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Erica admitted that she hadn't adopted the baby from Russia. Adam was livid when he learned that Liza and Jake were planning to start dating each other. Earl fed Mateo information about Tanner.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 14, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, April 14, 1997

Captain Jake Martin made some repairs to a boat he had recently purchased for himself and Liza. After some teasing by big brother Tad, Jake learned why his brother was giving him such a hard time about his relationship with Liza. Tad said that he would always be Jake's big brother, and part of the job description of being a big brother was to make sure that the younger brother did not get hurt. Once Jake saw that Tad wasn't trying to be mean, he accepted his brother's position. That didn't mean that he was going to listen to him, though.

A phone call broke the bad news to Jake about Liza's job interview in San Francisco. Liza told Jake that she thought Adam was responsible for the deal falling through. Tad was surprised that Liza had not gotten the "sure thing" position. There was another word of brotherly advice: "Adam's dangerous when crossed."

Scott and his lacrosse buddies nearly trampled Laura as they ran through the park. Laura, drying her tear-filled eyes, told Scott that she had received a letter from Pine Valley University telling her that her application to the school had been turned down. Scott offered alternative suggestions that would allow Laura to continue her education, such as enrolling in Center City Community College, but Laura was resigned working at a fast food restaurant for the rest of her life. Scott stood by his girlfriend and told her that he would stick by her no matter what she decided to do. He also eased her fears that Adam would ridicule her for not getting into PVU by saying that his uncle's opinion meant nothing.

Adam denied Marian's claims that he was in love with Liza and suggested that Marian "should donate [her] brain to science" and urged her to "do it today!" Using her powers of clairvoyance, Marian claimed that she could see the future and that the future belonged to Liza and Adam. She then pleaded for Adam to "avail [himself] to [her] services." With a smirk, Adam said he wished he had a dollar for every time Marian made that statement to a man. He thought for several moments and then decided that there was something that she could do for him.

Jake cruised past Adam's secretary and into the boss's office to accuse Adam of trying to sabotage Liza's career. He also accused Adam of dragging out the divorce so that he could make Liza miserable. Adam boasted that he was "three times the man" that Jake would ever be. He said that Jake's insinuation that Adam could topple Liza's career bid in San Francisco with the motion of his little finger gave Adam a reputation of power. He said that the claim was not true, but if word were to get around that he had squashed the job offer, people would see him as a powerhouse, giving him an undeserved dangerous reputation.

Jake warned Adam that his lover would move past the job fiasco because Liza could get any job she wanted. Adam commented that while Liza might be able to get any job that she wanted, there were few jobs in which she'd excel. Jake blasted Adam as a cold man and said that all his money wouldn't make a difference to the level of happiness in his life. Jake labeled Adam as the poor man because he'd never know what it was like to be loved by Liza.

Marian walked through an open door and hunted down Tad. She asked Tad to help her keep Jake and Liza apart. Tad refused to assist his former lover in her attempt to botch Liza's love life. Tad suggested that Marian follow Confucius' advice and "live and let live." Tad reentered the house, but not before asking Marian to show herself out. Marian checked to see that the coast was clear and then planted a "bug" under the patio table. Back in his office, Adam would be able to overhear Tad and Jake's conversations.

Dimitri asked Erica why she had not learned from her mistakes. In her book, he said that she had written of love and forgiveness. Erica puckered her lips and said that in her book, she had written herself a happy ending. She said that there was life beyond the pain, the lies, and Dimitri. Mateo broke up the book signing. He said that no books were being signed and that the event had turned into a sideshow.

Opal and Myrtle tried to calm Erica's nerves, but Erica itched for more confrontation. She told Dimitri that sleeping with Maria had made a mockery of their love. She commented that she would have forgiven Dimitri's indiscretion if he had only told her the truth. The fatal blow was when Erica had told her former husband that she could never raise her daughter with a man like Dimitri.

Maria stormed Erica's position. She grabbed Ms. Kane's arms and pushed her into a corner. There, she told Erica that she would no longer feel sorry for her and her "inexcusable behavior." Maria was quick to point out that Erica had had an act of marital infidelity with Jonathan Kinder. Erica blamed Kinder and his pills for the affair.

