Changes in the right direction

by Dawn
As November Sweeps begin, I have seen some improvements on One Life to Live regarding characters and storylines. There is still a lot of work to be done to make OLTL the great show it once was, but I have definitely seen some glimmers of hope, especially in the past week.

Most notably, I have seen positive changes in Kelly. Setting aside the fact that she recovered from her nervous breakdown in record time, it is good to see that she has a conscience and wants to do the right thing for Ace. When she found out that Ace was stolen from a mother that wanted him, she knew she had to find his real mother and give him back. She put her own feelings aside, knowing that Ace needed to be with his biological owner, even though Kelly has grown attached to Ace and loves him like her own son. I was relieved to see her show concern for Ace's real mother and wanting to make things right (or as right as they can be at this point) again. Perhaps Kelly should have known that Paul was able to get her a baby rather easily without having to go through legal channels. At the time, however, Kelly was desperate for a baby and probably didn't want to hear the truth. As I recall, she did ask Paul if Ace's mother wanted him, and when he said no, the subject was quickly dropped. Now that Kelly knows how Paul got Ace for her, she feels guilty over Ace's mother not knowing what happened to him or if he is still alive. While the viewers know the truth and know that Ace's real mother has already taken Ace back, Kelly feels compelled to find answers about Ace's true parentage. Kelly has made a lot of mistakes and some bad choices, but she is finally trying to do the right thing. Kelly is still a different character than the original Kelly we knew, but at least she is trying to solve the problems she helped create.

Next, Jessica is finally starting to consider that maybe the warnings people have given her about Tico are valid. At first, she believed Tico was an upstanding guy who was better than Antonio because Tico told Jessica everything. Now, she is starting to see that he is controlling and is hiding things from her. She is determined to find answers about her husband. She is taking a big risk in going through Tico's things, as she could get caught by Tico or by one of his loyal servants. If Tico does find out that Jessica is snooping around, she could end up in grave danger. However, I am glad to see that she isn't blindly taking Tico's word for everything and that she wants to find the truth. As the Santis are faded out, it is apparent that Tico and Jessica's marriage will not last. I would like to see Jessica leave Tico after she finds out he is El Tiburon. Doing this would show that Jessica does have a brain and that marrying Tico was only a temporary lapse in judgment. I have gotten several emails about how stupid Jessica has become, especially after she married Tico. Tina writes "Jessica used to be so strong, independent, and smart. Now, she has become weak, clingy, and she believes anything any random stranger tells her. She won't listen to Antonio or her family, but anyone else's word is as good as gold. I can't even watch her anymore." Hopefully Jessica taking Tico's money to Bo for investigation marks the return of the Jessica we once knew. It has gotten difficult to watch Jessica be so gullible, so hopefully this chapter in Jessica's life is coming to an end.

Finally, a big improvement for OLTL is Paul is gone. It doesn't look like he will be coming back from the dead any time soon, and a lot of people in Llanview seem certain thaht he won't return at all. Paul was a creep and went out of his way to make enemies in the past few weeks, so now the question is, who made him disappear? I asked this question last time I wrote and here is a tally of who you think killed Paul: Cristian: 7 Jen: 6 Kevin: 5 Tico: 5 Tico and Kevin as a team: 3 Lindsay: 2 Riley: 2 Rex: 2 Daniel: 1 I was overwhelmed by how many people thought Cristian murdered Paul. On Friday, we saw he was being held captive by someone, so it would have been hard for him to kill Paul. However, as we all know, anything is possible on a soap opera, so I won't say it's not possible. Jen looked very guilty all week, and Lindsay acted is if she knew something about Paul's disappearance too. Tico and Kevin are obvious suspects, while Daniel never even crossed my mind as a murder suspect. Rex and Riley both want to protect Jen, but I don't think either of them are capable of murder. At this point, I am not sure who killed Paul. but I think a lot of people in Llanview know more about Paul's disappearance than they are willing to admit. Hopefully this isn't drawn out too long, and we find out who the killer is soon!

One Life to Live is slowly improving, and hopefully this trend continues! Have a pleasant week!

Until next time, Dawn

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