georgie? Viki mentions the scene she witness between Bo and Georgie outside the Lodge. She has loved her ex brother in law a long time and trusts him. Georgie replies that Bo is lucky to have a loyal family. She in contrast has no family or friends. Viki would have thought that Rachel was Georgie's friend, but Georgie says that she and Rachel had a falling out and she needs someone she totally trusts. When Viki is still unwilling to accept the envelopd, Georgie begins to walk away. Viki calls her back. Viki tells her if she is in real trouble she should tell Nora. Georgie says because of her argument with Rachel she does not feel comfortable entrusting this with Nora. "Take it, when and if something happens to me, you open it. Don't worry. I am not in danger. I would just feel better if you had this. Please I am counting on you." A befuddled Viki finally acquiesces.

At the bar, Andrew meets Carlotta and tells her he has lost Téa. Carlotta says she wishes she could say she was surprised. "You know her better than anyone in town. What is the bond between Téa and Todd?", Andrew asks. Carlotta replies that maybe only the man upstairs whom they pray to knows the answer to that. Andrew admits he is really not surprised either. Because deep down he always knew Téa loved Todd. His biggest fear was that Téa would go back to Todd. He realizes now that he only used her to fill the void left when Cassie divorced him. He is ashamed to have come between a husband and wife. He did an extraordinary injustice. Carlotta is certain in his heart Andrew tried to do the right thing. Andrew is beginning to think that God wants him to walk alone. Todd has Téa and Kevin has Cassie.

Cassie shows up for the birthday party and Kevin demonstrates the progress he has made in physical therapy. He slowly walks toward her and embraces her as Barbara Graham looks on with the rest of the partygoers. Cassie has tears of happiness in his eyes as they hug and tell each other how much they missed each other. Everyone claps and Asa comments that Kevin is a real Buchanan and it just shows the rest of them that nothing can bring their family down.

Penthouse- Todd, Sam and Téa

Sam asks Todd if he is having second thoughts. Todd admits that he did not think ahead. He did not think about what would come next if Téa said yes. It freaks him out that she trusts him. She chose him over the Bible Boy and now he has to measure up. That's a lot of pressure. Sam replies that what is worse than making a commitment is never making one. Todd is sure he will wind up alone, like now. Sam reminds him that he chose to come home alone. Todd wonders what to do when Téa comes in all brimming over with happiness. He is not used to all this emotion. Sam advises him to look into her eyes, kiss her and tell her he loves her. "I feel like Shirley Temple in that move where she is dancing up and down with the tall guy", Todd says. Sam asks when is the last time he slept. "Got a calendar?", Todd asks. Sam gives him a herbal relaxant to help him sleep. When Sam leaves, Todd hugs himself for comfort. He has a scared, confused look on his face.

When Téa shows up, he shuffles from foot to foot as he says the whole marriage thing is weird. Téa reminds him it is not the first time and holds up her hand to show the ring. She tells him, "I am not walking into this blindfolded. I know you and I trust you. I dream about what it would be like to make love to you." Todd says he didn't know that and Téa laughs replying, "This is weird to me too. It takes some getting used to. I am with you now, but how it happened, I couldn't tell you!"

He says let's celebrate with drinks. She teases him that they could go all the way. He is not sure he heard her right. She demurs that she meant the wedding. They could have about 250 people andno ne could say the marriage wasn't real. Todd replies, "I think downsizing is the way to go". " And ruin my dream?". Todd thinks she is hurt but she takes the pillow she is holding and throws it playfully at him. "Hey, Todd, lighten up. I am just kidding!". "I knew you were kidding". "Yeah, right!", Téa says and draws him to her. They kiss tenderly and she asks, "How real do you want this?" "Shoot". "You don't want to wait?". "No", Todd replies. Téa asks for a moment to get ready. He watches her go up the stairs and when she is gone, he reaches in his pocket and takes out the herbal pill Sam gave him. He puts his fingers to his mouth for a taste, licks the residue off his finger and dissolves it in a drink. Téa comes back adorned in a fabulous red satiny night gown. Téa say, "you are so ready, you started without me.". She takes the drink from his hand and sips slowly while looking straight.

