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December 27, 2004 columns
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Isn't it great to have Erica and Adam front and center for a while? Two great talents that have been sorely misused this past year. I knew Adam would come around once the DNA results came in, as he would not want to keep Miranda as his own grandchild if she belongs to Bianca. I remember a couple of weeks ago when he told JR that Bianca had suffered enough. Yes, Adam was a stand up guy indeed for taking "Bess" for the DNA test. I find it interesting that Erica is bent on revenge and anger towards Babe, Krystal and David. It wasn't that long ago when she stole Maddie from Maria and said Maddie was her adopted child. Seems someone selectively forgot that bit of history.

I know JR has been extremely hateful and unpleasant for a while now, but it shouldn't be forgotten how much he loved Babe and was willing to forgive her about Paul Cramer, etc. He may have married Babe to spite Adam, but he was "in love" with the girl. What I'm getting at here is, it's very wrong to have JR believe his son is dead while many residents of PV know the truth. Too many people in PV want to play God and none of them are qualified. Now there is speculation that JR won't be Ace/James' father. Let's go back over the history of that DNA test --- JR's hair was provided and tested enabling the results to prove that JR not Jamie was the father. I hope this history isn't rewritten and I for one would like this child to be Adam's grandson!

Kelly confronts Jamie and Babe over stealing Ace/James, but Babe stands her ground and explains that the baby is hers. Even Kelly tells Babe how wrong she was in keeping Miranda around until Miranda could be replaced by Ace/James. Although Kelly does give her blessing to Babe and kisses Ace good-bye.

Ethan continues to stand by Kendall and defend her no matter what "evidence" is presented to show it was Kendall that drugged Greenlee. What reason does Kendall have to poison Greenlee? Is it because she can't live without the sanctimonious, self-righteous Ryan? I think not. When and where exactly did Kendall have a way to poison Greenlee? This plot is absurd and insults our intelligence. The only one that has given Greenlee food and drinks is Jonathan so it appears obvious that he is the culprit. He shows up in town pronouncing himself Ryan's brother after Ryan hit it rich. Lied about his past, his education, etc. but Ryan continues to trust him implicitly. Greenlee tells Kendall that she wants to help Kendall after stating that she tried to run Kendall down. CORRECTION, Greenlee did run Kendall down, what Greenlee should have said was she tried to kill Kendall. Now that would have been more accurate.

Kendall shows up to find Father Clarence, the resident PV Christmas angel. It was nice that they brought back the same actor as last year and lo and behold he shows up in JR's car to stop JR from kidnapping Miranda.

Bianca will come out of her coma and be reunited with Miranda. This is such a predictable plot ---- another Christmas miracle in PV. I don't mean to be nonchalant and I did enjoy seeing all the veterans, but the plot is obvious to anyone that's ever watched a soap opera. Again, no one ever prays except when there's a medical emergency. I call that selective religion.

Maria and Edmund had a nice exchange this week, but Maria does have chemistry with Zach and I personally like this pairing. I wish Edmund will walk again soon and reunite with Brooke. Get Brooke on the front burner. And Edmund, will you please shave that goatee? Even, my husband commented on this as he was watching the other day and said that facial hair looks awful on John Callahan.

David continues to be interested in Krystal and this is beyond me. I keep hoping Krystal will run off with some trucker and never be heard or seen from again.

Anita and Aidan were filler this week and unfortunately there is just no spark between these two. I also find it odd that Aidan would be interested in Maria's sister and vice versa. Anita needs to go and Aidan needs to be paired with someone else, perhaps Maggie. She could use a great guy in her life after being with "Mr. Scumbag" - Jonathan.

I wish the best of everything for all this Christmas. Keep our troops in your prayers for Christmas and the New Year. Catch you next week for my year end review!!

Mary Page
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