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Monday, March 24, 1997
by Mary DeRock

The Richards
Caitlin walks in on Olivia and Bette's regretful chat about the past and the women laughingly play it off. Olivia asks Caitlin not to mention her early morning drinking to Gregory for Gregory will send her away to a sanatarium. Tim reminds Gregory about their agreement. He wants to make sure that Meg won't be prosecuted when Annie and Ben are caught. Gregory assures Tim that Meg will be Tim's, while Annie and Ben go to jail. Caitlin pleads with her father not to send her mother to a sanatarium, she thinks Olivia needs the family's love. Gregory caves in for his little girl. Olivia overhears their chat & berates Gregory for doing it for Caitlin instead of for her sake. Caitlin takes a walk on the beach and Cole catches up to her wanting to talk to her. She yells that they have nothing to talk about while he confesses he can't stay away from her and apologizes for hurting her. Caitlin pours out her love, & they kiss. They are about to go to a quiet place when Olivia calls, urgently needing Cole. Gregory confesses to Olivia that she went too far & that he will live with her but never trust her. Olivia told herself it is what she deserves. She decides to "undo" what she has done. In that, she is referring to her misdeeds with Elaine's baby, not Del's murder as Gregory assumes.

In the Family
After much corralling by Paula, Gabi told her what she "has wanted to tell" her since she met Paula. Gabi says, "you and me, we're sisters." Their father Lorenzo, remarried Gabi's mother (who was pregnant with Gabi at the time) after he left Elaine. In addition, Lorenzo left Gabi's mother about a year ago for a much younger woman, and Gabi's mother died when she was 8 years old. "You're the only family I have right now," she told Paula. In the meantime, Ricardo makes his case to Elaine. Ricardo wants "to do things right this time" and thinks Paula is ready to start making plans again. He asks for her blessing. Elaine asks for Ricardo's word that he will "never break her heart...or cheat on her." Ricardo promises, and Elaine gives him her blessing. Ricardo walks in on the new sisters, and asks what Gabi has been saying, thinking she is telling Paula about their little secret. Gabi brought out a birth certificateto prove her claim. Ricardo asks Gabi what game she is playing, warning her not to hurt Paula. Gabi retorts that Paula would be more hurt if she told of his night with her, when Paula was kidnapped. She makes excuses for her actions kissing up to Ricardo about his gentlemanly ways that night. Ricardo told her he thinks she knew exactly what she was up to that night.

Let's do it Again Eddie
Ben told Annie there is a chance he can appeal to the side of Ricardo that believes Annie is innocent and Eddie could still get the blame. Annie agrees, but Ben decides to call Meg first. Ben calmly explains that since the briefcase is at The Deep, and Meg is there, that is where Eddie may be headed. In the meantime Eddie is getting information about the briefcase from Mark who directs him upstairs, where Meg and the briefcase are. Eddie tells Meg he just wants the briefcase, she says she'll check the cabinet. As Meg searches for it, the office phone rings. It's Ben. He fills Meg in about the briefcase being Del's and that Annie found it in Eddie's apartment. Ben adds that they have reason to believe that Eddie is the killer. An unnerved Meg tries to stay cool, while Ben warns her to stay away from Eddie. Meg tries to let Ben know Eddie is there, saying "a couple of feet if you know what I mean" but Ben doesn't catch it. Annie tries to keep Ben at the house, but Ben wants to go check on Meg and The Deep. Eddie pulls a gun on Meg and kidnaps her. When Ben gets to The Deep, Meg is nowhere in sight. As he is wondering where she is, he sees the newspaper with the ad in the trash and realizes Eddie must've made it there first. Eddie calls Ben, bargaining with Ben to meet him at the dunes with the briefcase. There they will make an even exchange. Annie wants to fool Eddie by replacing the real gems with costume jewelry. Ben wants Meg's life spared, while Annie pouts about the valuable jewels. Meg is scared out of her wits with Eddie and they exchange words about both Annie & Eddie's possible guilt.

Tuesday, March 25, 1997

Triangle in the Family Olivia urgently begs Cole to meet her. She is depressed and on the verge of suicide she syas. Cole neglects to meet Caitlin at the grotto, leaving Caitlin to think he didn't mean what he said to her. She calls Tim for a ride and he lends his ear to her. At Olivia's Cole sees the picture of Caitlin and surmises he is sleeping with his true love's mother.

