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Monday, April 20, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Sherrie Holtz.

Today's episode begins with Virginia waiting in the wings (crouched in Tyus office) while Vanessa is given the bad news by Tyus that she, does, in deed, have Martins Syndrome. Virginia is obviously thrilled by the news, (she'd probably do a jig if she could) and, as expected Vanessa is destroyed by the news. She told Tyus that she will leave and Michael will never know. Tyus begs her to stay and told her he and another doctor will find a solution - they will help. But Vanessa says she cannot.. Virginia is obviously delighted and later toasts to herself and what she thinks will be her 'new life' with Michael.

Upon coming home and seeing Michael there Vanessa gives him a (goodbye) kiss as he leaves for work, thinking that she's never going to see him again. Michael went on about their life together and Vanessa is in obvious pain. After he's gone she has a temper tantrum and while throwing things around knocks to the floor the body lotion Virginia had doctored.

Antonio catches up with Gabi and gives her advice to help her cope with all that's happened to her. Ricardo joins them and hears their discussion. When Gabi leaves Antonio told Ricardo he must tell their mother about Gabi being the one who accused him of rape. He questions Ricardo about his 'date' and without words - and just a look - it seems as if he enjoyed it.

Meg and Casey and Meg's parents confront Ben (Derek) and speak to the fact that his memory is failing in many areas. (Casey seems somewhat suspicious.) Meg decides to call off the wedding until Ben (Derek) has seen the doctor. Meg and Ben kiss and Meg went on about how lucky she thinks she is. When she went upstairs the phone rings and it's Eddie who has discovered the real Ben....however....instead of letting the real Ben go free Eddie has decided to work the situation to his own advantage.

Tuesday, April 21, 1998

At The Liberty Corporation
Annie tries to get quick divorce information out of her Aunt Bette, who catches on to Annie's not so subtle attempt as to why she wants the information. Annie told her no reason and Bette told her she may look like she was born yesterday, but she wasn't so what is the real reason. Annie stands there giving Bette one of her Annie stares. Bette then accuses Annie of wanting the information for Gregory and Olivia. Annie ask her why would she say something like that and Bette told her because she knows Annie has been trying to cause trouble for Gregory and Olivia for months. Annie told Bette not to blame her for Olivia going on a drinking binge and losing her baby. Bette told her they don't know that for sure, but told her that if she has anymore questions about divorce to ask a lawyer. Right then, Gregory appears behind Annie. Bette says here's one now. Annie stands there again giving one of her Annie looks to a curious Gregory, who says, "there's one for the books, Annie Douglas at a loss for words. As they all enter Gregory's office, Gregory ask Annie what is her sudden interest in divorce. Bette gets ready to tell him, but Annie cuts her off saying that she can speak for herself. Annie known for thinking quickly when it comes to lying, told Gregory that she was just concerned about Ben and Meg. When Gregory and Bette look at her like she's lost her mind, Annie told them that Ben plans on marrying Meg soon and she was just concerned that if they ever get a divorce, Meg will then have shares in the Liberty Corporation like another couple who use to work there. Bette laughs at this one as Gregory stands there looking amused. Gregory tells Bette to excuse them since they have Liberty business to discuss.

At Ms. Moreau's
Ms. Moreau's opens her door to find Virginia standing there saying, "ding-dong Vanessa's gone." Her reply to this? A door slamming in Virginia's face. Virginia knocks again and Ms. Moreau asks her what does she want. Virginia just walks in and told Ms. Moreau that everything worked out and Vanessa thinks she has Martin's Syndrome. Moreau told her that she could have left a message on her answering machine instead of coming over here to bug her about it. As Virginia triumphantly explains how her plan of switching the samples works, Moreau stands there with a bored look on her face. Virginia went on and on about what life will be like once that man-taker Vanessa is gone. Moreau asks Virginia why does she hate Vanessa so much and Virginia replies that she doesn't hate Vanessa, she is just standing in the way of her future with Michael. Moreau told Virginia that she hates to burst her bubble, but once the potion runs out and Vanessa's skin condition improves, she will be coming back to Sunset Beach and Michael. Virginia confidently told her, but by then, she and Michael will be married and it will be too late. Moreau shakes her head at an over confident Virginia who skips on her way home to her future with Michael.