Maria then told Erica that Dimitri had been drunk the night he had slept with her. Erica shook her head back and forth several times before racing out of the building. She ran past Jack, who tried to prevent her from leaving. It seemed that Jack had learned that US Customs had no records of Erica leaving the country or returning.

Marian returned to Adam's office to tell him that she had planted the bug. Adam already knew that, as he was listening in on conversation even as Marian chattered. Adam offered Marian a check for her services, but she said that she'd rather have some assurance that she would not be given the boot from Chandler Mansion. Adam could offer no such assurance, but Marian was pleased with her new alliance with her son-in-law and left the office with a smile.

Adam overheard Jake tell Tad that he had given Liza a seven-day time limit to leave Adam. If she did not, he'd move on without her. Adam cackled gleefully as he commented that he had won "game, set, and match." Tad also told Jake that he, Ruth, and Gloria would be having a special dinner for Jamie to tell him that his "old man was getting hitched."

Gloria chased after Dimitri. She eventually ended up on Dimitri's new private jet. Gloria, panting from the chase, said that the chase had allowed her to tell a taxi cab driver to "follow that car." Gloria was visibly upset with Erica for her lashing out at Dimitri. She then warned Dimitri that he needed to return to earth because he had been drinking heavily and spending his money like water ever since Erica had left him. As the two chatted, the jet's engines roared into motion. Dimitri smiled broadly and told Gloria to fasten her seatbelt because they were going for a little ride.

Erica returned home and told Esther about her disastrous book signing. When Jack showed up at the door, Erica told Esther to take Sonja to the park and not to return until she contacted her. Erica passed Esther her cell phone and sent her on her way. Jack entered Linden House and told Erica that he was on her side but that Customs had no records of Erica leaving the country. More than that, he said that the Russian adoption agency had no records of Erica adopting a child from them.

Erica confessed that she had not left the country. She had adopted the baby through "unconventional" methods. She said that she had gotten the baby from a woman who had conceived Sonja out of wedlock. Jack then asked Erica if she had "bought" the baby -- pointing out that baby buying was a felony. Erica told Jack to lock her up and throw away the key -- but asked what would happen to her daughter if she were to be tossed into a jail cell.

At the park, Esther saw Maria playing with Sam. She immediately identified the woman as "Sonja's mother" and began walking toward her.

Tuesday, April 15, 1997

Tanner told Isabella that he had been fired from his post at Holidays and that his lack of income was going to force him to move. Isabella told him that he was able to stay at the house with her because she did not want another goodbye. Plus, she said that Tanner's presence had made her and her daughters feel safer. As she passed him some cash, Mateo entered the house. He asked what was going on and nearly started another brawl.

Mateo asked his mother for some privacy. She agreed but made her son swear that he would not exchange blows with his best buddy. Mateo and Tanner argued over trivial matters unaware that Isabella was eavesdropping on their conversation. When Mateo accused Tanner of bedding his bride-to-be, Isabella darted out of her hiding place and began yelling. She insisted Tanner was not at fault for sleeping with Hayley; it was Hayley who had earned the "tramp" label.

Tanner apologized to Isabella for disappointing her and quickly left. Isabella continued spouting negative comments about Hayley. Mateo was stunned that his mother would stick up for Tanner while downing his former lover. Isabella explained that "men are weak" and that Hayley was one of those women who would sleep with anyone.

Erica confessed that she had not adopted the baby through the normal outlets. Her baby was from a run-down shack somewhere in the United States. To ease Jack's fears, she told him that she was familiar with Sonja's family -- all the way down to the last chromosome. The baby's mother had begged Erica to take her daughter and save it from a life of neglect. At least that was how Erica's story went.

Jack asked Erica if she was trying to "replace" Bianca. Erica didn't like the question and accused Jack of being the reason she had lost custody of Bianca to her ex-husband. There were problems that Erica would encounter down the line, Jack said -- problems like not having a birth certificate. Erica said that rules would be broken for her because she was the Erica Kane.

Erica then asked Jack if he could recommend someone to create the documents -- not "fakes" as Jack implied, but rather "fauxs". Jack refused to commit fraud to save Erica's hide, but did assure her that he would not expose her adoption scheme. He did warn her that secrets had a way of exposing themselves.

