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With a little help from Myrtle, Hayley and Mateo purchased Hal's bar. Stuart planned a surprise party for Skye. Janet and Erica learned that burying a body in a rose garden was harder than they had ever suspected.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 23, 1996 on AMC
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Monday, September 23, 1996

As promised, Adam took Jamie, Junior, and Brooke to a taping of a Spiderman show in New York City. After the show, the group went backstage where the children were supposed to meet Spiderman and get his autograph. But due to a scheduling conflict, Spiderman has other business to attend to. This did not sit well with Adam and he told Brooke to take the boys on ahead to the restaurant because he had something that needed to be done. If you follow the natural progression here, you can assume that Adam is going to dress up like Spidey and surprise Jamie and Junior, right? If you were in this same boat of thinking as I was---you're wrong! Adam returned caught up with the gang at the restaurant and heard how disappointed Junior and Jamie were. Adam told them not to fret because celebrities always pop up at the restaurant and, if they were lucky, maybe someone would wander past them. On cue, Spiderman legged his way into the restaurant and was immediately swarmed to by Jamie and AJ (It seems that Junior has outgrown his nickname). Spiderman promised the boys an autograph and some group pictures.

Brooke and Adam had a chance to talk to each other and get caught up on each other's lives. Adam said that he misses AJ not being around and that he fears not being able to watch his son grown up. Brooke said that she could relate to what Adam was going through. She added that she took time off from work so that she could be with Jamie, but now that he has started school she has so much free time on her hands and is contemplating going back to work at Tempo. Tad placed a call to Brooke on her cell phone and upon hearing the words "Saint Justin" roll off of Brooke's tongue, Adam excuse himself to let Brooke speak in peace. Tad explained why he was on the tropical island but felt no better about his trip even after Brooke said how sorry she was that Tad and Dixie's marriage was over.

Kevin caught Kelsey eavesdropping on Bobby and Anita's conversation and asked her why she was being nosy. Kelsey's voice raised and it wasn't long before everyone in the house knew that something was up. Anita, seeing that her presence was the cause of the trouble, excused herself and said that she had better get going to class. Bobby blasted Kelsey for creating a scene and warned her that if she is not careful she will end up clueing everyone in to the scam. Kelsey broke into tears, but Bobby left her alone to cry. A few minutes later Opal, who also heard the yelling, came into the room to make sure that everything was okay. When Opal saw that Kelsey was crying she asked what had happened. That was all that had to be said for Kelsey to open up the flood gates. Kelsey explained that she caught Anita and Bobby "making eyes" at each other and sobbed about how she feels no man will ever look at her in that way. She also reminded Opal that the only reason she and Bobby had gotten married was because of Sam.

When Bobby returned later from tending to Sam, Opal took it upon herself to give Bobby a little talkin' to. She said that there is no explanation for Bobby to have another woman in his bedroom--- even if they are just playing Chinese Checkers. Bobby said that he and Anita were only talking and that there was no wrong doing, but Opal suggested that Bobby examine his actions and make sure that he does not make the same mistake twice. But Opal had a question for Bobby that could profoundly affect the real reason he married Kelsey. When Opal saw how much affection Bobby has for his son, she asked him if he was falling in love with Sam after all. Bobby kinda shrugged his shoulders and said that he does care for Sam and that he needed to be in Sam's life because Kelsey was not providing the proper amount of love to the baby.

Hot of the heels of this discussion, Bobby tracked down Kelsey and asked her why she was trying to sabotage their "plan." Kelsey said that she needed to do some damage control and prevent anyone from suspecting what they were really up to.