At Vanessa's Place
Vanessa is frantically trying to hurry up and pack up all of her things and leave before Michael gets home. As she is packing, Michael calls and leaves a message on the machine telling Vanessa that he misses her and can't wait to get home to see her lovely face. Vanessa tears up at his words and continues to pack and clean up the mess she caused yesterday. Just then Jimmy arrives at the door. Vanessa doesn't intend to answer it but when one of the trash bags she has thrown her lotions and cosmetics away in bust, Jimmy hears this from outside the door and knows that someone is home. Vanessa finally lets him in and he asks her if she is okay. Vanessa told him she is fine, she just dropped a trash bag. Jimmy asks her if Michael is home and Vanessa told him no, adding that she is in a hurry and will tell Michael that he stopped by. Jimmy told her his visit will only take a second, he just came over to see if she and Michael would buy some raffle tickets from him for his baseball team. Vanessa told him she will take 50 as she tries to hurry him out the door. Jimmy gets excited and Vanessa told him that Michael will probably buy some too when he gets home. Upon hearing Vanessa say home, Jimmy gets sad at the thought that Michael now lives with Vanessa instead of at Surf Central. Vanessa assures him that Michael will always be there for him and he is welcome to come over and visit anytime he likes. Vanessa fights back tears as she says goodbye to Jimmy. Later, Vanessa is stunned to discover that most of the blisters on her arms have vanished. She calls Tyus to told him about it and he told her to come over to the hospital so they can check it out.

At Ben and Meg's Place
Derek is on the phone with Eddie who has told him that they need to meet. Derek delays his meeting with Eddie because of the appointment with Tyus, who is surprised to discover that his patient has retinal scarring he failed to notice before. Before Derek can leave to see Eddie, Meg drags him to a meeting at the Liberty Corporation......At the Warehouse, Eddie taunts Ben about how close Derek seems to be getting to Meg. Though Ben offers a bribe in exchange for being released, Eddie decides to see what he can get from Derek first. He videotapes his talk with Ben for security, then departs. Alone, Ben again attempts to get free.

At Surf Central Michael hints to Casey that he's been window shopping for an engagement ring. Casey throws his buddy his life board and Michael told him that he has been looking all over for it, adding that he has been getting a little forgetful lately, due to his head being all up in the clouds over Vanessa. Casey tells him that he isn't the only one. Surprised, Michael asks him if he has been forgetting things too. Casey told him not me, Ben. He then explains all the incidents that have occurred every time he runs into Ben these days. Michael asks Casey if he believes Ben's explanations of the sudden memory lapse. Casey tells him he's not sure, he just has the feeling that Meg is going to get hurt and he doesn't want that to happen because she is too nice a lady. Michael asks him if he is starting to have feelings for Meg, but Casey told him just because he's found someone special, doesn't mean Casey is looking for someone as well. Just then Virginia walks in and ask Michael what is he doing there. Casey answers that he is causing trouble as usual, he then bids them adieu and heads off for his meeting at the Liberty Corporation. Michael told a disappointed Virginia that everything is fine with him and Vanessa. Virginia then offers to cook Michael breakfast and he accepts. As she is cooking for Michael, she has a dream that they are like the Cleavers. She is June and Michael is Ben and Jimmy is the Beaver and they are a perfect little family. Just then, Jimmy comes in and breaks her dream telling them both that Vanessa bought $50 dollars worth of raffle tickets from him. Michael told him that he has been trying to reach Vanessa all day and ask Jimmy where did he see her at. Jimmy told him that she was at home when he bought the tickets, Michael tells them that she must be home now and dashes out the door like a flash. He then told his mother about Vanessa throwing away all of her skin cream when he arrived, Panicking, Virginia realizes that if Vanessa stops applying the lotion to her arms, her condition could improve. Sure enough, it has and Vanessa is hopeful, as she consults with Tyus, who decides to take another look at her skin sample to see if she really does have Martin's syndrome.

