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Posted Sunday, February 21, 1999 - 9:35:55 PM
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1999 Dankies: The year of the man

Thousands of AMC Pages voters made their favorites known in this year's AMC Pages Awards, the Dankies. The results of the voting were announced on Friday, February 19th in a special live AMC Pages chat.

The top honors on the night went to David Canary (Adam and Stuart Chandler). Canary was named Outstanding Leading Actor. He was also named Outstanding Overall Performer. Canary's on-screen counterpart, Marcy Walker (Liza Colby) earned a nod at Outstanding Leading Actress.

If the big winner is to be determined by the number of total wins, then the winner was newcomer Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery). Mathison was named Outstanding Newcomer, Outstanding Supporting Actor, and Most Attractive Male. The latter category is rather fickle---no performer has won this category more than once. Previous winners include Keith Hamilton Cobb (Noah Keefer), Mark Consuelos (Mateo Santos), and John Callahan (Edmund Grey).

Canary was also a big winner in the non-performance categories. Stuart Chandler's courtship with Marian Colby (played by Jennifer Bassey) was named Favorite Storyline. For her part in the storyline, Bassey was named Outstanding Supporting Actress.

Also part of the couples sweep in this year's awards, Esta Terblanche (Gillian Andrassy Lavery) picked up an award for Most Attractive Female.

The Dankies also highlight the lows of the past year. Kit Fisher (played by Paige Rowland) was named Least Favorite Character. Other nominees in the category were Allie Doyle, Raquel Dion, Gillian Andrassy, and Mateo Santos. The Least Favorite Storyline and Least Memorable Moment of the year both went to the same storyline---Mateo's psychic visions. While comatose, Mateo had "visions" that later helped him prevent Hayley from getting into life-threatening situations.

For the first time in Dankies history, there were two Editor's Choice awards. The awards were decided upon by AMC Pages guru Dan Kroll. The Editor's Choice for Outstanding Performer went to Jill Larson (Opal Cortlandt). Said Kroll, "This one performer has been involved in riveting storylines for nearly a year. Her performance during the stolen artwork storyline and [recently] with the revelation that Adrian is here son has been nothing short of extraordinary." The second award was for the most memorable moment of the year. The award went to the shooting in Stuart's art gallery. After being shoy by Brooke, Jim Thomasen, clutching his chest, turned towards Brooke and shouted the now infamous, albeit off-color, remark, "You Bitch!"

Other winners on the night included Alexis Manta (Outstanding Younger Performer), her second consecutive win in this category, and newcomer Meg Mundy (Eugenia Andrassy) as Favorite Recurring or Special Guest. Most Missed Character ended up in a two-way tie. Gloria Marsh and Kelsey Jefferson were named the characters that fans would most like to see return to the show. The characters were played by Teresa Blake and TC Warner, respectively.

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