Esther walked past Maria and Sam. She stopped and made small talk with the woman she knew was Sonja's biological mother. Maria felt that she knew Esther from somewhere but put that thought aside. Little did she know, she actually did know Esther. Even if Maria did not know the woman, she said that she did know the baby.

Esther became extremely nervous, fearing that "schizophrenic" Maria would claim the baby was hers. Maria said that the baby was Sonja Kane and that she was a friend of the family. Sam accidentally dumped some juice on Sonja, and rather than have Sonja wear a soaked shirt, Maria offered to clothe the baby in one of Sam's spare T-shirts. Esther recalled the identifying birthmark on Sonja's shoulder and again started to panic. Fortunately, Erica arrived at that moment and kept Maria from undressing her daughter.

Erica implied that Maria was obsessed with the baby, since she always seemed to be hovering over the infant. The two women then bickered over who had the right to take their child to the public park. Maria gathered her belongings and Sam and stomped out of the park. Esther expected a tongue-lashing from Erica, but surprisingly, Erica was not upset with her nanny. She simply asked that Esther be more careful in the future and to think about what would happen if someone learned that the baby was someone else's child.

Tanner burst into Hayley's bedroom with takeout food. Hayley ordered him to get out, but Tanner didn't listen. Tanner recited a touching tale of how he and Hayley had both lost someone special in Mateo and suggested that they team up to get him back. Hayley laughed in Tanner's face and told him quite clearly that he made her ill. She again ordered him out of the room. Mateo gave Hayley a surprise phone call and asked Hayley to meet him at Holidays.

Gloria ordered Dimitri to have the pilot land the plane so that she could keep her dinner date with Tad, Ruth, and Jamie. Holding up his hand to silence his co-passenger, Dimitri informed Gloria that the plane was doing laps around Pine Valley and that they'd be landing in a few minutes. But that turned out to be a little misleading. The pilot phoned Dimitri and asked if they should change their flight plan, since they'd taken on an extra passenger. Dimitri said that no changes would need to be made and urged the pilot to continue as planned.

Again, Gloria demanded that the jet be put down on the ground. This time, Dimitri made his way to the cockpit to chat it up with the pilot. Gloria phoned Tad and told him that she would be late for dinner but that she didn't know how late she'd be. It seemed her arrival time was "up in the air." Gloria hung up the phone and took a peek out of one of the plane's windows. She noticed that the body of water below was far too big to be Willow Lake.

Finally, Dimitri confessed that they were crossing the Atlantic Ocean, en route to Monte Carlo. Gloria was furious with Dimitri for lying to her about his plans and threatened to punch him. Dimitri claimed that he was "breaking free" and thought that Gloria could use some spontaneity in her life as well. Gloria again phoned Tad and told him that she'd be unable to join them for dinner. Tad mused that Dimitri's wedding invitation would be "lost in the mail" for abducting his fiancée.

When the plane touched down, Gloria was fast asleep on the sofa. Dimitri woke her with an offering of coffee, but she declined the beverage. She told him that she was waiting for the plane to take off again and take her back to Pine Valley. That was when Dimitri broke the news that Gloria's return to the States would not be as soon as she expected. International flight regulations required a twenty-four rest period between transatlantic flights. Gloria's return would be pushed back at least a day.

Gloria actually followed through with her threats to hit Dimitri. She picked up one of the pillows on the sofa and began feverishly bopping Dimitri.

Tad decided that he would tell Jamie about his engagement to Gloria. Although Ruth was standing by to offer support, her presence really wasn't needed. Jamie nearly did cartwheels when he learned that Gloria would soon be living with them.

Jack phoned his investigator to learn how difficult it would be to track down Sonja's birth parents and obtain legal permission for Erica's adoption.

Mateo and Hayley met at Holidays with entirely different agendas. Hayley thought that Mateo might be working toward a reconciliation. Instead, Mateo wanted to make arrangements to figure out how they'd divide Holidays, since they were no longer a couple. Earl's entrance into the club disturbed Hayley, and she asked Mateo if they could move elsewhere so that she did not have to deal with Tanner's father.

