15 years of covering the soaps: The designs

Posted Wednesday, March 17, 2010 12:17:06 PM
15 years of covering the soaps: The logos

On March 23, 2010, the soapcentral.com site marks its 15th anniversary. As part of our celebration of the milestone, we're offering you a look back at how the site has changed during that time.

As part of the celebration of our 15th year, we've unveiled a new look to the web site. It's not a radical departure from the previous design, but it was a design change intended to make your experience on the site even better.

Below, you'll find a diagram of what the site looks like, with a listing of the key features along with and explanation of each feature.

1. Search and social networking Easily find anything on the site with the conveniently located search feature, powered by Google. You can also friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter with a simple click of the mouse.

2. Navigation Use our navigation bar and drop-down menus to access any section of the site. For more on the menus, click here.

3. Stay informed If there's a late-breaking news story, you'll be informed immediately -- no matter where you are on the site.

4, 5, 6. The News The big news story will be displayed prominently (4) with links to other information you may want to know. Link quickly (5) to the Two Scoops column, Soap Central Live show information, flashback news stories from our 15 years online, or other big stories in the central section of the homepage. And don't forget all the other news stories (6) that are listed on the right side of the page for your review.

7. The Hot List What's hot on Soap Central? Find out which actors/characters are the most-talked about, which soaps are the most visited, and the big news of the week.

8. Speak out Take part in our online poll on show-related issues.

9. In other news At the bottom of each page on the site, you'll have instant access to the big news stories, recaps, scoops, and more for each soap. It's never been easier to get from here to there.

10. And now, a word from our sponsors As with the soaps, it's the advertisers that pay the bills. Be sure to check out the advertisers and you'll make sure your favorite soap site remains online for another 15 years.

The navigation menu: In-depth

HOME: Access the FrontPage (main page) for any soap in this drop-down menu. Clicking home will take you directly to the FrontPage of the soap whose sections you're currently reading

THE SOAPS: This appears only in a non-soap specific page. The drop down menu will give you access to all the soaps that we cover

ABOUT: In the About section, you'll have access to cast and credits listings, actor biographies, character profiles, celebrity birthdays, family trees, and much more. The section header features the soap's abbreviation, so you'll know where you are. Clicking the About button will take you to a page that offers more detailed explanations about each section.

NEWS: In 15 years, we've posted a lot of news stories. Browse the stories posted by year or just scroll through to see what's happened in the past.

RECAPS: Miss an episode of your favorite show? Drop by the Recaps section to get caught up. Every recap we've ever posted is archived in this section, so you'll have access to what was happening last year, two years ago, a decade ago, or any day since 1995.

SCOOP: Want a sneak peek at what's coming up on your favorite show? Find out in The Scoop. Plus, see the latest comings and goings, as well as where your favorite stars will be appearing. Plus, don't forget to check out the Two Scoops commentary column. Our columnists offer their thoughts on the previous week's shows -- and often have the same thoughts you do. For more fun, check out the Two Scoops archives to see what our columnists were thinking for the past six years.

COMMENTARY: Find out what our featured columnists have to say about the state of the soap world. From blogs to commentary columns, this is the place to go to see what people are talking about.

BOARDS & BLOGS: Share your thoughts on your favorite soaps, actors, or characters on our message boards. Or maybe you want to start your own Two Scoops-style column in our blogs.

NEWSLETTER: Sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay informed of the latest soap news or to get late-breaking news bulletins.

GAMES: Need a diversion? Check out some of the cool soap-themed games to help pass the time.

AWARDS: Find out which stars have been nominated for Daytime Emmys and which stars have won. Plus, we'll break down the winners by category, by year, and by performer. You'll also have access to our comprehensive Emmy coverage dating back to 2000.

FEEDBACK: Need to drop us a line about something? This is the place to do it.

Photo: Dan J Kroll/Soap Central

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