Back At The Liberty Corporation
Gregory told Annie that he knows the real reason she was so curious about divorces, sensing that she is on to him, Annie plays coy. Gregory then tells her that he thinks she is not over Ben yet. Annie told him that she has moved on, but Gregory told her that she means she has moved on to someone else. They kiss and Annie slinks up to Gregory even more, but unfortunately for her members of the Liberty Corporation arrive. They are Ben/Derek and Meg who almost witness this tender moment along with Bette who was listening outside Gregory's door all the time. Derek told Gregory lets get the meeting started, because he has somewhere else he needs to be. Gregory told him that Casey is his man and he specified that Casey is to attend all Liberty meetings. Derek tells him that they can start without Casey who walks in behind Derek and says, do you have a problem with me being in these meetings now Ben? Derek says no he was just anxious to get the meeting over with. As they are discussing business, Gregory ask Ben/Derek if he can consult with Sam about when the necessary papers will be ready. Derek told him that he will call him about it tomorrow. All at once, everybody starts looking at him and he ask them all what is wrong. Casey told him that Sam is a woman as in Samantha. Derek plays it off saying that it was just a slip of the tongue. Gregory, Meg and Casey exit to go check on another project leaving Derek and Annie alone in the office. Annie saunters over to the coffee table and asks Ben if there is anything she can get him. Derek looks her up and down and told her only two things. Annie then holds up a strawberry and Derek bites it telling her that it has always been one of his passions. Bewildered, Annie asks him who is he and what has he done with Ben. Derek gives her a blank stare and she told him that the Ben she knows wouldn't give her the time of day and hints around that an alien came and took the real Ben and replaced him with you. Little does she know how true that is, but Derek covers and told her that he is happy and doesn't feel threatened by her anymore. Annie told him that the way he is acting it seems like there is trouble in paradise. Just then Gregory, Meg and Casey return and Meg doesn't like what she sees. Annie told her that Ben and her where just talking over old times. As the meeting continues, Eddie shows up outside to find Bette still trying to listen in on the other side of the door. When he finds out that Ben is inside he went in telling her that Gregory is waiting for these papers. Once inside, Derek is shocked to see Eddie, who hands Gregory some papers. Gregory thanks him and then asks Eddie to excuse them. Eddie slyly told him that he was just leaving, but he wanted to know what Gregory was doing about the Derek situation. Gregory doesn't know what Eddie is talking about, but Derek does who jumps up and told them all that he has to go. He told Gregory to send him a copy of what went down at the meeting and leaves. Outside, Derek says to himself, okay Eddie lets just see how much you know.

Back at Ben and Meg's
Derek is there waiting on Eddie to find out what his little stunt was all about. Eddie arrives and informs Derek that he knows his true identity.

Wednesday, April 22, 1998

With her June deadline looming, Annie pesters Gregory to cut Olivia loose once and for all by obtaining a divorce. Eddie tells Derek he knows Ben is being held prisoner at the warehouse. Cole does some snooping through his father-in-law's new house and quickly finds himself on the business end of a security guard's service revolver. Eddie threatens to blow the whistle on Derek's dastardly impersonation unless he hands over half of his brother's massive fortune. At Cedar Oaks, Tim finally awakens from his coma. After Cole explains how he "accidentally" tripped the silent alarm, Sean told his brother-in-law that Gregory has armed the house like a fortress. Annie hits upon a devilish new scheme to split up the Richards for good. Certain Ben will kill him if he makes any sign of recognition, Tim pretends not to know Meg when Tyus asks him to identify the woman by his bedside. Gregory is surprised when Cole suddenly endorses his plan to have Caitlin and her husband and son move in with him.

Thursday, April 23, 1998

At Sunset Beach Medical Center
Vanessa is waiting on Tyus to return from the lab to tell her if she does or does not have Martin's Syndrome, seeing that the condition has improved on her arm. Tyus returns and takes a second look at Vanessa's skin culture and concludes that the original diagnosis of Martin's Syndrome was correct. Vanessa asks him is he sure, because if so how does he explain the fact that her arms are getting better. Tyus cautions Vanessa to remember that just because her blisters disappeared overnight it doesn't necessarily mean her disease is in remission. Vanessa told him she knows, but then asks him if he thinks it is out of line for her to hope for a future with Michael. Tyus tells her only she can answer that and urges her to let Michael be the one to decide whether or not he wants to remain in a relationship with her instead of making the decision for him.