Mateo blinked his eyes several times and told Hayley that Tanner's dad had been dead for fifteen years. Not so, said Hayley. She told Mateo that Tanned had lied about his father's death.

Wednesday, April 16, 1997

An upcoming Mother-Daughter concert had Amanda down in the dumps. While all her girlfriends would have their mothers perform with them, she'd have her dear old dad. It wasn't that she didn't appreciate her dad's efforts to help her; she just wanted a mother to go with her. Trevor offered to ask Auntie Hayley to go with her, but not only did Amanda feel that Hayley couldn't sing, but Hayley was still not her mom.

Tad and Jamie showed up for a scheduled play date. While Amanda and Jamie were off playing a game of catch, Trevor told Tad about Amanda's Sunshine Girls dilemma. Tad, in turn, told Trevor that Liza was as good as gone from WRCW. Tad was surprised that Trevor wished that things were better between Amanda and Janet. Trevor said that he had never thought Janet could "change." Tad responded by asking Trevor how it felt "to be wrong for the first time" in his life.

Amy, one of Amanda's so-called friends, began chanting, "Mean, mean Janet Green." Amanda ordered Amy to stop, but when Amy refused, Amanda tackled her to the ground. Jamie ran for help and told Trevor that Amanda needed help.

Sporting a new black eye, Amanda refused to tell her father how she had obtained the shiner. It took Jamie to chime in that Amanda had decked Amy because Amy had been saying mean things about Janet.

Opal headed to Tad's house to issue him a warning: Gloria was not safe with Dimitri by her side. Through Ruth, Opal learned of Gloria's unplanned trip to Monte Carlo. She asked Tad why he had not hopped a plane to Monte Carlo to be with Gloria. She also pointed out that the last time a woman had offered "comfort" to Dimitri, she had ended up pregnant with his love child.

Jack took a seat next to Janet at Holidays and offered her a cup of coffee. He told her that he had heard rumors about her. Janet's face dropped as she began to think of all the nasty things that someone could say. Jack eased Janet's fears by saying that the rumors had mentioned her single-handed rescue of Amanda's birthday party.

Across the way, Mateo questioned Hayley on why Tanner would tell her that he had lied about his father being dead when he had gone for years, telling tales of his family's demise. Hayley replied that Tanner had been forced to tell her about his dad after Earl had started a brawl in the bar and shown up at the apartment one night. Hayley tried to get up from her seat, but she was overcome by sudden weakness. She nearly crashed to the ground, but fortunately, Mateo was there for her. He raced to the kitchen to prepare a sandwich for his former fiancée.

While Mateo was gone, Janet raced to her niece's side to make sure that she was okay. Hayley said that she was drained from not eating and the stress surrounding her wedding flop. Janet begged Hayley to see a doctor, but the advice fell on deaf ears. Mateo returned with a tuna fish sandwich and a glass of milk, and Janet gracefully left the scene. Through Mateo and Hayley's conversation, it was revealed that Janet had been doing the bookkeeping for Holidays -- and doing a pretty good job, too.

Mateo told Hayley that he'd had a buyout offer drawn up and that as his money increased, he would eventually purchase Hayley's ownership of Holidays. Hayley was noticeably upset that her ex-lover had been so quick to work on their separation plans. Mateo ordered Hayley to eat her sandwich and then actually apologized for being concerned for Hayley's welfare. Hayley insisted that she'd be fine and headed for the park to spend time with Amanda and Trevor.

Mateo walked over toward Earl and began asking him questions about Tanner's life. Of course, Earl knew nothing of Tanner's life and did his best to flub the answers. Mateo was instantly clued in that something about Earl was not quite right. Tanner showed up and asked his "father" and former friend what they were talking about. Mateo told Tanner to remain calm. He was getting to know Tanner's old man.

Tanner explained that he had never told anyone about his father because he was embarrassed by his father's alcoholism. Mateo ordered Tanner and his dad from the bar and asked them never to return. Outside the bar, Tanner and Earl got into a verbal battle. Earl told Tanner that he was owed money for his performance and that his encounter with Mateo would cost extra. From inside, Mateo watched the two carefully.

