Prospect Park has ended some of the speculation about its plans to take All My Children and One Life to Live online. The media and production company has named its online entertainment network, The Online Network. A launch date is planned for sometime in January 2012.

Prospect Park, the media and production company that, in July, acquired the rights to produce All My Children and One Life to Live, has announced the name of its planned online television channel: THE Online Network (TOLN).

"The network plans to launch in January 2012 with the goal of eventually providing viewers with a full programming selection of first-run, long-form content on an anytime, anywhere basis," Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz of Prospect Park said in a statement.

As part of its initial slate of announced programming, Frank and Kwatinetz forged a multi-year, multi-platform licensing agreement with Disney/ABC Domestic Television Group to continue production of All My Children and One Life to Live after the soaps end their runs on ABC. Prospect Park will produce and deliver both soaps via THE Online Network as well as "additional emerging platforms including Internet-enabled television sets."

While some fans are fearful that a transition to the Internet will leave them in the dark, Prospect Park moved to assure fans that they have easy access to their soaps when they move online.

"We are creating TOLN to conveniently deliver fans of quality television long-form programming anytime and anywhere," Frank and Kwatinetz added. "With broadband availability in 70% of US households and the proliferation of Internet enabled televisions, DVRs and wireless devices, ultimately we believe that online distribution provides the best platform to access 30- and 60-minute entertainment content."

"Technology changes the way the public can and will view television shows," Frank and Kwatinetz said previously. "Now that there are so many devices available in addition to television sets, viewers are taking advantage of watching shows wherever they are and on any number of devices. The driving force in making the switch and attracting new audiences is to have outstanding programs that people want to watch. We believe that by continuing to produce the shows in their current hour format and with the same quality, viewers will follow the show to our new, online network."

It is unclear at this time if the channel will be available to audiences outside the United States.

Still, Prospect Park's executives are encouraged by the response fans have had to their having acquired the rights to ABC's two canceled soaps.

"The viewer response to the shows we have licensed has been tremendous, and we have much more in development to appeal to a broad audience base," Frank and Kwatinetz said.

To date, Prospect Park has confirmed that is has reached agreements with five One Life to Live stars and two All My Children. The company has also named One Life to Live's executive producer Frank Valentini as its Vice President of Serial Drama.

Prospect Park has created a web page to allow fans to sign up for updates on the launch of its Internet channel:

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