TOUCHDOWN: Soap stars kick off Super Bowl Sunday

Posted Friday, January 30, 2015 12:32:39 PM
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Will you and stars from your favorite daytime shows be celebrating this weekend's major sporting event the same way?

Believe it or not, soaps and football go hand in hand. Not only are they both a very prevalent part of American history, they're also two institutions that have a wildly passionate fan base. The industries have crossed over in the past (like when Super Bowl-winning Seattle Seahawks star Michael Robinson dropped by The Young and the Restless last year), and they're about to do so again -- albeit in a slightly different way. To kick off the exciting sporting event that pits the Seattle Seahawks against the New England Patriots this Sunday, Soap Central rounded up some of your favorite daytime stars and had them share their most favorite part of watching the big game.

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Melissa Ordway (Abby Newman, Y&R)
"My favorite part of the Super Bowl this year is that the Patriots are playing. I'm so excited! They are my favorite football team and I'm praying that they'll bring home the trophy. Also, getting together and watching the game with all our friends."

Eric Martsolf (Brady Black, Days of our Lives)
"The gathering. Good friends tend to become so busy during the year, that whenever there exists an event/reason to simply kick back and catch up, I take advantage of it. The Super Bowl allows for that chance."

Camryn Grimes (Mariah Copeland, Y&R)
"My favorite part of the Super Bowl is cooking. I make a ton of food for my friends including some killer Buffalo wings!"

Jacob Young (Rick Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful)
"The fact that my team, the Seahawks, are in it this year is so exciting for me. Growing up in Washington, I've been a fan my whole life. And to be able to watch them in the big game is awesome! Go Seahawks!"

Christopher Sean (Paul Narita, Days of our Lives)
"My favorite part of Super Bowl has always been the commercials. The game is amazing, although the commercials are genius. The marketing spends an entire bankroll to hopefully draw attention to their products, and quite honesty, it's a huge gamble that I think pays off great."

Scott Elrod (Joe Clark, Y&R)
"The game for sure, but if it sucks and is a total blowout, the commercials."

Jen Lilley (Theresa Donovan, DAYS)
"I grew up in Virginia, so my team is the Redskins. Pretty sure we don't have a chance in the Super Bowl anytime soon, so for me, it's all about the food and commercials. But most importantly, the food. Nom nom nom!"

Bryton James (Devon Hamilton, Y&R)
"I love the actual game, because there are no higher stakes and the competition is at its best."

Lachlan Buchanan (Kyle Abbott, Y&R)
"The food. I still don't understand American football."

Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis, DAYS)
"It's a tossup between the actual game and the food. My husband has made elaborate Super Bowl feasts in the past, and I'm always looking forward to what he has planned. I especially enjoy the game when it's a nail-biter, not a blowout!"

Hunter King (Summer Newman, Y&R)
"My favorite part of the Super Bowl is all the funny commercials -- unless my Broncos are playing, then it's all about the game. But this year I'll be tuning in for the commercials while I talk smack about the teams playing!"

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital)
"I really love the coming together of friends and the food that comes out of it. I'm a Browns fan, so I have had very little to cheer about for a few decades. Specific to the game? I just want a competitive game."

Billy Flynn (Chad DiMera, DAYS)
"I'm interested in the game if it's a good game. Otherwise, I like to sit around and socialize with my friends. It's a good reason to have a couple of beers and some unhealthy food."

Do you have the same answer as any of the stars above? What is your favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday? Share your thoughts in our Comments section below, on our message boards, or by submitting Feedback.

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