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Allie saved Joe's life when she discovered that he was having an allergic reaction to one of his medications. Maria's memorial service was held. Edmund blamed Brooke for Maria's death. Jim and Laura had another face-to-face meeting. Julia briefly returned. Kevin and Kelsey kissed.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 25, 1997 on AMC
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August 18, 1997

Monday, August 25, 1997

Skye looked in horror as she unearthed the note she had written to Edmund and Maria from the sandy beach. Somehow the note had miraculously survived the plane crash and ended up on the beach. Edmund noticed that something had caught Skye's attention and asked if she found anything of importance. Skye turned and shook her head. She claimed that she found trash on the beach and cursed the litterbugs. While Mateo and Hayley tried to convince Edmund to return to the hospital, Skye slipped the note in her purse. She then walked back to Edmund and told him that it was best if he returned to Pine Valley. Skye's word got through to Edmund. He told her that he wanted to return to Wildwind.

Janet broke her liplock with Trevor and started to issue an explanation of her actions. Trevor told her that no explanation was needed, but yet Janet continued to stumble for words to tell Trevor that he did not have to kiss her. Trevor looked deep into her eyes and told her to "shut up." They then returned to their kiss. Suddenly, shouts of "pizza delivery!" sounded out from the front porch. When Janet and Trevor realized that the cries meant that Tim was returning home, they broke off their kiss and slid to opposite ends of the sofa. Tim entered the house and plopped himself down between the couple. He opened the box of pizza and began describing his evening. When he noticed that Trevor and Janet were unusually quiet, he mistakenly assumed that it meant that they had had another fight. After discretely wiping Janet's lipstick from his lips, Trevor explained that things were "hunky dory" between him and Janet. Tim flipped on the television and got involved in a baseball game. Janet and Trevor were not as entertained by the game. By the ninth inning, both were going out of their minds from boredom. Trevor tried to pass of a hint to his son by asking him to watch the game in his room. But the hint went over Tim's head and he explained that reception was better in the livingroom. Thankfully, the phone rang. Trevor leapt to his feet, answered the phone, and smiled broadly as he told Tim that one of his girlfriends was on the line. Tim flew upstairs allow Trevor and Janet a few more minutes in each other's company. They resumed kissing, but once again they had to break it off. Janet told Trevor that she needed to return to her room and pack her bags. Apparently, she forgot to mention that she was flying to Denver to attend a convention. She said that Trevor would hardly notice that she was gone. He walked her to the door and before he allowed Janet to leave, Trevor told Janet that he was definitely going to miss her. The duo almost fell back into each other's arms, but Janet managed to "escape" before anything more happened.

At Holidays, Jake apologized to Allie for bringing up a sore subject. He mused that they should set guidelines on what they can and cannot talk about. Well, two safe subjects were music and sports. Jake was able to guess that Allie liked "retro" music like Sly and the Family Stone and the Grateful Dead. Their ideas of the perfect sport were a little different. Allie likes basketball while Jake prefers baseball. Allie groaned at the mention of baseball, calling the sport "too slow." Jake received a call telling him that Edmund had been found. His presence at Wildwind was requested so that he could give Edmund a check-up. Jake thanked Allie for a fun evening, but told her that he had to go. Allie rose to her feet and said that she needed to return to the hospital. Without offering to cover her half of the tab, Allie walked away.

With a little Tupperware container of homemade apple crisp in her hands, Ruth paid Joe a visit at the hospital. Joe, who was having some blood drawn, told Ruth that he was being a good patient. As he spoke, his eyes often shut, making it look like he was trying not to fall asleep. Joe ate only a mouthful of the dessert that his wife had prepared. Ruth said that she would take the apple crisp to the nurses' lounge so that Joe could eat it later if he wanted to. Ruth pulled a nurse aside and asked if Joe seemed more tired than usual. The nurse chalked it up to normal post-op fatigue, but said that she'd contact Dr. Craig.
Dr. Craig showed up a few minutes later and told Ruth that Joe's condition had taken a turn for the worse. The level of oxygen dissolved in Joe's blood had fallen to dangerous levels. If this could not be corrected, things wouldn't bode well for Joe's survival. The doctor entered Joe's room and checked his blood pressure. Allie, who was in the room doing some more routine diagnostics, observed. After Dr. Craig left, Joe asked Allie to find out what's wrong with him. Allie reluctantly agreed and left the room. She hovered in the hallway as Ruth and Dr. Craig talked about Joe's condition. Allie remembered a case she had observed before coming to Pine Valley. Another patient had been in a similar situation. The patient was doing fine until a particular medicine was administered. Then things went down hill. Perhaps Joe, like this other patient, was allergic to one of the medicines he was being given. Allie told Ruth and Dr. Craig about this possibility. Dr. Craig noted her comment and agreed to take Joe off of the medication. Almost immediately Joe's condition reversed. Both Joe and Ruth were thankful for Allie's expert diagnosis. Allie told them that she was glad to help out—and that saving Joe's life makes up for all of Joe's Jell-O that she's eaten.