Lets Share Paula invites Gabi ti stay with her and Ricardo as she has no place of her own.

Fair Trade Ben trades the briefcase for Meg and Eddie makes his "getaway." Annie won't let him take the jewels and manages to take the briefcase from Eddie. Ben tackles Eddie and the two wrestle in the sand for a bit. Eddie gets the briefcase back and finally gets away. Now that Eddie has sped off, Annie reveals the jewels under the sand to Ben and Meg. Eddie in turn opens a briefcase full of sand, much to his chagrin.

Wednesday, March 26, 1997
by Mary

One Happy Family
Ricardo is upset about Paula inviting Gabi to stay with them. He warns Paula they should use caution when it comes to Gabi. Paula feels Gabi deserves the benefit of the doubt. Gabi went to get some fresh air, and later returns to hear Ricardo on the phone. He is inquiring about rooms at a hotel for Gabi to stay in. She explains she isn't there to cause trouble and has no problems staying in her car. Gabi thinks the two should forget that night, move on and start over. Ricardo shakes hands with Gabi for the "first time." Later, as Gabi is dressing for the night, Ricardo brought her things in and gets a glimpse of her dressing. He helps her set up the cot, and as she plops down on it, the cot caves in. Ricardo reaches to help her out, Gabi puts her arms around his neck to get out. Their faces get very close, and Ricardo gets uncomfortable. Paula walks in, joking that Gabi is putting the moves on her man. Both scramble to explain, while Paula smilingly asks them to relax, she was joking. Gabi recalls the night she tried to seduce Ricardo as she looks at he and Paula in bed. In the morning Ricardo awakens to a Gabi bearing coffee just the way he likes it. Paula hears her and inquires, "How do you know how he likes his coffee?" Gabi told Paula she worked at a diner where all the cops ordered black coffee. Paula is returning to the force the next day, and she encourages Ricardo to have a good breakfast. Gabi wacthes Ricardo, shirtless, as Paula sees this she admits that if Gabi wasn't her sister, she'd be worried. Paula wants Gabi to meet someone.

Quality Time
Olivia comforts Caitlin as she sobs about Cole's not showing up. "I waited and waited..." says Caitlin, "and he didn't show up" finishes Olivia. Caitlin informs Olivia she knows he went to see the other woman and that he initially sought out the other woman because of her inexperience. Rolling her eyes at her mother's admittance that she lost her true love to another woman, Caitlin mentions that genetics are the root of her love problems. Caitlin asks her mother how so many men fall for her, Olivia explains, "They don't fall for me. They use me and I let them. If I give them what they want, maybe they'll love me." She admits to Caitlin that she never got over the hurt of losing her love. Olivia thanks her daughter for coming to her and letting it all out with her. Caitlin told her that although she doesn't understand her, she is glad to have her as a mother. Olivia apologizes for not being there for her when she needed her. The two hug and vow to never let anything come between them

Let Me Tell You...
Tim went to the cave and meets Cole. He calls Cole a jerk and asks him who the other woman is. Cole bites his lip, realizing again who the other woman is. Cole figures Tim must have a thing for Caitlin, and says so, otherwise he wouldn't be at the cave.Tim relates that if he did like Caitlin, he would treat her better and keep her forever. "What if you can't?" gulps Cole which prompts Tim to ask him what he means. Cole angrily told Tim that what happens between Caitlin and him is none of Tim's business. Tim warns that he messed up, and hopes he'll "rot in hell" for it. After Tim leaves, Cole shakes his head saying, "You don't know the half of it."

