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Tyler Michaelson
Actor History
Redaric Williams
Other Names

Davis Rogan (birth name)

"D" (nickname by Leslie)


Leslie mentioned that she was 16 when Gus went to prison, making Tyler a couple years less than 28 in 2013


Has creative control of marketing for Jabot fashion division

Director of the "Dare to be Different" campaign at Jabot Face of Fashion

Briefly designer for a major New York City design firm

Former graphic designer working in Jabot Face of Fashion marketing department

Developed a marketing plan for The Underground


An apartment

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Belinda Rogan (mother, deceased)

Gus Rogan (father, deceased May 7, 2013)

unknown name (grandmother, deceased)

Leslie Michaelson a.k.a. Valerie Rogan (older sister)

Several aunts


None known

Flings & Affairs

Apparently quite the player, Tyler has had many women in his life

Mariah Copeland (lovers, engagement broken)

Abby Newmnan (lovers) [2013] (engagement broken) [2014]

Health and Vitals


Crimes Committed

At age 19 was arrested for vandalism for drawing on walls; Leslie got charges dropped

Brief Character History

Tyler (Davis) and his older sister Leslie (Valerie) grew up in Milwaukee. After changing their names and starting a new life, they claimed to be from Detroit, that their mother died when they were children, and that they were raised by an abusive father.

Leslie grew up to work as a legal associate with the high profile California attorney Vance Abrams. Leslie occasionally accompanied Vance to Genoa City when he was representing Victor Newman, and she later represented Victor others when Vance was unavailable.

Tyler received a graphic design degree in Los Angeles, and worked in San Francisco.

After Neil Winters accepted the CEO position at Jabot Cosmetics from Jack Abbott, he hired his daughter Lily as head of the Jabot marketing team, made Cane his right hand man, and hired his adopted son Devon as a marketing intern. He then asked Leslie to become Jabot's chief legal advisor. She initially turned down the position due to their prior romantic relationship, but after assuring each other that it would be strictly business, Leslie accepted the job.

Leslie's younger brother, Tyler arrived in town, and wanting to work at Jabot, he made a pitch to Neil and Jack. Tyler was full of innovative new ideas like a competition to create Jabot sand sculptures, chalk on pavement, and ice sculptures, to create art flash mob images that would disappear, but saved on video. Neil was impressed and Tyler was hired to work for Cane, who was jealous because Tyler continued to openly flirt with Lily.

Jabot owner, Jack, fired Neil and made Cane acting CEO. His first task was to fire Tyler, but Lily later convinced Cane to give Tyler another shot. Leslie guessed and admired Neil for overcoming his alcoholic past, and now that they were no longer working for the same company, they fulfilled their sexual desire for each other.

Leslie and Tyler admitted to each other that they shared a past that a background check would easily expose, which was why they hadn't gotten involved with anyone seriously. Leslie cautioned Tyler to stay away from Lily who was happily married with twins.

Leslie spotted Congressman Wheeler and cautioned Tyler that he was in town, reminding him that he may recognize them from twelve years ago. Tyler pushed the envelope by engaging the Congressman in conversation but was not recognized. But when Wheeler ran into Leslie at Jabot on his way to meet with Jack, and called her "Valerie", she took him aside and asked him to call her Leslie, saying that she and her brother "Davis" had changed their names to escape their past. Wheeler agreed that it had been a good move.

Tyler and Lily became trapped in an elevator together, and Tyler being claustrophobic, began to have a panic attack. Tyler explained that as a little kid he had seen something he shouldn't have, and had been so afraid that he stayed hidden and made up games to get through it. So Lily fantasized that they were in a starship racing through the galaxy. When elevator lurched Lily told him that they were just shifting into warp speed. The elevator eventually moved again and they got out. Tyler thanked her for virtually saving his life. On Valentine's Day 2013 Lily and Tyler found themselves marooned inside a dead car in a snowstorm, but Cane found and rescued them. Cane got very jealous and accused Lily of fooling around on him. The next time Tyler came on to Lily, she set him straight that they were merely co-workers, and told him to stop.

As time went by, and through various encounters with Wheeler, it came out that Leslie and Tyler's mother, Belinda, had been a campaign worker for Congressman Wheeler and had been murdered. Leslie had testified that she had walked in on her father Gus kneeling over her mother's body. Wheeler's testimony had also helped to Gus in prison for the past twelve years. Gus had a criminal past, and had turned state's evidence on his cohorts to get a lighter sentence. Avery Bailey Clark was working on an appeal for the Innocence Foundation to prove Gus innocent and free him. When Victor failed to get Avery to drop the case, Wheeler went to her and offered to help, saying that if Gus went free it would be bad for Wheeler's credibility, but Avery rejected his help. Wheeler began trying to talk Leslie and Tyler into testifying, warning them that if the man was ever freed, they would all be looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives. Leslie eventually broke down and admitted the truth to Neil about her past, adding that she and Tyler had changed their names as teenagers when they went to California to live with an aunt. Neil later stopped Leslie from leaving town after receiving a call on her cell phone from Gus, and talked her into going to see Gus in prison. Gus told Leslie his side of what had happened, admitting that he had always been drunk and rough with her mother, and that he had confronted her that day about her having an affair. But he swore he did not kill Belinda, and had only just found her after having been attacked and near death when Leslie walked in. Looking in his eyes, Leslie believed him, but Tyler could not be convinced that it was true, even after he went to visit their father himself.

