Grace Baker
Actor History
1958 to 1962; recurring
Resides At
Marital Status
Married (Dick Baker)
Past Marriages
Jeff Baker (deceased)
Flings & Affairs
Crimes Committed
  • None
Brief Character History

Grace and Dick Baker were country club pals with Claire English Lowell Cassen. The Bakers were even wealthier than the Lowells since Dick had a very lucrative business. The Bakers had a son, Jeff, who they spoiled rotten with material things but didnít lavish much attention on. To the Bakerís approval, Jeff married Penny Hughes, the daughter of successful attorney Chris Hughes. After getting married, Jeff began working at his fatherís business. To Graceís dismay, Jeff didnít have the head for business and made several costly mistakes. Though Dick had confidence that Jeff would improve, Grace was doubtful and felt that Jeff was better suited at a career as a pianist. Grace felt that Jeff was an embarrassment in the business world and conspired with Ed Richards to make sure that Jeff had no real responsibilities. Finally, Grace went to Penny for help in convincing Jeff to resign, however, Penny refused to get involved. Soon after, Jeff finally found out that his mother was conspiring against him and, in a drunken rage, lashed out at her. Grace countered that Penny knew what was happening as well. Humiliated, Jeff deserted Penny and became a barfly at some other town. Soon, Penny found herself pregnant but lost the baby after a case of pneumonia. Jeffís departure affected Grace so much that she became ill and withdrawn. As Penny was about to file for divorce, Jeff returned home clean and sober. He also had a promising new career as a musician. Sadly, just as Jeff found his niche in life, he was killed in an automobile accident. With Jeffís death, the Bakers were never heard from again.

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