All My Children Recaps: The week of July 8, 1996 on AMC

Jonathan drugged Erica and tricked Dimitri into believing that she was having an affair with Jonathan. Janet and Toni escaped their prison. Grief turned to passion for Dimitri and Maria.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 8, 1996 on AMC
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Monday, July 8

Tad and Liza burned the midnight oil at WRCW, trying to get caught up on some upcoming episodes for the Cutting Edge. Inadvertently, they popped Scott's family tree history project into the VCR. Tad said that it broke the monotony of work and the two sat back and enjoyed the show. But Liza's enjoyment quickly came to an end when Skye's picture came up. Tad explained who the woman was and Liza's face fell. She now realized that the woman she thinks she killed is really Adam Chandler's daughter!

Erica refused Jonathan's offer of a late-night drink of tea and began sobbing controbllably about Bianca. Jonathan made another offer to Erica, this time a glass of water. But no, this was not just any ordinary glass of water. It was a glass laced with more of Johnny's little pills. Erica drank up and it wasn't long before she was in a deep sleep on the sofa. Jonathan picked her up like a rag doll and carried her to the front door. But before he could make off with her, Dimitri pulled up in the driveway and Jonathan had to make some alterations to his plan. Jonathan whisked Erica upstairs and tucked her in bed. He pulled off his shirt and laid in bed next to her so that when Dimitri walked in he assumed that Erica and Dr. Kinder had once again had an affair. A crushed Dimitri returned to Wildwind where he sat along and cried.

Janet helped Toni crawl through the grate into her private prison chamber. Toni was relieved to know that Janet was an actual person and not a figment of insanity. Janet insisted that they wait before trying an escape, but Toni said that she'd die escaping if she has to. With that, Janet and Toni removed another grating and prepared to head to the outside world.

Edmund hadn't shown up at the airport to accompanying Maria and Sam to Budapest as Maria has hoped. Instead he did everything in his power to convince Maria to give up Sam. Maria was frantic, trying desperately to cling to the infant. Edmund somehow pried the baby away from his wife and said that he was going to give him to Kelsey. A hysterical Maria, flailed her arms back and forth, trying to keep Edmund and her baby near, but her efforts fell short. Maria fell to her knees and cried uncontrollably.

Edmund arrived at the Martin house, but he couldn't knock on the door to tell them that he was bringing back Sam. Instead he sat on the porch and held on to Sam, crying about having to give up his son.

Tuesday, July 9

Liza remained in awe as Toni's real identity finally became revealed to her. Her problems were only intensified when she was paid a visit by Dr. Jonathan Kinder. Jonathan had just left Erica's place, convinced that he had destroyed Erica's normal life. But he also got some other long awaited news. Christopher posed as Janet's long lost brother from California and gained access to the much talked about safe deposit box. Chris added, however, that he did have to bribe the bank official to let him in. Jonathan informed Liza that if she even thinks of asking any more questions about Janet's whereabouts she'll be sorry.

Johnny left and Adam popped in shortly thereafter and asked Liza why she had a photo of Skye on the monitor. Liza explained that she was considering Scott's project for possible airing, sort of a Who's Who in Pine Valley. Liza then pressed Adam for some details on Skye also-known-as Toni. She got information that Skye worked at a drug rehabilitation center in New York and that Adam has not heard from her in years. Using his masterful charm, Adam invited Liza out for a late evening repast, but Liza declined the offer. Later, alone in her office, Liza tried to cope with the news that she killed Adam's daughter.

Janet and Toni managed to escape their captors. Toni enjoyed the smell of the fresh air and grass, but her weakened condition proved to be an obstacle. Toni collapsed to the ground and said that she could not go on. Janet tried to motive Toni to continue, but the woman told Janet to leave her and go off on her own. Janet was not about to leave her new friend behind and after realizing that they were on the Marick Estate, Janet hauled Toni into the Mausoleum where she told her to stay put until she could come back with some help.

