All My Children and One Life to Live will broadcast their first episodes beginning April 29. The long-running series will now be available for viewing online.

The much-anticipated first airdate for All My Children and One Life to Live has now been announced. Fans will be able to reunite with their Pine Valley and Llanview favorites beginning April 29, 2013.

"We thank the fans whose tenaciousness to see these shows return made this historical moment possible. We are determined to repay their support by delivering new and creatively groundbreaking episodes that both the fans, as well as legions of new viewers, will love. These viewers will absolutely embrace the flexibility HULU and iTunes provide to watch their shows anywhere, anytime," said Jeff Kwatinetz and Rich Frank, Prospect Park's Partners. "The response and camaraderie of our cast and crew has been inspiring as we have all banded together to succeed in our mission; unencumbered by the creative constraints of traditional broadcast television, to deliver storylines, style and characters that are stronger, with more dimension than ever. Now with our launch date set in stone, we are ready to lead this historic return. To the fans we proclaim, your support counts now more than ever."

Each episode of AMC and OLTL will be 30 minutes in length, and new episodes will be available starting at 12pm Eastern Monday through Thursday.

As previously announced, the new episodes will be broadcast online in high definition (when available) via, Hulu Plus, and iTunes on April 29.

The service is free to use and, like broadcast television, is supported by advertising and commercials. Viewers can watch both All My Children and One Life to Live at no cost.

Hulu Plus is a paid subscription service, but viewers do have additional viewing options such as viewing on non-computer devices like TiVo. Users paying the $7.99 subscription fee also do not have to watch commercials during the series' broadcasts. Hulu Plus is not required to watch All My Children and One Life to Live.

Production began on All My Children February 25, and shooting will begin on One Life to Live March 18.


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