Schae Harrison
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Schae Harrison
Los Angeles Presence
January 18, 1989 to 2003 [recurring]; 2003 to July 18, 2006 [contract]; December 21, 2006; July 26 and 27, 2007; March 18, 2014 to July 23, 2015 [recurring]
At A Glance

Schae Harrison enrolled in her first dance class at age four and for many years studied all aspects of dance from ancient theories through modern movement. Her innovative dance style and choreography led to a position with the NFL Seattle Seahawks' cheerleading-dance squad. Schae was with the troupe for more than three years performing for over 60,000 fans each game. A California native, Schae has worked in the fiercely competitive L.A. market as a fashion model, hosted her own cable aerobics workout program and is an active supporter of the National Special Olympics Organization.

Schae has appeared in the feature film Twice in a Lifetime, with Gene Hackman and Ann-Margret. She starred as Zachary Ty Bryan's mother in the Disney feature Magic Island. In addition, Schae has appeared on Night Court, General Hospital, Who's The Boss?, Star Trek?: The Next Generation, Freddy's Nightmares, and Throb. She has also appeared in the Circus of the Stars telecast, performing the high-wire act. Schae has worked in the recording studio on a demo tape of pop ballads and performed songs on The Bold and the Beautiful Christmas Album, which was a smash success in Europe.

In her free time, Schae enjoys regular aerobic workouts, tennis, roller skating and she is an expert equestrienne. Schae celebrates her birthday on April 27. She stands 5'5" and has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Acting Portfolio: TELEVISION
The Bold and the Beautiful
Darla Einstein
January 18, 1989 to 2003 [recurring]; 2003 to July 18, 2006 [contract]; December 21, 2006; July 26 and 27, 2007

Acting Portfolio: FILM
Magic Island
Mrs. Carlisle

Twice in a Lifetime
Awards & Acclaim
Daytime Emmys Pre-Nomination, Outstanding Supporting Actress (2004, 2005)
Vital Statistics

PLACE OF BIRTH: Anaheim, California

DATE OF BIRTH: April 27, 1963

HEIGHT: 5'5"

HAIR: Blonde
HOBBIES: Aerobics, Roller Skating, Tennis, Equestrian

CHILDREN: Has one son (Haven Jude Cain) with former B&B co-star Mick Cain

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