Myrtle placed a call to the hunting lodge to see if Erica and Dimitri were together. But Dimitri, still sobbing in his cognac, told Myrtle that Erica was not with him. He hung up with her and placed a call to his lawyer. He asked his lawyer to send the divorce papers through because he wants nothing more to do with Erica.

Myrtle hurried over to Linden House to see what happened between Erica and Dimitri. Myrtle found Erica alone in bed and knocked out. She tried to wake her up, but the attempts failed. But as Myrtle was on the phone trying to get help for Erica, she suddenly woke up. Erica assured Myrtle that she had not taken any pills and said that she hadn't seen Dimitri that evening because he never showed up. Still, Myrtle insisted that Erica see Dr. Martin for a check up, but Erica said she was fine and wanted to wait until the morning.

Dimitri heard something stirring outside his door and was shocked to see Maria huddled up on the ground. He invited her into the lodge where he immediate became concerned for her well being. Maria told her brother-in-law how Edmund "ripped" her baby from her arms and that she doesn't think she can even love him again after what he's done to her. Dimitri also shared news of his heartache with Erica and the two held each other and anguished over their grief. But their broken hearts pulled them together and Dimitri and Maria shared in a kiss.

Edmund rang the Martins' doorbell and dealt with the reality of having to give up baby Sam. Edmund told Joe that he was there to give up Sam. When Kelsey entered the room she erupted over the fact that Sam was being brought so late at night. She accused Maria of wanting to leave the country with the baby and wouldn't stop until her grandfather shouted "For God's sakes child, shut up!" Well, you go Dr. Joe!! Kelsey stopped in her tracks when she figured out that Edmund was there to give up his custody of Sam. Edmund remained the loving father until the very end, giving Kelsey all the important care tips and personal likes of the baby. Edmund warned Kelsey that if she abuses Sam in any way he will hunt her down and break her neck with his bare hands. Kelsey tried to comfort Edmund by granting him permission to drop by whenever he wants to see Sam. Edmund, however, blasted Kelsey for being heartless in thinking that acting as a babysitter for Sam whenever Kelsey gets bored with motherhood would ease his mind and shattered heart. He then shouted at the top of his lungs to put Sam to bed. Kelsey scurried off and up the steps to put Sam to bed. Joe put his hand on Edmund's shoulder and promised him that he would always be on the look out for his grandson's welfare.

Wednesday, July 10

The wait for the new Ruth ended today as Lee Meriweather took over the role for 26 year veteran Mary Fickett. Ruth had hard words for her granddaughter Kelsey who still wasn't familiar with the proper etiquette of raising a child. Kelsey first tried to pass off babysitting duties on Ruth and Joe and then made a comment that Sam's needs would have to wait until she was done doing for herself. Ruth gave no slack to Kelsey as she related all of the pains and chores required in raising a baby properly. Then Kelsey learned that Sam would be sharing sleeping quarters with her. This didn't sit very well with Kelsey especially when Sam woke up from his sleep crying. All of this led Kelsey to ask herself "What was I thinking?"

Christopher returned to Kinder's secret hiding place only to find that both of his prisoners had escaped. He immediately took to the chase to try to find Toni before Jonathan returned. And he almost found her because he wandered in the Marick Mausoleum. If Jonathan hadn't chosen that moment to place a call to Chris' cellphone, he may very well have found her. Jonathan told Chris to kill Janet and dispose of her body and then to revive Toni for questioning. Chris left his search for Toni and returned to the hideaway. He got there just as Jonathan arrived from Erica's house. Chris lied and said that he had dumped Janet's body where no one would find it, but that he had to give Toni some additional medication because she was having a nervous breakdown. Jonathan accepted his henchman's story and said that Chris should call him when Toni woke up.