Suddenly, Téa is very tired. She tells Todd that "the last few days have been more intense and draining than I thought". She yawns and lays down on the couch. "Todd, is this really us", she asks. "I don't recognize me but I will check my driver's license", he replies. Téa confesses that just a few days ago she would be in her room upstairs and he would be on the couch and she would wonder if he knew she was a women. Todd says he definitely knew she was a woman. A drowsy Téa starts planning for their honeymoon trip. She suggests Greece, but Todd doesn't want to go there. "How about Bali?", Téa asks. "We can leave Starr with Blair and go, just the two of us alone and find out what it would be like to be halfway across the world from everyone we know". She is finally asleep as Todd says quietly, "And everything we are". He slams the pillow down. "I am sorry. I meant what I said about trying, but this is going too fast and intense. Since you, I have been seeing this little kid who would never hurt anyone. I see him and I don't mind him so much. But he is dead, long dead. It is so dark in here. But maybe, you....just maybe. I can't give you what you want, but I promise I'll try never to hurt you. I promise I'll try".

Palace Hotel

Viki is so happy to see her son walk again. It is moment she will never forget. Clint says that Kevin is the toughest Buchanan of them all and Viki says she doesn't think Asa will give him an argument on that. Hank gives Bo the heads up when he spots Georgie at the door. Clint and he confront her and tell her to leave. "Couple of touch guys. Bo's goons.", she calls them, but she does leave. And not a moment too soon, as far as Bo is concerned. Nora comes over and says she is worried about Téa to Bo and then when she sees Sam, she rushes over and asks what happened to Todd. Sam admits that Todd is back at the apartment having a meltdown over his proclamation of love. "He is a psychotic", Nora replies. Sam has no doubt that Nora will never see Todd as Téa sees him, but they are young and in love and need their support. "Never", Nora says. Sam scolds her for caring more for the case than for her client. Nora replies that Todd is a rapist and she was almost his victim. Sam can call her unprofessional but she hates that her client accepted Todd's proposal. Sam tells her to get over her personal feelings. Doesn't see feel that anyone can change? "Not Todd", Nora says with conviction.

Andrew is gong to the hospital to spell the ladies. Del comes in and Bo says he looks very respectable. Del says he has something to celebrate and calls Cassie over. They got the second perpetrator. He reveals to Cassie he is with the FBI. He knows her mom is in the hospital, but at least the man responsible for that will be behind the bars. Cassie says the Dorian is hanging in and Del calls Cassie's mother "quite a lady".

Viki is ready to go home and Clint invites himself over. After all the kids are otherwise engaged. "Always thinking... I like that", she replies.

Hank tells Bo that earlier Georgie tried to bust into the party and he and Clint chased her away. Bo admits that he will breath easier after Miss Trouble is gone for good.

Rachel's- Georgie and Rachel

Georgie has packed and left a note. She says to herself, "It's show time" and grabs the receiver. She reaches the Palace and places an emergency call to Bo Buchanan.

Llanfair-Clint and Viki

Viki tells Clint that it won't be easy for Todd and Téa, but seeing Kevin walk tonight restored her faith in happy endings. As Sinatra plays in the background, Clint says to let the young people take care of themselves tonight. As the room dissolves into darkness, the envelope that Georgie gave her is close by her hand on the adjacent table.


Bo is called away for his emergency call. Sam tells Nora that this time next week he will be in Wrigley Field watching the Cubs win. He is going back to Chicago. Nora questions how he can lend support to Todd from so far away, but Sam says that it is only a short plane ride away. Nora replies that he can't go away.


