Bye bye Allie
by Ekek
For the Week of June 2, 2008
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May 26, 2008
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June 9, 2008
It is official, it is final, and it is indisputable. Alistair Crane is dead and gone. So evil was he that his murder set off an earthquake that is set to destroy Harmony.

It is official, it is final, and it is indisputable. No more presumed dead, thought dead, given up for dead - it's the real thing. Alistair Crane is dead and gone. So evil was he that his murder set off an earthquake set to destroy Harmony. I guess he wanted to take it with him. Kay and Tabitha cast a spell to postpone that destruction but Al's evil is coming to Harmony soon. It is inevitable. How amusing it was that two people stepped forward to take the credit for his death. Eve (Harmony's brain trust) brought her husband's starter pistol to shoot Al, then Julian took it from her and fired the gun - bang - off went the blanks and down Alistair fell. No one saw Viki peering through the doorway with her weapon. Ah well, maybe next time.

I can't say I'll miss Alistair that much because he was so evil. But at times it was fun watching him pull everyone's strings. He had Harmony by the throat and no one escaped his manipulations. He even thought he could get the better of Tabitha if he had to; or he was bluffing, because he never did make the mistake of taking her on. He took on everyone else though. He even got the better of the scheming Theresa, beat her at her own game, made her life a living hell, and survived her repeated murder attempts. Harmony won't be the same without him. But then, after the next earthquake it won't be anyway. Alistair had spied on everyone and knew everyone's secrets and it is a shame they won't all come out. This could make JT's data stick look like small-time grade school secrets. Alistair had the BIG goods.

Meanwhile, Sam Bennett has hedged out Luis for dumbest cop in Harmony. He hasn't even guessed that Viki could be involved even though she is always there, always hanging on her aunt, and always silent. She's weird even for a teenager. The hunt for the Harmony serial killer goes on. Only Valerie is clever enough to have figured out that Viki is a very talented murderess.

Speaking of serial killers, Vincent is up to no good again. He kidnapped his Aunt Sheridan, stuffed her into a barrel, and sent her hurling over Niagara Falls in a barrel. What a cliché. But as we might have guessed, Sheridan survived. You just cannot kill that girl with water (or bombs or, or, or). Sheridan squealed on him and now Sam thinks Vincent may be alive. Luckily for Vincent he is known as Valerie as well. Valerie even registered his baby's birth for him. Valerie seems quite relaxed with the baby, whispering alternating endearments and prize for Viki's lethal skills.

Nix the earthquake, hurricane Juanita is moving up the coastline and set on a path to Harmony. She's already killed Pilar's friend. You know, I wondered why Pilar was so cavalier to call Mexico 3 times a day. It seemed she set up a ruse to protect herself. She set up her cell phone account through her friend's bookstore in case anyone traced the call. Too bad she didn't value her friends life was much as her own. The phone lead straight back there, her friend was murdered by Juanita, and now Pilar is shocked and in tears. Honestly, the reason she didn't give her own address is she knew Juanita would kill. Nice move, Pilar, putting your friend in harm's way. I guess using the police station as an address didn't occur to her? I have no sympathy for stupidity and Pilar is over stocked in that department.

I cannot think of stupidity without mentioning Theresa, lame-brain extraordinaire. She's posing as Gertrude to protect her family but when told that Juanita is in town she suggests they just allow the police to do their job. If that would work, why is she hiding? Just call Juanita out and let the police do their job. Again, no sympathy here for stupidity; the daughter doesn't fall far from the stupid momma tree.

Last week Theresa threw herself in front of danger to save her son. On Monday Ethan got the chance to save the unconscious Gertrude. He knows he is drawn to Gertrude but doesn't know why. It isn't going to matter though because Ethan has agreed to a renewal wedding with Gwen at the church and even Theresa knows that once he does that he will not abandon Gwen, not even for her. She won't step up and reveal herself to be alive yet she won't leave and save herself from Juanita either. She's doing what she does best, cry. I almost cheered when she admitted something to herself - Ethan did love Gwen and if she's gone too long his feelings will turn into something more meaningful. Yes, she actually said it, "I guess all of those years I was just kidding myself when I said that I'm the only woman that Ethan loved…" It is way past time for her to realize that you don't get engaged twice, marry a woman, and stay for years if there is no love. It may not be the same love that he has for Theresa but it is love just the same and love is a great foundation to build a life on.

Enter the fantasy. You can't have Theresa in the same room without a fantasy in there too and this week was a dilly. She seems to like to set her fantasies as old movies. Ethan and Gwen played the affectionate couple waiting for their adult children to come for a visit and she cast herself as the elderly, falling apart nanny the children don't really want to see. Translation - pity party. We all know what happens when Theresa is desperate and backed into a corner. Juanita isn't the only wild thing coming; I smell a new scheme.

So here it all comes, Juanita, Earthquakes, two serial murderers, one blackmailer, and another wild scheme courtesy of Theresa. Next week should be interesting to say the least.


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