Janet showed up at Pierce's apartment in the gallery and tried to get him to accompany her back to Wildwind to help out Toni. Pierce, however, wasn't so willing to lend a hand. He was furious with Janet over her lies and her plans to off Brooke and assume her identity. Janet begged Pierce to forgive her and said that she was only temporary insane and never was going to actually go through with her hair brained scheme. When Janet explained that she would have done anything to get Pierce to love her again, Pierce just shook his head in disbelief. Again, Janet pleaded with her former lover to help her out. Pierce refused and told Janet to stay away from Brooke. Before Janet left, Pierce asked her what had happened to her and why was she away. Janet told the truth---that she had been kidnapped and drugged--- but ended her sentence by saying "I guess I'm the little girl that cried wolf."
Janet went back to the Mausoleum with two candy bars and a bottle water. Toni took a few sips of the water, but declined and food because her stomach was doing cartwheels. Janet vowed to Toni that no one would take their freedom away from them.

Maria and Dimitri's consoling soon turned to passion as the two made love. Immediately after their romance ended, the two knew that they had done something horribly wrong. Maria stayed speechless and cried herself to sleep in the Hunting Lodge. As Dimitri left the lodge, he ran into Edmund who wanted to know if his brother had heard anything from Maria. Dimitri escorted Edmund back to the main house where the talked about what happened. Dimitri apologized for going behind Edmund's back. Edmund, of course, thought Dimitri was talking about his getting Maria a plane and faked passports. Dimitri didn't confess to sleeping with Maria, but he didn't say that Maria was at the hunting lodge, either. Dimitri returned to the lodge and watched over Maria. Edmund looked around the castle for his missing wife, but when he found Sam's blanket in one of the room's the emotions proved to be too much for him. Peggy found Edmund holding the blanket and sobbing. She went over to the man she had seen grow from just a boy and tried to comfort him.

Thursday, July 11

Pierce barged into Brooke's and immediately started kissing and hugging her. If he had taken a few minutes out to look around, he'd have seen that Nina was visiting. Not wanting to chill their sparks, Nina excused herself and said she'd come back later. Pierce informed Brooke that he had seen Janet the night before. Brooke was upset and started quaking in her boots that Janet despised her so much. For some reason Pierce completely changed from his stance the night before and began defending Janet to Brooke. He said that Brooke has no reason to fear Janet because he knows the "real" Janet and she wouldn't do anything to harm Brooke. This appears to be another case of speaking well about someone behind their back!!
Adam popped in with Jamie, something that was totally unexpected. Adam was supposed to be taking Jamie to Pigeon Hollow for a visit with Dixie and Junior. Adam said that Liza botched a deal with a major WRCW advertiser and he has to scatter now to pick up the pieces and woo the company back. This meant, unfortunately, that he could not venture off to West Virginia with Jamie. Seeing that her son was obviously disappointed, Brooke said that she would go to Pigeon Hollow with Jamie.

Erica recalled nothing the night before. When asked by Myrtle if she had taken any pills, Erica became very defensive. She said that she threw away all the pills in her house before she went to Betty Ford and that she is not going to begin backsliding. Erica also added that she didn't remember Dimitri paying a visit or even calling Myrtle. Myrtle excused herself to tend to some business and Jonathan, who just showed up on Erica's doorstep, stepped in to question his former patient. Jonathan concocted a story that Erica begged him for pills the night before and that she was very frantic. In her mind, Erica knew that this had to be a lie and when both Myrt and Jonathan left, she began a search around her house to prove to herself that she didn't have any hidden pills. But Erica's search did turn up an almost hidden stash of medication---a stash that Jonathan had left behind as some mental torture. Just as she is coping with that heartache, someone appears at her door. As a clap of thunder sounds out, Erica is informed that she is being served divorce papers.

