Out of control!

by Dawn
It seems like a lot of people and situations were out of control last week in Llanview. Here are just a few examples:

Kevin wants power, revenge, and the satisfaction of knowing that Kelly and Todd are miserable. To accomplish this, he wants to divorce Kelly, win sole custody of Ace, raise Ace to be a Buchanan heir and teach him to hate Kelly. This is what Kevin calls his "Winner-take-all strategy." His new attitude and world views are shocking many in Llanview including Viki, Kelly, Jessica, and even Asa. When is Asa is shocked and appalled at someone's efforts to seek revenge, you know it is serious! Watching Kevin and Viki argue and slowly become estranged has been an odd development to watch, especially considering how close they have been. However, Viki doesn't know who Kevin is anymore, and Kevin is so focused on seeking revenge, that his mother's concern is almost irrelevant to him. The question is, how long will Kevin be like this? Is "Bad Kevin" going to stick around forever? Once he finds out the truth, will he change his strategy? Speaking of finding out the truth, why hasn't anyone told Kevin what they know? Blair deciding to remain quiet is the most surprising to me. Yes, it's true she got the speech about how Cramer women stick together from Dorian, but keeping this secret could affect her children in adverse ways. Todd deciding not to tell Viki the truth is even more surprising. I don't know what his motivation was for not telling her the truth. He told Blair the truth, so why won't he tell his sister? Viki was desperate to know the truth, and Blair and Todd both remained quiet. This has got to stop! I want Blair and Todd to tell Kevin and Viki what they know. The most interesting part of this entire, strange storyline will be how Kevin reacts to the actual truth. Watching Kevin seek revenge on Todd is silly, especially since Kelly and Todd never had an affair and Todd is not Ace's father. It is time to move this storyline forward and wrap it up. It has been frustrating and at times hard to watch. Kelly has especially become difficult to watch as a result of this storyline. She walks around looking guilty, proclaiming that she cannot lose "her" son. After Kevin told her he was suing for full custody of Ace, Kelly moved one step closer to go over the edge. She through a glass at him and then stabbed the picture of her, Kevin, and Ace. I noticed she stabbed herself in that picture. Going off on a slight tangent, I wonder if Kelly was mad at herself and that is why she did that, or if that is just how it happened when that scene was filmed. Either way, that was a powerful moment in showing how Kelly is becoming out of control, along with this whole storyline!

Being the Bo and Nora fan that I am, you are probably all expecting me to rave about their scenes while they were trapped in the elevator. Before I get to that point, however, I must note that trapping Bo and Nora together repeatedly is a silly way to get them back together. First they were quarantined, then they were stuck in an elevator, and next they will be trapped in a meat locker (why the end up in a meat locker is a mystery to me!). Trapping them together repeatedly is no better than having Matthew manipulate situations so that Bo and Nora end up together. If Bo and Nora are going to reunite, it should happen because they want to be together, not because they are forced. Trapping characters together is not a new concept for soap operas; in fact, it is overused. Trapping Bo and Nora together 3 times in the matter of a few weeks is not only overusing but also abusing this plot device, and while I enjoy any scenes that Bo and Nora share, I would rather see them spend time together because it is their choice! Okay, now that I've said that, I can move on to what happened in the elevator! Their alphabet game was cute, and using rock and roll as the topic was a great choice, given Bo and Nora's history. They made light of a dangerous situation with the elevator hanging from one cable. It's true they didn't dicuss anything profound, but they did share a meaningful look before Bo lifted Nora up to the top of the elevator. Maybe we'll see that again when they end up in a meat locker! Once they escaped the elevator, Daniel was there to take Nora away. Bo and Nora's scenes were short but enjoyable. Most noteworthy is the return of Bo's sense of humor. For a long time, it seemed like he could not laugh or make jokes about anything; the quarantine and the elevator fiasco seem to have restored Bo's ability to actually smile once in a while! Hmm, maybe trapping Bo and Nora together isn't such a bad idea after all......

Finally, R.J.'s jealousy got the best of him when he decided to have Rex follow John and Evangeline and later hired someone to beat up John. I am sure it won't take Evangeline long to figure out that R.J. was behind John's attack, and I doubt that she will be impressed by R.J.'s actions. In fact, R.J.'s actions will probably make Evangeline happy that she broke up with R.J., since he is acting like a stalker. I feel bad for R.J.; he had been alone for so long and seemed happy with Evangeline. However, he acted like she was a possession instead of a person, which just about always leads to problems, especially with a strong-willed person such as Evangeline. It is true that she cheated on R.J. with John a couple of weeks ago, and R.J. has a right to be hurt and angry. However, instead of seeing R.J. return to his old ways, I would like to see him take the high road and move on with his life. It would be a new direction for R.J., and it is worth exploring. Some readers have suggested pairing R.J. with Lindsay, which would probably be interesting. I don't know if they would make a good couple, but they have always had a bond of some sort, and that could be explored. Whatever happens, I just want to see R.J. focus on his own life instead of trying to control people and things that are out of his control. He deserves a better storyline than stalking Evangeline and John, and it is about time that he got it!

Feel free to write me with your thoughts!

Have a pleasant week!

Until next time, Dawn

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