Devon makes Abby a life-changing offer
The Young and the Restless Recap for Monday, February 22, 2021
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Monday, February 22, 2021

Devon approached Abby at Crimson Lights to touch base about her decision to have a baby via a surrogate. Abby acknowledged that Mariah had agreed to carry a baby, despite a setback after a doctor had determined that Chance couldn't be the biological father. Abby paused and, sounding let down, cried "Yeah, it was supposed to be the three of us." Devon asked Abby how she felt about it. Abby admitted it had been difficult to let go of the initial expectations she'd envisioned. Devon looked on sympathetically as Abby understandably related her reservations, explaining that she'd been tasked with choosing an anonymous sperm donor on her own without Chance's input. Devon agreed that it was an intimidating process, recalling that Hilary had gone through the same trials and emotions. Abby wiped away a tear and thanked Devon for being a good friend.

After Abby left, Devon joined Amanda out on the patio. Devon said he understood how deeply Abby was struggling with anticipation and longing all wrapped up in hopes and dreams. Amanda nodded and replied, "Infertility is one of those things that you never think will happen to you." Devon remembered Abby having been excited about wanting three kids that would all be part Newman, Chancellor, and Abbott. Devon cried that he couldn't help but think about Hilary and the child they'd lost. Amanda said she'd noted how selfless and generous Devon was soon after they'd met. Devon said he understood how difficult it was for Abby to select an anonymous sperm donor. Amanda expressed certainty that Abby and Chance's child would be greatly loved. Devon added, "And wanted." Amanda said being wanted made all the difference.

Abby returned home and told Nina about her encounter with Devon. Abby said Devon had made her realize she was ready to find a donor. Nina seemed eager to assist and said Chance would love the child with all his heart. Abby sadly interjected, "When he gets home." Nina remained upbeat and said Chance might not be gone as long as Abby thought he might be. Abby admitted she'd vacillated between thinking he'd soon return and worrying that perhaps he might not, the latter of which made it all the more important to get Mariah involved in conceiving immediately.

Abby perused the list of donors and chose one she believed would be the perfect match. Abby initiated a contract and soon had her hopes dashed when she learned that the donor had set a limit on the number of children that could be conceived using his sperm. The limit had already been reached. Nina said there had to be more than one optimal donor. Devon and Mariah stopped by. Devon said he knew how important a step it was to select a sperm donor, so he graciously offered to be the donor. Abby, Nina, and Mariah seemed taken aback by Devon's offer.

Summer stopped by Sharon and Rey's house. Rey was there with Sharon. Summer said she'd heard about Faith's suspension from school because some kids had planted a bottle of vodka in her locker. Summer said she couldn't believe it. Sharon expressed doubt that Faith had been set up. Rey explained that Faith had been caught drinking with an older girl at school.

Summer requested she be allowed to talk alone with Faith to determine whether Faith was telling the truth. Faith appeared at the stairway and said, "I am. Maybe you'll be the one person who believes me." Sharon interrupted the conversation with Summer and told Faith that the Valentine's Day card she'd received from Faith had been the best ever. Sharon fondly recalled the sentiment Faith had written about her mom always being there for her. Summer invited Faith to go out for a while.

After Faith and Summer left, Sharon and Rey said they hoped Summer could get through to Faith. Rey told Sharon he loved Faith like she was his own and only wanted what was best for her, no matter what happened. Sharon picked up on Rey's misgivings about her involvement with Adam. Sharon insisted she wanted Rey, not Adam. Rey said actions meant more than words, noting that her toehold in Adam's world signaled that she hadn't completely chosen to honor her vows. Rey warned that they might not have a future if Sharon continued to include Adam in her life.

Rey cautioned Sharon that Faith was paying a price, too, because she needed her mother. Sharon angrily asked Rey how he could question her commitment to Faith. Rey mentioned the article about Adam that had revealed what had taken place when Faith had been a baby. Rey asked Sharon how Faith might have felt had she seen her mother allow Adam to hold her hand. Rey asked Sharon if she'd ever be able to truly break free from Adam.

At Crimson Lights, Summer told Faith she'd heard about the trouble Faith had had from other girls at school. Faith admitted her troubles had begun after the article about Adam had been published, especially among members of a clique of mean, popular girls. Faith explained that after "doing the math," they'd figured out that she was the baby Adam had stolen. To make matters worse, Faith cried, the group had posted messages about her online and in a chat group, making her sick to her stomach each time she received a notification about another posted comment.

Summer admitted to Faith that she'd once been a bully and had singled out a boy to abuse online. Summer explained that after she'd gotten to know the young man, she'd realized how wrong she'd been to hurt him and regretted what she'd done. Summer invited Faith to share her feelings without fear of judgment. Faith swore that someone had put the vodka in her locker, noting that it had likely been someone who'd found out she'd been drinking.

Faith admitted she'd only drunk a couple of times with her only friend, Jordan. Faith confided that she'd only agreed to drink with Jordan for fear of losing her friendship. Summer explained that if Jordan was a true friend, she shouldn't be pressuring Faith to drink. Faith cried that it didn't actually work that way, especially after someone older and cooler had taken an interest.