When Georgie gets Bo on the phone she says that she did not like being booted out by his goons. "You owe me big time and there is more at stake than you realize". Bo asks what she means. "You think you can handle me, you think you know me. You don't have a clue. Things are coming to a head, Bo. Meet me at the lodge". Bo says he is not meeting her anywhere. "If you know what is good for you, you will get your sorry ass over to the lodge now?" She hangs up and sees Rachel standing there. "What is this about Bo and the lodge", Rachel asks. Georgie goes to leave, but Rachel blocks the door. "No, you are not going anywhere until you give me some answers now!", Rachel demands. Georgie turns vicious and snarls, "Get out of my way, Bitch".

Thursday, April 23, 1998

Clint and Viki started to get romantic and Clint spotted the envelope that Georgie gave to Viki. Thinking it had something to do with Bo, Clint wanted Viki to open it but she refused to break Georgie's confidence. Viki and Clint argued and he stormed out saying he was going to the lodge. Later, Joey convinced Viki to go after Clint and make up. Unbeknownst to Viki, Clint showed up at The Palace bar instead of the lodge. Nora was dismayed when Sam told her he was going back to Chicago, but reminded her he was only a short plane ride away. Del wanted Todd to realize that Téa was very important to him and if Todd hurt her, Del would kill him. Del was shocked by Todd's sincere response and the two men shook hands. Todd was hurt and angry when Sam said that he was leaving town and stormed out. When Rachel tried to stop Georgie from leaving their apartment, Georgie started yelling and beat Rachel with the phone. Bo told Nora that he had to leave and she assumed it was to go to work, but he actually went to meet Georgie. Nora intercepted a call that Rachel made to Hank and sensed that something was wrong. Nora was shocked to see what Georgie had done to Rachel. Rachel told Nora about Georgie's story about Bo and her having an affair. Nora tried to call Bo at work, but he wasn't there and then she saw the doctored picture of Bo and Georgie. Nora raced out. Nora blindly drove through the storm and didn't realize that she passed Bo, who was stuck on the side of the road trying to fix a flat tire. Hank tried to calm Rachel's fears about Nora and promised to try and contact Bo. Later, Hank was unable to reach Bo, but he found an angry message from Georgie on his machine. Georgie arrived at the lodge to find her camera gone and her mystery man there. Nora arrived at the lodge and when she peered through the window, she saw Georgie kiss a man wearing the same jacket as Bo and assumed it was him.

Friday, April 24, 1998

Clint and Sam

Clint asks the bartender at the Palace Hotel to let him know if Bo calls and to keep Bo on the line until Clint can pick up. Clint walks away and Sam sits down at the bar and calls Nora's private line. He gets her voice mail and leaves a message saying he's sorry their goodbye was cut short and he hopes that Rachel is OK. He hopes that they don't lose touch again in the future and that she knows how special she is to him. Take care, he says and hangs up. Clint has overheard most of the end of the conversation and ask what Sam is doing talking like that to his brother's wife. Just then the power goes out at the hotel.

Sam tells Clint that he thinks Nora is a remarkable woman and working with her was an amazing experience. He admits to Clint that he was in love with Nora, but she didn't feel the same way about him. Nora was saving her love for the right guy, and the right guy wasn't me, Sam explains. Their conversation is interrupted when the phone rings, but it's not for them. Go on, Clint encourages. Clint will buy that they are old friends and legal buddies, but that doesn't explain Sam's strong concern for Nora's welfare now. "It's painfully clear to me how much your sister-in-law loves your brother, what's not so clear to me is how much your brother loves her", says Sam.

Clint says if he asks just about anyone they would say that Bo and Nora are the most perfectly matched, madly in love couple in town. "Matched?", Sam questions. Maybe matched isn't exactly the right word, Clint explains, it's more like filling in the blanks in each other. Sam tells Clint he's not looking for chinks in Bo and Nora's marriage, but he has to admit he picked up some strange vibes between Bo and Nora's assistant, Georgie. Georgie is a "piece of work", Clint says. He wonders if Sam noticed the vibes between Bo and Georgie himself, or if it was something Nora pointed out to him.

