Y&R divorces newlywed Michael Damian
Posted Sunday, July 05, 1998 - 10:06:38 AM
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Y&R divorces newlywed Michael Damian

Michael Damian (Danny Romalotti) won't be seen on Y&R for a while. The actor, who plays Danny Romalotti, has been given an indefinite hiatus from The Young and The Restless. It was initially believed that Damian's leave coincided with his recent wedding and desire to tour with his band in Europe. That is not the case.

According to Bill Bell, Y&R's executive producer, it was not Michael's decision to be let go. Bell is now calling the departure an "indefinite hiatus," meaning the door is open for his return - when the show chooses, not Michael. The reason for the sudden hiatus is said to be lack of storyline. Damian has been with Y&R for over fifteen years.

How will Y&R deal with Damian's leave? Erin Goldsby, one of Soap Central's Y&R correspondents, says "On the show, they'll probably just mention that Danny is on tour or away for a public appearance now and then. He won't have a storyline or be written out in any way. Phyllis may make the occasional note that she's on the phone with Daniel, or off to see Daniel. But with Michael's court case on the front burner, Phyllis won't have much of a storyline regarding her son."

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