Sandra P. Grant
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April 1996 to August 1998
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Raised in Mississauga, Ontario, Grant participated in the BFA program in dance, and minored in English, at York University. Her numerous television credits include guest-starring roles in New York Undercover, Highlander, The Marshal, Matt Waters, Street Justice, The Heights and 21 Jump Street; and the television films, Tailhook, Other Women's Children and A Mother's Justice. She appeared in the feature film, Singles, and co-starred in the action-adventure, Downdraft, filmed in Prague, Czech Republic.

Grant's theater credits include Canadian regional productions of The Master and Margarita, Heliotrope Bouquet, When the Rains Come, States of Shock, For Colored Girls... and Collected Works of Billy the Kid; and an off-Broadway production of Robbers at the American Place Theatre.

Grant continues to dance as well as choreograph. She writes poetry and prose and loves working with children, emphasizing the importance of promoting reading and literacy. She also enjoys playing softball, baseball and volleyball, all sports which she has played competitively.

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One Life to Live

Rachel Gannon

April 1996 to August 1998

Vital Statistics

PLACE OF BIRTH: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

DATE OF BIRTH: December 1

HEIGHT: 5'7"

HAIR: Black

EYES: Brown

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