When Earl walked off, Mateo followed closely behind. Mateo tracked Earl down to a phone booth in an alley. He overheard Earl yelling about a "play" and a "part" he should have gotten -- and his Australian accent was mysteriously missing during the phone discussion. After the call ended, Mateo confronted Earl and demanded to know his true identity.

Trevor took Amanda to Holidays and sat her down for a lecture. She told him that violence was never the way to handle a disagreement. Janet noticed that Amanda had entered and decided that it would be best if she made herself scarce. Trevor ran to her side and told her that she should not leave. He then told her that Amanda had gotten into a fight because someone had been bad-mouthing Janet.

Hayley made it to the park, but by that time, Trevor and Amanda were already gone. Hayley's stride grew slower and slower. As another dizzy spell hit, no one was around to prevent Hayley from falling. She tumbled to the ground.

In Monte Carlo, Gloria called Tad to tell him that she was grounded for at least another day. Dimitri arrived with a gown and told Gloria that she should get ready to hit the casino. He also forked over two chips worth two hundred fifty thousand Francs. Gloria initially refused the gifts because of the money involved, but Dimitri told her that money was no object and ordered her to have some fun.

In the casino, Dimitri lost every bet he placed on the roulette wheel. Gloria tried to get him to take a walk so that he'd leave the table and stop losing money, but Dimitri refused. A bitter Count Andrassy then got into a verbal altercation with Olga, Erica's modeling agent. Olga asked Dimitri if his marital problems had been worked out. He lashed out at the woman and told her that his private life was none of her business. Gloria tried to apologize for Dimitri's bad mood, but the damage had already been done.

Dimitri still lost all his bets. After another loss, Dimitri yelled at the top of his lungs that the roulette wheel was "controlled," meaning that it was fixed. The casino's manager raced to the table and tried to quell Dimitri's tirade, but the scene turned ugly. The manager placed his hand on Dimitri to help escort him to another room where they could discuss the matter. Dimitri turned and punched the manager, ordering him to never place his hands on him. The manager flagged down a police officer and had the count arrested on the spot.

Thursday, April 18, 1997

Janet was far more concerned about Amanda's black eye than Trevor was. In fact, Trevor seemed almost pleased that his young daughter had battle wounds. Janet was granted permission to speak to Amanda about the fight. Janet said she was sorry that Amanda had been taunted but thanked her daughter for standing up for her. Amanda feared that she looked like a freak and commented that people were staring at her. Janet said that people where not staring at Amanda's black eye; they were staring at her because they'd never seen such a brave young girl before. Janet then advised Amanda not to get into any more altercations and urged her to turn a deaf ear to anyone who was saying nasty things.

Earl insisted that he was Tanner's bum of a father. Mateo knew better. He referred to Earl as an actor and demanded to know why he was pretending to be Tanner's dad. Earl began to walk away until Mateo mentioned that he'd pay Earl double what Tanner had been paying him in order to get the truth. The mention of greenbacks stopped Earl dead in his tracks.

Earl drooled as Mateo waved some cash back and forth. The truth spouted from Earl's lips like a water main break. He confessed that he was not Tanner's dad and had only been portraying the man because Tanner wanted to make Hayley feel sorry for him. He said that he couldn't tell Mateo anything more, took the cash, and advised Mateo to seek out Tanner for the rest of the truth.

Tanner stumbled across Hayley in the park. He tried to wake her up, but after several unsuccessful attempts, he opted to rush her to the emergency room. Maria and Ruth tended to the patient and offered Tanner no news on Hayley's condition. After several minutes, Tanner confronted Maria about Hayley's condition. Maria explained that Hayley had passed out because she has not been sleeping or eating. She ordered Tanner to leave the hospital because his presence was not needed.

Tanner ignored Maria's advice and sneaked into Hayley's examining room. Hayley was still out, but suffered nightmares of her time in the cave with Tanner. When she awoke, she was slightly disoriented, and seeing Tanner made her think she was back in the cave. Fortunately, Maria entered the room and gave Tanner the boot from the hospital.