After Faith and Summer returned, Summer told Sharon and Rey that she believed Faith's account about someone having put the vodka in the locker. Summer noted that the abuse had been taken to an extreme level. Rey asked how they could prove the allegation and get Faith back in school. Summer suggested Rey employ his policing skills to find out. Faith thanked Summer for being supportive. After Summer left, Faith went to her room. Sharon begged Rey to believe that Adam was no longer part of her life. Rey tried to make Sharon understand how Adam had manipulated her, even using her in a way that put her in Adam's home, where he could be alone with her whenever he needed a shoulder to cry on.

After Rey abruptly left, Faith arrived downstairs and asked what had happened and what her mother had done to Rey. Faith cried that she knew something was going on because she'd lived through breakups before. Sharon insisted she and Rey weren't breaking up. Faith received a notification on her phone and was horrified to read a text message stating that her mother had kissed "psycho" Adam. Sharon was shocked when Faith displayed a photo of Sharon kissing Adam. Faith cried, "What is wrong with you?"

In the boardroom at Jabot, Sally greeted Kyle and Mariah. Sally asked Mariah if she was enjoying managing Jabot's marketing department. Mariah said she had no complaints. Sally noted that Summer had likely trained her replacement well. Mariah agreed. Sally replied, "Isn't it great? Things are working out for all of us." After Sally left, Mariah noticed Kyle's reaction and noted that he clearly had a problem with Sally. Kyle wasn't ready to talk about Sally, but Mariah insisted that talking about it might help him feel better.

Kyle closed the door for privacy and made Mariah swear not to tell anyone what he was about to say, especially not Tessa or Summer. Mariah agreed she wouldn't. Kyle recalled that when he'd lived in New York City, he'd met a woman named Tara Locke while partying in the Hamptons with Theo. Kyle said he and Tara had spent the summer together, despite her being married to a man named Ashland Locke, a powerful, ruthless man. Mariah was relieved when Kyle said Ashland hadn't known about the affair.

Kyle tied his story to Sally by explaining that Theo had recently breezed into town and provided scandalous information Sally could use to hold over him. The part Summer didn't know about, Kyle added, was that Tara had a three-year-old son. Kyle cried that the timing was right, and the boy reportedly resembled him. Kyle expressed concern about Ashland finding out about what had transpired. Mariah pressed Kyle to consider how he might feel knowing he could be a father. Kyle said there was no point considering his role until he knew whether or not the kid was his, which would prove difficult after Tara had replied to his voicemail, warning him in a text message not to contact her again.

Kyle became upset and recalled that those who feared Ashland referred to him as the "Locke Ness Monster" because he completely destroyed his opponents. Kyle said one victim had lost his wife, his company, his assets, and his reputation over a business dispute. Kyle said he anticipated that complete chaos and destruction would ensue should Ashland learn about the affair and possibly discover that the child he'd been raising had been fathered by another man. Kyle said he hadn't yet, until that moment, considered that he might have a son and couldn't help but be curious. Mariah said she understood because she knew that family meant everything to Kyle.

Mariah assured Kyle that he was a good guy, though she cautioned that keeping what he'd confided to her a secret from Summer could wreck their relationship. After Mariah left, Summer entered, and Kyle mentioned the issue with Sally. Summer said she thought they'd agreed to just go on with their lives, knowing that each party had reasons to keep silent. After Summer asked Kyle if something else had happened, Jack entered before Kyle could respond. Summer left and told Kyle they'd talk later.

Sally approached Phyllis at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis barely paid attention as Sally gloated about her promotion and inquired about treating herself to a larger suite. Phyllis made a cursory glance at listings of available rooms, said none were available, and agreed to put Sally on a waiting list. Sally said, "You don't like me, do you?" Phyllis looked Sally in the eye and replied, "I really don't think about you." Sally mentioned Summer and explained that they'd smoothed things out between them; they were no longer enemies and might even become friends because they were actually a lot alike.

Jack entered and greeted Sally and Phyllis. Sally turned to face Jack and enthusiastically said, "Jack, so we meet again." Phyllis seemed disgusted by Sally's overly friendly banter when Sally thanked Jack for helping her celebrate her promotion. Jack said Sally had proven she deserved her promotion.

After Sally went upstairs, Phyllis told Jack they needed to discuss Sally. Phyllis warned Jack that Sally had an agenda. Jack pleaded with Phyllis to give Sally the benefit of the doubt. Phyllis insisted that Sally was trouble. Jack replied, "Where's your proof?" Phyllis shrugged. Jack explained that Sally had moved to Genoa City to get a fresh start and that Phyllis should know what that felt like, as should Summer and Kyle. Jack insisted that Phyllis give Sally a chance and stop treating her like an outsider.

After Jack left, Phyllis encountered Sally again and said, "You may have other people fooled by this wide-eyed, innocent, working-girl thing you got going on, but I know better." Sally told Phyllis it was a shame she couldn't see the good in people. Phyllis said she knew Sally because she'd written the book. Sally replied, "Good to know. I'll be more discreet."

Phyllis summoned Summer to meet and talk. After Summer arrived, Phyllis was worked up and said, "Have you seen the way that Sally girl has been working Jack?" Summer replied, "Yeah. I have to shield my eyes." Phyllis cried that it was like watching a python try to lure a puppy while warning the puppy about the python, even though the puppy insisted the python was his friend.

Summer said Sally had been working on Jack since the day she'd started at Fenmore's. Summer added that Jack believed everything Sally said and often took her word over that of someone he'd known for years. Phyllis said she felt bad for Jack and knew he was vulnerable. Phyllis and Summer vowed to work together to protect Jack.

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