Could AMC and OLTL return to television?

Posted Wednesday, August 03, 2011 5:28:47 PM
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Could AMC and OLTL return to television?

All My Children and One Life to Live will soon move from broadcast television to the Internet... and possibly back to television. No official announcement has been made, but an industry web site has offered a surprising report about the soaps' possible future.

The post-ABC era for All My Children and One Life to Live has taken yet another soapy turn. A new report hints that both soaps could be headed back to television.

"Under its agreement with ABC, Prospect Park has the right to carve out a traditional TV window, which, at least for now, is expected to come after the episodes premiere online," Deadline Hollywood's Nellie Andreeve reported in her most recent Deadline TV column.

In announcing in July that it had licensed the rights of its two canceled soaps, ABC revealed that Prospect Park would "produce and deliver the two long-running programs to consumers via online formats and additional emerging platforms including internet enabled television sets." At the time, there was no specific mention that the deal would allow All My Children or One Life to Live to return to television.

Citing sources familiar with the discussions, Andreeve also reported that Prospect Park has already approached several cable networks, described as "both big-tent, general entertainment networks and female-centered nets," about possibly having AMC and OLTL return to the airwaves.

Though reports surfaced that Prospect Park wanted to begin broadcasting online episodes of All My Children as early as September, that timeframe has since been pushed back into early 2012. Prospect Park is meeting with the various unions that represent the on-air and behind-the-camera talent to work out collective bargaining agreements.

It is unclear if that plan could change if a cable outlet were to agree to broadcast either All My Children or One Life to Live. Also uncertain is how and when web-based episodes would air. Deadline Hollywood reported that Prospect Park wants to continue weekday broadcasts, while Soaps In Depth magazine previously reported that its sources hinted that the two soaps would become "seasonal" broadcasts.

All My Children will air its final episode on ABC on September 23. One Life to Live makes its ABC exit in January 2012.

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