Jake showed up at Wildwind and scolded Edmund for sneaking out of the hospital. Edmund went upstairs to his bedroom to get ready to turn in. This was the first time that he had set foot in his bedroom since Maria's death. He heard Maria's laugh and the way that she called out his name. Skye followed him into the room and asked to speak to him. For several moments, Edmund looked quizzically at Skye. She didn't know it, but for a split second Edmund thought that Skye was Maria. Skye wanted to apologize for taking Edmund to the crash scene. Edmund told her that she helped him greatly by not smothering him. He said that he cannot handle everyone else's sorrow on top of his own pain. Jake entered the room and readied to give Edmund a check-up. After the examination, Jake said that Edmund seemed to be in perfect health. But he said that he would feel more comfortable if he spent the night at Wildwind---just in case. Edmund told Jake that there are plenty of empty rooms at Wildwind and that he was more than welcome to stay.

Downstairs, Maria's death was finally starting to sink in for Mateo. He couldn't believe that he would never see his sister again. He and Hayley talked about how they don't know what they could do if the other was killed. Hayley was relieved that Skye was there for Edmund, but wondered why Edmund opened up to Skye. Mateo suggested that Edmund felt more at ease with Skye because she was not family. He doesn't have to be strong in front of her. Hayley nodded her head. Then something clicked in her mind. She wondered aloud if Skye could be up to her old tricks. Back upstairs, Edmund sat on his bed clutching Maria's white satin nightgown. He held it tightly against his heart as he slowly rocked back and forth.

At Holidays, Skye stared into a coffee mug. Stuart scurried over to her side and asked why she was still sad. Skye claimed that her father was right when he said that some secrets need to be kept a secret. Stuart explained that Skye's guilt was talking and that she still has time to set things straight with Edmund. Easier said than done. Skye told her uncle that she cannot tell Edmund the truth. He's using her as a support system and if she tells him the truth, Edmund might crumble. Stuart shook his head and told Skye that he now knows why Skye does not get along with Adam---they're exactly alike. Skye demanded that Stuart not tell anyone what they talked about. Stuart shook his head and rolled his eyes. ""I don't know what we talked about," Stuart replied, referring to the fact that Skye never told him exactly what secret she was hiding. After Stuart left, Skye walked over to the fireplace. She pulled her note from her purse and set it ablaze.

Tuesday, August 26, 1997

As Tad was wolfing down his breakfast, Liza entered his office and shouted out orders. She instructed him to assemble a camera crew to cover Maria's memorial. Tad refused to invade the Santos family's privacy, a move that enraged Liza. Tad's refusal wasn't the only thing that ticked Liza off; She also complained that he should not eat in front of her. Tad decided to change the subject and asked if Liza had decided to take him up on his offer to play daddy to her unborn child. Liza thanked him for his offer, but said that Adam is the father of her child and that nothing can change that fact. Liza claimed that she's endured enough of Adam's abuse to turn her off of men for the rest of her life. No, she won't be needing Dr. Chapman's services any time soon! Tad tucked his food away in his desk drawer. He looked at Liza and asked her when she last did something that she didn't want to do. Liza thought for several minutes before making a face. She said that when she was thirteen her father made her send a "world's best mother" card to Marian. Tad shook his head and told Liza that she needs to listen to what she just said. He also told her that she was denying her feelings for Adam. Liza turned her back and started to walk away. Tad made animal noises, but quickly stopped when Liza turned around. And when she started to walk away, he resumed his noises. This went on for several cycles before Liza walked back towards Tad and told him that she was going to "hurt" him. "Fine!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. "I love Adam Chandler." Now that the cat was out of the bag---even though it was no surprise to Tad---Liza went on a lengthy explanation of why she loves Adam. She stated that he makes her miserable but, for some reason, she cannot imagine her life without Adam in it.

Jim went to the Tempo offices to meet with Brooke. Brooke spared the formalities and got right to the point. She labeled Jim "a hero" and said that she wants to tell his story in the next edition of Tempo. Jim refused to accept his hero status, saying that he had the "dumb luck to stay intact" in the crash. Brooke told Jim that she already assigned one of her assistants to dig up biographic information on Jim. This didn't sit well with Jim. He asked her why she did not ask permission first. Brooke explained that she was not going to sensationalize the crash. It made no difference to Jim. He explained that putting his name in the magazine would be like giving the media an open invitation to dissect his life. He wanted no part of an overtly public life. After his fifteen minutes of fame had past, Jim said that he would be cast aside and forgotten. Brooke was disappointed, but honored the man's wishes. She added that Laura was looking forward to meeting him. Jim smiled someone deviously and asked when he would get to meet Brooke's daughter. Soon, she replied, but not today because Laura was starting a new job. It may not have seemed like a big deal, but Jim was quite pleased when Brooke told him exactly where Laura was working. The topic turned to Maria's memorial. Jim saw the pain in Brooke's eyes as she talked about Maria. He reminded her that she need not attend the service. Brooke felt obligated to attend, if not for any other reason than her friendship with Edmund. Jim said that he was going to attend the service as well, commenting that he can still hear Maria's cries for someone to save her baby when he goes to sleep at night. Brooke left her office for a minute to tell her assistant to stop the presses on his research of Jim's life. While she was gone, Jim went rummaging through Brooke's papers. He stared at one of Laura's photos and reflected on his past encounter with a much younger Laura.