The mysterious man that sneaked up behind Erica turned out to be none other than Detective Derek Frye. He told Erica that he was on his day off and just happened to see her on all fours trying to fix her flat tire and thought that he should offer her some assistance. Erica said that he was very kind, but that he really didn't have to bother because she was going to call a towing company. When Derek said that he would call the police towing brigade to help Erica save on any towing costs, Erica had no other option but to accept the offer. While Derek was away, Janet returned with two bags of ice that she said would keep Jonathan from spoiling. Erica advised her companion to hush up because Derek was right around the corner. When Derek returned and caught Janet with bags of ice, he asked what the two ladies were up to. Erica covered for their situation and said that they were on their way to a picnic. Janet chimed in that they had seafood in the trunk and that they had to hurry and be off. Derek informed Erica and Janet that they risk getting very ill if they eat the seafood because it had been left out in the heat for too long. They thanked Derek for his advice and said that they would go and pick up something that would stand the temperature a little better. With that, the tow truck driver arrive and asked Erica if she had a jack in the trunk. Both Erica and Janet responded in unison with a resounding "No!!"
The incident safely behind them, Erica and Janet returned to Linden House and began discussing how they could get rid of their 180 pound problem still in the trunk of Erica's car. But before they could get too engrossed in conversation, Edmund was at the front door eager to discuss his finished version of Erica's autobiography. It didn't take long for Edmund to notice that Erica and Janet were acting strangely and he promptly excused himself and asked Erica to contact him when she had more time. Before leaving, he asked Erica how he trip to the Dude Ranch had gone and that Dimitri has been going frantic trying to track her down.

Erica checked her answering machine and, sure enough, there was a message from Dimitri. She called London to make sure that Dimitri hadn't gotten worried and come back to The States to look for Erica. She very smoothly kept to her story of lies and said that someone the press had learned that she and Bianca were going to Arizona and that she decided to remain in Pine Valley rather than dealing with "the vultures." Dimitri then offered to fly home so he could be with the two ladies in his life, but Erica said that by the time he arrived Linden House would be empty. You see, she said that she was soon going to be on her way to take Bianca home.

With all the unpleasantries of a happy life out of the way, Erica and Janet got back to discussion plans to get rid of Kinder's body. Janet suggested that they bury him in Erica's rose garden because it was a secluded area and no one would see them with the body. Erica feared that Jonathan's body would kill the flowers and quickly nixed the idea. The two then compromised on an idea: They would bury the body under the pool house.

In St. Justin, Marian pestered the front desk every hour on the hour to see if her friend had arrived from Pine Valley yet. Of course she was talking about Jonathan. Finally the front desk had some good news for: A man from Pine Valley had just checked into the hotel under a pseudonym and had booked a suite on another floor. As it turns out the other man, a Mr. Smith, was actually Tad. Marian bribed a bellboy to let her into the hotel room so she could surprise her friend. With Tad in the shower, he didn't heard anyone sneak inside. Marian undressed herself and hid under the covers. Tad came out of the shower and still unclothed slipped under the sheets...

Tuesday, September 24, 1996

Staying at the Valley Inn turned out to be less than a get away for Skye, so she dropped by the art gallery to ask her Uncle Stuart if she could stay in his upstairs apartment. Stuart said that Skye is more than welcome to stay there, but that he doesn't approve of some of the things Skye has done of late. He suggested that Skye stop her childish attitude and offer up some apologies to the people she's hurt.

Adam, Brooke, AJ, and Jamie returned from their trip to the Big Apple, but the fun was not yet over. Adam arranged to have the boys tape a special children's programming show where they would discuss their adventures with Spiderman for the television audience. With some free moments alone with Adam, Brooke thought it would be best to ask Adam how she should go about telling her son of Tad and Dixie's divorce. As Adam began to offer up his suggestion, Liza walked in to the office to do some work thus allowing Adam a chance to turn the tables on his co-worker. He asked Liza if she knew whether or not she had anything to do with Tad's wanting a quickie divorce. Liza defended herself and said that Tad and Dixie's divorce was inevitable--they've been separated for months. She added that she is not involved in Tad's personal affairs and that he didn't ask her opinion in whether he should file divorce.

Later at the gallery, Brooke asked Stuart if he could help her pick out a painting for Laura. As the two talked about how they both can relate to how difficult being a single parent is, Pierce's name crept into the conversation. Brooke asked Stuart if he had heard anything from her one time boyfriend. Stuart responded by saying that Pierce dropped him a line in the form of a postcard a few days back. Pierce indicated that he is happy in New Mexico and that he wants Stuart to extend his best wishes to everyone. Stuart said that he could supply Brooke with Pierce's address and phone number, but she hesitantly said that she didn't need it and left the gallery.