To prevent another station hiring Liza, Adam made more phone calls to television stations on the West Coast. He told the station managers that Liza was a liability rather than an asset because she filed frivolous sexual harassment lawsuits. When Tad found Adam in his office, he demanded to know why his boss was in his chair. Adam didn't explain his presence. Instead, he offered Tad a job as station manager.

Tad was stunned by the spontaneous job offer but refused the position. He explained that he would love the position, but not at Liza's expense. He also commented that he did not want to become part of Liza and Adam's "games." Adam received a call from the hospital, regarding Hayley's condition, and he raced off to be by her side.

Dimitri was hauled off to jail. Gloria tried to arrange bail, but she learned that a bail amount would not be set until the following morning. That further enraged Gloria because she knew that her return to Pine Valley would be further delayed. Dimitri phoned a personal contact in Monte Carlo to arrange for his release. Against Dimitri's advice, Gloria decided that she would return to the casino and ask the manager to drop the charges against Dimitri.

Back at home, Amanda told her father that she could not go to school because the kids would tease her about her black eye. Trevor tried to minimize the black eye, but Amanda still insisted that she looked like some sort of deformed tree elf. At that moment, Janet appeared at the front door to tell Amanda that she had a present for her. Amanda was titillated by the offering of a gift and allowed Janet to enter.

Janet presented her daughter with a pair of dark sunglasses. That way, Janet explained, Amanda could pretend that she was a movie star while hiding her bruised eye. Trevor received a call from Ruth and learned that his niece had been admitted to the hospital. Trevor was about to call the babysitter, but Amanda said that it would be okay if Janet stayed with her. Of course, Janet willingly accepted her babysitting duty.

Gloria returned to the casino and tracked down Andre, the casino manager. Andre explained that Count Andrassy had been arrested because he had threatened to ruin the casino's reputation with his outbursts. Gloria said that Dimitri had meant no disrespect; he was just overly distraught by the loss of his wife. When Andre learned that Gloria was not attached to Dimitri by a romantic link, he began flirting with her.

If it meant getting Dimitri out of trouble, Gloria was willing to take a gamble on flirting back. She said that she had never been to Monte Carlo before, so Andre offered to teach her how to gamble. Gloria did quite well at blackjack, but Andre had a higher stake than money in mind. He told her that they would play head-to-head blackjack. If Andre were to win, Gloria would have to have dinner with him. If she won, she'd have to have dinner with him anyway.

Gloria decided to change the ante. She said that if she won, Andre had to drop the charges against Dimitri. Gloria busted on the first hand, but won the next several hands to claim victory. The gracious loser, Andre escorted Gloria back to the jail and dropped the charges against the count.

Back at WRCW, Tad saw pictures of Dimitri's arrest on the newswire. He immediately phoned the prison in Monte Carlo to find out what had happened. Gloria explained that everything had been corrected and that no one had been harmed. When Dimitri got on the phone, Tad told Dimitri that he would not forget the trouble Dimitri had caused Gloria and added that he would speak to Dimitri upon his return.

Hayley told Maria that in her latest vision, she had heard herself telling Tanner to stop his advances. In an extremely unprofessional move, Maria told Hayley that for weeks after her affair with Dimitri, she'd had visions of returning to Edmund rather than going to the lodge and sleeping with Dimitri. So she said that Hayley's mind was probably trying to convince Hayley that she had done nothing wrong.

Outside, Maria told Trevor and Adam that Hayley would be fine as soon as she got some food into her system. Trevor disagreed. He diagnosed Hayley's condition as an acute case of heartbreak and said that Hayley would not be better until she got Mateo back in her life.

Fresh off his chat with Earl, Mateo dropped by the hospital and popped his head into Hayley's room.

Tanner bumped into Earl and learned that Mateo had figured out parts of his plan. Tanner felt that Earl had betrayed him and revealed the secrets rather than Mateo "finding them out." Tanner was furious, grabbed Earl by the collar, and began shaking him. Earl smiled rather confidently and told Tanner that he had more of Tanner's secrets that he could reveal -- secrets that would be sold to the highest bidder.

