One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 18, 2006 on OLTL
Blair lost her baby after falling over the edge of a building with Spencer. Bo had difficulty believing that Todd had kidnapped Spencer. Cristian suffered from depression after his hand injury left him unable to paint. Marty and Starr discussed Marty's rape. Adriana was upset that Dorian had invested in Adriana's company. John was angry at Michael for saving Spencer's life.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 18, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, December 18, 2006

Jessica gets a little when it appears that Nash and Layla are hitting it off on their "date." Roxy joins them and goes on about how Nash taught her everything she knows about different types of wines including Pinot Greasy. Nash becomes embarrassed when Roxy suggests that Nash could teach her anything with his good looking self. When Jessica decides to cut the evening short, Roxy suggests that Nash and Layla continue their date since they appear to be having a good time together. Nash offers to give Layla a ride home when Jessica reminds them that Layla rode with her over to Capricorn. Alone while sampling wine Layla assures Nash that she is only looking for friendship. Layla tells Nash about her failed relationship with Vincent Jones while Nash shares with Layla his Tess heartbreak. The two agree that they can hang out together as friends. Back at home, Jessica wonders if she did the right thing by setting Layla and Nash up fearing that Layla will be Nash's rebound girl. A suspicious Antonio questions Jessica's motives for setting them up if she was worried about Nash's intentions.

Todd watches over an injured Blair as he waits for the ambulance to arrive. He talks to an unconscious begging her to be all right while Spencer lies wounded a few feet away. When Todd decides to move Blair, Spencer pleads with him to not move her for fear that he will cause her harm. Todd wonders why Spencer cares so much since he is the reason that Blair feel off the roof. Spencer tells Todd that he loves Blair and wonders if Todd can say the same thing. When Todd can't Spencer gloats and tells him that he knew he couldn't. Todd throws a plastic garbage bag in front of Spencer to conceal him when the ambulance finally arrives. Blair is taken to the hospital and is tended to by Michael who has to send an anxious Todd out of the room. Blair begs Michael to save her baby and tells him that she just found out that she was pregnant. Michael decides to take her into OR and as they pass Todd on the way there, Blair asks Todd to make sure that they save the baby.

Bo catches Starr and Cole together and wonders if Starr's parents would be ok with her out after dark especially with Spencer running around. After declaring that her father is not behind Spencer's disappearance, Starr agrees to let Bo take her home. Bo gets a call informing him of Blair's accident and he asks Marty to look after Starr while he goes to investigate what happened. Convinced that Spencer is involved, Bo scours the accident scene for clues when one of his detectives discovers an unconscious Spencer behind some garbage bags. At the hospital, Todd wonders where Spencer came from and Bo responds by placing Todd under arrest for the kidnapping of Dr. Truman. Todd claims his innocence but Bo doesn't buy it. When Blair is taken into the OR, Todd asks Bo to let him stay there until he knows that Blair will be all right.

Marty treats a suspicious Cole and Starr to dinner at Rodi's while Bo is checking on her parents. Starr tells Marty that she is starting to worry since she has not been able to get a hold of parents especially after Bo's abrupt departure. Marty tries to tell Starr that she shouldn't worry since her parents will contact her as soon as they can. Marty then decides that it's time to answer Starr's question as to whether she believes that Todd paid for raping her. Marty tells Starr that she doesn't feel that Todd paid for his crime but that she has moved on with her life in spite of what happened. Starr apologizes to Marty for what she went through at the hands of her father. Starr admits that although she loves her father very much she is remorseful that he hurt Marty the way he did. Cole tells her that she doesn't have to apologize for something that Todd did. A grateful Marty tells Starr that she is a smart and caring young lady and that she was touched by her words.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

After being unable to stall Starr any longer, Marty confesses to Starr that her mother has been injured and is at the hospital. Marty takes Starr to the hospital where she sees her mother and a handcuffed Todd. Starr becomes even more distraught when she learns that her mother could be pregnant with Spencer Truman's baby. Cole tries to give Starr hope by reminding her that not only could the baby be Todd's but he or she may also be what her family needs to get back on track.

Blair tells a stunned Todd that he is the father of her unborn child. Todd doesn't acknowledge her pregnancy until Blair reveals that she had her doctor run a DNA test that proved that Todd is the father. As Blair is prepped for surgery, Todd begs Bo to let him stay by Blair's side until he knows that she is going to be all right. Starr offers to watch over her father and promises Bo that Todd will not try to run. After Blair is wheeled into the OR, Todd stands by helplessly as he tells her to be strong and hold on.

Marty takes issue with Michael when he volunteers to operate on a badly injured Spencer. When Michael wonders what Marty is concerned about, Marty reminds him that operating on the man who destroyed his family is a dire conflict of interest. Michael wonders if Marty is concerned that he will harm Spencer just as Spencer killed his father on an operating table. Marty tries to reason with Michael but he informs her that he is a professional and doesn't need her expert opinion about his situation. In the OR, Michael hesitates slightly over Spencer's body with a scapel in hand as he begins to operate on Spencer.