Sam says that he didn't discuss it with Nora at all, but he would be surprised if Nora hadn't picked up on it herself, she doesn't miss a trick. Sam recalls the time he went to return Nora's glasses and Georgie was there and invited him in like she owned the place. Bo came downstairs in a pair of boxer shorts. Clint suggests it wasn't how it looked. Sam admits that Bo seems startled and a little confused, Georgie, on the other hand, looked like the cat that had just eaten the canary. Clint says that whatever Sam is sensing is coming all from Georgie, not from Bo. Sam's glad to hear that. Are you, questions Clint, even if it means you can't sweep in and save Nora from her faithless husband. "Ouch", Sam says and looks uncomfortable. Sam admires Clint's "blunt Texas style", he tells him. Not everyone does, Clint replies, including Viki. Sam thinks that if Clint's "opposites attract" theory is valid, he and Viki should be a perfect match. We were, for a long time, Clint tells him, and he hopes they will be again. Buchanan men don't let go easily and they're not good at tolerating interference. "I got it", Sam says, he just doesn't want to see Nora get hurt. She won't be, as long as she's with Bo, Clint promises.

The lights are back on at the Palace. Sam gets up to leave, he has an early flight back to Chicago the next morning. He and Clint shake hands, he tells Clint he enjoyed talking to him. Sam hopes that Bo and Nora work everything out and also that Clint gets the call from Bo that he's been waiting for.

Kevin and Cassie

The power goes out at Llanfair, interrupting Kevin and Cassie's kiss. Kevin's happy the storm saved them the trouble of having to turn the lights out, but Cassie pulls away, worried about River and Dorian. Kevin assures her that the hospital has a backup generator which kicked in as soon as the power went out. He gets out of his wheelchair and joins her on the couch. They start kissing again.

Cassie is very tired, resting with her head on Kevin's chest. Kevin suggests she get some sleep, but Cassie says she has to go back to the hospital to be with Dorian. She was just remembering when she and Kevin first got together. At the time, she thought that nothing could be more painful than leaving her marriage, but she had no idea what was to come. She's hardly had time to take a breath since Canton, you never know when things are going to change and blow up in your face. She thanks Kevin for coming to her rescue in Canton, he saved her life and almost lost his own. Almost doesn't count, Kevin tells her. Every moment's going to count from now on, she promises him. They kiss.

Kevin gets them some ice cream from the kitchen, but by the time he gets back, Cassie is lying on the couch asleep. He gently pushes back her hair and softly says that this is why he would go anywhere and do anything for her, to see her relaxed enough to fall asleep like that. Next time, he'll be lying down right next to her, he tells her.


Bo is still stuck by the roadside. He cuts his hand while trying to change the tire, but he does get it on. He tries to leave, but the car won't start. He opens the hood, looking for the problem, cutting his face in the process. After trying to start the car again, he gives up and heads off on foot.

Bo finally arrives at the lodge and calls out Georgie's name. There's no answer. "Where the hell is she?", Bo wonders. In the dark, he trips over a chair. He picks up a set of keys on the floor (which he dropped?). He notices the fire in the fireplace, someone's been here, he decides. He gropes around for some matches and lights a candle. He picks up the phone, but it's dead. He goes to the bathroom to wash up and take care of the cut in his hand. After he leaves the room, a bolt of lightning lights up the room and we can see signs of a struggle, a broken lamp on the floor. Outside, we see someone dragging a woman's body through the woods, her shoes fall off as she is pulled over a log. The body is laid down and we see her face, it's Georgie.

We see the outside of the lodge from someone's point of view, like we are looking through their eyes. The person looks in the window and sees no one, then heads in the lodge and opens the door. They walk down the hall and head toward the bathroom, where Bo is taking a shower. Bo is remembering Georgie saying, "You think you know me, you think you can handle me? You don't have a clue. If you know what's good for you, you'll get your sorry ass over to the lodge now." Bo hears a noise and stops the water. He gets out of the shower and opens the bathroom door. "You" he says to the person standing there.