Friday, April 18, 1997

Mateo told Hayley that she should sleep and make sure that she ate all her vegetables. Hayley giggled like a schoolgirl, saying that Mateo's warnings reminded her of old times. Mateo relived the past with Hayley, but when he learned that Tanner had taken Hayley to the hospital and had been hovering over her, he became angry. He abruptly left Hayley's room, leaving Hayley to once again think that Mateo was out of her life forever.

Maria agreed with Adam that Hayley and Mateo needed to get back together. She recommended that they let the two lovers work their own magic without interference from an outside source. Marian popped onto the scene to check on Hayley's condition. But Marian was also there to tell Adam that she was slated to pick up Liza at the airport.

Marian cackled gleefully as she thought of how happy Liza would be to return to Adam. Adam wasn't convinced that Liza would be in the mood for love, at least not after her multiple job rejections. Rather than listen to Marian rant and rave, he ordered her to head to the airport so as not to keep Liza waiting.

Adam went into Hayley's room for a little father-daughter conference. Adam said he wished his daughter "love, wisdom, and a good night's sleep." Before he left the room to allow Hayley to follow through on Maria's orders for plenty of rest, he told Hayley that he was proud of her. She had gone a long way, he said, from the days of her jet-black hair and sassy mouth. He begged her not to let "whatever happened" between her and Mateo make her think less of herself.

Jake phoned Tad at WRCW to tell him that he was back from his day trip. He pointed out that it looked like Dimitri was trying to put the moves on Gloria, something that Tad didn't want to hear.

Gloria and Dimitri returned from their whirlwind European vacation. Tad was happy to see that Gloria had returned safely, but he was furious with Dimitri for "kidnapping" his woman. Gloria excused herself so that she could call Ruth and arrange to make up the shift she had missed at the hospital. While she was gone, Tad lashed out at Dimitri for his dangerous and thoughtless behavior. Dimitri didn't care for the lecture on how he should act and warned Tad to mind his own business.

Liza surprised Jake with a visit. She complained incessantly about how Adam had sabotaged her job interviews on the West Coast and feared that she would never get another job. Jake told Liza that she could not expect Adam to sit idly by while Liza moved on with her life. Liza described Adam's actions as unforgivable, forcing Jake to reach the conclusion that Liza was going to stick around town until she got revenge on Adam. Jake tried his best to convince Liza that she would get another job. And he had a quick timeframe for his plan. He said that beginning that night, they'd embark upon their new life together and make love all night long.

At Chandler Mansion, Marian told Adam that Liza had taken an earlier flight and had not been at the airport when Marian had arrived. Adam raced to his listening device and overheard Liza and Jake making plans to leave Pine Valley. His blood pressure soared through the roof when he could detect the sounds of passionate kissing over the bugging device. Adam ordered Marian to take her belongings and hit the road.

Marian begged Adam not to give up on Liza. Adam gave her a stern glare and told her that "no one beats Adam Chandler." Marian seemed pleased with the macho display and agreed to take her belongings and hit the road.

Tad and Gloria returned home and learned from Jake that he and Liza were going to be leaving town. The couple wished Jake the best and said that they'd miss him.

Earl found great pleasure in telling Tanner that his days of pursuing Hayley were almost over. He then proceeded to create a bidding war between Mateo and Tanner. Earl knew that he could get money from Mateo to learn what dirty tricks Tanner had been up to. He also knew that Tanner would pay to keep those secrets a secret. The only uncertainty was who would pay more.

Tanner raced to a payphone to see if he could extort money from Skye so that he could pay off Earl. Earl phoned Mateo to tell him that Tanner's "emergency plane landing" had been anything but an emergency. If Mateo wanted to know more, he'd have to join Earl at the Pine Cone Motel.

Adam turned off all of the lights in Chandler Mansion, sat down on a sofa, and began playing a hand of solitaire. He flipped cards at a slow pace, waiting for Liza to return. And return she did. She assumed no one was home, but she caught a glimpse of Adam's face in the pale moonlight. The two stared at each other, unable to speak.

Tanner returned to the room at the Pine Cone without getting any money from Skye. But he did get something else. Tanner fiddled in his pocket, and when the scene resumed, Earl was laying motionless on the floor. Tanner stooped over his faux father, saying that Earl should never have "messed" with him. Outside, Mateo approached.



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