The Best and Worst of Soaps 2014
Posted Friday, December 26, 2014 10:10:23 PM
The Best and Worst of Soaps 2014
2014 saw weddings, divorces, deaths, resurrections, evildoers, goody two-shoes, and pretty much everything else that you'd expect from a year in soaps. But what rose to the top and what didn't quite hit the mark? Our eight Two Scoops columnists look back at the year that was.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
The Bold and the Beautiful traveled around the world in 2014, but no matter the locale, the show still managed to showcase its much talked-about love triangles. From Katie/Ridge/Bill to Liam/Wyatt/Hope and Rick/Maya/Caroline -- and various combinations of the three -- love was definitely in bloom on B&B. But did one relationship rank as the best? And which location shoot made our columnists want to hop on a plane?

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Days of our Lives:
Tony and Laurisa have once again teamed up for The Golden Donuts and the Alex North Memorial Awards. The Golden Donuts, named after the tasty confections baked up by Alice Horton, honor the best of the year. The Alex North Memorial Awards are -- spoiler alert! -- named after Alex North and wag a finger of shame at the things that weren't so great.

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General Hospital:
Robin returned to Port Charles. Then she left. Then she came back. Then she left again. Luke was Luke, except when he wasn't. Then he was Fluke. Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford leapt from The Young and the Restless to General Hospital. Pint-sized residents had full-size heartbreak. It was quite a year on General Hospital. But do our columnists agree with what ranked as the best and worst?

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The Young and the Restless:
New faces arrived in Genoa City, but that didn't mean that long-time residents didn't face their share of problems. Nikki started drinking again, Michael faced a health crisis, and Neil lost his eyesight and didn't know that his wife was having an affair with his son.

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