Gus Rogan's hearing was held, Leslie testified for Gus, and Tyler testified against him. Awaiting the verdict, Lily reduced Tyler to tears getting him to remember the good parts of his childhood, and tried to convince him to entertain the possibility that Gus might actually be innocent. Of course Cane walked in just as they hugged. Tyler surprised everyone when he brought Gus home from Milwaukee, and Leslie invited Gus to live in her apartment with her. But Tyler walked out on what appeared to be a happy family brunch, and went back to work. Sharing his mixed feelings for his father with Lily, he kissed her. Lily got into it, then broke it off, excusing him because he was drunk. Lily told Tyler that it was never to happen again. Tyler admitted he cared for Lily, and that she was the only person he could trust. Not long afterward, Gus suffered a heart attack, and Tyler realized he may not have that much time to make peace with his father.

Lily came up with a Jabot Face of Fashion marketing campaign called "Dare to be Different" for Chelsea's designs using unknown models, and it was approved with Lily working with Tyler. Tyler suggested Summer Newman as their model. Chelsea forgave Summer for the death of her unborn child, saying that they were both getting a second chance. Tyler offered Mason Wilder a modeling job. All were impressed with the test shoot with Mason and Summer.

Gus awoke in the hospital after his heart attack, saying, "I'm so sorry, Rose." When Leslie questioned him about it, Gus claimed he knew no one by that name and that Leslie must have misheard. Leslie became convinced that the small cardboard box Gus had brought with him from prison contained his secrets. Inside she found a pack of letters sent to Gus in prison from an R. Turner, in Chicago. After reading the letters where Rose said she loved him, Leslie confronted Gus, who swore he had never been unfaithful to their mother. Gus admitted that he had been with Rose because she needed him at the time their mother was killed. Tyler took his side, telling Leslie to cut him a break. Gus became agitated trying to explain about Rose, had another heart attack, and died.

As Leslie commented to Tyler that Lily reminded her of Mariah, his former love who had broken Tyler's heart, viewers saw someone watching them and taking photos. Tyler told Lily he had been thinking about her too much and resigned his job at Jabot. Lily told him it was too late to replace him and the campaign to succeed, so Lily dropped out of that campaign so that Tyler could continue the project, and Devon took over heading the campaign. When Lily arrived home drunk to a surprise birthday party on the arm of Tyler, everyone became suspicious of their relationship. Devon clashed with Tyler who insisted that none of Lily's ideas be changed. Tyler went to Neil and gave him attitude about Devon, so Neil fired Tyler. Tyler whined to Leslie about it in front of Neil, but Leslie told Tyler that Neil was right in what he did, to get over it, and move on. Leslie then broke the news to both of them that she had discovered that Rose died in 2007 in Evanston, IL, from a stroke. That Rose had a daughter, Ann Turner, but she had left the country after her mother had died, but that Leslie was trying to track her down.

Tyler threw a party at his apartment to celebrate his new job working remotely with a major design firm out of New York City. Abby flirted with him, so he invited her, and they ended up in a hot kiss. Realizing where it was headed, she turned down his advances, saying that she had changed, and would no longer jump into bed with every guy who turned her on. But after a couple dates, they ended up spending the night together, shocking Noah when he woke up to find his aunt had spent the night with his roommate.

After the success of the campaign, Chelsea and Chloe requested Devon hire Tyler back to Jabot, but Tyler turned him down. But after the death of Katherine Chancellor, Tyler and Devon bonded briefly, and Tyler made a deal with Devon to return if Noah Newman were to be promoted to photographer for Jabot Fashion, to follow in the footsteps of Malcolm Winters.

Tyler and Abby began a romance that grew, despite Tyler's usual reluctance to settle down to one woman. And his ex-fiancé Mariah continued to call and call, wanting Tyler to forgive her and reunite. Abby's birthday came around, and Victor made her a gift of a Vice President nameplate for Newman-Chancellor, but Abby turned it down. Hoping to outdo Victor, Tyler made Abby peach cobbler for her birthday, and presented her with a telescope and a document for her own personalized star in the sky. Tyler finally realized it was time, and began blocking Mariah's calls. He also apologized to Lily for threatening her marriage, and thanked her for showing him what real commitment was like.

