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Ravi Shapur
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Actor History

Said to be "Abby Newman's age" in 2017

Resides At

Somewhere in Genoa City


Software Designer at Jabot Cosmetics/Fenmores

Former computer tech

Marital Status


Past Marriages

None known


Mother, a surgeon (name unknown)

Father, an astrophysicist at N.A.S.A. (name unknown)

Nikhil (uncle)

Aunt (name unknown, deceased)


None known

Flings & Affairs

Ashley Abbott (lovers 2017)

Health and Vitals


Crimes Committed

None known

Brief Character History

Ashley Abbott was convinced by her brother Jack to return to the family business, Jabot Cosmetics, which was now in direct competition with Brass & Sassy, where their brother Billy was Co-CEO, and was scoring big with their new fragrance "Bare". Jabot created the 'JabotGo' cell phone app which included online ordering and the customer's own personal makeup advisor. The app creator, Ravi Shapur was an Indian geek who had an obvious crush on Ashley. After Phyllis Summers tried to entice Ravi into working for Fenmore's, Ashley put him on contract as software designer with Jabot. Ravi was thrilled to have his own office, the tiny one which Phyllis had last resentfully occupied.

Valentines Day came around and Ravi had bought Ashley valentine chocolates. But after Ashley shared her dislike of Valentines Day and her bad luck with men in general, Ravi threw them in the trash. When Ashley needed to find something in his office, she discovered them, was touched, called Ravi into her office, and shared them with him. Later after seeing him on a date with Phyllis Summers, Ashley warned Ravi to stay away from her, telling him that she would only break his heart. The more Ashley and Ravi were mistaken as "a couple" when seen together, the more Ashley considered the possibility despite the large age difference. In fact, Ravi referred to her daughter Abby as "someone his own age". When using Jack's ticket for the opera, Ashley was pleasantly surprised with how Ravi fit in with the rich crowd, sharing his knowledge about opera and other interesting things.

During a business trip to Chicago, Ravi introduced Ashley to his friends Chad and Harper. Alone with Ashley, Ravi discussed his parents; his father a rocket scientist at NASA, and his mother whom he described as amazing. But he said they were disappointed in him, and had wanted him to go to med school. In other conversations he mentioned visiting his Uncle Nikhil in India, and his uncle's devotion to his Aunt who was now deceased.

Still friends with Phyllis, she took Ravi aside and encouraged him to go shopping for some decent clothes and wear his contacts to look less geeky to help him gain Ashley's interest. The transformation was amazing, and a very handsome well-dressed man emerged. Phyllis also encouraged Ashley to stop caring what other people may think about the differences in their ages and go for it.

During a business trip to New York City, they had dinner with Ashley's younger sister, novelist Traci, who later also encouraged her to go for Ravi. They ran into businessman Benjamin Hoffman, who insisted on having dinner with Ashley. But when he rudely spent all his time on his cell phone, Ashley walked out and joined Ravi instead. When Ben ran into them and tried to apologize, Ravi told him what a jerk he was. Ashley and Ravi went to the Metropolitan Opera, and said good night and kissed before going to their rooms. Meeting the next day was awkward, but they talked about it and decided it was very nice. Months later Ashley and Ravi went to the Abbott cabin for some R&R, sailing and paddle boarding, and became lovers.

Hamilton-Winters first acquisition turned out to be Ashley's mother Dina's company, Mergeron Industries, so Dina showed up in town hoping to form a relationship with the children she had abandoned. Ashley refused to forgive her, and was upset that Jack and Abby were giving her a chance. But thanks to Ravi's influence, Ashley tried letting go of the past, inviting Dina to Abbott Manor. It turned out well, a family dinner, including Traci, with laughter and reminiscing. Ravi helped Ashley investigate the past of Graham Youngblood, her mother's younger companion whom she had made her heir. They discovered that Graham was actually Ashley's step brother, step son to her father, who Ravi was surprised to find out was not John Abbott, but the deceased Brent Davis with whom Dina had had an affair. Ravi's skills also exposed to Jack that his brother Billy was getting into the Jabot server by using Phyllis' company laptop and Dina's password. Ravi was proud to escort Ashley to the celebration of her winning the Innovator of the Year award, but the party turned into a fiasco when Graham's true identity was revealed, and then the identity of Ashley's real father, something very few people knew, not even John Abbott to the day he died.

After Dina was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Jack took a hiatus to spend time with their mother and made Ashley Interim CEO of Jabot. Ashley was continually frustrated by Jack who refused to allow her to function independently. To blow off steam, she would do things like texting Ravi to meet her, telling him not to say a word, just get undressed. Ravi was pleased but baffled at her moods. Victoria offered Ravi a position as head of Newman software development, but he turned it down, staying loyal to Jabot and Ashley. But after Ashley broke up with Ravi, realizing she was just using him, Ravi accepted the job. Ashley confronted Victoria with Ravi's non-compete clause, as Newman now owning Brash & Sassy made Newman a competitor. Ashley encouraged Ravi to stay with Jabot and become Jack's moral compass. Ravi discovered that a bogus Fenmore's website was syphoning money by selling Chelsea 2.0 designs. Since the clothes were actually being delivered, he and Phyllis suspected it was an inside job.

Ravi went on a blind date with Hilary Curtis which was set up by Phyllis. Initially turned off by his geekiness, Hilary realized what a brilliant and handsome man he was. Ravi said he enjoyed EDM music, going to the opera, and taking weekends in New York. Hilary admitted that her intent was to find a perfect man to have a baby with, but Ravi said he was not interested in being a dad at this point in life.

Ravi was last seen in May 2018 when he restored the contents of a burned flash drive, and the actor was dropped from the show.

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