Hayley dropped Amanda off at home after attending a camp gathering with her cousin. Hayley asked Trevor why he stayed at home and didn't go with Amanda to the picnic. Trevor said that he has been so busy with work that he needed to stay home and get caught up. Hayley took a good look around the house and saw that not only were all the blinds closed, but that it looked like Trevor had not left the house in days. She accused him of not wanting to go out in public because he is still wheelchair bound. Trevor denied the allegations and said that he just needs to stay at home because if he goes to work at the office he'll be engrossed in chit chat and never get caught up. Tim came home a few minutes later and announced that parent's night at school was approaching, but that he doesn't expect Trevor to go.

At Hal's, Skye sat down for a few words with Mateo. She asked him if he could help her win over Hayley. She again stated that she is very sorry for how she treated Hayley, but insisted that Arlene was already in town when she decided to spring her "Surprise Reunions" idea on her sister. Mateo said that he was not going to be part of another assault on his fiancée and that Skye should just back off and leave everyone alone. As Skye begged Mateo for help, Noah stuck his nose in and said that if Skye has something to talk to Hayley about she should just talk to her face to face. He then made a motion toward the door where Hayley had just entered. Hayley was still not interested in talking to Skye. In fact she listened to only a few words of Skye's apology before snapping back at her. She said that there is no way that Skye will ever be in her good graces and that she should hit the road because she doesn't want to talk to her. Skye stomped out of the bar, muttering under her breath that she knew Stuart's idea would not work.

Marian wiggled around in the bed for a few moments before leaning over and gently nibbling on Tad's ear. Half dazed and totally confused. Tad let the actions go on for several minutes before he caught on to what was going on. He bid Marian a quick hello and after everything computed in his mind, he jumped from bed and asked Marian what the hell she was up to. Marian was stunned that she was in bed with Tad. Tad asked why she was in his suite, but Marian simply said that she was looking for someone else. She didn't want to say who she was looking for because that would or could be used against her at a later date. Tad ordered Marian to get dressed and leave immediately, but the two ran into some problems. A hotel staffer knocked on the door and told "Mr. Smith" that he had some urgent news from back on the mainland. As Tad opened the door, a flock of reporters clamored for pictures and interviews on his divorce. Now Tad knew that he and Marian were trapped in the hotel room. Using some quick thinking, Tad called for room service and asked some orders to be delivered. Apparently he plans on having Marian escape under the meal cart. But there was yet another glitch in the plans. Back at WRCW, Adam ordered Liza to get Tad on the phone so that they could discuss some show ideas. When Liza placed the call Tad didn't answer---Marian did! Liza and Adam did a double take and Liza immediately asked her mother to explain what she was doing in St. Justin.

Wednesday, September 25, 1996

Now you already know that Marian and Tad are going to have a lot of explaining to do. I mean why are they in the same hotel room on a tropical island? Well after Tad heard Marian refer to the person on the other end of the phone as "Darling," he knew that it must be someone who they both know. Tad yanked the phone from Marian's hands and learned that Liza and Adam were on the other end. Adam bid Tad a hello and said that he hopes their phone call did not interrupt anything. Tad said that he and Marian just happened to be in the same room due to a huge case of mistaken identity and that she answered the phone because... well because she was standing next to it. Convinced that his explanation was, at best, very weak, Tad insisted that he and Marian were not up to any hanky panky. While Liza believed that there was no funny business going on between her mother and Tad, Adam was not so quick to buy into the story. When Adam tried to get Tad involved in some work, he stood firm and told Adam that he was taking personal time off from work and that he was not about to immerse himself in WRCW matters. The phone call abruptly ended and Tad was left with the task of getting Marian out of his hotel room without the gaggle of reporters seeing, what he called, "a scantily clad bimbo" sneak out of his room. Tad called the front desk to see what was taking his room service order, but no sooner had he hung up with them and that the bellboy was bringing the tray to the front door. Marian immediately started digging in to the feast, but Tad pointed to the cart and told her that she was not going to be eating the meal, but rather hiding underneath the cart as part of her great escape. The bellboy pleasantly interrupted and told Marian that she could be let out through the adjoining room because it was currently unoccupied. Not wanting to hold up Marian's exit, Tad told Marian to scram. But Marian was not going to go without a tongue lashing. She told Tad that this could very well be the last time that she sees him and warned him (yet again) not to harm her tender-hearted Liza.