In the vision, Laura was laying on the ground covered by a thin white piece of cloth. Jim urged Laura to follow his instructions, adding that "all the kids" were doing whatever it was that he had told her to do. Laura replied by telling Jim that she hated him and ordered him to get away from her.

At the Youth Center, Laura prepared for her first day of work. Before leaving her, Scott told his girlfriend that he was sure that she's do a bang up job. The head of the center, Ray, clued Laura in on her first project at the center: a group of girls who had "shut down" to the outside world. Before Laura could begin, he asked that Laura fill out a few papers. The thought of having to fill out papers that would list her personal information---more importantly any past arrests---frightened Laura and she stormed out of the office. Ray chased after her and asked her why she had turned a cold shoulder to the job. Laura told him that she had done some things in the past that might disqualify her from the job. Ray put his arm around her and escorted her back into the office. There Laura confessed that she had been arrested for shoplifting. Ray laughed and said that she probably stole a CD. Laura nodded, but didn't understand why her arrest was fodder for laughter. Ray explained that no one at the center was an angel. He told her to forget about her arrest and move on. There is plenty of work to do, he smiled.
While Ray and Laura were hard art work, Jim showed up and snooped around the office. He found a paper on Laura and made several comments to himself. He claimed that he "knew [Laura] would end up" on her feet, but once again repeated that he needs to keep her silent. Suddenly, Laura and Ray returned tot he office forcing Jim to seek out a hiding spot. Laura said that she had to get going to a memorial service. Ray told her that he understood and teased her that they could sit down one day and share secrets. Laura turned around and very seriously said that she doesn't have any secrets. Ray cocked his head and told her that "everyone has secrets." After the pair left, Jim emerged from hiding and repeated Ray's words, "everyone has secrets."

Scott went to Tad's office to drop off some papers. He didn't expect to find Gillian making herself at home. Scott tried to find out why Gillian was in Tad's office and, more importantly, learn how she slipped past security. Gillian explained that she was waiting for Dimitri Marick so that she could hit him up for a job. Scott suggested that Gillian leave her name and number on a sheet of paper and said that he could pass it along to the employment department. Besides, Scott added, Dimitri no longer runs WRCW. Gillian was caught off guard. Apparently the news of Dimitri's ouster from power hadn't made it to her neck of the woods. Suddenly, Liza burst into the office and scolded Scott for wasting time. She also asked who the mystery woman was. Scott covered for Gillian, saying that she's a friend. Liza apologized for chewing off Scott's head before decided that she would chew off the head of the man who deserves it most. After Liza left, Gillian called Liza "that annoying woman." Scott told Gillian that the annoying woman was the new owner of WRCW and his aunt by marriage. To make the situation more interesting, Scott added that his uncle Adam was also married to Erica Kane. Scott informed Gillian that he had to leave and walked her to the door. Without any prior warning, Gillian turned around and planted a big kiss on Scott's lips! Scott pulled away and asked her what she was doing. He is a happily involved man! Gillian smiled and said that she was trying to thank him for his help. She apologized if she "aroused... [his] ire." Scott wiped his mouth and told Gillian that she "didn't arouse [his].... anything."

Barry Shire gave Adam the bad news: the law is on Liza's side. Nothing is worse than telling Adam that he's wrong. Adam demanded that Barry concoct some type of plan to put an end to Liza's games. Barry told Adam that he'll have to wait until after the baby is born. Once a DNA test is performed, the truth will be revealed. Then, if Adam is correct when he insists that he is not the father, he can sue Liza for fraud.

Tad went to Chandler Mansion to prove to Adam that he did not sleep with Liza. Adam watched as Tad picked up the phone and dialed several digits. Adam warned Tad that he had better not be using his phone to order a pizza. Tad reached Dr. Clader's office. This, Tad thought, would show Adam when Liza's baby was conceived. Tad was put on hold, but as it turned out, he didn't need to wait for the doctor. Barry returned to the office with a sworn deposition from Dr. Clader. In the deposition, the doctor gave an estimate of the date of conception. Adam looked at the paper and frowned. Liza appeared at the door with several bags in her hands. She told Adam that she was back. Adam told her that she has no business in his house. Liza disagreed. She felt that she has a 50% reason to be in the house—at least that's how much she'll be asking for in her divorce suit. AS the pair squabbled, Dixie placed an urgent call to Adam. Adam had canceled a trip to Pigeon Hollow to visit with Adam Junior. The cancellation set the younger Adam into a frenzy and he was being nasty to Dixie. Adam told Dixie that he would once again alter her plans. Tad was concerned and offered to go to West Virginia. Adam refused, pointing out that Tad is the reason that Dixie and Adam Junior left town. Adam told both Tad and Liza that his children are his top priority. Adam left to gather his belongings. Liza picked up her bags and went to unpack. Tad, left sitting alone, mused that he had become a "cheerleader for Adam and Liza." "How weird," he shivered.