Three's Company?
Ben, Meg, and Annie return to Ben's after the ordeal with Eddie. Ben kindly offers Meg to make herself at home, while Annie smugly retorts, "She already has." Ben told Meg she will sleep in his room, and a disbelieving Annie feels Meg should sleep on the couch since Ben didn't even offer his room for her. "All I got was the guest room," she angrily whines. "You're lucky you didn't get a corner in the garage," Ben cooly says,"I'm sleeping on the couch." Ben told Meg they will call the police about her kidnapping in the morning. He leads Meg upstairs to his room, while Annie sizzles in rage downstairs. Meg thanks Ben for letting her stay, and he counters with an unlimited stay offer. Meg smiles but says it would be a "three's a crowd" situation. He told Meg not to worry about Annie, he thinks they spend too much time talking about her instead of worrying about Meg who was most recently in jeaopardy. Ben confesses he was worried about her when he saw Eddie with the gun on her. Meg in turn confesses she was afraid Eddie had shot Ben. Meg compares Ben to romance novel heros and told him he is her hero. He says she brought out the best in him, that everyone who knows her loves her. She asks, "You too?" He aks if she wants him to go, she shakes her head no. "Do you want me to stay?" he asks. Meg nods the affirmative. Ben touches her hand and says he will stay for as long as she wants. Annie walks in as Ben puts his arm towards Meg and starts to lean towards her. Annie "kindly" crawls into bed with Meg, explaining she will keep her company through the night in case she has nightmares. The next morning Annie is watchin Ben as he sleeps on the couch. She fantasizes herself in a sexy dress, showing Ben (who is wearing tux) the Deschanel jewels. Annie's fantasy includes Ben finding her irresistible, wanting her, sweeping her off her feet, and kissing her on the couch. Meg razzles Annie out of her reverie, asking Ben where the best place to hide the jewels is. Annie abruptly blurts, "They're my jewels." A defensive Annie argues with Ben about her ownership of the jewels. They decide not to let the cops know about Meg's kidnapping. As Ben told Meg she shouldn't get introuble for aiding and abetting, Annie chimes in that she is in more trouble and he should show concern for her too. She told Annie she shouldn't complain so much. Both women glare at each other as Ben explains they should go to Ricardo He adds that Annie can't keep the jewels because they are evidence against Eddie. Annie told Ben she thinks he is trying to get her out of the way and glares at Meg. Eddie checks into a hotel in Geneva, claiming everything is brand new, including his life.

Marriage Bliss
Wei-Lee arrives at Surf Central early in the morning and is happy to hear Rae remind Casey about the deal they had. She thinks it's time she got the ocean front room now and as she makes it downstairs, sees Wei-Lee at the front door. Wei-Lee finds it strange that they are married and don't share a bedroom. Casey explains to Wei-Lee that the bedroom is his offce and that Rae has been wanting to turn it into their bedroom. Wei-Lee wants to see Casey's computer setup, but Casey instead offers to show him his other "office", the beach, if Wei-Lee can handle a surfboard. Casey is willing to teach him how to surf, much to Rae's protests.

Thursday, March 27, 1997
by Mary

Advisory: Due to the news coverage of the mass suicide in San Diego County, Today's episode of Sunset Beach was shorter than usual.

Meet My Mother
Paula wants Gabi to meet her mother, Elaine. Paula has no clue s to how Elaine will react. As she closes the door behind Ricardo, she has flashbacks to Ralph Myers. She explains to Gabi that Elaine lost a son years ago. Bette visits Elaine at the Waffle Shop, and Elaine gives her a check for $1000 in Annie's name to any charity. Elaine explains she has realized a child's value with Bette losing Annie, her almost losing Paula, and losing the son long ago. Bette tries to make Elaine take the check back, in the end Bette takes the check unwillingly. Later, Paula and Gabi arrive at the Waffle Shop. Elaine is surprised to see both of them getting along, but is even more surprised to hear that Gabi is Lorenzo's daughter. She berates Gabi for not telling her "all these weeks." Gabi explains she wanted to wait until things worked out for Paula. Elaine laments to Paula that if Lorenzo hadn't left her, things might've been different. Paula catches he mother crying, while Elaine blames herself for everything that has happened to her children.