With Marian gone, Tad had time to reflect on his divorce from Dixie. He recalled a conversation he had with Dixie about how they would grow old together and never separate.

Skye returned to the gallery and told Stuart that his idea to reconcile with Hayley had blown up in her face. She said that Hayley's acidic attitude was not about to about to make amends with her and that no one in town cares about her. Stuart said that he could not believe Skye's account of what happened because Hayley is such a sweet young woman. Well this additional praise for Hayley set Skye over the edge. She blasted Stuart for being on Hayley's bandwagon, but Stuart quickly corrected his niece by saying that he loves them both and wants them all to be happy. Skye said that she was packing it in and leaving town, but Stuart managed to persuade her to stick around for at least two days. Skye left to track down her father at WRCW and Scott emerged from hiding and asked Stuart why he cares for Skye like he does. Stuart said that he feels Skye is misunderstood, but that everyone needs a second chance. He told Scott Skye was very much against Cindy (Scott's mother) and had very mean things to say about her having AIDS. But Stuart added that eventually Cindy forgave Skye. Not wanting to stay on a sad note, Stuart asked his son about his date with Laura. Scott said that he had a great time with Laura and that he really likes her. Stuart then told Scott that he was going to be having a surprise "Welcome Home" party for Skye and that Scott should invited Laura as his date,
Across town, Brooke was asking Laura about her date with Scott. Laura's account pretty much echoed that of her date's and Brooke, like Stuart, encouraged Laura to call Scott and tell him that she had a great time. Laura made her way to the phone and when she picked up the phone, Scott was already on the other end. The two talked about their date and then Scott invited Laura to the special soiree. Laura said that she'd like to go, but that she had to work on a term paper for school and didn't think that she could attend.

At WRCW, Skye wandered into the station manager's office looking for her father, but found Liza instead. Stunned is the best way to describe the look on Skye's face. She asked why Liza was there. Liza smiled and informed Skye that she had been hired back as station manager and (as if that was not enough) said that one of the terms of her return was that Adam dump Skye from any position she held at WRCW. Then Liza said that she was very glad to be back so she could rescue The Cutting Edge from the disaster course Skye had set the show on. Skye was furious. As she looked coldly into Liza's eyes, she warned Liza that one day she would get even with her and when that day comes, Liza will be a very sorry woman.

TweedleErica and TweedleJanet continued their efforts to rid themselves of the albatross hanging around their neck. As the two slinked out to the poolhouse, Erica produced one shovel. Janet asked why Erica only one had digging utensil to which Erica responded that Janet was physically stronger and could obviously do a better job of digging into the earth. Besides, Erica would be providing the incredibly difficult task of holding the flashlight to provide the light for the job. After the two finished trading quips on whether or not the hole was big enough to house Jonathan's body, the duo took a wheelbarrow into the house to load up Jonathan's body in. The lugged him out to the garden and plopped him into the hole. That's when Janet noticed that one of Jonathan's shoes was missing. Janet instructed Erica to remain with Jonathan while she went to Marian's to retrieve the shoe. No way, no how said Erica. She said that she did not want to stick around with the corpse and was fully intent on traveling along with Janet.

The two finally made their way to Marian's house and retreived the shoe, but then they encountered some difficulties. Marian called her house as one final effort to track down her missing loverboy. Janet worried that Marian would get suspicious because she left Jonathan at her house and he was alive and now he'd be gone and, well, dead! Erica, always cool and composed, told Janet that Marian is used to having men leave her and would think nothing of Jonathan's disappearance. Janet bought the story and they returned to Linden House.