Laura was the first to arrive at Wildwind for Maria's memorial. As she walked around the main room, Jim entered behind her. He bid her an unpleasant hello. Laura froze in her tracks. All she could say was Jim's other name: J.T. Brooke entered a few seconds later with a smile on her face. She chirped about how happy she was that Laura and Jim had finally met.

Wednesday, August 27, 1997

Brooke was quite pleased that Laura had finally met Jim Thomasen. She had no way of knowing that Laura and Jim had met in what seemed like another lifetime. Brooke called Jim and Laura "bright spots" in an otherwise cloudy day. Laura was stunned to learn that the man who saved Brooke's life was the same mad who set her life on a crash course with emotional breakdown. She listened uncomfortably as Jim and Brooke talked like "old friends." Brooke explained that she and Jim felt like old friends after their ordeal at the crash site. Jim played the part of a stranger well. He took a few steps toward Laura and said that he heard that she was originally from New York. Perhaps, he suggested, they could get together and share some memories of life in the big city. Jim, Laura, and Brooke made their way to the chapel. Once there, Dimitri offered Jim a check for ten thousand dollars to express his thanks for all that Jim had done for his family. Jim refused the check. Finally Jim did accept the check, but indicated that he would donate the money to Brooke's shelter.

Kevin and Kelsey played with Sam. They discussed how hard it will be for Sam and Maddie to grow up without their mother. Edmund burst into the room and grabbed Kelsey by the elbow. Unmercifully, he yanked her by the arm and threw her out of the room. He accused her of trying to steal Sam. Reminding her that she signed away her parental rights, Edmund said that he would not tolerate any of Kelsey's games. Kevin stuck is head into the hallway and defended his friend. He told Edmund that it was his idea to drop by Wildwind. He felt that they could watch Sam and Maddie while everyone was at the memorial service. Edmund took a deep breath and lowered his head. He issued a very quick apology before entering the room to check on his son. Kelsey told Edmund that she does not blame him for questioning her. She added that she would never think of taking Sam away from Edmund, noting that Sam will need Edmund more than ever now that Maria is gone.

Kevin watched as Kelsey played with Sam. He noted that she exhibited natural maternal instincts and commented that she would make a great mother. Kelsey chuckled dryly. She said that she'd have to find a daddy before she can have any kids. Kelsey related her ideal date---a "fully loaded" man who would take her to the planetarium and then to Willow Lake to look at the stars. Kevin played along, and the two talked about the ancient mythology behind the constellation names. The two sat on the floor, leaning close together. They looked into each other's eyes and felt a shiver of awkwardness. Kevin jumped to his feet and remembered that he had to return to work.

At the hospital, Jake readied for his trip to Wildwind and Maria's memorial. Ruth struggled with the fact that she has been hiding Maria's death from Joe. Joe, who was wheeled out onto the sunporch, only heard part of the conversation. He was still able, however, to determine that a secret was being kept from him. Ruth turned and looked him in the eyes. She admitted that she was hiding something from him. She assured him that he was on the road to recovery and that her secret had nothing to do with his health. She painfully recounted the story of Edmund and Maria's plane trip. When Joe learned that his favorite doctor had perished in the crash, his heart broke. He felt somewhat guilty for being given a new lease on life while Maria's life has ended so prematurely. Joe urged Ruth to go to the memorial service and pass along his sympathies.
Jake and Allie had a difficult discussion later. He thanked her for her continued help to the family and was thankful that Allie discovered his father's drug allergy. Allie claimed that often struggled with pill prescriptions and holistic healing.. There was a reason for her uneasiness. She told Jake that many years ago her younger sister became ill with a sudden fever. Nothing broke the fever and her sister was taken to the hospital. There, the doctors diagnosed the condition as a fever of "unknown source." Allie's mother wasn't keen on organized medicine. When the young girl was admitted to the hospital, Allie's mom checked off the box that prohibited the administering of any medicine to the child. Apparently, the mother felt that it would be best to rely on God. The hospital went to court to get permission to treat Allie's sister, but by the time a verdict was rendered, it was too late. Jake told Allie that she has every right to miss her sister and told her that she doesn't have to go through her grief alone.

At Maria's memorial, Hayley and Mateo lit candles in remembrance of Maria. Gloria and Dimitri offered their support to the family, saying that they will do anything to help the family. Dimitri worried that the latest heartbreak might be too much for Maria's family to take. Gloria reminded Dimitri that Maria was a part of his family, too. Dimitri took her hand and told her that he would not have made it through the loss if she had not been by his side. Tad entered the chapel, causing Dimitri to show off. Isabella asked Belinda if she had heard any word from Noah and Julia. Belinda shook her and said that she is sure that Julia and Noah will be at the service in spirit. Anita, however, had returned to town for the service. Mateo escorted Edmund into the chapel and the service began.