Can You Help Me?
Ben angrily told Annie that if he wanted her out of the way, he would have turned her in initially. She doesn't want to go to Ricardo. As Meg went home (she's got the day off, courtesy of Ben), Ben asks Annie to stop with the green eyed monster. Annie shrugs it off, saying she hasn't been herself lately. Meanwhile, Meg crashes on the couch. Rae sits down, offering to listen to Meg and give her a check up. Meg just needs some rest. Bette stops by Annie's and sees the Deschanel jewels. Both she and Annie joyfully revel in the jewels. She confesses to Bette that it is just like with Maria her best friend. As it turns out Annie was in love with Ben, but Maria got him. Meg showed up and ruined her chance. She cries that she doesn't want to lose him again. Annie told Bette that Ben has gone to speak to Ricardo who tells Ben he is still willing to clear Annie's name. When Ben mentions that they ought to be looking for another suspect as a result of Sean's statement, Ricardo told Ben he is unaware of such a statement. Ben asks Ricardo if Eddie has been considered a suspect. He explains that Eddie was looking for an opportunity, to what Ricardo says is a vague chance and he is missing for the day. Ben admits to Ricardo that he has a briefcase full of evidence implicating Eddie, but wants certain assurances first. Ricardo says no dice and wants to know what Ben is leaving out. Ben starts to ask hypothetical questions about Annie being alive, Ricardo doesn't see what that has to do with anything since she is dead. He explains that if Annie were alive, she'd have to pinpoint Eddie as the killer without a doubt or not show her face, as she is still a fugitive and the prime suspect. She'd be arrested if she were alive. Ben told Annie she is safe for a while, but is sure she needs to get out of town until he can work things out. Annie told him she will not leave, she doesn't care about anything anymore, and won't leave unless Ben leaves with her. Ben gives in.

Let Me Teach You
Casey chats with Wei Lee about surfing. As Wei Lee gives him a hang loose sign, Casey watches as Wei Lee takes to the water like a duck. He explains that he wants to throw a party to celebrate their marriage. Rae and Casey explain they're too busy and don't have the money for a party, Wei Lee insists he will be insulted if they don't accept. Casey gives in, agreeing they should have it at home so it will double as a housewarming party as well.

Rats Foiled!
Eddie opens the briefcase, only its not full of jewels, its full of sand. He calls himself an idiot and realizes his new life has fizzled. Eddie tells himself he deserved it for what he did to Paula. In the briefcase he finds a hidden document.

Friday, March 28, 1997

by Mary

Sunset Beach was partially pre-empted due to contining coverage of the Heaven's Gate cult mass suicide.

The Truth Should Set Me Free...
Michael has an angry exchange with Vanessa about not returning his calls, and how he can never fix what he has done (killing James' father). Vanessa tries to calm Michael down, telling him that despite the fact he killed his father, he has done a lot of good for James. Michael affirms to Vanessa he must tell James and Virginia the truth. Vanessa explains that he could end up in prison, as there is no statute of limitations on murder. He wants to tell them the truth, but is afraid of losing Vanessa. She asks Michael to lie, he is apprehensive about lying. Michael visits James and Virginia, bringing over a Lakers basketball. Vanessa interrupts Michael's confession.

Love Hurts
Cole thinks about his women at the cave and as he is in his reverie, Caitlin walks into the cave. she asks what his game is, he told her he never meant to hurt her. She demands to know who the other woman is. Cole denies that there is another woman, and told Caitlin he loves her. He knows they can't be together and told Caitlin so.

I Have a Secret To Share
Olivia informs Sean that Gregory will be busy all day, so he and Tiffany don't have to sneak around. Tiffany thanks Sean for all he has done for her. Bette stops by Olivia's and explains that they must tell Elaine that her son is alive and living in Sunset Beach. She told Olivia that Elaine gave her the $1000 check and that she is very concerned about Elaine. Olivia chimes regrets and that wishes for a second chance. Bette still wants to tell Elaine and Olivia wants to tell Cole first about it. Bette told her she wasn't really going to tell Cole, because that would ruin the evening. Olivia thinks there must be a way to tell both Cole and Elaine the truth without revealing their involvement. Bette told Olivia she should say documents from probate mentioned Del's plot to kidnap Elaine's son. She tells Olivia to tell Cole and make sure that Elaine finds out the truth. Olivia catches up to Cole trying to tell him the truth. He wants to stop this thing before someone gets hurt. She presses the need to tell him what she meant to tell him the other night.

A Clue?
Paula returns to the Sunset P.D. and comes across Ralph's file, and has a panic attack. Ricardo chides fellow officers for putting Ralph's file in Paula's stack. She told him to forget it, and details how strange Elaine has been acting. Ricardo told Paula about learning that Sean came in to the precinct and gave a statement, but the statement is "missing." Gabi orders Elaine's waffles, admitting she wants to be friends with Elaine. Elaine tells her she should have said something about her family ties.

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