At Ms. Moreau's Place,
Virginia is there complaining to her about Vanessa as usual. Upset to find Virginia in her presence again, Ms. Moreau asks Virginia what is it that she wants her to do about it. Virginia told her that Vanessa's skin condition is improving. Moreau asks her how can that be if she is using the potion. Virginia told her that is what she has been trying to tell her, Vanessa threw all her lotions and creams away. Moreau told Virginia that perhaps it is fate and she should accept her defeat and move on. Virginia told her never. She then told Moreau that she wants her to make a bigger and better potion, one that will make Vanessa turn ugly all over, not just on her arms. Moreau tells Virginia to make a stronger potion that will make Vanessa turn ugly all over is complicated and very expensive. Virginia told her she doesn't care and to name her price. Moreau asks her if she'll pay and Virginia told her she'll do anything to make sure her and Jimmy get Michael. Moreau told Virginia it'll cost her more than money to make the potion. She will also need parts from Vanessa's mother, such as her fingernail clippings. Virginia says if that's all then some of Lena's fingernails coming right up. As she prepares to leave, Moreau stops her and told her again that this new plan of hers carries a high price. Virginia told her that she already told her she would pay. Moreau tells her she is not talking about financial cost, she is talking about the cost to her soul which is very great for evil is unrepentant . Virginia tells her that she's not paying her to worry about her soul. Moreau told her to just be prepared when the spirits demand payment in full. Virginia told her that once she gets Michael, the spirits can have anything their hearts desire and then leaves. Ms. Moreau closes her door and says, "Oh Virginia they will."

At The Liberty Corporation,
As Annie planned, Sean finds a lipstick-stained shirt in his father's closet and jumps to the conclusion that Gregory is having an affair. He looks at Annie as the culprit, but she told him that she and Gregory just work together and if he will notice, that isn't even her shade of lipstick. Sean tells Annie that whether it is or isn't, he thinks she has been trying to take advantage of his mothers absence. Annie told Sean that she thought they where past all of that. She then calls Gregory's new secretary Charity and told her she has some papers for her to file. Charity enters and Annie introduces her to Sean. Charity greets Sean telling him that she should have recognized him from the photo on Gregory's desk. She then went on and on about how much she likes and admires Gregory. As she is talking, Annie places the lipstick she lifted from Charity's purse yesterday on top of Gregory's desk. She then asks Charity to take the outgoing mail with her on her way out. As the young woman goes to get the mail, she sees her lipstick on Gregory's desk and wonders how it got there; saying she has been looking all over for it. Annie takes it out of her hands and pulls the top off , saying what a nice shade of color, don't you think so Sean. She then asks Charity what is it that she calls the shade, betrayal is it. Charity says yes and takes it back and puts it in her purse, telling Sean maybe they can go out to lunch sometime. Annie told Sean to call her Nancy Drew since she just solved the case of the lipstick on Gregory's collar, adding that she guesses Charity doesn't start at home. Sean prepares to call Olivia and tell her and Annie told him that after everything Olivia has gone through she doesn't think he should tell her. Sean gets suspicious and asks her since when has she been so concerned about his mother. Annie tells him there is no love loss between her and Olivia, but she doesn't think she needs to hear this. Sean doesn't think so and prepares to call Olivia. As he is dialing her, Annie is in the background smiling that her plan has played out exactly as she wanted it to. Feeling over confident, Annie opens her big mouth telling Sean not to blame her if he is the one responsible for his parents getting a divorce. After that, Sean puts the receiver down and elects not to tell his mother about Gregory's most recent indiscretion, saying he doesn't want to tell his mother for fear of hurting her. Upset that her plan would have worked if she hadn't opened her big mouth, Annie is forced to think of a new way to break up the Richards.