Father Claude told the assembled crowd that he had experienced the joy of Maria's life by helping the family celebrate the christening of her children. Now he said that he feels the sorrow of her death. Mateo rose from the pews and stood in the front of the church. He struggled to find the right words that would describe the pain he felt. He remembered the last summer Maria spent at home before heading off to college. He said that he pretended to be asleep the morning of her departure, hoping that she would not leave. But when he got out of bed he found that Maria had left anyway. He felt hurt that his sister could leave him and his family. But in a note, Maria explained why she left. Mateo broke down in tears as he pulled that letter from his pocket. Hayley raced to her husband's side to offer him the strength to continue. "Don't be sad," the letter said. "You'll catch up." Mateo said that he finally knew what his sister meant in her letter. Now, he pointed out that his sister's departure was only temporary and that one day he would once again catch up with her.

Opal and Palmer were the next to offer their memories of Maria. Opal said that Maria was a caring doctor and mother. She told of Maria's dealings with the sick children at the hospital. She then presented the family with a sympathy card created and signed by all of the children in the pediatrics ward. Palmer told Edmund that he believes in him and his parenting skills, but asked that he not be afraid to ask for their help if he needs them.

Ruth called Maria a "respected" and "professional" doctor who was loved by the entire staff at Pine Valley Hospital. She fought back tears as she said that she was loved because Maria was the only doctor with legible handwriting.

Rosa recalled a game that she and Maria used to play. Rosa said that she used to hide in Maria's closet while Maria was applying her make-up. And on rare occasions when her parents were not around, Maria allowed Rosa to wear some lipstick.

Father Claude asked if anyone else had anything to say, but no one said anything. All eyes focused on Edmund, but he remained transfixed on Maria's photo. Brooke rose to her feet and said that she needed to say something. Brooke said that she always thought of herself as a good mother, but added that she learned a lot from Maria. She assured Maria's family that she had done everything to save Maria. But when Maria knew that there was only enough time for one rescue, she begged Brooke to rescue Maddie. Maria made the "biggest sacrifice," Brooke sniffled. Edmund slammed his hands against the pew and stormed out of the chapel. Brooke chased after him.

Jim asked Laura if Brooke would be okay. Laura nodded and praised Brooke's strength. Jim smiled and said that Brooke has a lot in common with Laura. Jim twisted Laura's arm (figuratively) to get her to introduce him to her boyfriend. Laura complied, but after making the introduction she took off for the ladies' room.

Tad sat in the row of pews behind Gloria and placed his hand on her shoulder. He told her that he was on his way back to the station to put some final touches on a tribute to Maria. The two talked for several minutes, but when Dimitri spotted the two chatting it up, Tad split.

Inside the main house, Brooke caught up to Edmund and issued an apology. She claimed that she did not mean to upset Edmund. Edmund turned and gave her a look of contempt. His face turned beet red as he accused Brooke of being the reason that Maria died.

Laura wandered into the Marick family crypt. She stared at Maria's marker for several minutes. The door to the crypt slammed shut. Laura turned around and saw Jim blocking the doorway. Finally, Jim sneered, they could have some time alone.

The memorial was just about to break up when Jack asked the Santos family to stick around for a few minutes. The Santos family hugged each other and did their best to console each other. They didn't notice two burly men enter the chapel. Then came a familiar voice issuing just two words: Hello, Mama. Everyone turned to see Julia standing a few feet away. Julia raced into the arms of her family, bringing an ironical bit of happiness to a horrible occasion.

Thursday, August 28, 1997

Allie worried that showing her emotions to Jake might make her look weak. Jake assured his colleague that is was perfectly normal to mourn the loss of a loved one. As the two talked, Gillian returned to make good on her debt. She plucked a crisp new hundred dollar bill from her purse and forked it over to Allie. Allie insisted that Gillian pay only the fifty dollars they agreed upon. Gillian smiled and tugged on her hair as she told Allie to put the extra money on her account. The European traveler was about to hit the road when she remembered that she needed directions to Wildwind. Jake was surprised that Gillian knew of Wildwind and asked if she was expected at the castle. Gillian flashed her pearly whites and responded with a non-answer. She said that she needs to meet someone at Wildwind who will either give her the key to heaven or subject her to a life of hell. Gillian waltzed off without directions to the Marick castle, noting that getting there would be half the fun.

Allie learned that Jake had swapped his work schedule and that it meant that she would have to work over the weekend. Allie was furious with Jake because she had made plans to partake in a diabetes benefit over the weekend. The two bickered back and forth and called off their plans to have dinner together.

