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What was the biggest OLTL news story of 2006?
 DEC: Hillary B. Smith stunned by ABC's offer a new 4-year contract.   51% 
 JUN: Mary J Blige makes special appearance in Llanview.   22% 
 AUG: Gauthier is latest Kevin to be cut from the cast.   14% 
 AUG: Easton inks new contract, won't be killed off by OLTL.   7% 
 AUG: Emmy winner Heather Tom opts to leave OLTL.   2% 
 OCT: Without Haskell, OLTL opts to recast the role of Marty.   1% 
 APR: American Idol vet Matt Metzger let go by OLTL.   1% 
 Other   1% 

January 2006
The re-signing of Hillary B. Smith (Nora Hanen) to a one-year contract with One Life to Live was to have put to rest the chatter surrounding the Emmy-winning actress' future with the ABC soap. But the topic wouldn't go away that easily and Smith wrote a letter to her fans to help clear up some untruths that had been making their way around the 'net.
February 2006
Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio Vega) has signed a contract that will extend his stay in Llanview. While the terms of the contract were not released, the deal is believed to be a typical four-year deal.
April 2006
Matthew Metzger (Duke Buchanan) has come to the end of his run on One Life to Live. The under-used actor will once again find himself being voted off of a television series.
June 2006
Rumors continue to circulate regarding Michael Easton's (John McBain) status with One Life to Live. While the actor is officially keeping a low profile, a not-so-amicable parting of ways with the webmaster of his official web site has many fans fearing the worst.
June 2006
She might want "No More Drama" in her life, but The Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige, will have a little bit of daytime drama in her life when she makes a special television appearance next month on ABC's One Life to Live.
July 2006
Though initial buzz had Tuc Watkins (David Vickers) leaving One Life to Live when his contract expires later this month, Soap Central has now learned that Watkins will be staying put in Llanview - at least for a little while longer.
August 2006
After months of will-he-or-won't-he rumors, Soap Central has learned that Michael Easton's (John McBain) has signed a new contract that will keep him in Llanview for some time to come. The uncertainty surrounding the star's future at One Life to Live has swirled for much of the summer.
August 2006
One Life to Live is about to subtract one of the Buchanans from its roster. While the actor's departure may come as a surprise, the problems that the show seems to have in keeping this role viable are anything but a surprise. soapcentral.com has learned that within the last 24 hours Dan Gauthier (Kevin Buchanan) was informed that he was being released from the show.
August 2006
Though no one is commenting on the record, soapcentral.com has learned that Emmy winning actress Heather Tom (Kelly Cramer) will be exiting One Life to Live later this year. The stunning news comes just days after Tom's co-star Dan Gauthier (Kevin Buchanan) was told that he would be getting an early release from his contract.
October 2006
One Life to Live's plans to have Marty Saybrooke return to Llanview have hit a snag. The ABC soap was prepared to have Susan Haskell reprise her Emmy-winning role this fall, but now those plans have changed and the show is looking for a replacement actress.
October 2006
One Life to Live's has found away around a roadblock that nearly put the kibosh on the show's plans to have Marty Saybrooke return to Llanview. The ABC soap was prepared to have Susan Haskell reprise her Emmy-winning role this fall, but now those plans have changed and the show has cast a replacement actress in the role.
December 2006
One Life to Fans will soon be seeing a new Michael McBain roaming around Llanview. But fear not, Nathaniel Marston fans: the actor is being replaced only on a temporary basis.
December 2006
Hold on to your hats, One Life to Live fans -- there is a stunning development in the contract status of one of the shows most-loved actress. Emmy-winning actress Hillary B. Smith (Nora Hanen) and show executives have come to terms on new contract that will keep the actress and her alter ego in Llanview for the foreseeable future.

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