Abby and Tyler spent Christmas enjoying themselves in L.A. But while Tyler was taking a shower and Abby went out to shop, a female with a tattoo on her arm let herself into their hotel room. Abby returned in time to see her walk out, and accused Tyler of trysting with Mariah who lived in L.A. Back in Genoa City by New Year's Eve, Ashley gave Tyler the third degree over his intentions. Tyler admitted that he had lived on the west coast, done very well helping a startup get on the map, found fame & fortune, made a lot of money, but burned through it, had self-medicated, and been angry for a long time about his father. But his sister Leslie had saved him from it, and after meeting Abby, he felt that he was "home". Afterward in the park he suggested to Abby that they move in together, and she agreed, as the tattooed stalker looked on. Tyler and Abby put an offer on a house, but lost it when the realtor received a call from someone claiming to be "his girlfriend", saying that they had changed their mind. Viewers saw the stalker with the tattoo watching them at Crimson Lights.

Tyler and Abby looked at an apartment and decided they wanted it. Tyler left, and Abby was to return the key. After Abby failed to come home that night, Tyler found her locked in the apartment the next morning, getting in with the key which was still in the door. They found Abby's phone in the hallway where viewers had seen the tattooed woman smash it. Abby said she was certain that she had been locked in by Mariah, and walked out mad after finding Mariah's number back in Tyler's phone. Tyler texted Mariah, telling her to get the hell out of his life. Viewers saw the tattooed woman receive the text. Later when Tyler was about to delete her number, Abby grabbed the phone, called Mariah, and left a voice mail that she wanted to meet her. Abby later set up a lunch meeting for the three of them, but Mariah did not show up. Afterward, a relieved Tyler called Mariah and said he was on his way over.

A rumor that Abby and Tyler were engaged began circulating on the Internet, but Abby swore to Victor that it was untrue and invited him to dinner with them so he could get to know Tyler better. Instead Victor and Tyler went to the gym to box, but Tyler was not up to Victor's expertise. Victor warned Tyler that if he hurt his daughter, he would come after him. But later that night while partying at The Underground, Tyler proposed and Abby said yes. Victor approved, but insisted on a long engagement.

Victor threw an engagement party for Abby and Tyler at Newman Ranch, and all the Newmans and Abbotts were in attendance and remarkably friendly. Tyler admitted that he had been pretty overwhelmed by all of them. Later Abby asked Victoria to be her matron of honor, and Tyler surprised Abby that he had asked Leslie to draw up a pre-nup for him. Outside their room, Abby ran into a person who looked just like her dead niece, Cassie. Having just found out that Victor had paid a lookalike to torment Sharon, Abby lit into her. But Abby was shocked when Tyler came out of the room and joined them, calling the young woman Mariah. Once Abby realized who she was, Abby let Tyler know that his former fiancé had been paid to drive Nick's wife insane. Later Abby found a bracelet that Mariah had purposely dropped by the bed in their room, and promptly confronted Mariah, telling her that she was going to get Mariah arrested. Tyler had to break them up.

Later Abby and Tyler confronted Mariah, and Abby tried to pay her to leave town. Mariah tore up the check and refused. As Tyler left, Mariah warned him that she knew all his secrets, and later she pulled out a newspaper clipping with the headline "Portland West Hills Mansion robbed. Culprits Still at Large". Finding out that Victor had Mariah arrested and extradited back to Portland, Tyler begged Leslie to go to Portland and defend her Abby was shocked, and Tyler told her that he owed Mariah to keep her out of prison. Tyler admitted to Abby that in Portland he had worked for wealthy client in his home, he had let Maria inside, and she had stolen a lot of expensive things, but the client thought it had been Tyler. Mariah convinced him not to prosecute Tyler by sleeping with him, which is what broke up Mariah and Tyler. When Tyler immediately went to Portland, Abby broke off their engagement, saying that Abby would never be first with him. While in Portland, Mariah had asked Tyler to get Sharon to help her. Tyler relayed the message, Sharon went to Portland, got the charges dropped, and brought Mariah back to Genoa City with her.

More than a month after they split up, and since Abby would not return his calls, Tyler posed as a vendor to get Abby to meet him in the park and begged her for another chance. He pointed out that Abby had not officially announced their broken engagement, so maybe she did not really want to. As they talked about openness and honesty, Mariah chimed in that maybe Abby should be honest and tell Tyler about trick she played on her. Tyler was outraged that Abby would stoop so low, knowing Mariah was innocent and would go to jail. He told Abby that he had thought she was nothing like Mariah, but that Abby could manipulate with the best of them, and maybe there was not a chance for them after all.

Tyler since disappeared from Genoa City with no explanation.

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Who's Who in Genoa City

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