Summer in Llanview, part two

by Dawn
Two weeks ago, I wrote about how the Santi family is taking over Llanview. Since that time, it seems like the Santis have been on even more. Now, Tico and Sonia are all over Llanview instead of just being at Lion's Heart. It turns out that Tico has people all over town watching Adriana and Sonia so that he can know about everything that happens to them. He knew that Adriana had taken a pregnancy test and came to confront Dorian about this information. Why? He apparently thinks he has the right to know everything about his sister that he's only known for a few weeks. Dorian was outraged when he told her he knew about Adriana's pregnancy test, and frankly so was I. Dorian looked ready to burst when he told her what he knew, and I am happy she told him not to concern himself with Adriana's situation. Tico seems to have a problem with wanting to know about everyone else's business. Perhaps this why he and Jessica get along so well! As for Sonia, she has decided to find out how R.J. is connected to the Santis. A lot of last week was devoted to showing Sonia go through R.J.'s apartment. She found out that R.J. had her father's contact information in his computer. Is anyone interested to find out why? I'm not. While Sonia could be a decent minor character, she has been getting way too many scenes. We don't really know much about her, and yet we have to watch her almost everyday. It seems like OLTL has become even more like the Santi hour than it was just 2 weeks ago. Even with their journeys in Llanview, Tico and Sonia still have managed to find time to discuss what they know about Antonio. Several readers have speculated that Antonio is the Manuel Santi II who was allegedly killed a long time ago. Since Antonio was the only person who was authorized to get the Santi millions, it looks like all of those readers were correct. I am not sure what to think about this development. Cristian, Carlotta, and Antonio were a strong family unit at one time, and revealing that Antonio is not Carlotta's biological son would rewrite their history when it might not even be worthwhile. If Antonio is the true Santi heir, what will happen to him? Will he and Tico enter into a feud? Will he leave Llanview and everyone behind to start a new life? What role will Cristian's return play in all of this? Hopefully the purpose of making Antonio somebody else's son will become clear soon and it will be intriguing enough to make this revision of history worthwhile.

Elsewhere in Llanview, Todd and Blair took it upon themselves to take over Asa's mansion. I haven't commented on this storyline before, but Sheree, a loyal reader, asked me "Are you really looking forward to another Todd/Blair wedding, or are you like me, bored with his two? " This is a good question because usually I like watching a good soap wedding, and I have historically been a fan of Todd and Blair. However, this time my answer is I am bored and somewhat frustrated with Todd and Blair. I am not bored with them because they have become the happy couple; I am bored because they waste their time doing things like stealing Asa's mansion. When Starr came home from school, complaining that other kids made fun of her because of Blair and Todd's antics, Todd and Blair decided to make some changes. How does stealing a house based on a legal technicality improve Starr's situation? Why do they want Asa's house anyway? Sure, it is a way to get back at Kevin and perpetuate the feud, but it is also silly. Blair and Todd could have built their own mansion and made it bigger and better than Asa's mansion. Instead, they decided to take over Asa's mansion and force Daniel and Evangeline to straighten the mess out when Renee called the police. If Todd and Blair are going to be together, they should do things that don't make them look silly and childish. I am sure Todd and Blair's wedding will be big (although I am not sure how many people will actually attend), but if they are going to do things like take over Asa's mansion just for the fun of it, then it hardly seems worthwhile to watch them or to hope they make it as a couple.

Finally, I will end on a positive note by discussing David and his role in the lives of the Cramer women lately. While many in Llanview view David as freeloader who only wants Dorian for her money, but he has really immersed himself in the various crises of the Cramer women. He encouraged Adriana to tell Dorian about her possible pregnancy scare, consoled Dorian, and tried to help Kelly prepare for her custody hearing. He has shown genuine concern for all of them, while still getting to say his jokes and provide much needed comic relief. David is a great character, but his new "family man" role has really surprised me, which sometimes people do. David has become a part of Dorian's family even if they aren't married yet, and I hope he stays in Llanview for a long time.

Random Thoughts....

I found it interesting that everyone in Llanview recognized Duke Buchanan right away. It has been many years since most people (except Kelly) have seen him, yet they greeted him as if he were their neighbor.

It was good to see Addie again. She is rarely on, but when she is, she tells people what they need to do to fix their problems. Sometimes she has more insight than anyone else on the show!

Please let me know what you think about OLTL! Have a pleasant week!

Until next time, Dawn

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