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A look at the on-screen and behind-the-scenes talent
The Cast and Credits section will help you find out the names of ATWT performers and the roles they have played. You can also link to actor biographies, character profiles, and more.
This is an up-to-date list of the contract and recurring roles on As The World Turns. For your convenience, the cast list now provides links directly to our actor biographies in the About the Actors section as well as to character profiles in our Who's Who in Oakdale section. Simply click on a performer or character's name and you'll be taken to the appropriate page.

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The Stars of As The World Turns

Recurring Roles on As The World Turns

Valentina de Angelis
Valentina de Angelis

Allie Gorenc

Bailey Harkins
Johnny Montgomery

Isabella Palmieri
Natalie Snyder

Eric Sheffer Stevens
Eric Sheffer Stevens
Reid Oliver

Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson

Production Team

Created By

Irna Phillips
Ted Corday

Produced By

Procter & Gamble Productions Inc.

Executive Producer

Christopher Goutman

Head Writer

Jean Passanante

Senior Producer

Carole Shure


Vivian Gundaker

Associate Producer

Jennifer Salamone


Habib Azar
Sonia Blangiardo
Michael Eilbaum
John O'Connell
Jennifer Pepperman
Maria Wagner


Lisa Connor
Anna Theresa Cascio
Richard Culliton
Susan Dansby
Leah Laiman
Mimi Lehey
David Levinson
Elizabeth Page
Courtney Simon
Gary Sunshine
Judy Tate
Chris Whitesell

Show Premiere

April 2, 1956

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