A big mistake. That's what both Dimitri and Maria called their night of passion. They agreed that they should not have done their dirty deed (as so many AMC Pages users have already said) and that they should not ever make mention of this "mistake" again. Dimmie tried to convince Maria to go back to Wildwind and face Edmund, but Maria said that there was no way she was returning. At least not any time soon. Dimitri then left Maria to fetch a some of Maria's clothing. Edmund came back from his search and found his brother packing up Maria's clothing. Dimitri admitted to knowing where Maria was, but said that Maria wasn't ready to talk to Edmund just yet. Well it didn't take Edmund long to figure out that Maria was at the hunting lodge and he took off to find her.

Jonathan wasn't done creating a stir. He stopped by Stuart's art gallery to sell some of his old paintings. But the painting that Dr. Kinder wanted to get rid of caused quite a stir. As it turns out, the painting was one that Stuart had made for Skye. The painting, of a nearby lake, was Skye's favorite and was supposed to remind her of her hometown even when she was far away from home.
Oddly enough, Toni woke up from a nightmare and told Janet that she was beginning to remember some things. She said that she could see a lake and a sailboat, but that she didn't know where it was. She also said that she could hear the voice of a sweet older man with white hair. Even though Janet tried to lure these memories out of her companion, Toni just couldn't put her thoughts together.

Friday, July 12

Hayley moved all of her belongings---including a plethora of shoes---into Mateo's apartment, her new home. The two too advantage of the heat (of the weather and the heat between the two) to "christen" their new living quarters.

Is it just me or do thunderstorms added immeasurably to dramatic suspense?

Troubles continued for Edmund and Maria as the glorious wedding ceremony is now little more than a memory. Edmund stormed (sorry about the choice of word!) down to the hunting lodge after he figured out that Maria was hiding there and prepared to patch things up. But Maria wanted nothing to do with her husband as she assaulted him with a barrage of verbal assaults that blamed him for her heartache. Edmund tried to convey that things would get better and that the pain of having lost Sam would eventually diminish, but Maria's judgment was so clouded that she couldn't believe Edmund's words. Knowing that things were very shaky, Edmund asked Maria to go back to the main house with him and get warmed up. Maria refused, shouting that their marriage was over, and ran off into the rain.

Toni's memory continued its bits and pieces return. She spouted off a poem that she knew from her past, surprising both herself and Janet. But before the two could piece together what the poem was or where Toni knew it from, Christopher returned. Janet knocked over Christopher, allowing Toni to escape Chris's wrath. Janet was pleased that she helped out her friend, but Chris overpowered her and said that he had her right where he wanted her. But just because Christopher works for Dr. Kinder, don't get the two confused. Janet asked Chris what would happen to Toni if Chris hauled her back to the drug chamber. Knowing that Janet was right and that Toni would not survive without Janet's watchful eye, Chris agreed to let Janet go. The love Chris has for Toni shined through. Before Christopher disappeared into the black of night, Janet warned him to be wary of Jonathan's wrath. Chris said that he took out an insurance policy just in case. The policy, however, remains unknown.

Janet went out into the rain looking for Toni, but in the short amount of time that she was gone, Toni managed to vanish. Edmund, wanting to have a "talk" with Hugo Marick, wandered into the mausoleum and found Toni collapsed on the ground.

Erica was puzzled and furious about Dimitri's wanting to dissolve their marriage. Keep in mind that she had no idea that he saw her sleeping with Jonathan. Actually, Erica doesn't even know that she was drugged by the good doctor and set up! The divorce papers in hand, Erica zoomed to the hunting lodge to confront Dimitri about his actions. When she got there, she, like Edmund had found out earlier with Maria, received a cold welcome by her spouse. Dimitri gave no explanation of his actions presumng that Erica must have had some inkling of an idea. "You love me dammit," Erica shouted at Dimitri., but there was ni response. Erica prepared to leave Wildwind after seeing she was getting nowhere in her discussion, but someone had stolen her car. Maria took the car and drove to the beach where she sat on the shore in the rain and cried. Erica called a cab and eventually returned home. But at home, Erica found another herself with another dilemma: a strong desire to take a pill.



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