Chris Boothe
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Actor History

Adrian Wilson (18 August 2005 to present)

Marsh Mokhtari (2006; temporary replacement)

Other Names

Greg Walton (original name)

Christopher Matthew Boothe (full name; courtesy of witness protection)


Former Journalist

Former Financial Consultant

Resides At

Crane Cottage (14 Raven Hill Road)

Marital Status

Married (Sheridan Crane, 22 February 2006 to present)

Past Marriages

Maureen (dissolved by her death in 2005)


Unknown (parents divorced when he was young)


James Boothe (legally considered to be his son)

Unnamed Child (with Sheridan; miscarriage; 2006)

Flings & Affairs

Sheridan Crane (lovers)

Crimes Committed

As a financial consultant, illegally invested money for some of his clients.

James is not Chris's biological son, but he is lying that he is.

Brief Character History

Chris came to town shortly after the tsunami, and devastated Sheridan when he told her he was the father of the little boy she had grown attached to. Sheridan initially believed that he was another of Alistair's thugs, hired to destroy her, but Chris was finally able to convince her of the truth -- he was in the witness protection program. He and Maureen had been married with young James but he (then known as Greg) had been too interested in making money, in part to make up for his own childhood with divorced parents who were never around. He wanted James to have everything he didn't have. Chris explained his story to Sheridan and asked her to look after James should anything ever happen to him, because Maureen's parents weren't the type of people he wanted his son to grow up with -- they were a lot like Sheridan's family, and she agreed to fight them if anything happened to Chris and they tried to take James. Unfortunately, the goons after Chris caught up with him in Harmony and the FBI interceded, insisting that Chris and his son had to get out of town. He initially refused, but finally agreed, for Sheridan and James' safety. A last minute confrontation between the FBI and the men after Chris gave Chris a new lease on life, and a new chance to start a life in Harmony. He offered to leave Harmony, worried that James' presence reminded Sheridan too much of her loss (Marty), but Sheridan wanted him to stay. After a few dates, the two became lovers. The two eventually went to Hawaii together in search of Sheridan's son Marty and, while there, decided to get married. Shortly after, Chris saved a man from a house fire and the two were shocked to learn that it was Luis. Luis was eventually told the truth about Sheridan and Chris' marriage, and Chris offered to let Sheridan go, but she told Chris that she was staying with him -- and that she was pregnant with his baby.

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