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What a sight for sore eyes Mark Dalton is. I enjoyed him when he was introduced so long ago and throughout his time in PV. I always was a Mark and Ellen fan but since she's on Passions now (hopefully not as a witch), I would consider it a bonus if Mark stayed on long-term in PV instead of just two days.

What a sight for sore eyes Mark Dalton is. I enjoyed him when he was introduced so long ago and throughout his time in PV. I always was a Mark and Ellen fan but since she's on Passions now (hopefully not as a witch), I would consider it a bonus if Mark stayed on long-term in PV instead of just two days. It would help Erica to have her brother in town. It could also give PV another strong male character. Currently Mark's only in town to assist and rally around Erica during her addiction and revelation about their father's actions involving Richard Fields and Erica's rape. Eric Kane was always a selfish, self-centered man but now he is being portrayed as a complete user, an unloving and uncaring father. Let's find a way to keep Mark Dalton around.

Erica made a mess of seeing Lily and it was astonishing Lily didn't freak out over the color of Erica's dress considering it was red. I'm a little stunned that Lily was staying home alone. One would think that Jackson would either be there or have a responsible adult around. Reggie was of course with Danielle where they were both working on those teenage hormones. That is until Derek showed up and threatened Reggie with bodily harm if Reggie gets near Danielle again. Doesn't Derek know the harder he tries to keep them apart, the more they'll want to see each other?

Kendall has no one to blame for losing Ryan and it's hard to feel sorry for her. Did she really expect Ryan would be jealous that she could find someone to sleep with? It's not like she even knew he was Ryan's brother or if he was a mass murderer? Greenlee was exceeding hateful to continue to badger and interrupt Kendall and Erica at SOS. Greenlee truly is annoying and I think she and Ryan deserve each other. I wondered if Jonathon showing up at SOS was just a vehicle to pair him with Greenlee, Babe and Kendall to see what kind of reaction is received from the fans. Of course, once TPTB know what the fans prefer they'll go in a different direction.

Zach just shows up at the Wildwind stables? Where exactly is the security surrounding this mansion? Maybe Palmer will lend them his dobermans if he still has them. They certainly are better than the non-existent security around Wildwind. That kiss between Maria and Zach seemed to have some passion. Passion that has been greatly missing with Edmund!

JR has evil on his mind as he dropped that drug (date rape?) into Babe's drink. It certainly hit her fast and hard. There she is hallucinating that Jonathon is JR and then passing out. James (a.k.a Jamie) gets her to PV Hospital where David can take care of her. I would say he's too close to the situation being her father and all but David was able to save Babe's life. What's up with Krystal giving David pictures of Babe growing up so he'll understand and not take Bess away from Babe? This should solidify what David already knows is right by making David realize how important it is for Miranda to be with Bianca. The same Bianca that continually commends Babe to anyone who will listen. JR doesn't want Babe to die --- of course not, an autopsy would prove JR was behind it all.

Krystal wants Tad to make love to her. This whole storyline just sickens me. Tad is acting as if he is desperate. Tad continues to praise Krystal for her wonderful mother skills. Krystal is such a devious and self-serving woman I thought I was going to GAG when Tad compared Krystal to Ruth, Brooke and Dixie. I noticed he left Opal off that list. Krystal has been and will always be an unfit mother. There Krystal is playing out her guilt on David by asking why he saved Babe just to take Babe's reason for living away --- meaning telling the truth about Bess. Babe doesn't deserve to have Bess just because she wants her --- Bess is Bianca's baby. David would come clean on this but the writers just won't go down the right path here.

The AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Diana who writes: "How is it that Krystal can sleep with a guy 20 years ago and then just happen to remember this when the chips are down. This is the most irritating situation. I don't know how much longer i can watch this show going the way it is headed...... Would the writers please let Ryan and Kendall have a little happy time together. Letting ryan marry greenlee was such a disgusting turn. My heart broke for Kendall and Ryan to go to such means to hurt her and make sure that Greenlee is taken care of is more than I can stand. Get a little reality into the show. We see the ad for families to take the situations of the soaps to open up the lines of communication in their own families, but this is far-fetched. Don't make Maggie a lesbian just because she has feelings for Bianca. You can have a close friendship between persons of the same sex but that doesn't mean they are both gay. IF YOU WANT TO PROMOTE REALITY THEN GIVE US SOME REALITY." Yes, Diana I quite agree!

Hope everyone out there is enjoying the summer weather as it is very hot where I am. A little too hot!!! Suellen will be back next week so I'll see you in 2 weeks!

Mary Page
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