Now fully dressed, Bo comes out of the bathroom. It's Viki that was there at the lodge. They apologize for startling each other, Viki explains that she thought Clint was at the lodge. She would try to call him now, but the phones are out. Bo says he spoke to Clint earlier, but his cel phone went dead. Bo asks Viki for a lift since his car went dead. Viki wonders why he is there and Bo simply says he needed a little peace and quiet. Suddenly the light come on and Viki sees the broken lamp and other signs of struggle. What happened here, she asks.

Bo doesn't know what happened, when he came in the fire was already going, somebody must have been there before him. Viki notices the cut on Bo's face and the bandage on his hand and asks if he was in a fight. Bo explains that he got injured while he was changing his flat tire. Somebody must have broken in and caused the mess, Bo tells Viki. He'll worry about it tomorrow, he says, trying to rush her out the door. Viki seems puzzled by his attitude, but finally they walk out the door to leave. Viki notices a car parked down the road and asks who's it is. It belongs to Georgie Phillips, Bo admits. "Oh Bo, what's going on?", Viki asks. In the woods, someone is covering Georgie's body with tree branches and tops it off with a branch full of lilacs.


Outside the lodge, Nora is horrified to see Georgie kissing someone she thinks is Bo. "No, please no. Why Bo?", she says to herself. "Bo!", she cries out, sinking to the ground and throwing up. In doing this, she misses seeing the person start hitting Georgie.

Nora's driving her car with the picture of Bo and Georgie on the seat beside her. "Why her, Why now? We just fixed everything! Everything was perfect!", Nora yells, sobbing. How could Bo do this to me, she wonders, and in our bed. She turns on the radio, "Love Hurts" by Nazareth is playing. Nora touches the necklace Bo gave her and decides he gave it to her out of guilt. She rips it off and throws it out the window. Next, she looks at her wedding ring and after a slight hesitation, drops it out the window too. Back at the lodge, we hear a scream coming from inside that sounds like it's Georgie.

Nora has stopped the car by the side of the road to get sick again. As she is standing there, a biker pulls up on his motorcycle. He asks if Nora is OK, is she lost or something? Nora, almost in a daze, tells him she's fine, but being lost doesn't sound like a bad idea. Nora asks him if he knows a place where a lady can get lost. The biker tells her to follow him and gets back on his motorcycle. Nora gets in the car to follow him.

The biker brings Nora to a bar filled with other bikers, with tatoos and long hair and beards. Nora looks scared, but goes inside anyway and sits down. She asks the bartender for whatever the biker's "usual" is and make it a double. The biker asks if Nora is OK and asks if she'd like something to eat. Nora refuses and tells him she appreciates him bringing her here, but she doesn't need any company, nothing personal. The biker goes and sits down a little further along the bar. Nora gulps the drink and asks for another one. She pulls her wallet out to pay, dropping a business card on the floor in the process. She stares at her picture on the driver's license. "Nora Buchanan", what romantic idiocy made me legal change my name, she wonders and tries to scratch "Buchanan" off the license with a straw. When that doesn't work, she crosses it out with a pen, then flips through all the other cards in her wallet, everything saying Buchanan on it. She throws all of them in an ashtray and asks the biker for a light. She lights the match and sets them all on fire. "That's all it was, a fantasy", she says to herself as she watches them burn, then burns a picture of herself and Bo.

The biker asks again if she's alright. Never better, Nora insists, taking another drink. If fact, she feels like dancing. She gets up and starts dancing with one of the men. He glances back at the biker who came in with Nora and he motions for the guy to get away from Nora. He backs away and leaves Nora to dance alone. She takes another drink and takes her jacket off, draping it over the guy she was dancing with. The guy wants to get up and dance with her, but a look from the biker makes him sit back down. Nora dances seductively in front of them, stumbling a bit as she does. Finally, she falls against the jukebox, and starts hitting it, sobbing "You liar". She takes off a shoe and starts hitting it with her shoe. The biker comes over and grabs her, but just to calm her down. He lets her go and Nora sinks to the floor.

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