New series The Square Root modernizes soap operas, uses fast-paced imagery to tell stories
Posted Monday, December 16, 2019 1:35:48 PM
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Daytime Emmy-nominated duo gives the classic soap opera format a jolt of adrenaline in The Square Root, a series that explores the split second that happens before life-changing decisions.

Everybody has a moment in their lives in which a split-second decision has them hurling down one path over another, from saying yes or no to an unexpected marriage proposal, to indulging in an impulse to get passionate with a new person, to swerving left in a traffic accident instead of swerving right. A new project called The Square Root focuses on that finite moment that happens just before a person's life is changed forever.

The short form episodic series -- brought to life by Jeremy Osbern and Misti Boland, the creators of the Daytime Emmy Award-nominated series Red Bird -- is said to explore memory and the small moments that make us who we are. Each episode will take place during that split second before a character makes the decision that will forever change their life.

"It is very much modeled after classic soap opera dramas, but this story weaves in surreal, fast-paced imagery in an attempt to create something new in the genre," Osbern teases via email to Soap Central.

Additionally, it's teased on Kickstarter as "a relationship drama and the story of a family torn apart. The story takes place in a world of fantasy and memory, so each episode weaves in and out of the past and present, mixing in modern elements with surreal imagery."

Stars attached to the project include Alexandra Goodman, Ian Stark, and Joseph Lee Anderson.

For more information on The Square Root, including a sneak peek trailer and subscription information, check out the series' Kickstarter page. Early subscription will result in instant access to the first three episodes and an additional episode that was shot in VR 360.

Misti Boland has worked as a production designer and art director on over thirty films, including the Lions Gate horror film Nailbiter and the western The Only Good Indian. The shorts that she has written and directed have screened in dozens of festivals, winning "Best of Fest" and "Audience" awards along the way, including Courtesan, which played at the 2015 Slamdance Film Festival in the Digital Bolex Fearless Filmmaking Showcase. Her first episodic series, Red Bird, which she co-created with Jeremy Osbern, was distributed by Amazon and received four Daytime Emmy nominations.

Jeremy Osbern is an Emmy award-winning cinematographer and writer/director. As cinematographer, Osbern shot the Kansas City on-location photography of the Bruce Willis movie Red, the Sundance western The Only Good Indian, and The Fat Boy Chronicles, which became the sixth most-watched family film the year it was released. As a director, Jeremy has shot national spots, collaborated with David Mamet, and lensed music videos that have received more than 100 million views. His work is featured as part of a 40-foot permanent video art installation in New York City, and his first feature film as writer/director, AIR: The Musical, has been sold for distribution across four continents.

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