If you missed the show, you missed a comical scene. As Janet buried Jonathan's body, the Erica's sprinkler system went off. So Erica pulled out her umbrella and sat on a rock while Janet labored in the mud. Miss Kane looked like a primadonna sitting with her legs crossed and doing her best to avoid getting wet. And while she was doing all of this, she warned Janet to watch out for tree roots because she didn't want to see the magnificent tree get injured in their burial. Erica then recounted a story of how she used to think she could get to China if she just kept digging. With Jonathan firmly planted, Erica decided that they needed to give some type of eulogy. Janet gave Erica a funny look, but agreed. She rattled off a quick summary of Jonathan's life and warned the high power to keep an eye on Jonathan because he's a sneaky one. She then added that the world is now a better place with out Jonathan in it and for that, they thank God. Erica and Janet ended with a resounding "Amen!"

Thursday, September 26, 1996

The theme of all of today's segments revolved around family. There were reunions, divorces, and even talk of a marriage.

Tad returned from his adventures in St. Justin just as Dimitri was returning from his business trip to London. The two talked briefly and Tad brought up his freshly signed divorces papers that effectively end his marriage to Dixie. Tad praised Dimitri for always doing the honorable thing and never hurting the woman he is married to. Dimitri swallowed hard and told Tad that his sleeping with Liza was just a mistake and that he should not be forever haunted by the ghosts of that one night. Smiling broadly, Tad thanked Dimitri for being such a good friend.

At the gallery, Stuart was informing Gloria of his plans to throw a surprise party for Skye. Gloria told Stuart that there are not many people in town that would show up if they knew that the party was for Skye, so that he had better tell everyone that the party is a shindig for an up and coming artist. As the two were talking, Dimitri came to the gallery. Gloria took the opportunity to invited Dimitri to the party, but after learning that the air conditioning at the gallery was on the fritz, Dimitri did more than just accept the invitation. He told Stuart that he would be more than happy to host the party at Linden House because Erica is out of town, there is a lot more room, and there is a functioning air conditioner there. Plus he also added that Erica's garden would be a perfect backdrop. It makes a perfect place to bury a body, too!

Tad returned home from the airport and readied himself for a heart-to-heart talk with Jamie. Jamie told his dad all about his trip to see Spiderman in New York. But when Tad tried to bring up news of his divorce to Dixie, Jamie ran crying from the room saying that he doesn't want to hear anything sad. Needing someone to help lend a hand in breaking the news to Jamie, Tad called Gloria and left a message on her answering machine to pop on over as soon as possible. Later Jamie came down from his room and Tad and Jamie finally were able to talk things out. Jamie asked his father if he had divorced Dixie. Tad said that he had just gotten a divorce and that he and Dixie don't hate each other. It's more like Dixie is disappointed in Tad. Jamie asked if the two adults could ever be friends like Tad and Brooke are. Tad explained that while he and Brooke are very close and care for each other, it took a long time before they could reach that point. Gloria straggled in to the room and told Tad that she let herself in because the front door was unlocked and the door bell was not working. Jamie asked Gloria if she knew about Tad's divorce. She nodded her head and told Jamie that she was sorry to hear that. Jamie went back upstairs to get some of his things together for a camp out at Chandler Mansion allowing Gloria and Tad some time alone. Gloria applauded Tad's handling of the delicate matter and then asked if Tad would like to accompany her to a party later in the evening.

Ruth decided that it was time to pay her grand daughter a visit, so she tracked down Kelsey at Cortlandt Manor. When she finally got there, she wasted no time in asking Kelsey to explain why on Earth she married Bobby Warner. Kelsey took the question as yet another sign of "the world" being against her. When she calmed herself down, she said that she and Bobby decided to tie the knot because it was the best thing for Sam. Ruth said that Kelsey was taking on the same attitude as she did on her ninth birthday. She then related a story of how Kelsey climbed up a tree during her ninth birthday party and refused to come down. Tara, Kelsey's mom, went to the bottom of the tree and apologized to Kelsey, having no idea what she had done to hurt Kelsey's feelings. Tara's feelings were that she did not want her daughter to be pained and she would say and do whatever it took to make her feel better. Now Ruth said that Kelsey is acting like she is back up in that tree and wants someone to say "I'm Sorry." Kelsey began to sob and said that the reason she climbed up the tree was because she overheard her mother on the phone saying that she did not Kelsey and what she had become. Ruth reassured Kelsey that she was loved---by her mother, her father, and all of her other relatives. She then presented Kelsey with a belated wedding gift, a Bible that belonged to Kate Martin, Kelsey's great grandmother and namesake. Ruth gave her grand daughter a hug and said that since Kelsey is always saying that she wants to do "the right thing," that the Bible might aid her in making the right decisions along the way.