Over At Cole and Caitlin's
Gregory has dropped by with gifts for Trey and to pressure Caitlin into reconsidering moving back home to the Richard's new house. Cole shows up and suggests to a surprised Caitlin that they call a truce and move in with Gregory that very day. Caitlin asks him if he is for sure and Cole told her yes, it would be best for Trey to be in more decent surroundings. Caitlin says okay then we'll pack. Cole told her that's okay and for her to go along with Gregory, he'll pack up everything and move them over. Caitlin says okay and goes out of the room to get some of Trey's things together so they can leave with her father. Alone, Gregory asks Cole what is he up to now and why did he agree to move in so suddenly. Cole told Gregory that the only reason he is moving in is because of Trey, he is putting his son first, a concept he knows Gregory isn't too familiar with. Gregory doesn't buy it, but nevertheless, he and Caitlin and Trey leave to go to the Richards.

At The Java Web

Vanessa and Tyus show up and to have some coffee and finishing discussing her condition. Michael appears and ask them what they are up to. Tyus covers for Vanessa telling Michael that Vanessa was picking his brain for a medical story on people with rare disease. Relieved Tyus covered for her, Vanessa asks Michael why is he here. He told her he has been looking all over for her, but now his shift is about to start. He told her he can go and see if he can find somebody to cover, so they can spend more time together and leaves to make a call. Vanessa thanks Tyus for covering for her, but Tyus urges Vanessa again to come clean with Michael. Vanessa told Tyus she can't not until she pays a visit to her mom. She then calls Laverne at Cedar Oaks and told her she's coming to see her mom and won't take no for an answer. Laverne told her that's fine, Lena has had a good day. (Virginia is there in her Selida garb listening in) Vanessa told Laverne she'll be right over and they hang up. Michael returned and told Vanessa that he couldn't find anyone to cover for him, so he has to go. He told her that he and Virginia are planning a birthday party for Jimmy and says for her to promise no matter what, she'll be there. Vanessa promises him she will come. Michael smiles and kisses her, he then told Tyus he is invited too and leaves for work. Tyus told her that Michael is very devoted to her. She told him she knows that is why she must talk to her mother before she told Michael.......Back at Cedar Oaks, Virginia sneaks into Lena's room when Laverne's not looking. She went over and tries to clip Lena's fingernails, but Lena wakes up and becomes frighten of her and starts to scream, telling her no, don't touch me. Laverne burst in there and says "Selida, what are you doing now." Virginia told her that she was just trying to give Lena a manicure. Laverne picks up the phone and calls someone and told them to prepare a sedative for Lena and hangs up. She then grabs Virginia by the arm and drags her out of Lena's room. Virginia told her that her methods are highly unorthodox, and she needs to get back in there to her patient. Laverne told her she is not going anywhere, because she got the goods on her and she knows she is a phony.

At The Richards
Gregory and Caitlin arrive home with baby Trey in tow. Gregory is as pleased as punch and told Caitlin to go upstairs and look at her room he has prepared and Trey's nursery. Caitlin finds it odd that Gregory had all of this set up before they agreed to move in, but he told her he just had confidence that she would do the right thing for Trey. Caitlin went upstairs and Gregory makes a phone call telling someone that it is a go and there is no room for slip- ups. Annie stops by and told Gregory that she is there to see Sean. As they talk, Annie comes on to Gregory and he responds. They start kissing each other, but soon Gregory pulls away. Annie ask him what is wrong and he tells her that he can't do this with her. She told him that she knows he is attracted to her. Gregory doesn't deny it, but told her that he wants her to leave. Annie told him to tell Sean she stopped by (as if she really came to see Sean anyway.) Outside the Richards, Annie is frustrated her plan didn't work and wonders what to do now. Suddenly she is in hell with her father and they are discussing her failed attempt. She gets mad at him and he told her there is another filly that is ripe for the picking. She thinks he means Sean, but he doesn't say, so she thinks it's Caitlin and comes out of her hell sequence and heads over to Cole and Caitlin's place.