Edmund vented his rage on the first person in sight: Brooke. He blamed her for Maria's death, saying that Maria would still be alive if Brooke had stayed in her own seat. Brooke reminded Edmund that is was Maria's idea to switch. By switching seats, Maria knew that Brooke and Edmund could do some work. Speaking of work, Edmund lashed out at Brooke for heading to Tempo right after the crash. He blasted her for wanting to sensationalize the plane crash and sell a couple extra copies of the magazine. Brooke defended herself to no avail. She insisted that her decision to run a piece on the plane crash was not an attempt to sell more copies of the magazine. She felt a need to address the problems of airline safety and hopefully get some answers on why the plane crashed. Brooke also defended her decision to switch seats with Maria. She explained that she had no idea that the plane was going to crash. In a heartfelt plea, Brooke told Edmund that she, like Maria, would gladly have given her own live to save her child (Laura Cudahy). Edmund's refusal to hear her out set Brooke into a rage of her own. She yelled at Edmund for his unwillingness to accept what she had done. Instead of being thankful that his daughter was alive and well, he would rather yell at her. Edmund, who had been quiet while Brooke explained herself, turned around and looked her in the eyes. He told her that he was tired of her "silver lining" philosophy. More than that, he was "fed up" with her "smug self-righteousness" and ordered her out of his house.

Julia explained that she read of Maria's death in the paper. Jack had secretly been sending Noah and Julia a copy of the Pine Valley Bulletin since they left town. Then, Julia contacted Jack through a federal liaison to arrange for a return trip to Pine Valley. She explained that Noah and Rose were unable to join her because of the risk factors involved in the return trip. Dimitri thanked Jack for reuniting the Santos family, a task Jack was more than happy to do. Julia recounted a story about her high school days as her top memory of her departed sister. She said that during her freshman year, there was a Valentine's Day tradition where one gave a carnation to the object of their desire. Julia presented a carnation to a boy she had a crush on, but that boy went and re-gifted the flower to another woman. Julia was crushed. By the end of the day, she was the only one in school without a flower. But a few minutes before school let out, a pink carnation arrived for Julia. Attached to the flower was a note from Maria, calling Julia a "late bloomer" and assuring her that she would one day blossom into a beautiful young woman. Julia was upset that she missed Hayley and Mateo's wedding and told Dimitri that his wedding to Gloria made the national news. Mateo pulled Julia aside to show her some of his wedding snapshots. When she was sure that no one could hear them, Julia had a stunning announcement for Mateo. She told him that she and Noah are planning on leaving the protective shroud of the Witness Protection Program. Mateo was shocked. He called Julia's decision a death wish. Julia looked over her shoulder to make sure that no one had heard Matt's outburst. She explained that her decision came on the wake of Maria's death. The plane crash, Julia feared, was not an accident. She saw it as another attack by hired killers. Belinda came up from behind and asked Julia if se was okay. Julia smiled, fighting off tears. Julia scolded herself for being upset. She said that Maria would have wanted her to be rejoicing with her family rather than thinking how much she'll miss her loved ones after she leaves town.

Jim told Laura that Maria's funeral made him think about how lucky he is to be alive. Laura frowned and called his escape from the crash a horrible mistake. Surely she couldn't hate Jim that much.. could she? Laura told Jim that she would do a dance on his grave when he dies. One question circulated in Laura's mind: Why was Jim on the plane in the first place? Jim insisted that he did not know that Laura lived in Pine Valley. He assumed that she was "still hustling" in New York. Jim sneered and licked his lips before continuing. He claimed that he was not the same person he was when he first met Laura. He used her transformation from Laura Kirk to Laura English as an example of how people can change. Jim assured Laura that no one would judge her if the truth about her past came out. But if someone found out and she lost a few friends, so what? Jim said that Brooke seemed a lot more understanding than Laura's real mom. And Scott would probably be upset for a while, but he'd eventually come around. At least this is the way Jim saw it. Laura had no time to reply. Brooke managed to track her down. Brooke could read the pain on Laura's face and asked if she was okay. Jim stepped in to explain that Laura was upset by the somber nature of the day. Scott also managed to find Laura and offered to take her home. Once her daughter was gone, Brooke told Jim that she had managed to talk to Edmund, but regretted every moment of their conversation. Jim explained that Edmund was not really angry at Brooke, he was misdirecting his anger at the loss of his wife. Brooke felt bad for hurling back insults at Edmund. The worst part of the day for Brooke was that she felt like she lost two close friends rather than just one.

Gillian entered Wildwind and saw a familiar face. Only that familiar face had no idea who the heck she was. Gillian smiled in Dimitri's direction and told him that she is his cousin. Gillian tried to worm her way into Wildwind, but Dimitri explained that there was a death in the family and that the time was no appropriate to discuss the matter. Gillian saw the excuse as a lie and continued to beg for admittance to the castle. Dimitri stopped smiling and told Gillian that she is not welcome at Wildwind.

Gloria entered the room carrying a tea tray. Gillian, forgetting her manners, ordered Gloria to fix her a cup of tea. Gloria blinked her eyes several times in wonderment. Dimitri chuckled as he informed Gillian that Gloria was his wife, not a servant. Gillian played with her chin as she looked Gloria up and down. Gloria was not what Gillian expected the new Mrs. Marick to be. And Gloria played the part well. She put on a heavy southern drawl and talked of "pigs" and being "good breeding stock." Finally Dimitri cut off the conversation, telling Gillian to go tot he Valley Inn and put her charges on his account.