Bobby took Sam over to Wildwind to see Maria. He met with opposition at the front door as Maria told Bobby that his being there was a horrible joke. But Bobby said that he was not there to make things worse, he needed to ask Maria some questions about Sam's health. Maria invited the two inside and it took only a few moments before Bobby was asking Maria if she wanted to hold Sam. She declined at first, but later accepted. It was like old times. Maria cooed and held Sam in her arms. Edmund returned from the office and caught sight of Bobby and Sam. Bobby laughed along with his son and told Maria that he "knew he'd remember you." He immediately yanked Bobby in the foyer and told him that that his coming to Wildwind was unacceptable and that he should get Sam and leave right away. Bobby said that he didn't mean to hurt anyone and was doing like Edmund had advise him to do: The Right Thing. All this doing the right thing is starting to sound the Spike Lee movie! Bobby went back into the main family room and packed up Sam' s belongings. Maria bid Sam a tearful goodbye and Bobby left. Maria clutched Edmund and hugged him tightly. Edmund then apologized for Bobby's stupidity, but Maria said that she was glad that Bobby stopped by. She said that while she still misses Sam, it was not only good to see Sam again, but that she realizes that she is now able to see him without wanting to keep him.

Erica stomped around Jonathan's makeshift cemetery plot and cursed him up and down. Well since this daytime television, she didn't really curse, but she didn't have many good words for him. She blasted Jonathan for keeping her up at night in her nightmares and said that even dead he is still controlling her life. As she continued her ranting, Skye came up from behind and asked Erica why she was talking to herself. Erica quickly explained that she always talks to herself and tried to get off of the subject as fast as possible. Skye's pity party raved on as she asked why Erica never returned any of her phone calls. Erica insisted that she was not avoiding Skye or angry with her---she was simply busy. And, in case that excuse didn't wash, she said that Janet has a tendency to push the wrong buttons on the answering machine and erase any news messages that are on the tape. Poor Janet! Speaking of Miss Green, Janet returned to Linden House carrying a flat of ivy to plant over Jonathan's grave. With the plants stacked higher than her head, Janet began talking about what they would have to do, blissfully unaware that Skye was only a few feet away. When Janet finally did see Skye, she stopped talking. Skye volunteered her services to help plant the ivy, but Erica said that Skye was not dressed for a planting session. Figuring that this was another brush off, Skye bid the two women goodbye. Janet chased after Skye so she would not be too mad and Erica was left alone to plant the ivy by herself. As Janet ran off, she reminded Erica that she will need to put sheep manure in each hole she digs for the ivy. It took several seconds for Janet's words to travel Erica's pathways... but when they finally did compute, Erica looked at the manure and grimaced. When she was finally done planting, Dimitri arrived at Linden. He was surprised to see her there and asked why she was back from Seattle. Erica said that she moved at a faster pace than normal people and told Dimitri that she wants him to hold her for two weeks. That's when Dimitri reminded Erica that they are no longer married and he offered to call up a minister and get married the next day. As they were talking, Stuart and two other men walked onto the grounds and started getting the place ready for the party. Erica's eyes bulged and she demanded to know what was going on. Dimitri smiled and told Erica that she would be hosting a party---that night!

Friday, September 27, 1996

Skye met with the interviewer and did her best to sell herself for the job she has been talking about for a few days. Unfortunately she may have oversold herself. The woman doing the interviewing told Skye that she was way too qualify for this job, which was in print. She said that Skye's recent stint as a producer of a television show puts her in another league. Skye tried to cover for herself by saying that her real calling is in print.

After her botched interview, Skye met ran into Edmund. Before long the two were talking about Skye's credentials as a writer and a possible job slot for her at Tempo.