Jessica decides to take Bree out for a drive after Antonio is called into work. They run into Nash who is on way back to his room after his date with Layla. Jessica quizzes him about his night so much that Nash tells her he and Layla had such a god time that he asked her to marry him. Nash confesses that he was joking and although he and Layla have made plans to see each other again, he feels that Jessica had no right to interfere in his life. Jessica apologizes and Nash eases up a bit telling her that although her heart was in the right place, he doesn't need or want her pity. After dropping Nash off Jessica returns home and puts Bree down to bed. When Antonio calls to check up on them and to tell Jessica that he is going to be at the station a little while longer, Jessica lies and tells him that she was at home the whole time right where he left her.

Adriana is furious when she discovers that her mother invested in her and Layla's new business venture. Layla tries to convince Adriana that whether they like it or not they could use the money that Dorian has put up. Adriana argues that Dorian only invested in the company as a way to control Adriana's life. Layla suggests that maybe Dorian is trying to make up for her mistakes. Adriana shares with Layla some of Dorian's dastardly deeds and informs her that they will have to find money somewhere else. Rex runs after Adriana while Layla calls Evangeline to tell her about her non-date fun with Nash. Evangeline shares with Layla the details of the encounter she and Cris had with Vincent Jones where Cris warned him to stay away from Natalie and then shared with him that Layla was out on a date. Layla wonders how the encounter ended and Evangeline tells her that Vincent took off when he was told that one of his warehouses on the docks was on fire.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Vincent wants to file a report with the police department; his building burned to the ground and Ted was inside, dead. It's arson and murder, plain and simple and he wants an investigation. He purchased the building to convert it to lofts and there was plenty of work done inside, without incident. He has no idea why Ted was there or what happened. Antonio is leery and Cris suggests that perhaps Vincent did it himself, for the insurance money. Vincent is angry at their reactions and tosses it back, accusing Cris of committing the crime. His insurance policy lapsed because he couldn't afford it; there is no insurance money to be collected. It will take awhile for the fire department to investigate the cause of fire, Antonio offers.

John awakens to find Natalie sitting at his bedside. He admits he's in great pain but it'll be worth it to be able to get out of the hospital. No way, she replies. The skin grafts have to take first. This is the beginning of an argument, not only with Nat, but also with the nurse who comes by with medication. Natalie reads him the riot act and John finally relents, taking his pills. Vincent stops by, with the premise that he was looking for someone to talk to, that someone being Hugh in the past. He tells John about the fire and McBain realizes that his help is wanted. Vincent wants him to persuade Antonio to take him seriously and if the police don't do their work, he'll find out what happened by himself. In fact, he may get help from a certain redheaded forensics tech, he states, watching for a reaction from John. The detective actually has no problem with Vincent's asking Natalie for help because she knows how to read people, including him. They talk about their dads briefly and Vincent mentions how he had a father figure who used to take him around on his jobs across Llanview. John suggests the fire could have had to do with those activities. They agree they have something in common; they don't divulge much. Nat returns to the room and Vincent quickly leaves. He and John have more in common than he thinks, Vincent mutters.

Spencer's surgery is not going very well and Michael wants to try an experimental drug that he and Spencer had been working on. The other doctor is quite reluctant, citing Michael's personal feelings towards the patient. Michael takes offense over his integrity being challenged and orders the nurse to get the vial. He administers the drug and Spencer's surgery is successful. Michael is sorry and would have been happy if he had failed. Out in the hallway friends and family are gathered to hear news of Blair and Spencer. Bo relents and allows Todd to stay when Marty intercedes on his behalf. Todd learns from Dorian that Blair is indeed pregnant with his child, and he and Starr head for the chapel. He tells Starr that he doesn't "do prayer" so she does double duty. She believes her father when he tells her he didn't push the others from the roof. A depressed Adriana (upset because her mother is trying to buy her back) arrives with Rex. Marty tells Cole that she thinks Todd could be capable of anything, including pushing Spencer and Blair from the rooftop. In Blair's operating room, doctors work to save the baby, who appears to be in distress, while Blair seems to be stabilized. Cole refuses to leave without making sure that Starr is ok. Todd is forbidden from the recovery room but whispers that he loves her and wants her to come back to him. He is forced to leave the hospital with the police but not before asking Rex and Adriana to keep Cole away from Starr. They do his bidding though Cole tells his mom that Starr needs him.

Wandering through Angel Square, Layla has a talk with Evangeline about Vincent after she mentions how everyone should have someone. She knows he's no good for her. Evangeline also encourages Cris who has taken a stab at painting again.

John learns that not only did Spencer make it through surgery, but Michael was the one to save him. He is livid as Natalie tries to tell him that his brother took an oath. He is even more anxious to get out now.

Bo takes Todd back to his office. Manning is pretty upset, considering that he has Blair and the baby to worry about. Bo is not unfeeling but he wants the truth from Todd or he'll have to hold him over. They learn that Spencer will make it. Todd vows that it's over for Truman if either Blair or the baby dies. He'll make sure of it!