Edmund stood in the nursery by himself. He nearly fell apart when he saw Julia standing at the door. Julia recalled the day that Maria told her that she was pregnant. This, obviously, was the first time that she was able to see her niece. Julia asked Edmund for details on the crash and whether or not Maria suffered. Edmund didn't want to talk about the crash and became bitter as Julia probed for answers. As the two talked, Jack stuck his head in the door and told Julia that her time in Pine Valley had come to an end.

Julia's farewell was yet another goodbye for the Santos family. Isabella commented that the family had already said too many farewells. Mateo promised Julia that he would find out if the plane crash was an accident or a devised plot. Until then, he asked that she remain in the relocation program. Julia nodded. Her one hour now expired, Julia was escorted back into hiding.

Friday, August 29, 1997

The proofreader read Brooke's plane crash article, but the article might never appear in print. Brooke told Jim that she is having second thoughts about publishing the article. Apparently Edmund's accusations had gotten the best of Brooke. The decision to publish the article became even more difficult as Brooke began to realize that Tempo, with Edmund as it's co-editor, is partially Edmund's magazine. Jim stepped in to ease Brooke's feelings of guilt. He said that he would understand and accept whatever decision she made. A representative from TransGlobal burst into the office with an offer for Brooke and Jim. The agent claimed that the airline wanted to "assist" the victims and families of the victims involved in the crash of flight 149. The offer upset Brooke and she blasted the man for a callous attitude. She told him that the grief doesn't dissolve and dead loved ones do not come back to life with an offer of a cash settlement. When the agent explained that he and the airline wanted to show their sympathy, Brooke asked for answers rather than excuses. She asked for the reason that the plane went down. She received no answer. "The crash," she was told "is still under investigation." That wasn't what Brooke wanted to hear. She tossed the representative out of her office. Once the agent left, Brooke's mind went into overdrive. She asked Jim for his thoughts on why the airline would offer a settlement to the families and victims. The airline was not accused of any wrong doing. Jim shrugged, saying that the company might feel guilty. Brooke nodded. Guilty of murder, perhaps? Jim was caught off guard by Brooke's unexplained comment. He warned her that her accusations were serious. Brooke informed Jim that she would not take the airline's "blood money," but told him that she would understand if he needed to take the money. After all, he lost a job by being involved in the crash. It seemed only natural that he would need a supplement to his income. Jim said that he plans on taking the money, but not until after he gets some answers. He told Brooke that he returned to the crash site and snapped a few photos. Perhaps when the images are developed they'll be able to learn a little more. Brooke escorted Jim to the darkroom and told him to get to work.

At Wildwind, Dimitri, Gloria, and Mateo discussed their feelings on Julia's return. Three people, but only one opinion: It was great to see Julia again, but a heartbreak to have to say goodbye all over again. Mateo sat down next to Edmund and asked if he should babysit for the children. Mateo talked for several minutes, but Edmund didn't hear a thing. Edmund stared off into space without even a slight acknowledgment of Mateo's presence. Maddie's cries sounded throughout the house. Gloria volunteered to lend a hand and help soothe the child. Skye showed up at the door with work for Edmund. Dimitri tried to chase her away, but Skye insisted on seeing Edmund and barged into the house. Skye knelt in front of Edmund and called his name several times. Somehow, her voice broke through the fog and roused Edmund from his dreamworld. Edmund, tears forming in his eyes, told Skye that "it's over." He explained that he would never hear or see Maria again. Mateo tried to change the subject, offering again to take the kids. Edmund turned and flashed a glaring expression in Mateo's direction. He hollered the word "no" and said that no one will take his child away from him. A representative from the airline also showed up at Wildwind. His presence was also unwanted. The representative did his best to explain why he arrived at Wildwind and offered a barrage of counseling services. But the man's inability to understand the family's loss drew ire from Dimitri and Mateo. They booted the agent from the house and asked that he not return. Dimitri did like the idea of counseling and told Skye that Edmund might benefit from professional help. Skye crinkled her face and told Dimitri that Edmund was in mourning, not "unbalanced." Dimitri clarified his meaning and Skye agreed that Edmund might ---a small might---benefit from speaking to someone. Skye handed over the papers she had brought, but Edmund's vision blurred and he was unable to read the documents. He didn't tell anyone that he couldn't see clearly, he just stated that he would look the papers over later. Gloria returned downstairs with Maddie and handed her to Edmund. Edmund's broken hand didn't allow him to hold his daughter. The pain of using his hand sent of shockwaves to the rest of his body. Dimitri jumped in and plucked the baby from Edmund.

Allie dropped by Holidays for a "power drink." Hayley caught Allie paying for her drink and quickly descended upon the bar. She told Kevin that Allie is not to pay for anything. Allie smiled and told Hayley that she was not paying for her drink. She was giving Kevin a tip to help finance his college expenses. Kevin ducked out to wait on a table. After he left, Allie asked Hayley why she told Jake about her non-fraternization policy. Hayley said that she did not know that Allie's dating practices were confidential. They're not, Allie commented, but she doesn't understand why Hayley felt the need to tell Jake that she does not date doctors. With that mentioned, Jake, on break from his duties, entered the restaurant. He and Allie got to talking about the diabetes benefit over the weekend. Allie told him that the race was a fifty mile bike ride and asked if he would sponsor her. Jake nodded and asked if he could sign up to ride in the race. Before long the two were bragging about their speed and endurance. Competitive by nature, they made a bet to see who could cross the finish line first. The loser had to cough up and extra fifty dollar donation.

