AMC earns acclaim in Emmy nominations

Posted Sunday, March 14, 1999 - 8:09:09 PM
AMC earns acclaim in Emmy nominations

No matter who you ask, someone deserving was slighted in the Emmy nomination process. Instead of first focusing on who was not nominated, let's take a look at who was nominated.

The Emmys would not be the Emmys without a nomination for Susan Lucci. This marks her nineteenth Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress. You needn't be told that she has not yet picked up that much deserved win. Undoubtedly, the Emmy voters will see the clips from Bianca's intervention session. Ms. Lucci turned in some great work during those scenes. Last year, Ms. Lucci lost out to Cynthia Watros of Guiding Light. This year her chief competition comes from yet another GL star---Kim Zimmer, who played dueling clones last year.

On the men's side, the same can be said for David Canary, a perennial Emmy nominee. Even if David were to play just one character, he'd still be Emmy worthy. The actor has picked up four wins for his portrayal of Stuart and Adam Chandler over the years. Since he's turned in such great performances year after year, it's often hard to tell he'll be overlooked for an award!

The Supporting Actress field featured a double dose of AMC talent. Jennifer Bassey (Marian) and Kelly Ripa (Hayley) are both nominated in this field. This'll be a hard choice for AMC fans because both ladies have been great over the past year. Kelly was more than likely nominated for her fantastic work during Mateo's comatose state. I remember that she was phenomenal when Hayley awoke from her unconscious state and learned that Mateo was in serious health trouble. Jennifer is always enjoyable to watch. Unfortunately, I'm unable to recall any moments of serious drama for her in the past year. The voters, I believe, really look for high emotion, gripping drama. Scenes from the surprise dinner Adam threw for Marian are sure to be among the clips submitted.

Michael E Knight picked up yet another nomination for Supporting Actor. Knight has already been blessed with Emmy gold, but not in some time. I'm not entirely sure which clips from the past year he'll use to persuade the Emmy voters to vote for him. Like Ms. Bassey, Michael is an all-around great performer and no single scenes stick out in my mind.

AMC has the chance to repeat as Outstanding Drama Series this year. It will compete against the same soaps as last year--- General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, and The Young and The Restless. AMC was also named for Outstanding Direction and Outstanding Writing.

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