Back at Cole and Caitlin's
Bette has dropped by for a visit and finds Cole there packing. He told her he has decided to move back in with Gregory. Bette asks him if he is crazy. Cole tells her it is the only way he will know what Gregory is up to. Bette reminds him that Olivia lives there to and will be coming home soon and the last thing he needs is for there little affair to come out. Cole told her not to worry the secret between him and Olivia is going to stay buried forever. Just then, Annie shows up looking for Caitlin, Annie walks up and overhears Bette mention the affair Cole and Olivia had.

Back At The Richard's
Sean shows up and asks his dad what is he doing home. Gregory told him that he lives there, he then told Sean to welcome his sister back into the house as Caitlin comes downstairs and greets Sean. Gregory excuses himself and tells them he needs to make a phone call. Alone, Sean asks Caitlin is she is crazy for moving back in here after all the things Gregory did to keep her and Cole apart, how can she and Cole live under the same roof. Caitlin told him the decision to move back here was Cole's and that their dad has changed, besides they are doing what is best for their baby. Sean says your baby. He then tells Caitlin that her baby is dead because of Gregory. Caitlin told him she wants him to forget about that terrible day and mom and dad are to never learned what happened to my child. Gregory returns and catches Caitlin's last sentence.....

Friday, April 24, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Sherrie Holtz.

Today's show opens at the beach with Michael showing Casey (and later Gabi ) the ring he plans to give Vanessa at the party that night. Michael asks Gabi if she knows how Vanessa is feeling about his moving in, that she's been acting a little odd but rather than break Vanessa's confidence about her mother Gabi remains silent.

Bette and Cole are in his room talking about the move to Gregory's when Annie, her nosey self stuck to the door, turns to go, topples and falls, making a loud crash. When Cole and Bette confront her she told them she overheard them speaking about Cole's affair with Olivia (of course she did, she had half her head in the keyhole). Cole does some fancy dancing and went back to the story about his and Auntie Bette having the affair, not Olivia. Annie isn't really buying it - she is sure of what she heard but Cole seems to have convinced her she heard wrong and the affair was with him and Bette. Annie leaves and, for the moment, one crisis is taken care of...for the moment.

Over at the Java Web Vanessa and Tyus are having a conversation about Vanessa's mother. She informs Tyus she is going over to the hospital and see her mother. Tyus tries to urge Vanessa to tell Michael about the Martins Syndrome and then helps to prepare her for the meeting. He offers to go with her but she declines.

Gregory overhears Sean and Caitlin talking about Trey and demands an explanation. Caitlin asks Sean to leave (uh oh here it comes) and proceeds to tell Gregory she knows about his plan to tell her that her baby was dead . Gregory is thunderstruck and for a moment doesn't react. He recovers quickly and told Caitlin how sorry he is. He admits it was a despicable thing to do and he's full of remorse. Caitlin told him she understands that he was trying to protect her and they embrace. (She went into no further explanations.) Caitlin demands that Gregory never tell Cole about what he tried to do for surely Cole will kill him. Gregory agrees with this and once again, for now, a full confession was averted.

Over at the hospital Virginia is in Lena's room again trying to scrap her fingernails for skin samples. LaVerne walks in unaware of what Virginia is doing but calls for a sedative for Lena as the is very aggitated. LaVerne then turns her attention to Virginia with the news that she can work there no longer because her nursing credentials are out of date. Virginia meets up with the administrator falls to her knee (begging) and tackles his leg as he drags her along while she is begging for her job (this was a WONDERFUL moment). The administrator told her there is nothing he can do.

In the meantime Sean rushes over to Annie's to tell her the beans are spilled and Caitlin is telling Gregory everything. Annie panics and now decides Sean is on his own. Sean leaves for Cole's to talk to him before anybody else does, while Annie is trying to figure out a way to have herself coming out smelling like a rose. She decides this is the time for a prayer and clasps her hands and looks to the skies and prays for help. She then leaves her house only to return in seconds to finish off her prayer with an "AMEN" (Obviously something Annie is not used to doing.)

Last Scene and A Doozy!

Vanessa is at the hospital getting up the courage to go in to her mother's room while Virginia is again scraping Lena's fingernails. Virginia finally has what she wants and again is so delighted with herself as she heads for the door.

Virginia opens the door to Lena's room and she and Vanessa come face to face.

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