Scott finally confronted Laura about her past. He told her that he knows something bad happened to her and that he's finally been able to figure out what it is. Laura was stunned. Her faced dropped and she worried about Scott's reaction. Scott told Laura that what she did was not her fault—and that she cannot be blamed for being forced to do something. Still, Laura's mouth hung open. Scott said that he knew Laura was raped. Laura shook her head feverishly and insisted that she had not been sexually assaulted. Scott asked her to clear the air and tell him what did happen, but Laura refused. And before Scott could press for more answers, he was paged away by his Uncle Adam. After Scott left, Laura and Kelsey were given some time alone to talk. Laura asked Kelsey what her intentions are towards Kevin. She reminded Kelsey that Kevin is gay and asked why she and Kevin seem more like boyfriend and girlfriend than pals. Kelsey blushed ever so slightly and asked Laura if she could keep a secret. Kelsey said that she thinks Kevin might be "confused" about his sexuality and not really be gay.

Judith Sheffield and Opal entered Holidays for a drink---and to check up on Kevin. Opal briefed Judith on Kevin's progress at therapy. Again, Opal expressed reservations about the therapy, but Judith was there to explain that Dr. Chapman is an expert and knows what he's doing. Judith summoned her son to the table and asked for his impressions of Dr. Chapman's therapy. Kevin was poised to tell his mother that he no longer wanted to see the doctor, but something she said halted his comments. Judith told Kevin that his father is very proud of him for seeing Dr. Chapman. In fact, his father wants to have dinner with Kevin. The thought of his father once again accepting him melted Kevin's heart. Judith suggested that Kevin invite Kelsey along to dinner. Kevin raced over to Kelsey's table and asked her out to dinner. Kelsey gladly accepted the offer and went to thank Mrs. Sheffield as well as to find out what she should wear.

Mateo returned to Holidays and told Hayley about his run-in with the TransGlobal rep. He also told Hayley about Julia's theory that the plane accident was anything but an accident. Hayley feared that an investigation might consume her new husband and asked him to let the authorities handle an investigation. Mateo refused. He insisted that he find out what is going on before another of his loved ones is picked off by hired guns. Hayley stood by her man—literally. She told him that she wants to assist his search for answers. After all, she was a private investigator. Mateo initially refused, but how could he say no to his wife's demands?
Laura asked to speak to Kevin. She told him that she's noticed a chummier than usual relationship between him and Kelsey. Kevin bowed his head and issued a confession. He told Laura that he wishes that he and Kelsey were more than friends. That, he said, would make a lot of people very happy. Laura insisted that Kevin worry about his own happiness. But making his loved ones happy and reuniting his family would make Kevin happier than ever before. He said that he has been depressed ever since he came out and wants to feel good about himself. He could take no more of Laura's questions and bolted from the restaurant.

Laura went to Tempo to check in on Brooke. When she got there, she learned that Brooke and Jim were in the darkroom together. Laura flipped out and raced down the corridors to find Brooke.

In the darkroom, Brooke looked at Jim's photos. She offered to buy several of the photos from the photographer to use in Tempo. Brooke's eyes focused on one particular photo---an image of one of Maddie's toys half-buried in the sand. She broke tears and questioned why she had been spared and Maria killed.

Back at Wildwind, Skye knew that trouble was brewing, but said nothing. It was ease to discern the anger on Edmund's face, but pride got in the way and Edmund said nothing. Not being able to use his one hand made him feel awkward and less of a man. He suggested that Gloria put Madeline in bed. Gloria agreed and motioned to Dimitri to tag along with her. After Dimitri and Gloria were gone, Edmund finally vented his fury. He said that he does not like the way Dimitri was holding the baby and fears that he is going to try to steal Madeline from him. Edmund rose to his feet and prepared to chase after The Maricks, but he encountered a dizzy spell and fell to the ground. Skye helped him to his feet and insisted that he consult a doctor. But Edmund refused. Again he was too proud to admit that something might be wrong. Dimitri and Gloria returned downstairs and told Edmund that Maddie was tucked in for the night. Edmund thanked them for the help, but said that he can take over. Gloria prepared to leave, but Dimitri wouldn't move. Edmund repeated his order for Dimitri to leave. Dimitri turned and told Edmund that he has no intention of leaving.

Kelsey chased after Kevin. The two ended up on a park bench staring into the heavens. Kelsey did her best to life Kevin's spirits. Kevin cracked a smile and thanked Kelsey for being such a good friend. He told her that he always feels better when she's around. Kelsey caught sight of a shooting star and asked Kevin if he wanted to make a wish. Instead of offering a response, Kevin leaned over and gave Kelsey a passionate kiss.



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