Looks like good news for Mateo and Hayley and their hopes of buying Hal's bar. To be truthful, it was sort of looking very bleak there for a few days. Mateo rushed to the bar and rejoiced that he had gotten approval for his loan and that he would have the money within a few days. He had Noah summon Hal to the bar so he could express his interest in the bar. But when Hal appeared he told Mateo that he had sold the bar to a gentleman earlier in the day and that he could not go behind this mysterious benefactor's back and sell the bar to someone else. Mateo, Noah, and Hayley were obviously very bummed by the news and resorted to dragging themselves around the bar. Then it was time for Myrtle to come to their rescue. She sauntered into Hal's and sat herself down on a bar stool. She batted her eyes at Noah and told him that she had decided that she is not going to spend another night sitting in her house alone. It's time, she said, for her to get herself out and enjoy the nightlife. (Am I then only one that can hear that disco hit by Alicia Bridges 'I Love the nightlife. I love to boogie on the disco round?' playing here?) As it turns out, Hal used to be in the carnie with Myrt. When she learned that Hal had decided to pass on Mateo and Hayley's acquisition of the bar, she really gave Hal an earful. She ordered both parties to sit down at the bargaining table and work this problem out. In addition to the monetary offer, Mateo also had something else to add to the coffer. He told Hal that he would let him hold the mortgage to the bar and that he would pay him directly. After several offers and counter offers, Hal accepted their offer and Hayley and Mateo were named the new owners of Hal's bar.

Marian called Jack in reference to a message she had received to contact him immediately. She told him that she had been on vacation and didn't know that he was trying to reach her. And when asked of Jonathan's whereabouts, Marian insisted that she knew nothing. Jack said that he was very surprised that Marian was coming back to town. He told her of his encounter with Janet at Marian's house, but before he could finish telling her what he knew, she abruptly hung up the phone.

Back at Linden House, Erica insisted that the party preparations be stopped because she was not up to having a party. As she ran around trying to get everyone to stop what they were doing, Dimitri noticed the freshly dug dirt. Janet stepped in to explain that she and Erica were gardening earlier in the day and that Erica ordered her to keep mum about their experience so no one would laugh at her attempt to use green thumb. The explanation in place, Erica had not counted on Dimitri asking her why she was digging in the garden when she was supposed to be in Seattle visiting with Bianca! Erica pulled Dimitri in the house and secretively gave Janet a signal to try to keep everyone away from the burial site. Erica confessed that she had not been truthful with Dimitri about her doings of that past few days. Of course she wasn't going to start being totally honest now either, but she said that she was. She told Dimitri that she and Bianca had some problems with the swarming media and that Bianca wanted to get as far away from the press as possible. That, she explained, meant a return trip to Seattle. Dimitri accepted Erica's new story and asked why Erica had not been up front from the very beginning. Then Janet popped in and said that she had good news: Stuart had decided to move the party to The Valley Inn. What brought up this change of scenery? A story about Erica's garden being infested with aphids!! Now I don't know if Erica has ever had a bug infestation, but you can guarantee that if she did the bugs were wearing little Gucci antenna scarves! Everyone gathered up their belongings and prepared for the move to the new venue... but then fate stepped in again. The caterers truck hit a tree outside and the truck's axle broke. Because all of the food was in the truck, the party had to be moved back to Linden House. Janet and Erica got a rare moment alone and Janet gave Erica a look that reminded her of the look Mona used to give her. Well that set Erica off. She looked to the heavens and ordered her mother to stop laughing at them. She begged for Mona's help to get out of the tight squeeze they were in. Janet excused herself and said that she had to go and attend to some matters before the party got into full swing. Hayley and Matt arrived and asked Stuart to introduce them to the new artist in town. Stuart then said that he could no longer pull the wool over his niece's eyes and revealed that the party was really a surprise party for Skye. Hayley could not believe that she dressed in her best outfit to celebrate her evil half-sister. She turned to walk away, but when she opened the door Skye was standing on the other side.

Out in the garden, Janet toyed around with a furry little friend. One whose fur was black with a white stripe up the middle. Yes, you sniffed, er, guessed it: A skunk! Janet told Fluffy that he was actually a very cute animal in spite of his odiferousness. But she said that she obtained a descented skunk... just the presence of the skunk would keep people inside the house. She really didn't want to stink up the joint. As Janet readied to released the skunk, Marian Colby called out from the doorway. She wanted to know what the notorious crowbar killer had done this time!



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