Ice Queens: These daytime divas blasted onto the screen in a flurry of coldness

Posted Sunday, January 25, 2015 11:15:57 PM
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Mother Nature can do what she will this winter, but whatever iciness she hurls can't hold a candle to the chill these daytime divas cast in towns like Port Charles, Llanview, Salem, and Genoa City.

This winter has already brought some record-breaking snowstorms, but soap opera fans know the current cold is nothing in comparison to the icy blasts that some daytime divas of storylines past have been able to conjure up. From raping men to killing grannies, the introductory actions of the following cold and calculating women gave bone-chilling shivers to all -- including those with the most frigid of hearts.

Kendall Hart Slater, All My Children
Though she eventually ended up being one of the most beloved characters in Pine Valley, Kendall began her time in town with some very cruel intentions. Played by Sarah Michelle Gellar at the time, the character pretended to idolize Erica Kane (Susan Lucci), when, in fact, she had come secretly seeking revenge on the Enchantment extraordinaire for giving her up for adoption. Upon finding out Kendall's identity, Erica revealed the truth: Kendall's father was a rapist named Richard Fields who had impregnated Erica when she only 14 years old.

Unmoved by the information, Kendall not only convinced Erica's husband, Dimitri (Michael Nader), to help her track down Richard, but she also claimed to Erica that Dimitri had raped her -- so she could have him for herself! But calculating Kendall didn't stop there. She worked on a tell-all book about Erica and also forged documents to try to con Dimitri out of his inheritance. Fortunately for the mother/daughter pair, Kendall's icy heart eventually thawed, and once she became relatively "normal," the character ended up melting many soap fans' hearts as well as Erica's.

Sheila Carter, The Young and the Restless
Brand new as a nurse at Y&R's Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) immediately developed the hots for Dr. Scott Grainger (Peter Barton). Unfortunately, those warm feelings led to some very cold behavior. Hoping to steal Scott from his wife, Lauren (Tracey E. Bregman), Sheila drugged him, slept with him, and ended up pregnant. But those chilly calculations were just the beginning. After the nurse convinced Scott to leave Lauren (who was secretly pregnant) and marry her instead, Sheila miscarried their child. Rather than come clean, she bought an infant from a baby broker and then switched that baby with Lauren's newborn, whom she passed off as her own.

When the truth eventually came out, Sheila tried killing Lauren in a cabin but accidentally set fire to it, instead. Lauren was able to escape, and Sheila fled to The Bold and the Beautiful's Los Angeles. However, that wasn't the end of the Sheila/Lauren drama. The former nurse returned to Genoa City over a decade later and not only tried stealing Phyllis' identity but also another one of Lauren's children (Fenmore). Fortunately, Lauren was able to stop to her frigid foe with a fatal bullet.

Faith Roscoe, General Hospital
Faith (Cynthia Preston) had frost written all over her as soon as she pranced into Port Charles. Blaming Sonny (Maurice Benard) for her husband's death, she was hellbent on a revenge plot to make the mobster pay. But her plan was no ordinary vendetta. She not only poisoned her own grandmother (because she'd promised not to go after Sonny while the granny was still alive), but she also hired a hit man to kill the mobster at said grandmother's funeral. When the hit man botched the job, Faith poisoned her, as well.

Still attempting to take Sonny's life -- or at least make it hell -- she pushed a pregnant Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) down the stairs and then framed him for it; teamed up with his nemesis, Lorenzo Alcazar (Ted King); and even attempted to steal all three of Sonny's children. That last frosty feat cost Faith her life, though memories of her probably still send shivers up Sonny's spine.

Margaret Cochran, One Life to Live
Llanview hit subzero temperatures during the summer of 2004 when a very lonely Margaret (Tari Signor) developed an obsession for Todd Manning (Trevor St. John). Upon learning that the newsman only faked a romantic interest in her to get dirt on Kevin, the scorned psycho kidnapped him, shot both of his legs, and then raped him with the hope of becoming pregnant. Chilly as that may sound, it pales in comparison to her final cold blow. She faked the death of herself and her child then framed Todd (who was later revealed to be Todd's twin brother, Victor Lord, Jr.) for the murder -- a crime that landed him in the hot seat (i.e. execution chair).

Morgan DeWitt, The Bold and the Beautiful
They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and nobody knew this better than B&B's Morgan (Sarah Buxton). Furious that Stephanie convinced her to secretly abort Ridge's baby when she was a teen, Morgan set her sights on getting impregnated by the designer once more -- no matter the cost. Not only did she convince a married Ridge to sleep with her, she unleashed a python to get rid of her then-boyfriend, Clark. But that was nothing compared to her actions after a fight with Taylor caused her to fall and miscarry: she kidnapped Ridge and Taylor's daughter, Steffy, and later chained Taylor up in a basement. Ridge was able to save the day, but he was unable to calm the storm raging inside Morgan, who -- after serving four years in prison -- returned to wreak havoc in LA again. Fortunately, her second twisted tornado only lasted a short time, and she's now chilling out in a mental hospital.

Sami Brady, Days of our Lives
Her recent departure from Salem caused a few tears, but Sami's (Alison Sweeney) arrival in Salem also caused some crying -- albeit for different reasons. After falling in love with her sister's boyfriend, Austin (Patrick Muldoon), the spiteful teen acted out a slew of devilish deeds to crack their commitment to one another, including drugging Austin so he'd sleep with her, claiming the resulting baby was Austin's when it was really Lucas', and also pretending to have amnesia so Austin would stay married to her (a marriage he'd done only entered after believing she was pregnant with his child). Sami may have matured (at least a tiny bit) with age, but her malicious maneuvers of days past are frozen in time forever.

Is this the perfect storm of female characters that wreaked havoc as soon as they came to town? Are there others who created an immediate blizzard of bitchiness? Share your thoughts in our Comments section below, on our message boards, or by submitting Feedback.

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