Spencer finds Michael at his bedside and hears that he'll make a full recovery. Paige is happy to tell him that Blair's baby is not his. Dorian tells Marty that it's all her fault; Spencer should have been in jail.

Blair pulls through. "As for the baby...," the doctor says.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cristian showed Lindsay his latest work. She said that though it's beautiful, she can't sell it. Lindsay reminded him that he doesn't have the same control over his hand that he used to, but encouraged him not to quit. Cris wasn't sure how he's going to make a living. After, Cris encountered a young man walking around outside in the cold without a coat. He got the kid a coat then made a plan to help the less fortunate.

Nora and Evangeline dined out together at Capricorn. Vangie told her that she wants to do something special for Cris. Nora suggested she ask Cristian to marry her, but Evangeline didn't think it was the right time for that.... Vangie, Lindsay, Michael and Marcie later joined him in the Square to help Cris with his project ... which turned out to be them entertaining the crowd by singing holiday songs. Cris and Michael proudly looked on as Marcie and Evangeline performed a popular tune. Portrayers Renee Goldsberry (Evangeline) and Kathy Brier (Marcie) were obviously having a good time with this as they laughed and joked around.

Claudia ran into Nash at the bar. Jessica, who'd been Christmas shopping, then spied them together and stopped by to say hello. She bristled when Claudia made a crack about Bree having "two mommies and two daddies." After Jess left, Claudia admitted to Nash that she's jealous of Bree having people to love her and is feeling lonely during the holiday season since her dad died. Nash apologized to Jessica. Jess noted that she's eventually going to have to tell Bree the truth about herself. Claudia rolled her eyes when she saw the exes bond over baby pictures.

Vincent continued to rail against the police for not doing anything about the warehouse fire. Antonio dismissed him by explaining that it's Christmas and they're short-staffed, but Vince vowed to get to the bottom of it.

Bo and Clint paid Spencer a visit at the hospital. Clint told him that he's glad Truman isn't a Buchanan, while Bo warned him that he's "through".... Todd paced in the waiting room, hoping to hear something about Blair's condition. He called the board of directors and screamed at them for not giving him information. Marty overheard and chided him for being out of control. Todd explained that Blair just got out of surgery. He admitted that he'd been held by the cops over his encounter with Spencer, and blamed Marty for setting the whole incident into motion. He then called Cole a drug addict. He soon calmed down and said that with Spencer not having to stand trial, he now understands how Marty must've felt when he was pardoned for the rape. Paige then emerged and gave him the sad news that while Blair was in stable condition, she lost the baby. Todd was understandably devastated.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Dorian was thrilled when Rex and Adriana stopped by on Christmas, but Adriana still wasn't so willing to forgive her. Later on Carlotta, Cristian and Evangeline paid a visit. Dorian pleaded with Cris to talk to Adriana for him, but he was uncomfortable doing it. Carlotta invited Dorian to spend the holiday with them, but she turned her down.

Nash told baby Bree how he put together a special present for Jessica. Meanwhile, at Llanfair, Asa, Renee, Viki, Clint, Jessica and Antonio exchanged gifts. Viki was especially touched by Clint's present. Asa looked forward to having some bourbon. Roxy then arrived, wearing a Santa hat. Jessica then got a surprise gift from Nash: a locket. Jessica returned it to Nash and told him she can't accept it. He told her to open it and there was a picture of Bree inside. Antonio came by and made a toast. Viki and Clint smooched under the mistletoe.

At the hospital, Natalie, Marcie, Michael and Tommy gave John a Christmas party in his room. Marcie put her foot in her mouth when she asked to see the engagement ring that John had given Natalie...when he hadn't actually done so. Nat covered nicely by stating that her present was seeing John get well. The brothers wished their mom could be with them, but she was on another cruise. Michael admitted that he'd been one of the doctors to save Spencer's life. John understood that his brother was just doing his job. Michael confessed that he'd been tempted to "slip up." John said he's planning to "put an end" to Spencer by going back to work and doing what he can to put Truman back in prison. Marcie worried that if Spencer gets the death penalty, Todd will never learn where his son is.

Natalie joined her family at Llanfair. She then returned to the hospital and stopped by to see Spencer. He wondered if Nat was planning to kill him. She wasn't; she just wanted to taunt him a little. She and John then exchanged gifts. He gave her a date book with "dinner at the Palace" marked off. He hinted that would be when he proposes.

Cristian and Vangie celebrated in private. Evangeline began to panic when she thought he was going to propose. He then teased her by asking what she'd do if he did ask her to marry him. She gave him a thoughtful gift meant to appeal to the artist in him. He was very touched.

Viki urged Adriana to give Dorian a break on the holiday. Adriana took her advice and returned to Dorian's, where she and her mom embraced.

Also at the hospital, Paige paid Spencer a visit and told him she enjoys seeing him "chained to the bed, helpless." Bo joined in and said that a lot of people want to see Truman dead. After they left, Spencer told himself that he's going to get out of his current situation.

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