June kicks off with three soap star-studded Lifetime movies

Posted Tuesday, May 29, 2018 11:12:09 PM
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Photo of Kate Mansi, Brittany Underwood, and Felisha Cooper in Lifetiem movies

Handsome strangers, mysterious neighbors, and an undercover operation in a nightclub. No, it's not the Soap Central Christmas party -- it's a trifecta of Lifetime movies featuring soap stars, and it's happening this weekend!

Get ready to kick back this weekend and enjoy six hours of dramatic made-for-television movies that star former fan favorite soap actresses.

Lifetime will air a double feature this Saturday. The drama kicks off at 8pm with FiancÚ Killer starring Kari Wuhrer (ex-Reese Marshall, General Hospital) and Felisha Cooper (ex-Sasha Thompson, The Bold and the Beautiful). At first glance, the movie sounds pretty happy. A daughter returns home, engaged to a handsome stranger she met in Mexico. You might be asking yourself, "What could possibly go wrong?" Well, here's your answer. It seems that the mysterious fiancÚ not only has another girlfriend, but he's planning to murder his new wife for her money right after their honeymoon.

FiancÚ Killer, which premiered earlier this year, airs Saturday, June 2, at 8pm ET/7pm CT on Lifetime.

Then at 10pm, Lifetime will air 2017's The Bachelor Next Door, which featured One Life to Live's Brittany Underwood. According to the movie's description, a mysterious neighbor saves a woman after her house catches on fire, but she and her husband begin to suspect that the man has a dark past and twisted motives.

The lesson here? Avoid anyone that seems mysterious because clearly it will not end well.

Over on the Lifetime Movie Network, Daytime Emmy winner Kate Mansi (ex-and-soon-to-be-again Abigail Deveraux, Days of our Lives) headlines the thriller Nightclub Secrets. Mansi plays the role of Zoe who, after her sister's death, decides to pose as a bottle girl to infiltrate the high-end nightclub world and track down her sister's killer. The movie also stars Rachel Hendrix, Nick Marshall, Gigi Rice, and Gary Weeks.

Nightclub Secrets premieres Saturday, June 2, at 8pm ET/7pm CT.

FiancÚ Killer and Nightclub Secrets do air at the same time, so be sure to set your DVR to record one or both. In the event that you do not have a DVR, both movies will be rebroadcast at midnight on their respective channels.

Do you have a favorite Lifetime movie? Do you consider watching them to be a guilty pleasure? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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